Chapter 1310: Evading Notice

Summer Vastcold led a group of ‘sisters’ who were essentially a faction within the Nacrelight Sageland, similar to the factions that existed in the House of God Ordainment.

Another similarity between the two sects was that the Nacrelight Sageland also held occasional elections to select a new leader for the sect when the old one went into retirement. When that election approached, numerous elite disciples would compete viciously for the votes of the other disciples.

It was the same with the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty as well.

The main difference in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty was that only imperial princes qualified to compete. Many people denounced the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty for that, and some said that it limited their capacity for growth.

“And now, Young Sir Void Qi, I'll take you to see my Master,” Summer Vastcold said. “We’re currently in the primary headquarters of the Nacrelight Sageland. Don’t underestimate this palace. It's filled with countless god kingdoms and dimensions of various sizes. The people here are by no means ordinary in nature, so stick close to me and don’t get lost. If you do, you’ll be killed by whatever warding spells you stumble across.”

A guest should act according to the host's wishes,” Yang Qi replied. “I know how these things work. Please, Miss Vastcold, lead the way.”


They entered the palace, and the first thing Yang Qi noticed was that the boundless space-time within it had no violent spatial tempests. Countless spell formations had been erected to create world after world, all of which combined made up a greater megastructure.

“As you can see, every three thousand minor chiliocosms create a common chiliocosm, and every three thousand common chiliocosms create a greater chiliocosm. It’s very impressive, no?” As Summer Vastcold explained matters, she seemed to glow with a strange and lustrous radiance.

Apparently, because this was her home territory, her cultivation base received boundless blessings that increased her overall power by thirty percent.

Although this palace looked surpassingly beautiful from the outside, once on the inside, Yang Qi realized how dangerous it was. There was no way he could sneak around here like he could in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. The God Legion Seal couldn’t help him here; he would be immediately discovered, then killed.

So right now, it was very important to stay close to Summer Vastcold.

Worlds and god kingdoms sped by in streaks of light. To Yang Qi, it seemed as though the god kingdoms actually existed outside the god world, but at the same time, they were different from that which existed outside the god world.

Eventually, a mountain peak rose up ahead of them. And instead of a palace atop it, there was a simple grass hut, only about three meters from end to end. A woman sat cross-legged in the hut; she looked to be around thirty years of age and wore simple attire, with a plain wooden hairpin binding her hair up. Despite her modest getup, she seemed extremely refined and elegant.

This was obviously Summer Vastcold’s Master.

‘An Unbounded expert!’ Yang Qi thought. If this person saw through to his deepest secrets, it could be very troublesome. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to continue with his plan. If he wanted to get into the treasure storehouse of the Nacrelight Sageland, he would have to deal with the sect's top experts. Even when taking the Mahātmā Jade from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, he had still been forced to earn the trust of Nie Yinyang first.

“This is my Master, Mother Voidwalker,” Summer Vastcold said. “She’s one of the boundless chief elders of the Nacrelight Sageland, an Unbounded expert who’s currently seeking enlightenment of the Paramount God level. When the conditions are right, I fully believe she’ll achieve her next breakthrough.”

Yang Qi nodded. “Right. Having reached the Unbounded level of will convergence, it’s a given that she’ll reach the Paramount God level.” Clasping hands with full respect, he said, “I am your humble servant, Void Qi. Please accept my greetings, Mother Voidwalker.”

Mother Voidwalker glanced briefly at Yang Qi, but declined to respond to him. Instead, she said, “Why did you bring a man here, Vastcold?”

“Master, this Young Sir Void Qi offered me immense help. Without him, I wouldn’t have acquired the flower of wisdom. Furthermore, I was ambushed on the way back, and only escaped thanks to the godstones he provided.”

Having heard this, Mother Voidwalker looked back at Yang Qi with glittering eyes.

“Let me explain further,” Summer Vastcold said. “Young Sir Void Qi is definitely not a bad person. Furthermore, he has the legacy of the Lord of Civilization, which could be of immense help to me.”

“The Lord of Civilization?” Mother Voidwalker said, her expression flickering.

Yang Qi could sense that this woman was incomparably powerful. When her will touched him, he felt immobilized down to the tips of his fingers. Her psychic power entered his pores and swept through him, making him feel like little more than a marionette under her control.

