Chapter 1325: Ruthless Vengeance

To Summer Soundfyre, Yang Qi looked like someone with an ordinary cultivation base.

To her, he seemed the same as before, whereas in reality, he had Unbounded will convergence and a cultivation base that was a thousand times stronger than earlier. Not even Mother Voidwalker would be able to pierce through the Life-Death Void-Destruction Lightning. In fact, Yang Qi could actually kill Mother Voidwalker if he wanted. So what could Summer Soundfyre possibly do?

“Oh, I see,” Yang Qi said. “But why did the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty attack? Seems a bit too cocky. How are things now? Did Summer Vastcold reach the Unbounded level?”

“How could that be possible?” she replied, turning up her nose. “You think she's capable of that? With some pill? Never. Although, based on what I understand, she's very confident, and plans to take the pill soon. In any case, it doesn’t matter. I've gathered all the sacrificial items I need for my ceremony, so I'm definitely going to reach the Unbounded level soon. What about the two hundred billion godnotes you said you’d get for me? I can’t wait any longer. Of course, it would be better to have that sum in godstones instead of godnotes. If only I could have perfect caliber godstones too.”

“As long as you're sure you can help me kill Summer Vastcold and Mother Voidwalker, then of course I'm going to help you. I’ll definitely make sure you achieve this breakthrough!”

“Many thanks.” Inwardly, Summer Soundfyre was thinking, ‘Mother Voidwalker is already an Unbounded expert. Even after I break through, I’ll be her equal at best. There’s simply no way I can just kill her. Well, at least I can finally get this Void Qi under control. I’ll just imprison him and force him to tell me all the secrets of the Lord of Civilization’s treasure trove. Then I’ll finally be invincible!’

Yang Qi could guess what she was thinking. Pulling out a handful of godstones, he said, “There are a few perfect caliber godstones in the collection, but I can’t extract them. You have to be in the Unbounded level to do that. The Lord of Civilization’s treasure contains some of the most profound secrets of the ancient halls of heaven. Once you achieve your breakthrough, we can unlock them and benefit immensely. Although, I'm not going to completely trust you until after you kill Summer Vastcold.”

“Secrets of the halls of heaven?” Summer Soundfyre’s heart started pounding. ‘I absolutely, positively must not let Mother Voidwalker take control of this man. He must submit to me! Does he really think I would just give him our Mahātmā Jade? That’s just asking a tiger for its skin. No, I'm going to destroy and consume him, down to the crushed powder of his skull.’

Taking the godstones from Yang Qi, she found that they really were worth about two hundred billion. He was also giving her godnotes worth eighty billion. Smiling, she said, “You’re beyond amazing, Young Sir Void Qi. I knew I’d judged you correctly. And do you see how much better I am than Summer Vastcold? She was just using you. Although, you need to go check in with her now, and make sure she has no idea what's really going on.”

“But...” he said, “what if Mother Voidwalker tries to do something to me?”

“Don’t worry. You’re too valuable to them, considering Summer Vastcold’s attempt to reach the Unbounded level. Why would Mother Voidwalker possibly do anything to you? When you report in about me, tell them I’ll be performing my sacrifice in ten days.”

“Ten days?” Yang Qi said. “That soon?”

“Yes. Actually, I’ll be performing the ceremony in five days. I just want you to pass along some misinformation to confuse them.”

Yang Qi’s eyes lit up as though he had just realized something. “I get it. You want to buy time. If I tell Summer Vastcold you're doing the ceremony in ten days, but you're actually doing it in five, then when she makes a move to interfere, you’ll already have reached the Unbounded level. When she does, according to the sect rules, you’ll be justified in killing her. After all, she’s trying to rob you.”

Summer Soundfyre smiled faintly. “Exactly. You’re very clever.”

“Fine. For the sake of revenge, I have to go.” With that, Yang Qi hurried away.

As Summer Soundfyre watched him leave, her smile deepened, and she snorted derisively. ‘Five days? I already have all the materials ready to go. All I have to do now is go to the Supplication God Temple and start praying. Once I start the process, nobody will be able to stop me. There’s no way Mother Voidwalker will believe Void Qi when he tells her about me doing the ceremony in ten days. I wouldn’t be surprised if she soulsearches him. And if she does, she’ll only uncover the information about me waiting for five days. By that time, I’ll already be in the Unbounded level.’

By then, Yang Qi was already at the Vastcold Palace. There, he saw Summer Vastcold in a session of cultivation, being aided by Mother Voidwalker.

As he neared, Mother Voidwalker opened her eyes, and her vision stabbed toward him like sharp blades as she assessed him. Before, her gaze would have been very harmful, but not anymore. Pretending to feel agonizing pain, he said, “Senior, you—”

“Where have you been!?” Mother Voidwalker barked. “You haven’t shown up for an entire month, not even after I summoned you.”

