Chapter 1319: Surging Killing Intent

‘Paramount Gods are Paramount Gods, after all,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Perhaps they’re not as strong as the Lord of the True Void or Patriarch Deva, but their cultivation bases make them virtually invincible. Unbounded will convergence is completely domineering. It can strike from across space-time and god kingdoms, and can’t be blocked. Even in the absolute best case scenario, I’d be severely injured trying to escape from a conflict.’

The critical moment had arrived, in which Mother Voidwalker and the two other Paramount Gods were going to form the medical pill.

Yang Qi was benefiting immensely from the process; his control of psychic power was improving, and the connection between his will and magical laws was growing deeper. The combinations of the various medicinal ingredients, and their connection to the psychic power, were like genetic sequences that provided major inspiration regarding daoist techniques and energy arts.

A chain reaction of enlightenment spread out to his flesh, blood, vital energy, and even his godhood.

Of course, this body wasn’t his own, but rather that of the mysterious scholar, who he suspected had been a Paramount God. Because of that, he couldn't completely control it. That said, the power of the body could enter his monarch godhood and push it to a higher level.

At the same time, Yang Qi felt a mighty godpower in the pill furnace, as though the medicinal pill inside contained a convergence of preheaven wisdom and vital energy that was slowly flowing into him.

The body was like a black hole that would never be satiated.

“Void Qi, hurry up and provide all of the godstones you can. Don’t hold any back!” Mother Voidwalker shouted angrily.

“Yes ma’am!” He was throwing out tens of billions of holy caliber godstones, which was an immense fortune, yet neither Mother Voidwalker nor Summer Vastcold seemed the least bit grateful. All they cared about was the success of the medicinal pill. As far as they were concerned, it didn't matter what miserable fate Yang Qi suffered as long as he produced enough godstones for them.

In their minds, they already had him under control, so there was no need for any act.

Thanks to the godstones, the concocting effort went much smoother than it otherwise would have. Three streams of Unbounded will swirled about in the Light King God-Furnace, and the sensation of wisdom echoed out like beautiful music.


All of a sudden, a medicinal pill appeared within the furnace. It was only the size of a thumb, but had such immense medicinal power that it twitched as though it wanted to shoot away and escape.

“Ghost and gods alike wish they could get their hands on you, medicinal pill. Do you really think you can escape?” Mother Voidwalker clamped her hands down, causing psychic power to create a host of domains that suppressed the pill. The domains crystallized into talismans, which sealed the pill and immobilized it.

“Congratulations on the completion of the pill, Mother Voidwalker,” said one of the expressions of will.

“You’ll have an Unbounded expert as an apprentice quite soon,” said the other.

“It’s hard to believe this man your apprentice brought actually had so many holy caliber godstones. That’s more than even we could get together in a short time. That collection must have been worth at least a hundred thirty, or even a hundred fifty billion godnotes.”

“That many godstones is an astonishing amount of wealth. Your apprentice picked up a real treasure in this man!”

Mother Voidwalker laughed and said, “She got lucky. Many thanks to the two of you, Elder Sisters. I’ll definitely live up to my end of the bargain.”

“Very well. We’ll remain in our god kingdoms out in the void, continuing our pursuit of enlightenment. There isn’t much time left. Your apprentice must be careful when consuming that pill. And don’t do it now. Wait for another four or five months until her psychic state is in the optimal condition. Only in that circumstance can she unleash the true potential of the pill, and achieve the best chance of success.”

“I understand,” Summer Vastcold said, “and I thank the both of you for your advice, Elder Aunts.”

It was impossible for her to conceal her elation.

Yang Qi stood quietly by, as if he were mourning the loss of so many godstones. Not even Paramount Gods would view such an amount lightly, and would become murderously furious at its loss. However, he didn’t care. That said, he had to look like he was profoundly sad, lest Mother Voidwalker and Summer Vastcold try to take advantage of him again.

“Many thanks for your help, Young Sir Void Qi,” Summer Vastcold said. “I never would’ve guessed that it would cost you so much to help concoct the pill. Without those godstones, we would have failed.” She was staring at him intently as if to read into his expression.

Expression bitter, Yang Qi sighed, “Ai! I never could have guessed that it would take so many godstones. That’s definitely not what I planned on. I'm almost completely broke now!”

