Chapter 1324: Unbounded Will

Yang Qi was foreordained to be an Unbounded expert.

By putting together the pieces of the Mahātmā Jade he had collected, he had a huge burst in psychic fluctuations.

There were ways in which the Mahātmā Jade didn’t measure up to the God Legion Seal. But it was especially unique in its ability to strengthen the psyche and will. In terms of will convergence, the God Legion Seal had the Annulled Grand Magic, incredible fighting experience, and shocking power. Those were the three features of the seal. But the Sovereign Lord had only reached the level of Nothing, not the level of two “Nothings”, in other words, Annulled. Because of that, the Annulled Grand Magic was actually incomplete.

However, the Mahātmā Jade could fill in that second, missing “Nothing” in the Annulled Grand Magic. It became a psychic flow that poured into his mind, causing his spirit to expand to an unbounded degree. It was like the difference between an ancient emperor who was used to expanding his territory, then suddenly conquered an entire planet.

Yang Qi felt like that as his psychic power surged, and images of sages and monarchs appeared behind him, strong enough to crush the many heavens.

Tribulations appeared above, and devils rose up in his mind, hoping to seduce him into cultivation deviation.

‘No devil can affect my willpower. The Mahātmā Jade was originally created by the True Devil, who subjugated the horde of devils. So how can things like that be any threat to me? Heart-devils, yang-devils, pleasure-devils, pestilence-devils, spirit-devils, soul-devils, knowledge-devils, dependency-devils... none can pose any problem for my cultivation base.’

Yang Qi identified three thousand devils, dispelling each of them with ease. His words were a great dao, and his orders had to be strictly enforced.

That was what Unbounded will was like.

With my name, mountains and rivers are Unbounded, god kingdoms are Unbounded, the psyche is Unbounded. My soul is free....” His animadestiny nascent divinity and soul rose to higher levels, to the point where a face appeared in his monarch godhood. It was none other than his own face, covered in countless golden shackles that held his soul back.

But then a destructive power swept forth, completely shattering the shackles.

In that moment, he felt as though his monarch godhood had become free of the world, and at the same time, his psychic power rose even higher. As that happened, the photonic computers in the Cruiser of Civilization spoke. [Congratulations. Soul fetters shattered. Unbounded will convergence achieved. Your psychic scale has now surpassed the level which can be assessed with numbers.]

Although Unbounded will convergence couldn't be assessed by normal means, there were still ranks within it. Just like other levels, it had early, mid, late, and peak.

The late Unbounded level was considered half a step into the Annulled level, and had been achieved by the Sovereign Lord, King Immortal-Slayer, True Devil, King of Godmammoths, Demon Master, Wretch God, and of course, the High Priestess.

Other members of the legion of gods, such as the Lord of Radiance and Light and the Lord of Civilization, had never reached that level.

And no one had ever become an Annulled expert.

Yang Qi rose to his feet, and all heaven and earth seemed to rotate around him. No vital energy, no daoist technique, and no magical laws could bind him. He had finally reached the Unbounded level.

Furthermore, his psychic power wasn’t in the early Unbounded level. After all, he wasn’t an ordinary person. He was a Fateless One, and the bearer of both the God Legion Seal and the Mahātmā Jade.

He had completely absorbed the psychic fluctuations of the Mahātmā Jade, assimilating and taking control of them. It was as if the will of the True Devil had been added into his own will convergence, combining with the God Legion Seal without any negative side-effects.

When the Sovereign Lord and the True Devil opposed each other, it led to a consummate psychic power that Yang Qi could make use of.

Slowly but surely, his aura went calm, making him seem more profound than ever.

Yang Immortal-Slayer looked at Yang Qi and couldn’t see a single fluctuation of any type, making him seem almost like an ordinary person with no energy arts. However, that just meant he had returned to a natural psychic state.

“Did it work, Yang Qi?” Yang Immortal-Slayer asked.

