Chapter 1321: Cruiser of Civilization, Completed

Yang Qi had come to the Nacrelight Sageland to steal a treasure, but now he was heading to the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

His plan was to cause some major upheavals and chaos, then take advantage of the resulting crisis for personal gain. And he would complete the Cruiser of Civilization to unleash its full might and potential.

He already had the Engine of the One God, the vivicreation systems, power assessment systems, genetic systems, heavenly workings calculations systems, and psychic scaling systems. He was only lacking the godhood manufacturing systems.

The Eternal-Life God-Dynasty was built on the Mountains of Radiance, which allowed Yang Qi to easily take advantage of them. Furthermore, his cultivation base was vastly more powerful than it had been before, so slipping in to take the final part of the cruiser shouldn’t be particularly difficult.

Another benefit to getting the final piece of the cruiser was that he would be able to fully assimilate the flower of time into his monarch godhood.

That flower was far more powerful than a flower of wisdom, and while Yang Qi had absorbed some of it, he couldn’t assimilate it in its entirety.

Of course, all of this was in service to his ultimate goal: getting another piece of the Mahātmā Jade.

When Yang Immortal-Slayer heard the plan, he thought for a moment and said, “Are you completely sure you can pull that off, Yang Qi? You won’t attract the attention of the Paramount Gods there? Thankfully, you saved that young woman Summer Tearfall. Did you ever make contact with her?”

“She won’t be of any help. I'm not here as Yang Qi; I'm using an assumed name. Besides, if we want to do something really big, how could we rely on a minor figure like her?”

“I guess you’re right. In that case, let’s head to the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.”

“You set up a spell formation outside of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty to call out to the Cruiser of Civilization. I’ll use my Sagelight Body to sneak into their treasure storehouse to find the godhood manufacturing systems, then bind them with a nascent divinity sealing mark.” Yang Qi was planning to do just as he had done with the piece of the Mahātmā Jade he’d stolen before. After all, he couldn’t just go in, grab what he wanted, and walk away.

“That’ll work.”

The two discussed the plan in a bit more detail, then got to work.

After becoming an apprentice of the Lord of the True Void, Yang Immortal-Slayer’s cultivation base had improved dramatically. He was already in the position to defeat Consummate Gods, and although he couldn’t quite match up to Yang Qi himself, it would only be a matter of time before he was able to do so.

Yang Immortal-Slayer had started out as Yang Qi’s clone, but had since separated from him. However, they still had a flesh and blood connection, and would never oppose each other. Also, the fact that they both had monarch godhood ensured that they would be able to survive together no matter what.

Moving as quick as lightning, they pierced through the void, and within a matter of days were in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Yang Qi was very familiar with the mountains there, and was able to slip through them completely unnoticed with his Sagelight Body.

These were familiar haunts for him, and nothing caused any trouble.

During his original heist, he had been a Greater God, but now he was a Consummate God, with a will convergence vastly beyond anything from before. With the full power of the God Legion Seal to mask his aura, the vital power in the Mountains of Radiance didn’t notice him at all.

‘Is this heist going to go even smoother than the last one?’ he thought. ‘Maybe I should take some medicinal pills too.’

After all, there were plenty of Unbounded medicinal pills around as well.

However, after considering the matter, he decided against it. For one thing, he wasn’t here with his true body, but rather his Sagelight Body, which was a combination of the God Legion Seal and the powers of radiance and light. Therefore, he couldn’t actually consume the pills. And just grabbing them and taking them away wouldn’t be possible.

It would be hard enough to call to the godhood manufacturing systems and summon them away. After all, the Mahātmā Jade he had stolen wasn’t a corporeal object, but rather a conglomeration of psychic fluctuations.

Physical objects would be much more difficult to spirit away, and much more likely to alert to the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

That said, his plan was to frame the Nacrelight Sageland for all of this, to foment discord. And that was key to his effort to get the next piece of the Mahātmā Jade.

‘There. I have eyes on the godhood manufacturing systems.’ The hulking systems were encased in numerous spell formations, and seemed to have remained inactivated for so long they were dusty from age.

‘I can’t believe it's this easy. Now to brand it with my sealing mark.’ Using his Sagelight Body, he slipped into the presence of the godhood manufacturing systems.

