Chapter 1326: Ruthless Vengeance (Part 2)

Next, Yang Qi sent his divine will to observe Summer Soundfyre.

There she was, in the Supplication God Temple, organizing all the things she needed for her ceremony.

The Supplication God Temple was filled with altars of all sizes, in front of which knelt various praying disciples. Some of them flickered with faint, glowing light, as though their prayers had mysteriously linked them to the noble spirit of the High Priestess, who was now blessing them.

‘Marvelous,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘You really can offer prayers here and then receive blessings of power. Incredible.’


Yang Qi looked over and saw an early Consummate God kneeling in fervent prayer, who was suddenly bathed in dazzling light that caused her godhood to rise an entire level. In that moment, she became a mid Consummate God.

A buzz of conversation rose up among the surrounding disciples, including expressions of admiration, envy, and hatred.

Apparently, this kind of dramatic blessing wasn’t particularly common.

There were millions of altars at which one could pray to the High Priestess, but only a few disciples would get lucky. Among the hundreds of thousands of disciples who were in the temple at any given time, only a handful would succeed.

Yang Qi didn’t use his divine will to inspect the powers of prayer that were at play, nor did he attempt to uncover any of the secrets of the High Priestess. He might be in the Unbounded level now, but there was no way he could compare with the noble spirit of the High Priestess. And if he provoked a reaction, he would likely be destroyed.

There had been occasions in the past in which people who weren’t members of the Nacrelight Sageland tried to pray here, but were punished by being killed in body and soul.

That was why Yang Qi was actually helping Summer Soundfyre; he wanted her to successfully perform her ceremony and receive a blessing of power. He would then use the devil embryo in her to siphon the power away, which would be a much safer endeavor.

She would do all the hard work, and he would receive all the benefits.

As for the altar she had picked, it was huge, being a few dozen kilometers across. Summer Soundfyre was an important person in the sect, so it had been easy to secure the exclusive use of this particular altar.

Waving her hand, she sent out a series of silk-like streaks that covered the altar, interlacing together and locking it down.

It was a powerful spell formation filled with numerous ancient souls that would protect her while she prayed to reach the Unbounded level. And it pulsed with boundless power and killing intent. Although fighting was strictly prohibited in the Supplication God Temple, what if some disciple made a mistake and caused a dangerous accident?

‘That’s a nice spell formation. Definitely the work of an Unbounded expert. I wonder who Summer Soundfyre has backing her.’ As Yang Qi looked on, Summer Soundfyre waved her hand and sent out a host of sacrificial items, all of them extremely rare materials such as god corpses, godling internal pellets, domestic animals, flowers, fruits, alcohol, and even godhood.

Most eye-catching of all was a severed head, its eyes open in death, with long fangs in its mouth. Unexpectedly, it was a devil-god from the dao of devils, and from the energy fluctuations rolling off of it, it had been a Paramount God.

It was impossible to say who had been strong enough to behead a Paramount God, but it obviously wasn’t Summer Soundfyre, which indicated that she must have purchased it. Even more shocking was that the head had clearly been severed recently. Whatever rancorous energy existed on a Paramount God slain in ancient times would have long since dissipated. Only a freshly-killed god like that would have energy fluctuations like this. It was for the same reason that mortals would offer fresh blood and flesh to their ancestors in sacrifice, not rotting meat.

From the rancorous energy emanating from the devil-god head, Yang Qi knew exactly how powerful it was. It pulsed with defiance and rage, as well as hatred of heaven, earth, living things, ghosts, gods, immortals, buddhas, and even space-time itself. Ordinary people couldn’t even get close to it.

Even Yang Qi was shaken by the sight of it, and he wondered how Summer Soundfyre had acquired something like this for her sacrifice. No wonder she had asked for two hundred billion in wealth. Without massive capital, it would have been impossible to purchase something like that.

Although Yang Qi had access to immense wealth, he didn’t have the connections to acquire items such as this head. And even if he did, he wouldn’t know what exactly to do with it. The Sovereign Lord had disappeared, so who would he sacrifice it to?

‘Let’s see what else this woman acquired to sacrifice,’ he thought, looking on silently.

