Chapter 1309: Limitless Wealth

When Summer Vastcold saw the mountainous pile of holy caliber godstones, she realized that Yang Qi was so fabulously wealthy it surpassed anything she could have guessed earlier. After all, even the Nacrelight Sageland as a whole would have a hard time producing this much wealth.

Seeing that Summer Vastcold was in such a daze, Yang Qi said, “Now’s not the time for chatting. Activate the weapons and blast our way through this formation of a hundred and eight Perfect Gods. If we don’t get out of here quickly, we're going to be in big trouble.”

“Many thanks to you, Young Sir. Your sense of righteousness knows no bounds. I fear I’ll never be able to make this up to you.”


Summer Vastcold was a decisive person, so she waved her sleeve and sent the holy caliber godstones flying throughout the ship into the various spell formations.

The ship gobbled them up as if they were medicinal pills, causing the ship to suddenly surge with the aura of a Paramount God. Then, fiery blasts erupted from the ship, scorching everything in their path and piercing through the spell formation and the black clouds.

“Use the Nine Yangs Escape Magic! Full speed ahead!”

Under Summer Vastcold’s command, the ship sucked up the godstones and used them to become a fiery streak that shot forward, completely unstoppable. It looked like a blade of fire slashing through everything with destructive power, complete with shadowy projections of Paramount Gods.


A breath of time passed, and the ship was nowhere to be seen.

“What's going on here?!” said Disaster Trek. “I worked so hard to set up this formation! And they broke through it that easily? There’s no way they had a reserve of holy caliber godstones to unleash the might of the Paramount god weapons!”

Paramount god weapons were hard to get, and it was even harder to power them up. Normally speaking, even Perfect Gods would go broke if they tried.

Of course, Yang Qi actually had a lot of Paramount god items, namely, those belonging to the seventy-two monarchs. There were also his fragments of the Cruiser of Civilization. To truly unleash the might of such items would require might that couldn’t be provided by ordinary godstones.

“To do that they would have had to spend godstones worth at least ten billion godnotes!” one of his cohorts said. “There’s no way they have that kind of wealth! The Natural Disaster Cyclical Formation Magic was destroyed! This is a huge loss!”

“Damnation,” another expert spat. “The Natural Disaster Cyclical Formation Magic requires a huge amount of souls to unleash. It’s virtually priceless. I can’t believe we tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice we used to lure it. Who does Summer Vastcold have as a backer now? We have to investigate this. Supposedly, there was some mysterious expert who gave her twenty billion godnotes back in the auction. I can’t believe that her backer would then go on to give her so many godstones. What billionaire could it possibly be?”

“What the fuck!? Who the hell would use that much money just to hook up with a girl!?” Disaster Trek had an odd smile on his face as he thought about what kind of moron would waste that much money on a woman.

“Let’s go. We’ll figure out who this guy is and what he’s up to. What a pity we couldn’t get our hands on his money. With that much money, he’ll definitely attract the attention of Unbounded experts.”

With that, they left.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi and company had long since flown far away, and were in a land of beauty that looked totally different from the Heaven-Wretch Continent. Normally speaking, it should have taken them a few weeks to reach the edges of the Heaven-Wretch Continent. But with the caliber of godstones they had, it had only taken them a few hours to reach the Nacrelight Sageland.

The lands around them were covered with flowers, rivers, and mountains, and looked as beautiful as a painting. Even the clouds and sky resembled an immortal realm.

No wretch-devil would dare to barge into a place like this.

“We're safe,” Summer Vastcold said, breathing a sigh of relief. She looked at Yang Qi. “We're now in the Nacrelight Sageland, so those wretch-devils won’t be following us. They know they’ll die if they do.”

“The Nacrelight Sageland lives up to its reputation as a holy land,” Yang Qi said. “The goddesses here are enough to make anyone gasp in amazement.” At some point, Yang Qi had produced a fan with which he slowly fanned himself. “Miss Summer Vastcold, whatever you need, just let me know. If I hadn’t produced those godstones at just the right moment, I think we’d be dead already.”

He wasn’t even trying to sound humble.

The power of over a hundred Perfect Gods was such that, although he might not have been instantly defeated, and might even have been able to escape. But he had also been watching out for Summer Vastcold and the other women. Perhaps Summer Vastcold might have been able to escape from that situation, but the others wouldn’t have.