“Yes. I'm in the Unbounded level. After this, the Sage Monarch Society will rise to new heights, and no one will be able to stop us. Just wait until I build up enough power to become a Paramount God. At that point, I’ll go slaughter the Proud Clan. Not even their Paramount Gods will be able to get in my way.” He threw his head back and laughed heartily. “Incidentally, I can sense the other pieces of the Mahātmā Jade. Getting them is going to be much easier now.”

As the words left his mouth, the God Legion Seal rose up above his head. In its complete form, it wasn’t a golden imp, but a golden giant whose roar could shake the entire god world.

As Yang Qi grew stronger, the God Legion Seal also reached higher levels of power.

Obviously, he could draw even more deeply on the essence of the god world to create godnotes and godstones. Before, he could create billions per day, but now trillions wouldn’t be out of the question. In short, he would never run out of godnotes or godstones.

With Unbounded will behind the God Legion Seal, even Paramount Gods would have to run from its might.

The will was the basis for everything, even magical treasures.

“Perfect caliber godstones!”

Yang Qi made a grasping motion, and a veritable sea of vital energy surged toward him, which then crystallized into one godstone after another. Each stone resembled the halls of heaven as it floated in the air, radiating white energy. They were like an army of perfect angels, perfect and without spot.

Supposedly, perfect caliber godstones had only existed in the ancient halls of heaven, and the kind that grew in modern times never surpassed the holy caliber.

There were some enormous sects who found treasure troves that remained from the halls of heaven, in which they discovered perfect caliber godstones. But now Yang Qi could create them himself.

With a wave of his hand, he sent the stones into the Cruiser of Civilization, causing it to ripple and then completely vanish from any kind of perception. It was now like the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, in that it could quietly transform into nothing.

Yang Qi’s cultivation base was truly unparalleled under heaven.

The cruiser now possessed some of the characteristics of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and was also like a god kingdom. In fact, it was now a given that he could simply absorb the god kingdom of the House of God Ordainment if he wanted to. It wasn't even close to being on the same level as the Cruiser of Civilization.

“Let’s go back to the Nacrelight Sageland and see how the fight is progressing,” Yang Qi said. “I might be in the Unbounded level, but you have yet to make your breakthrough. We need to figure out a way to make that happen. Summer Vastcold plans to use a Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill, and Summer Soundfyre has a sacrificial ceremony planned. Perhaps if we focus all of that power on you, you could succeed. With Unbounded will, you could definitely reach the peak of the Consummate God level, or perhaps even become a Paramount God.”

Yang Qi would never forget about his own friends and family. And while neither Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill, nor the sacrificial ceremony, were as good as the Mahātmā Jade, they were still formidable.


Back around the borders of the Nacrelight Sageland, Yang Qi found that the fighting had ended, although wreckage was everywhere, which the disciples were currently in the process of cleaning up. Both sides had inflicted serious injuries on each other. Apparently, he had been out in the void for over a month reaching the Unbounded level. That was how long it had been since the fighting ended.

Sucking the Cruiser of Civilization into his sea of energy, Yang Qi once again used the body of the mysterious scholar, who he was now certain wasn’t just an ordinary Paramount God, but someone special among Paramount Gods.

The first person he looked for was Summer Soundfyre.

She was in the middle of a session of cultivation, and when she saw Yang Qi, she said, “What are you doing here? Where have you been?”

“I had to do a few things to get all the money together,” he said. Then anger flickered in his eyes and he said, “How could I possibly rest in my effort to get revenge on Mother Voidwalker and Summer Vastcold? Even if it meant going back to the Lord of Civilization’s mansion grotto to tap into his treasure trove again, of course I would do it. It looks like something recently happened here? Was there a big battle or something?”

“You haven’t heard? The Paramount Gods of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty attacked us. They claimed one of our disciples broke into their treasure storehouse and stole something very valuable. But as everyone knows, if you’re out to falsely accuse someone, it's easy to trump up a charge. They obviously made it all up. Anyway, three of our matriarchs went out to fight them, and ultimately drove them off.”

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