“I'm sure you’ll think of something, Void Qi,” Mother Voidwalker chuckled. “Remember, no matter how you do it, you have to fulfil Summer Soundfyre's demands. Help her get everything she needs. Then, at the very last moment, we’ll take it all from her. Meanwhile, I'm going to help Vastcold prepare her psyche, energy, and blood for the upcoming breakthrough. Keep us informed about everything you’re doing, got it?”

From her tone, she wasn’t asking questions, but rather giving orders.

“How much money do you have left, Young Sir Void Qi?” Summer Vastcold asked. “Can you even give her what she's asking for?” She obviously cared a lot about this issue, and was doing nothing to hide that fact.

“Well, I still have some money left, but....” He hesitated.

“Alright, don’t get anxious,” Mother Voidwalker said. Waving her hand dismissively, she said, “Go. As long as you have enough money to help, we can just wait until Vastcold reaches the Unbounded level. Then all your investments will be paid back thousands of times over.”

“Many thanks, Senior,” Yang Qi said, feigning a look of thanks as he left.

Watching him leave, Mother Voidwalker said, “Vastcold, the fact that this man produced so many godstones just goes to show how immense the Lord of Civilization’s treasure trove is.”

“That's exactly what I was thinking. He gave us somewhere between a hundred thirty and a hundred fifty billion godstones, without which you probably wouldn’t have been able to concoct the Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill. I wonder if he actually does have some perfect caliber godstones.”

“He definitely does,” Mother Voidwalker replied, clenching her hand into a fist. “Perfect caliber godstones are true treasures. Ah, what a pity. The brat has so many treasures, but unfortunately, we can’t kill him right now. Well, one step at a time. He's been entranced by the Chiliocosm Unrestrained Mental Dharma, but he still hasn't lost all of his reason yet. But it won’t be long before he's a complete puppet.”

“What do we do with him afterward?” Summer Vastcold asked. “Normally speaking, unless a man is incredibly important, I just let them go after using them, to avoid harming my reputation. But this one is different. He’s not so simple.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve developed feelings for him,” Mother Voidwalker said in an ice-cold voice.

“Are you kidding? No way. I would never develop feelings for a man. I'm just trying to figure out what he really wants here in the Nacrelight Sageland. I was just wondering if we should just kill him afterward, or if we should try to get access to that treasure trove.”

“I'd say leaving him alive would be the better move. If he does have the legacy of the Lord of Civilization, then he has destiny of some sort. Killing him could provoke a reaction from the Lord of Civilization’s will. Just wait until you’re in the Unbounded level before making the final decision. Now, let’s do some cultivating in preparation for using that pill. It’ll be a few months before you're ready, understand? If you take it now, you’ll never reach the Unbounded level. Don’t get anxious. Let’s wait to see how things work out between Void Qi and Summer Soundfyre.”

Summer Vastcold nodded. “Right.”

‘Thinking about killing me?’ Yang Qi thought as he drew on the devil embryo to eavesdrop. Thanks to the profundities of the scholar's body that he was using, Mother Voidwalker hadn’t picked up on what he was doing.

Of course, he had to be careful. For instance, it would be lunacy to try to take control of Summer Vastcold, or siphon power away from her.

He could only try something like that if Mother Voidwalker wasn’t present.

But Mother Voidwalker couldn’t watch over her apprentice at all times for the rest of her life. When that happened, Yang Qi would take action. Of course, he didn’t plan on killing her, just taking some of the power of the Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill.

Right now, he was on his way to meet Summer Soundfyre.

Her palace hung in the air near the sea, surrounded by white clouds and fresh flowers. It was filled with the sound of zither music, and was a very elegant and relaxing place.

However, Yang Qi ignored all of the beautiful scenery.

Before long, he was in Summer Soundfyre’s presence. Looking at Yang Qi, she said, “With your help, Summer Vastcold made the Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill, didn't she?”

“How did you find out so quickly?” Yang Qi asked, surprised at how well-informed she was.

“A blind person could tell. Considering the fluctuations that have been coming from the Pill King’s God Palace, and that you've shown up here, coupled with the fact that no news has spread of a failure to concoct the pill, it's obvious. Furthermore, do you really think Mother Voidwalker and Summer Vastcold would let you go if you failed them?”

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