Chapter 1328: Planting Moles

Summer Soundfyre hated Summer Vastcold and Mother Voidwalker with a passion, and had no desire to wallow in the muck with them. From what she could tell, she had an opportunity on her hands, so why not take advantage of it?

“Summer Soundfyre!” Summer Vastcold growled. “We're both from the Nacrelight Sageland, and this man clearly has evil intentions. I can’t believe you would side with him against our sect! Do dignity and faith mean nothing to you?”

“What’s the point of dignity and faith?” Summer Soundfyre replied. “Life and death are on the line here. And I couldn’t be happier to see you two morons dead. Young Sir, instead of just killing them, why not let me take their strength?”

“Go ahead. They want to be stubborn, and killing them won’t do any good.” He flicked his finger, and a golden stream of light entered Summer Soundfyre, connecting directly to her soul.

“What are you doing to me, Young Sir?” she asked in trepidation.

“As a successor of the High Priestess, you know about the God Legion Seal, right? I'm marking you with the seal, and placing a throne for you in its god kingdom. You belong to me now. Soon, you’ll be back at full strength. And now for your first task: kill Summer Vastcold.”

“Oh,” Summer Soundfyre murmured. She now knew that she was well and truly tied to Yang Qi. All the major sects in the god world knew the stories of the God Legion Seal, although no one had actually laid eyes on it.

In fact, her heart sank as she realized that even the High Priestess had feared the God Legion Seal. So what could Summer Soundfyre do against it?

Regardless, she had a chance to kill Summer Vastcold now, so she was happy.

Struggling to her feet, she walked in Summer Vastcold’s direction and said, “Well, Summer Vastcold, we've been fighting each other our entire lives. And now you’re finally going to die at my hand. Any last words?”

“You’re betraying the sect, Summer Soundfyre!” Summer Vastcold replied in a shaky voice. “You’ll die a miserable death for this!”

“Betraying the sect? This young sir commands the God Legion Seal! He's the successor of the boundless Sovereign Lord! The High Priestess was a subordinate of the Sovereign Lord in years past, which means the Nacrelight Sageland ranks below the young sir! What do you have to say to that? Maybe the noble spirit of the High Priestess is actually happy for me, and is using me to punish you!”

As the words left her mouth, she prepared to strike Summer Vastcold atop the head.

“Hold on!” Mother Voidwalker shouted, knowing full well where things were going. As Summer Soundfyre stepped back in surprise, Mother Voidwalker glared at Yang Qi and said, “Void Qi, are you really planning to kill us? If we die, the three matriarchs will definitely use heavenly workings divination arts to determine who did it. You can't hide from them, and once they identify you, they’ll chase you forever until they bring you to justice.”

“Oh? Chase me forever?” Yang Qi threw his head back and laughed. “Sorry. I forgot to tell you. I'm a Fateless One. It doesn’t matter what divination techniques your Paramount Gods use. Once I vanish, they’ll never find me.”

“What?” Mother Voidwalker said. “You’re a Fateless One? But I locked onto your destiny before!”

“Fool! Have you never heard of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth and the Life-Death Void-Destruction Lightning? I'm done wasting my breath on you. You two lied to me again and again, all with the goal of killing me. Draining you of power is less than you deserve. I should sell you as slaves to the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty’s mining colonies, where you would be ravaged day and night. That said, you do have profound cultivation bases, so the safest thing is just to kill you in body and soul.”

His words were cold and ruthless, and the determination in his tone struck icy fear into their hearts.

“Hold on!” Mother Voidwalker said. “I’ll join you. I’ll be your slave!”

At this point, she realized that resistance wouldn’t do any good.

“Master!” Summer Vastcold blurted in horrified shock.

“Enough,” Mother Voidwalker said. “He’s made things very clear. He has the God Legion Seal and he's a Fateless One. He’s destined to be an important person in the chiliocosm of worlds that make up the god world.” Looking at Yang Qi, she continued, “If my speculation is correct, you have monarch godhood, don’t you?”

Yang Qi nodded. “I do. And so does my brother here.”

“Impossible!” Summer Vastcold shrieked. “How could two people have monarch godhood!? Two tigers can’t live on one mountain!

