Chapter 1322: Cruiser of Civilization, Completed (Part 2)

Summoning the godhood manufacturing systems wouldn’t be like getting the Mahātmā Jade. It would cause a huge commotion and would be like breaking ground where the subterranean Taisui deity presides. Once Yang Qi and Yang Immortal-Slayer took it, they were sure to be chased, and if they didn’t follow their plan perfectly, they would end up captured and killed by the Paramount Gods.

Back in the immortal worlds, the two of them had been able to use the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to escape from nearly any situation, which made stealing treasures very easy. They had even successfully ransacked the storehouse of the Executors of the Ancient Road. But here in the god world, they didn’t have the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and had thus lost a massive safety net.

If the Cruiser of Civilization was complete, it was likely that not even Paramount Gods could ever catch them.

“Let’s start the summoning,” Yang Qi said. In the treasure storehouse, the godhood manufacturing systems flickered, then started glowing brightly. Simultaneously, the replica version out in the void flickered with light that flowed into Yang Qi.

Yang Immortal-Slayer activated his godpower to help Yang Qi perform the summoning. King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans and the other items of the seventy-two monarchs floated around him, creating a seventy-two-headed devil king god body that caused everything to tremble violently. Using those seventy-two items all at the same time created a trembling godpower so fierce that even monarch godhood would have trouble sustaining it. Thankfully, Yang Qi had both the God Legion Seal and the help of Yang Immortal-Slayer. With two monarch godhoods in play, they could just barely surpass the capabilities of an Unbounded expert.


A huge explosion ripped through the void, so immense that, if it were in civilized parts, it could wipe out a continent hundreds of millions of kilometers from end to end, leaving behind nothing but a crater.

Thankfully, out in the spatial tempests, it didn’t do anything.

That was what happened when Yang Qi and Yang Immortal-Slayer joined their vital energy.

The Cruiser of Civilization rose up, growing larger with every moment that passed, until it was as large as the god kingdom of the House of God Ordainment. As it floated above the altar, the flags set into the spell formation flapped. At the same time, Yang Qi’s will became like an ancient dragon, swirling through the air surrounded by a downpour of flower petals.

This was what came along with mastering the psychic power of a Paramount God.

Yang Qi waved his finger and drew the outline of a dragon, a beautiful image that was a reflection of the imperial city of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Then, a silver streak of light appeared and shot out of the city.

In that exact moment, numerous expressions of will rose up as the Paramount Gods realized that something was happening.


The silvery white fragment landed on the altar in front of Yang Qi, trembling for a moment before sliding into the Cruiser of Civilization. An aura of ancient civilizations spread out from the spacecraft, and the rumbling River of Civilization appeared, sweeping over Yang Qi and Yang Immortal-Slayer. To their delight, they could sense that this god item was now complete!

“Hurry, run! The Paramount Gods are coming!”

Yang Qi knew there wasn’t time to study the profundities of the Cruiser of Civilization. Blurring into motion, he and Yang Immortal-Slayer entered the cruiser, then used the God Legion Seal to spit out a stream of godstones to power it. The cruiser shivered, then vanished.

In almost the exact same instant, a sea of power arrived, forceful enough to topple the highest mountains and shred spatial tempests into pure primal-chaos.

It was the will of the Paramount Gods.

Paramount Gods occupied the peak of existence in the god world, and their wills and godpower were so immense that they could teleport entire continents and evaporate seas. They could shift time, invert the cosmos, grasp at heaven’s workings, defy the dao of heaven, and create all types of living things.

Yang Qi and Yang Immortal-Slayer didn’t hesitate for even a moment, lest they perish and be wiped out of existence. In fact, were it not for the unmatchable speed of the Cruiser of Civilization, and the fact that they had the godstones to power it, they would already have been dead.

“This is exciting!” Yang Immortal-Slayer said as he looked over at Yang Qi pouring godstones into the Engine of the One God. Although the Cruiser of Civilization was piercing through space with utter ease, there were still five or six streams of will pursuing them with deadly focus.

The slightest slip-up, and the two of them would be dead.