In a battle that fierce, he just couldn’t have saved everyone.

As a mid Consummate God, he could definitely kill dozens of ordinary Perfect Gods with ease. But when it came to peak Perfect Gods, or over a hundred of them together, it was a different story.

After all, two fists are no match for four hands.

Of course, if his godhood reached the Perfect God level, he wouldn’t need to fear even a host of gods of the same level as himself. He would crush them like ants.

“I wonder how many godstones you could provide, Young Sir?” Summer Vastcold asked.

“And why might you be asking a question like that, Miss?” Yang Qi replied with a faint smile. “Don’t tell me you have a need for a large number of godstones....”

“Well...” she replied awkwardly, “yes, I do. I'm about to go beg my Master to concoct the Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill. Unfortunately, part of the process will require using a signature item of our Nacrelight Sageland, the Light King God-Furnace. And that furnace requires a huge amount of godstones to operate. The more godstones it has to work with, the higher the chance of success.”

Yang Qi nodded. “I see.”

He knew that the Light King God-Furnace was a powerful god item that had once belonged to the Lord of Radiance and Light, master of Mount Radiance. And he had heard that it was a signature treasure of the Nacrelight Sageland.

“In that case, don’t worry, Miss. However many godstones you require, I can provide. Ten billion? A hundred billion? Hundreds of billions? Regardless of the amount, I can help.” Right now was the moment in which to flaunt his wealth. After all, the Mahātmā Jade was on the line, and he wasn’t planning on holding anything back.

When the words left his mouth, stars of envy glittered in the eyes of many of the young women present.

Although the women of the Nacrelight Sageland were arrogant and looked down on men, their hearts would still be stirred by the sight of someone like Yang Qi, who seemed willing to throw away any amount of money to win the attention of a woman.

Some things will never change.

Furthermore, these women had seen plenty of men who seemed generous at first, but when it came down to it, were actually stingy. Of course, Yang Qi wasn’t actually spending his own money, so how could he be stingy about it?

As far as he was concerned, money might as well have been dirt.

The female disciples were already whispering amongst themselves about the situation.

“Just how rich is this Void Qi? He’s obviously after Summer Vastcold. She isn't exactly poor, but not even a Paramount God would normally be able to provide this much money.”

“That’s right. Void Qi hardly blinked when he pulled out twenty billion godnotes and over ten billion in godstones. If he can keep this up, he must be richer than the richest Paramount God! This is going to throw the whole Nacrelight Sageland into a big uproar! There's a real moneybags going after Miss Summer Vastcold!”

“Oh, how I envy her!”

“She has no idea how lucky she is to have run into someone like Void Qi.”

Meanwhile, Summer Vastcold simply nodded in response to Yang Qi. “This is only going to be a loan, Young Sir Void Qi. After I get Unbounded will convergence, I’ll pay everything back. Summer Vastcold isn’t the type of person that takes advantage of others.”

Yang Qi smiled warmly. “I know. How could someone with a reputation as irreproachable as Miss Summer Vastcold ever care about money? Truth be told, I'm similar to you in that regard. I've never cared much for money. A true gentleman doesn’t focus on profit.”

“Oh really?” She chuckled. “I should’ve guessed that you have such high ideals. In that case, Young Sir, please come with me to meet my Master. Perhaps she’ll even give you some assistance with your cultivation base.”


Yang Qi was definitely interested in meeting a Paramount God with Unbounded will. If he could get on the good side of a person like that, it would make things much easier in the Nacrelight Sageland, and would also increase his chances of finding the Mahātmā Jade.

Furthermore, he was curious to see who Summer Vastcold’s Master actually was.

The ship flew along for two days and nights, until they finally reached a place where a beautiful palace hung high in the sky, filled with the most amazing buildings. This was the headquarters of the entire Nacrelight Sageland.

The clouds were filled with flowers, and pulsed with spirit energy that was beneficial for all living beings.

“Sisters, you’re free to be on your way,” Summer Vastcold said. “After I concoct this pill, I’ll be sure to pay back all the money and resources you loaned me.”

“Sister Vastcold, as long as you reach the Unbounded level, the Vastcold Society will skyrocket to power and we’ll finally be able to dominate all the other factions. We’ll be like the Crown Prince Society from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Dangerous times are coming, so to stay safe, we need an Unbounded expert!”

“That’s right. With Young Sir Void Qi’s help, you’ll definitely succeed.”

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