Chapter 1303: Come At Me, All Of You!

In the end, it only took one move to defeat Devil-Duke Hercules.

The other fourteen experts’ jaws dropped. In the clash moments before, it didn’t seem like either Devil-Duke Hercules or Yang Qi had the upper hand. So how could one of them have lost so easily?

Little did they know that, earlier, Yang Qi had just been probing Devil-Duke Hercules’s strength and ability. In fact, he had only been using a tenth of his full strength. But that was enough to accurately assess what he was capable of, so he had unleashed his divine abilities and will to negate the power of yin and yang, then inflict a stunning blow on Devil-Duke Hercules.

In terms of fighting experience, if Yang Qi was said to occupy second place, then nobody in existence would dare to claim first place.

Within the experience provided by the God Legion Seal were all sorts of fighting styles and cultivation base types, enough to cause hordes of enemies to concede defeat, much less this one, paltry Devil-Duke Hercules.

After becoming a Consummate God, Yang Qi had become invincible to anyone other than someone with Unbounded will convergence. After that, he acquired the flower of time, whereupon he became truly domineering, to the point where he wasn’t even worried about being ganged up on by a group of Perfect Gods.

Even if his opponent did have a special type of godhood, could it possibly match up to monarch godhood?

“You little punk!” growled Devil-Duke Hercules as he struggled to rise. But then blood sprayed out of his mouth and his eyes clouded over. The seriousness of his injuries was obvious. At this point, one of his compatriots flew over to help him, a young woman. Reaching out, she tapped several of his acupoints, then forced a few medicinal pills into his mouth. Only then did he finally crawl to his feet, his vital energy slowly building back up.

“Okay, fine,” Yang Qi said. “Come at me, all of you. Fifteen Perfect Gods isn't a force that I have anything to fear. After all, none of you have Unbounded will convergence, so even if you join forces, it’s still unlikely you could match up to me. You barged in here talking about enslaving me just when I was thinking of expanding operations in the Wasteland Bazaar. I need some more top experts on staff, and you fifteen will definitely help my expansion efforts.”

“What did you just say?” King Blacktooth said grimly.

“I said for you to come at me en masse,” he replied, standing there with his hands clasped behind his back. “I want to see exactly what you’re capable of. And if you refuse to do it, I’ll just force you. I'm going to guess you monsters and wretch-gods haven’t seen a truly consummate expert for a long time. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so arrogant and conceited. After being taught a good lesson, you’ll know the height of the heavens and the breadth of the earth.”

“You want us to team up against you, you psycho?” Granny Witch-Ghost said. “If that’s the case, I suppose we’ll just have to crush you. You obviously have some big secrets, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to defeat Devil-Duke Hercules. And we're going to benefit from those secrets shortly!”

Even as the words left her mouth, she made her move.

She lashed out with her sharp fingernails, causing a black mist to streak forth and create a skull that rumbled toward him.

Yang Qi merely flicked his finger, sending out a bean-sized flame that entered the skull’s mouth. A moment later, a popping sound rang out, and the skull exploded in flames, which then shot back toward Granny Witch-Ghost, who screamed in pain as she was engulfed.

Let the Wretch God Come! Myriad Worlds Destruction!

King Blacktooth lunged forward, becoming a black streak that shot toward Yang Qi’s back, palm extended as he drew on a consummate wretch-god technique. Instantly, an enormous maw filled with razor-sharp teeth was threatening to rip Yang Qi to shreds.

Yang Qi responded by directly attacking the maw with a fist strike, causing it to shatter into pieces.

Arms tingling, King Blacktooth said, “Nine Transformations of the Iron Devil!

Changing into something like pure metal as black as night, he attacked with a strength that could shatter great daos and cast everything into oblivion.

Yang Qi strode forward, surrounded by whipping winds as he directly met the wretch energy of King Blacktooth with outstretched arms. Instantly, King Blacktooth could sense that his opponent seemed to have unlimited power, making him like a river of pure energy, or a force of trillions upon trillions of godmammoths trampling forth.


King Blacktooth was sent flying, his entire body tingling numbly.


Then the other twelve experts joined forces to attack all at the same time, releasing such incredible energy that it made it seem like the entire meeting chamber had been transported into ancient times. These twelve Perfect Gods were attacking with such force that they could easily punch a hole right through the House of God Ordainment’s god kingdom.

God Legion Paradise....” Yang Qi said, putting his palms together as if in prayer. As he did, a domain spread out around him, which was something he hadn’t used in a very long time: the Superlative Defense of the God Legion Paradise. It was something that no wretch-god could penetrate, and as a result, all of the energy arts that hit it simply crumbled into nothing. [1]

Then, without any warning, the entire room lurched into motion.