Meanwhile, the photonic computers in the Cruiser of Civilization spoke up. [Danger. Danger. Extreme danger. Paramount Gods in pursuit....]

It was a critical warning; Paramount Gods simply couldn’t be resisted, and would reduce any opponent to dust in a matter of moments.

“Very exciting indeed,” Yang Qi replied. “One mistake and our lives are gone. Given our speed, I don’t think we can shake these Paramount Gods. This is turning into something of a disaster.”

“Yes, a big disaster. If we go to the Nacrelight Sageland, what if the Paramount Gods there turn against us? We’ll be dead.”

“I don’t think that’ll happen. The Nacrelight Sageland and the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty are as incompatible as fire and water. Furthermore, neither is really stronger than the other. I'm almost at the point of understanding all the profundities of the Cruiser of Civilization. In a moment, I’ll be able to use the imperial-heaven pre-beginning powers to turn us invisible.”

Yang Qi had everything planned out down to the tiniest detail. However, from everything that was going on, it was possible to see how inferior the Cruiser of Civilization was to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

After all, it was possible to evade any chase by jumping into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, which was a world unto itself.

Unfortunately, the Cruiser of Civilization was not its own world.

All of a sudden, Yang Qi had a major realization.

The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart existed in the Nevasaññānāsaññāyatana realm. Thoughts were unreal, yet at the same time real. That was the source of King Immortal-Slayer’s boundless divine might.

With this realization, he sent his divine will into the Cruiser of Civilization, whereupon he vanished bodily. His psychic fluctuations connected to the cruiser’s systems, and his thoughts were those of the photonic computers, and vice versa.

In that moment, it was as if the Cruiser of Civilization had become his body. All of a sudden, the cruiser experienced a burst of speed, then vanished.

At the same time, the wills of the Paramount Gods closed in at similarly blinding speed.

Become the void; psychic fluctuations; Mahātmā Jade; ultimate concealment....” Powered by Yang Qi’s psyche, the Cruiser of Civilization entered the Nacrelight Sageland, whereupon he drew fully on the imperial-heaven pre-beginning powers and the talismans given to him by Summer Vastcold and Summer Soundfyre. Because the latter had the aura of the Nacrelight Sageland, he was considered a disciple, and was allowed entry.

However, it was different for the Paramount Gods.

A massive force slammed into the defensive energy surrounding the Nacrelight Sageland, sending devastating shockwaves rolling out that caused most disciples present to cough up blood as they staggered backward.


Summer Vastcold was in the middle of a session of cultivation when blood sprayed out of her mouth. It almost seemed like doomsday had come. “What’s going on?!”

“Not good!” Mother Voidwalker said. “Those are Paramount Gods from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty! Are they openly declaring war on us?!”

Mother Voidwalker sent her Unbounded will spreading out in all directions.

Meanwhile, furious expressions of Paramount God will surged out from other dimensions in the Nacrelight Sageland. There was no discussion between them and the Paramount Gods from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, both sides simply attacked.

‘So strong!’ Yang Qi thought from within the Cruiser of Civilization. He was already in the treasure storehouse of the Nacrelight Sageland, watching a display that showed the clash between the various Paramount Gods.

Something like a thousand blazing suns fell with mountain-crushing, sea-shattering force, slicing through space-time and causing numerous spatial tempests to erupt. Crazed dragons danced, heaven and earth mourned, and the sun and moon cried out as the greatest powers of the Nacrelight Sageland were tapped into.

Yang Qi could sense the spell formations protecting the treasure storehouse weakening, and knew that this was the opportunity he had been looking for.

Chuckling, he thought, ‘If the Paramount Gods of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty hadn’t pressed the attack, I would never have this chance to get the Mahātmā Jade. And once I get it, I might as well just clean out the entire Nacrelight Sageland storehouse....’

According to his plan, he would get the Mahātmā Jade and then reach the Unbounded level, use the Cruiser of Civilization to take everything from the storehouse, and finally vanish without a trace.

Mother Voidwalker, Summer Vastcold, and Summer Soundfyre all thought that they were manipulating him, but in the end, it was the opposite.

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