“The explanation is simple. This brother of mine is actually my clone. Although he’s already started walking his own path, we’re still the same on a substructural level. He’s me. I'm him. And because I'm a Fateless One with no fate, he borrowed my place in the river of fate to form monarch godhood. Alright, cut the crap. Since you're all acknowledging allegiance to me, I’m going to place a sealing mark on all of you to help you recover. I bled you dry, but your substructure wasn't damaged. The God Legion Seal and the Cruiser of Civilization can ensure that you get right back to normal. Perhaps you’ll even make some progress.”


Yang Qi’s Unbounded will exploded out, and all of the systems of the Cruiser of Civilization whirred to life. He made a clutching gesture, and a perfect caliber godstone appeared, which he fed into the cruiser, causing power to surge out of it and into the three women.

Already, Yang Qi had adjusted the flow of time inside the cruiser, so that a day on the outside was like a hundred years inside.

Five hundred years passed in the cruiser, but only five days passed on the outside.

When it was over, Summer Vastcold, Summer Soundfyre, and Mother Voidwalker had all recovered. Unfortunately for Mother Voidwalker, though, she was still very weak, and would need special medicinal ingredients and pills to regain full strength.

“My best wishes to you, Young Sir,” Summer Soundfyre said. “It’s all thanks to you that I've fully recovered. Going forward, I'm sure that I’ll eventually reach the Unbounded level.”

“Well, of course,” he replied with a smile. “You three are now completely under my control. I even monitor your thoughts. Now I'm going to give you forty trillion godstones each, which I want you to use to start a new society. Call it... hmm... call it the Sage Monarchess Society. In less than three hundred years, I expect it to be the top society in the Nacrelight Sageland.”

“Forty trillion each?” Summer Soundfyre said, her jaw dropping. “You’re really giving us that much wealth?”

“You think that’s impressive?” Yang Qi said with a cynical smile. “If you serve me well, forty trillion will be nothing compared to what you can receive in the future. I could even give you four hundred trillion. Going forward, you’ll provide full support to the Sage Monarch Consortium on the Heaven-Wretch Continent. I want it to become the top business there.”

“Yes sir....”

After five hundred years inside the Cruiser of Civilization, Mother Voidwalker knew full well that she couldn’t defy Yang Qi. It almost didn’t matter that he had the God Legion Seal; he could crush her with pure psychic power alone.


Majestic godpower wrapped up the three women and sent them hurtling away from the Cruiser of Civilization like shooting stars.

“I need to head back too, Yang Qi,” said Yang Immortal-Slayer. “I have to continue working on my cultivation with the Lord of the True Void. It’s possible I could break into the Unbounded level soon. I may be a Paramount God before long.” The five hundred years spent in the Cruiser of Civilization had helped Yang Immortal-Slayer stabilize his cultivation base, and although he hadn’t made any observable progress, after absorbing everything from the sacrifice and the medicinal pill, he had achieved major enlightenment.

Yang Qi nodded. “Be careful. Don’t reveal everything to the Lord of the True Void.”

“I know. King Immortal-Slayer helps me hide the truth. With him at my side providing assistance, I'm not worried about anyone trying to take advantage of me.”

With that, the two of them split up. Yang Qi kept the completed Cruiser of Civilization to help train his subordinates. He was now the most powerful force in the House of God Ordainment; never before had an Unbounded expert appeared in the sect. That said, he wasn’t going to make a big show of might. Although he would be secure within the sect, if word about him spread, other major sects might take an interest in him and send Paramount Gods to investigate. For instance, the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

For now, he would keep everything secret as he focused on finding more pieces of the Mahātmā Jade.

If he could complete the Mahātmā Jade as well, his cultivation base would definitely reach the virtually incomprehensible half Annulled level. When that happened, he would be able to dominate everything under heaven.

Yang Qi slipped back into the House of God Ordainment with little fanfare. After all his time away, he realized more than ever how weak this sect was.

“Yang Qi! You’re back!”

Jadefall was the first to meet him. “How are things? Did everything go well? I heard some major things happened. Paramount Gods from the Nacrelight Sageland and the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty clashed, causing a major scene.”

“Call everyone together,” Yang Qi said, snapping his finger to summon a bubble.

He looked over at the purrling, and his gaze was now vastly beyond anything from before. Now he could perceive certain things about the purrling that he couldn't before. Its substructure was so shocking that it could topple cosmoses. And it had an entire universe inside of it, something different from the god world, yet no weaker than it. In fact, it seemed that it could ultimately turn into something very similar to the god world.

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