Chapter 1300: Wasteland Bazaar

“Things are really chaotic out here,” Zhang Jufang said. “We can’t just leave our people standing around to get attacked. Since when is there a rule about only ten people going inside at a time?”

“Those are the rules set by the House of Blood Sacrifice,” said a man in bright red. “If you come here to do business with us, you follow our rules. Plain and simple. There are millions upon millions of organizations here in the Wasteland Bazaar, and each one has their own rules. If you don’t want to respect them, either screw off or die!”


Even as the final word left his mouth, the leader of the men in red, the Common God, shrieked in abject horror as he realized that he had been decapitated, and his head was flying through the air.

It wasn't Yang Qi that had done the deed, but rather Zhang Jufang, who lunged forward, thrusting out his palm to summon a primal-chaos elder-snake that devoured the man’s body and assimilated all of his quintessence vitality and godpower.

Zhang Jufang was a Greater God now, and had been running the Sage Monarch Consortium for years. Because of that, he had learned to be decisive and ruthless. He knew Yang Qi had come on a killing mission to seize back his own territory, therefore Zhang Jufang wasn’t inclined to waste time chatting with the people from the House of Blood Sacrifice.

The other disciples from the Sage Monarch Society took quick action. They were like world-class assassins, unleashing dazzling sword light that slashed into the disciples of the House of Blood Sacrifice with no mercy.

It only took about three breaths of time before all of the enemy disciples were dead.

Zhang Jufang again used the energy arts of King Heaven-Devourer to consume the souls, flesh, and blood of the enemies, then led the charge inside. During the entire time, Yang Qi didn’t lift a finger. It wasn’t worth it when dealing with shrimps like these. Besides, it was good experience for the disciples of the Sage Monarch Society.

Jadefall had long been focused on that aspect, making sure all disciples got chances to go out and do real-world training on a monthly basis. It was also a good opportunity to quietly get rid of the Mystery Society infiltrators that Yang Qi had identified.

Because of that, there were a lot less infiltrators than before, a fact which the junior houselord had noticed, much to his exasperation.

Inside the building, a huge fight broke out. However, Zhang Jufang led the disciples to slaughter all of the people from the dao of devils while Yang Qi just followed along behind them.

Meanwhile, there were people out on the street who had witnessed the initial slaughter, and rushed inside hoping to take advantage of the situation.

A handful of Greater Gods flew through the entrance. However, Yang Qi simply waved his finger, and they transformed into dead corpses.

Everyone behind them saw, and backed away in fear.

Then Yang Qi waved his finger again, creating a shimmering wall of light that prevented further entry.

“Whoever dares to barge in on the House of Blood Sacrifice will be executed without exception!” At long last, one of the top experts of the House of Blood Sacrifice had shown up, a Consummate God, followed by a host of other disciples in blood-red garments.

The leader had a willowy beard and thick eyebrows, and was surrounded by shimmering, blood-colored light, almost as if he were inside a raincloud of blood.

“Who are you people? I'm Exalted Celestial Blood Rain. What did the House of Blood Sacrifice do to offend you?”

“Die!” Zhang Jufang said. He was only a Greater God, so normally speaking, he couldn't do a thing to a Consummate God. But he wasn’t worried at all. He waved his hand, and a golden skull flew out, transforming into a golden devil-god that ran directly toward Exalted Celestial Blood Rain, claws bared, hair flowing behind it, bursting with toxic energy.

Exalted Celestial Blood Rain had little time to react, and in the blink of an eye, his defensive energy was hit. Then, the toxic energy that surrounded him transformed, and the blood-colored rain cloud turned into a golden toxic miasma.

“What is that thing?!” he blurted in shock, preparing to launch a counter attack. Before he could, the disciples flanking Zhang Jufang joined forces to create a spell formation, sending out sword light that became a river of brightness that began slashing Exalted Celestial Blood Rain to pieces.

“This is an ability from the Lord of the Sword Dao! What group do you people come from?” He was going all out to fight back, but the combination of the golden devil-god and the sword techniques of the disciples had him panting for breath.

Life-Killing!” Zhang Jufang roared.