No alarm sounded. His ability to move through the vital energy couldn’t have been more perfect.

Immediately, various profundities of the godhood manufacturing systems appeared within his sea of consciousness. He had already gained the deepest of understandings of virtually all the other daoist techniques built into the Cruiser of Civilization, even the imperial-heaven pre-beginning powers.

But the godhood manufacturing systems were very specifically focused on godhood, therefore, he was bound to benefit greatly from the addition.

After all, Yang Qi had monarch godhood, which was the greatest of all the types of godhood; with it complete, he would be unparalleled under heaven. And the godhood manufacturing systems would obviously help him push his monarch godhood to the highest levels possible.

‘The godhood manufacturing systems are so incredible. As long as they're powered with enough godstones, they can convert ordinary types of godhood into special versions.’ Deep in the boundless void, Yang Immortal-Slayer had set up a magical altar, and was sitting in the middle of it with Yang Qi. Three days and nights passed, during which Yang Qi familiarized himself with all of the details of the godhood manufacturing systems. Then he waved his hand, sending godpower pouring out of the God Legion Seal to create a perfect replica of the godhood manufacturing systems.

“Bring out all the other systems!”


Yang Immortal-Slayer knew that his own enlightenment in this regard couldn’t match up to Yang Qi’s, so it was without hesitation that he pulled out the silver disc that was the Cruiser of Civilization, which was currently missing only one section. It was pale white, and covered with countless magical symbols.

Taking the godhood manufacturing systems, he inserted them into the spacecraft, which hummed as it powered up.

Unfortunately, the fact that the new piece was only a replica meant it wasn’t actually complete. Thankfully, Yang Qi was still planning on summoning the real thing.

Reaching out, he placed a number of holy caliber godstones into the formation around him, sending their energy into the Cruiser of Civilization and causing it to thrum even more loudly than before.

Godstones were the only thing that could power this treasure.

In the immortal worlds, he had only been able to power it up to a very weak level. In fact, back then, it was so weak as to be laughable. The only downside was that, as of yet, he was unable to produce perfect caliber godstones.

“You’re the only person who can truly use this thing, Yang Qi,” said Yang Immortal-Slayer. “You have the God Legion Seal, which enables you to create an endless supply of godstones. Anyone else, even a Paramount God, would never be able to sustain its power requirements.”

“You’re right. Once we complete the Cruiser of Civilization, and I reach Unbounded will convergence, we can use the spacecraft as our headquarters. It’ll be like a god kingdom that surpasses that of the House of God Ordainment by many times over.” He laughed. “That way, the Sage Monarch Society, the Sage Monarch Consortium, and all my friends and family will finally be truly safe. In the past, I relied on the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, but unfortunately, I lost it before I got to the god world. Since then, I haven’t had any true place of refuge. But the complete Cruiser of Civilization will be impenetrable!”

“You’re right. None of our friends and family have a god kingdom to keep them safe. The House of God Ordainment is dangerous enough, and when you add in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and the other powers at play, along with the fact that we don’t have a Paramount God, we’re in a delicate situation. We have to make preparations for what's to come.”

“I'm more concerned with how to take over the House of God Ordainment. Even rotten boards will have some sharp nails in them, so if we gain control of all their power and resources, as long as I reach the Unbounded level and become a Paramount God, I’ll definitely be able to complete the Mahātmā Jade, then hopefully open up the path back to the impure lands to get all of our people. With all those Ascendants on our side, we can crush anyone in our path, including the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and the Nacrelight Sageland. And don't forget, we still have to deal with the Proud Clan.”

Even as he spoke, he continued feeding godstones into the formation, causing an illusory god kingdom to spread out around the Cruiser of Civilization.


Yang Qi threw his hands out, tearing open a rift in the cosmos. Yang Immortal-Slayer unleashed all three thousand of King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans, unleashing their full heaven-devouring power.

Next, a tremor passed through Yang Immortal-Slayer as seventy-two halos appeared above him, within each of which sat a shadowy expert that represented one of the ancient seventy-two monarchs.

“It’s go time!” Yang Qi said. “The moment of truth has arrived. Let’s summon the final piece of the Cruiser of Civilization. When this happens, I bet the Paramount Gods of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty will notice.”

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