“Oh almighty High Priestess,” Summer Soundfyre prayed, “your glory fills the god world. You are the ultimate commander of radiance and light. You presided over all the ancient sacrifices....”

Continuing to prostrate herself, she pulled out a silver knife and sliced a large cut down her palm. “By the piety of my spirit, and for the glory of the High Priestess, I hereby sacrifice this Paramount God’s head, an expert from the dao of devils, rife with rancorous energy, filled with hatred and evil. May it fill you with delight....”

With that, she squeezed her hand, causing blood to drip onto the Paramount God’s head.

An intense surge of hatred shot high into the heavens, reaching far into an unknown aspect of space-time. Simultaneously, all of the sacrificial items vanished, almost as if they had evaporated. A smile broke out onto Summer Soundfyre’s face.

She knew that her sacrifice was a success, and that her prayer was going to lead to an influx of power.


Moments later, a surge of power descended from that unknown aspect of space-time, and the entire temple trembled, ensuring that all disciples present realized what was happening.

Yang Qi could sense a vital power that surpassed any type of medicinal pill or magical treasure, and was superior to the blessing of any Paramount God. In that critical moment, Yang Qi and Yang Immortal-Slayer shot back out into the chaos of space-time.

“Go! We need to leave the Nacrelight Sageland and set up the spell formation and altar. Use the God Legion Seal to take control, and fuse the power of Summer Vastcold, Summer Soundfyre, and Mother Voidwalker with us.”

For Yang Immortal-Slayer, this was a very important moment in the process of completing his monarch godhood. Unlike Yang Qi, he didn’t have the God Legion Seal or the Mahātmā Jade to help him. He had direction from King Immortal-Slayer, but that didn’t help in terms of resources. Things were much harder for him than for Yang Qi, so this was obviously a very critical moment.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi was drawing on the God Legion Seal to activate the devil embryo inside all three of his enemies: Summer Soundfyre, Summer Vastcold, and Mother Voidwalker. The time had come to hopefully help Yang Immortal-Slayer to break into the Unbounded level.

Yang Qi didn’t hesitate to draw on the divine might of his Unbounded will convergence, using the God Legion Seal to implant Yang Immortal-Slayer with a devil embryo. This devil embryo was different from the normal type; it was a dominant embryo that could rapidly absorb power. In fact, it quickly turned into a vortex that sucked in all the power around it.

“I finally did it!” Summer Soundfyre exclaimed. “My sacrifice worked! I can sense the mighty power flowing toward me. Sacrificing the head of a Paramount God from the dao of devils really earned the approval of the noble spirit of the High Priestess. She's blessing me with immense power!” She threw her head back and howled, her psyche climbing toward the Unbounded level as the blessing of power poured into her like a river.

Being a peak Consummate God with half Unbounded will convergence, she could sense that she was just on the verge of a breakthrough.

However, that was when the devil embryo inside of her twitched, and the influx of power was sucked inside of it, vanishing.

“What’s going on here!? Don’t tell me something went wrong with my sacrifice!”

At that moment, Summer Soundfyre was filled with a sensation of foreboding.

Meanwhile, Summer Vastcold was assimilating the Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill under the watchful care of Mother Voidwalker, causing a massive influx of power within her.


Summer Vastcold’s countenance lifted as the power of the pill surged through her.

“You're going to reach the Unbounded level!” Mother Voidwalker said. “I’ll help you. Impermanence of Heaven and Earth! Invincible in Everything; Double-Nine Paragon; Heart and Will Unbounded!


Summer Vastcold’s meridians and sea of energy surged with unending vital energy as Mother Voidwalker used her boundless techniques to direct the effects of the Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill. The massive surges of vital energy caused chiliocosms of worlds to appear above their heads, worlds within worlds, endless cycles around them.

It was the Chiliocosm Unrestrained Mental Dharma!

Yang Qi could sense that the moment had come for him to act.

Suddenly, devilish specters appeared behind the two women, which neither could see or sense.

The devil embryos had been activated, and as a result, all of the power on display was sucked inside, vanishing without a trace.

And of course, all of that power went straight to Yang Immortal-Slayer.

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