A river of sword light flashed forth, containing pure white killing energy, slashing all of the disciples of the House of Blood Sacrifice to pieces.

Of course, it was the sword dao of King Life-Killer.

When that sword dao was unleashed, nobody could stand up to its might. What was more, the disciples who were killed were all absorbed into it, becoming a part of the dao of life-killing.

“That’s the sword technique of King Life-Killer!” shouted Exalted Celestial Blood Rain as he watched his disciples being slaughtered. All of a sudden, he came to the realization that he needed to flee and turned into a beam of blood-colored light.

Blood Rain Devil Lightning!” he shouted, piercing a hole in the formation of sword light.

However, Zhang Jufang hardly even looked at him before saying, “Unbounded Sword River; Dao of King Life-Killer; Two Polarities Distinguished; Taiji Yin-Yang!

Of the over one hundred disciples present, half became an unbounded sword river, and the others became a white streak of life-killing sword energy.


The Blood Rain Devil Lightning was wiped out of existence and Exalted Celestial Blood Rain was shredded to pieces, leaving only his godhood intact. The golden devil-god reached out with a skeletal hand, cackling as it devoured the blood-colored godhood.

At this point, the disciples of the Sage Monarch Society took time to consume medicinal pills, causing their sword energy to surge, and their auras to grow more united.

This was rare and valuable training, and it was only in the course of deadly fighting like this that true discipline could be developed. In all the House of God Ordainment, only the Sage Monarch Society could do things like this.

Yang Qi had combined the Life-Killing Sword Technique with the Unbounded Sword River, and imparted the new technique to his brethren. And of course, how could people like the Shepherd, Doom, Proud World, and the others, top elites from the impure lands and immortal worlds, not impart those techniques to their apprentices and disciples.

The disciples of the Sage Monarch Society had been molded into loyal, disciplined fighters, and Yang Qi was very pleased with it all.

He hadn’t even needed to do a thing to wipe out a Consummate God. And while Exalted Celestial Blood Rain had only been an early Consummate God, he was still a Consummate God.

Those hundred disciples had obviously mastered the profound quintessence of both King Life-Killer and the Lord of the Sword Dao. Combined, they could defeat enemies ten times as strong as them, and their sword technique could wipe out all wretched evils. Next, more fighting played out as the disciples continued clearing out the building, killing the various Greater Gods who remained behind.

During the entire time, Yang Qi continued simply watching, nodding in approval. Considering the Sage Monarch Society was already capable of this, it wouldn’t be a problem at all to take over the House of God Ordainment, or even organizations stronger than it.

A few hours later, Zhang Jufang hurried over and said, “Milord, we’ve cleared the place out. The House of Blood Sacrifice had three hundred thousand medicinal pills, four hundred thousand godnotes, a hundred noble caliber godstones, and one holy caliber godstone. In addition to that, there were countless building materials, magical treasures, and other sundry items. Please, take a look.”

“I see. These treasures will at least make up for some of the Sage Monarch Consortium’s losses. Change the names on all the signs on the building to Sage Monarch Consortium. We can start by selling off the building materials, and using the godnotes to purchase other items.”

“But the godnotes here aren’t really enough to work with!” Zhang Jufang said hesitantly.

“Don't worry. Look.” Yang Qi smiled, and moments later it started raining godnotes. Roughly two hours later, they had a collection of approximately a billion godnotes.

Yang Qi’s cultivation base had advanced so much that it was like the difference between night and day. He could now produce tens of billions of godnotes per day if he wanted to. Of course, even that much was a mere drop in the ocean compared to what was available in the god world as a whole, and wouldn’t attract too much attention.

In any case, the billion he had created was still enough to buy all sorts of goods. After all, godnotes were considered hard currency, and were accepted everywhere. In the Wasteland Bazaar, it was the only currency that was accepted, as magical treasures were easy to steal, and often emanated an aura that revealed their presence. In contrast, godnotes emitted no aura.

Shocked, Zhang Jufang said, “Milord, this—”

“Make an announcement that the Sage Monarch Consortium is open for business, and is also interested in expanding. I want a solid base of operations here.” Next, Yang Qi waved his hand and started setting up spell formations, preparing for major operations in the bazaar.

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