‘Unbounded will convergence is incredible,’ he thought. He had previously assumed that he wasn’t that far separated from the actual Unbounded level. But now he realized that not even the Wretched Brain God Art would be enough to fight against an Unbounded expert. And that was even more so the case if he wanted to keep his secrets.

If he revealed his secrets and drew on the powers of the God Legion Seal, then he would have hundreds of moves that he could use to hold his own against this woman. But ultimately, that would be suicide.

Thankfully, he knew how to keep his godhood and will convergence hidden in his sea of energy.

As for the body he was using, it was of such a mysterious origin that no one would be able to pierce its secrets, no matter how much godpower they poured into it.

Thanks to all these things, Yang Qi was safe from Mother Voidwalker’s inspection.

Of course, when she sent her Unbounded will into him and didn’t find any traces of his thoughts, will, or godhood, she immediately focused on his sea of energy, only to find that it was like a gobblewock that could insatiably devour psychic power.

Even her Unbounded will was gobbled up.

Shocked, she thought, ‘What’s going on here? What kind of body is this?’ She quickly retracted her psychic power, not wanting to lose any more of it than necessary.

“Just who exactly are you?” she asked.

“I'm not sure what you mean, Senior,” Yang Qi said, looking confused. “Oh, wait, I get it. You’re wondering about my body. You see, the lingering will of the Lord of Civilization remolded it, which is why you probably found your godpower vanishing when you inspected it.”

“You were remolded by the lingering will of the Lord of Civilization?” Mother Voidwalker said, a strange expression on her face. “Are you aware that your body is actually on the level of a Paramount God? In fact, I don’t even think it belongs to you. It’s definitely the work of the Lord of Civilization, which surpasses anything we can even imagine. He cultivated to the peak of the Unbounded level, and was also a peak Paramount God, making him tens of thousands of times more powerful even than me. Alright, tell me the truth. What’s your interest in Vastcold?”

“I hate the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty with a passion, Senior. If you’re going to accuse me of having any other motives, I should probably just leave.” Clasping hands respectfully, he turned to leave.

However, before he could do anything, Mother Voidwalker waved her finger, and he felt immense power weighing down on him, immobilizing him.

“Senior, what are you doing?” he said, plastering a look of shock onto his face.

“Just giving you a little test,” she said. “You see, there are a lot of scoundrels in this world, people who try to get close to my beautiful apprentices to take advantage of them. Therefore, I'm always on guard against such wicked people.”

“I understand that,” Yang Qi replied carefully. “But Senior, I can guarantee that I don’t harbor any such thoughts. I really just want to hurt the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. That’s why I wanted to make friends with Miss Vastcold. Helping her reach the Unbounded level will be helping myself. If I could have a friend that was an Unbounded expert, then I would truly have a good behind-the-scenes supporter.”

“Yeah, that’s right, Master,” Summer Vastcold said. “Young Sir Void Qi promised to help me with that Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill.”

“Oh? Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill?” Mother Voidwalker looked at Yang Qi again. “Your cultivation base is a bit low to talk about concocting a pill like that.”

“Young Sir Void Qi is offering to provide holy caliber godstones to power the spell formations in the Light King God-Furnace, thus significantly increasing the chances of success. It would be a huge shame to have spent so much on the flower of wisdom, only to fail in concocting the pill. Flowers of wisdom only show up once every ten thousand years or so. Who knows when another one will appear.”

It was a given that Summer Vastcold didn’t want Yang Qi to just walk off.

Mother Voidwalker nodded. “He must be quite wealthy to have godstones like that. Unfortunately, I still haven’t finished preparing all the ingredients. When I've done so, I’ll call on your Sect Uncles to help concoct the pill.

“It’s going to take a few months. During that time, you and Young Sir Void Qi can get to know each other a bit better. Considering he has the legacy of the Lord of Civilization, you two could benefit a lot from each other. Perhaps share some daoist techniques and cultivation methods. The more you prepare to use that Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill, the more likely it is that you’ll reach the Unbounded level.”

With that, Mother Voidwalker vanished into thin air, leaving Summer Vastcold and Yang Qi alone.

‘Looks like I passed the test,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Now I just need to use the time I've bought to learn more about the Nacrelight Sageland, and hopefully find the location of the Mahātmā Jade.”

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