“Let me explain. I went back to the Lord of Civilization’s treasure trove and unearthed another massive fortune, which was previously sealed away in another world that I didn’t notice. In my efforts to help Miss Vastcold, I had to get on Summer Soundfyre’s good side, which is why I needed all that money.”

“Oh?” Mother Voidwalker nodded. “How much wealth did you unearth?”

“Senior, it was about eight or nine hundred billion in godnotes and godstones. It's definitely enough to get Miss Vastcold into the Unbounded level. Whatever’s left over can be used to purchase the other precious materials Miss Vastcold needs.”

“What? That much wealth?” Summer Vastcold and Mother Voidwalker shared a shocked glance. Then, killing intent flickered in Summer Vastcold’s eyes, as if she were ready to kill Yang Qi to get that wealth.

Eight or nine hundred billion was an astonishing sum that most people would do anything to acquire. Even if the Vastcold Society completely liquidated all of their assets, it would probably only add up to about sixty billion.

“Don’t try for small gains only to lose big,” Mother Voidwalker said via projection. “Just trick this Void Qi into working with us, got it? The treasures trove of the Lord of Civilization is like nothing compared to our true goal.”

“Right, Master,” Summer Vastcold replied. Then she smiled at Yang Qi and said, “Young Sir Void Qi, did you get any information about when Summer Soundfyre is going through with her ceremony?”

“Yes, I did,” Yang Qi replied in a very serious tone. “She’ll be doing the ceremony in ten days.”

“Ten days?” Mother Voidwalker said. Suddenly, her eyes flared with light as her gaze pierced into Yang Qi’s brain. As expected, she was using a very powerful soulsearching technique!

Yang Qi immediately reacted with the Life-Death Void-Destruction God-Lightning, creating an illusion that completely fooled Mother Voidwalker. In fact, he even used that moment to infect her with a devil embryo.

As Mother Voidwalker’s soulsearching technique seemingly failed to provide any results, Yang Qi staggered as if dizzy. “Senior, what did you just do?”

“Oh nothing,” Mother Voidwalker replied. “I was just checking to make sure Summer Soundfyre didn’t do anything suspicious to you. By the way, Vastcold needs a lot of wealth to grow the Vastcold Society. Why don’t you hand over half of that wealth right now so she can get started.”

With that one demand, she made it obvious that she thought Yang Qi was like a slave who had to follow her orders.

When she saw Yang Qi hesitate, her tone of voice hardened. “What. Not willing to comply?”

“I'm willing! Of course I'm willing!” Shivering, he handed over a crystal sphere that contained a large collection of godnotes and godstones.

Looking it over, Summer Vastcold smiled and said, “Just wait until I achieve my breakthrough, Young Sir Void Qi. The growth of the new Vastcold Society will all be thanks to you.”

“Many thanks, Miss Vastcold. Just let me know if you need anything else. I’ll take my leave now. I need to make sure Summer Soundfyre has no idea what's going on.”

“Of course, farewell,” Mother Voidwalker said. Watching him leave, she chuckled coldly and said, “What a treacherous little brat. He said that Summer Soundfyre would wait for ten days, but the truth is she’s only waiting for five.”

“I knew it!” Summer Vastcold said, her voice thrumming with killing energy. “Summer Soundfyre realized I used the Chiliocosm Unrestrained Mental Dharma on Void Qi. She has someone powerful backing her who’s also working against me. And it’s obvious that Void Qi realizes what we're up to, and is trying to defy us.”

“Is that why I could sense killing intent from you just now?” Mother Voidwalker asked. “You’re getting too anxious. Just wait until after your breakthrough. Then you can kill him with a mere thought if you wish. A moment ago, I implanted him with something we can use to watch his every word and action.”

“So what do we do now? How do we steal Summer Soundfyre’s resources? You can’t do it personally, Master.”

“No, I can’t, otherwise I’ll end up being accused of unfair bullying by whoever her backer is. Now is the time for you to consume your Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill. I’ll help you to reach the Unbounded before those five days are up. The past few days of refinement have pushed your quintessence energy to the peak. Trying to force further progress will just lead to heart-devils. Besides, with these godstones, I can power the spell formation even more efficiently than before.”


Summer Vastcold produced the Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill and popped it into her mouth. At the same time, Mother Voidwalker placed her palm onto her back and sent psychic power pouring into her.

“Start absorbing the pill!”

Meanwhile, Yang Qi could see everything that was happening. Chuckling coldly, he said, “I'm going to bleed the two of you dry!”

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