Yang Qi and everyone else present were pulled into another dimension in another location. After all, Yang Qi didn’t want the Sage Monarch Consortium harmed by the conflict, so he used a teleportation magic to move it to another place.

A vibration rolled out from Yang Qi, negating any lingering attack force and causing the God Legion Paradise to fade away. Smiling, he said, “Well, what do you think, ladies and gentlemen?”

The fifteen Perfect God wretch-devils looked around in alarm, and then turned their attention back to Yang Qi, their eyes filled with terror and shock. Granny Witch-Ghost had already managed to douse the flames that had engulfed her, but she was now blackened and covered with ash. Eyes filled with disbelief, she said, “Y-you... you actually met our combined attack? What kind of cultivation base do you have? Don’t tell me you’re not actually a Consummate God! You must be a peak Perfect God!”

“You can believe that if you want to. But in the end, I really am a mid Consummate God. My godhood is just a bit different from yours.” He smiled. “Right now we're in the depths of chaotic space-time, so we can fight to our hearts’ content. Please, don’t let me down.”


Yang Qi attacked again, and within moments was right in front of King Blacktooth, thrusting out his palm with ten different types of power, which were none other than the ten different states of the Sage Monarch Grand Magic.

King Blacktooth had no way to dodge to safety, so his only choice was to meet the attack head-on.

Egg of the Wretch God!” he shouted. White godpower flowed around him, interlocking into a shape like an eggshell that was covered with sharp barbs.

However, even this did little good; as soon as Yang Qi hit it, cracks spread out over the entire eggshell.


King Blacktooth’s body collapsed, leaving behind only his godhood, which shot back in retreat along with a piercing scream.

The other Perfect Gods lunged forward, unleashing a host of attacks as they tried to rescue King Blacktooth. Yang Qi looked up and saw a writhing river of wretched evil sweeping out in all directions.

Of course, he knew it was only an illusory manifestation of these experts’ godpower, so instead of dodging, he summoned a huge primal-chaos elder-snake, which shot forward and swallowed the ‘water’.

As King Blacktooth’s body formed anew around him, he shouted, “We have to unleash the Wretched Brain God Art! Only a formation designed to crush Unbounded experts can truly deal with this!”

Unfortunately for him, his vital energy had been severely damaged. However, that alone was enough to prove to him that it would take the combined effort of their entire group to deal with Yang Qi.

The group of experts howled, and the wretch-god river transformed, turning into a spell formation that they planned to use to crush the primal-chaos elder-snake.

Up above, a huge brain appeared, covered with such deep wrinkles that it looked almost like a walnut. At the same time, it emanated a most incomparable wretch aura.

This was the Wretched Brain God Art!

The measure of a person was in their brain; that was where the sea of consciousness was, and where the will and psyche resided. And now, fifteen Perfect Gods, all of them fiend-devils and wretch-gods, were using all of their power to summon an enormous, wretched brain via spell formation. As soon as it appeared, Yang Qi could sense the immense destructive power contained within.


The fifteen wretch-gods vanished, leaving behind only an enormous brain that pulsed with deadly fluctuations. It was a psychic power that could remold anything and everything, and it caused the entire dimension around them to transform into a land of wretch-gods. Tombs and gravestones popped up like bamboo after a spring rain, and bones could be seen everywhere.

Incredible psychic pressure weighed down on Yang Qi.

Then, a strange voice echoed out from within the huge brain. “My brain becomes your brain. Your flesh and blood... become a sacrifice to me!

All of a sudden, Yang Qi felt like he couldn’t move.

It was obvious that these Perfect Gods were using some consummate technique against him. At least now he knew there were indeed secret magics in the god world that could be a threat against him.

The brain floated down as if to merge with Yang Qi’s brain and turn him into some half-human half-wretch freak.

Of course, there was no way Yang Qi would be dealt with so easily.

Smiling coldly, he said, “You’re still lacking some psychic power. If you had ten times as many on your side, say a hundred and fifty Perfect Gods, then maybe this Wretched Brain God Art would be a threat to me.”

Suddenly, Yang Qi vanished, leaving behind his monarch godhood, which rotated at blinding speed as it transformed into a huge cannon. It was none other than the Grand Tribulation Cannon, a weapon that could rock the halls of heaven!


A thunderous roaring sound could be heard as blinding light shot out, slamming into the huge brain.

The brain crumbled in the blink of an eye, vanquished by a single attack.

All of the Perfect Gods coughed up blood and scattered in every direction. “Run! Not even the Wretched Brain God Art can do anything to him! He must have Unbounded will convergence! Get out of here!”

“Where are you going? You think Yang Qi lets people off the hook that easily? If you try to kill someone, you’d best do the job all the way!”

1. A very long time indeed. The last time the Superlative Defense was mentioned was in chapter 593.

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