Chapter 130: Quaternary Lifeseizing

“No! I can’t be exterminated like this! Undying Devil Soul! Ghost Emperor Yama!”

The devil-ghost was going all out in its attempt to break free from the Hellfire Crucible.

The aura of the Undying Devil Soul erupted out, like the weeping of a ghost-god, fighting against the power of the platinum sagefire.

The fiendish devil-ghost was putting everything on the line.

Unfortunately, Yang Qi didn’t budge. The power of millions of melting devil-ghosts poured into the particles in his body, awakening a sixty-first, sixty-second, and sixty-third….

One ancient megamammoth after another was waking up.

Thanks to the unstoppable platinum sagefire, he was being blessed by the power of millions of ghosts, and the blood of millions of devils.

As he stepped into Quaternary Lifeseizing, the vital energy of heaven and earth stirred, and began to flow into him. The wretch energy was blasted away as expressions of thunder, lightning, earth, water, fire and wind attacked him.

He was too strong, like an enormous mountain, impossible to shake. He almost seemed like a Great Sage descending on the world in the flesh.

“Undying Devil Soul? Be destroyed!”

His hands flashed with magical sealing marks, each one powerful, righteous, and divine. The power that erupted out was like that of an azure dragon floating through the heavens, a white tiger creeping along the ground, a vermilion bird being born in a volcano, or a black turtle lurking in the depths of the ocean.

The wretch energy in the area was swept away in explosive fashion, clearing the area for ten kilometers in every direction.

Slowly but surely, the platinum sagefire began to take the shape of a palace, complete with trees of fire, holy beasts and other divine scenery.

Shockingly, it was also at that moment that Yang Qi suddenly received a message from the golden imp that resided in his forehead. A name suddenly came to exist in his heart.

God Legion Paradise!

It was another special ability of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

‘So, that’s how it is. After the Infernal Deity Spear, Fiend-Devil Wings, Infernal Deity Plate Armor, Hellfire Crucible, and the Hell Portal, is the God Legion Paradise…. The Hell Portal can break through to alternate dimensions, connecting directly to the planes of hell to summon devil-gods. As for the God Legion Paradise, it is a land of utmost purity, which can never be broken, and will exist for all eternity.’

In order to master the God Legion Paradise, he needed to understand the magic of space-time. If he did, he could transform his true energy into a pure land, a paradise that would exist eternally, and could never be invaded.

Of course, just like the Hell Portal, the God Legion Paradise was something that would develop later in his cultivation of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, not now.

Most likely, he would need to become a Legendary before he could understand the profound secrets of alternate dimensions, and use them in cultivation.

If he could use the Hell Portal and the God Legion Paradise as a Lifeseizer, then he would definitely be able to kill Legendaries. And that would make him a genius among geniuses, even when taking into consideration all the experts who had existed throughout history.

After all, only stories from the ancient past told of Lifeseizers who killed Legendaries. In fact, such stories were essentially mythological, and there was no way to prove whether they were true or false. In any case, such a person had never existed in the Rich-Lush Continent.

As such, it would seem to most people that it was highly unlikely Yang Qi could ever reach such a level. After all, he was human, not a god, nor a god from heaven descended into the mortal world, reincarnated into a human body.

“I refuse to accept this!” the powerful devil-ghost shrieked, making another attempt to break free.

Netherworldly sounds bubbled up from the Hellfire Crucible, which was actually beginning to show signs of cracking.

“You’ll accept it whether you want to or not!” Yang Qi shouted.

As of this moment, his energy arts broke through to an even higher level.

Millions upon millions of devils had been transformed into vital energy for his use, and the largest of the devil-ghosts was now stuck in his Hellfire Crucible. As it screamed, it melted away into pure vital energy, which bolstered Yang Qi’s true energy, making it stronger and stronger.

One particle after another awoke.

Sixty-nine. Seventy. Seventy-one….

Even Yang Qi was shocked at how much he was benefiting. As of this moment, he possessed the power of seventy-one ancient megamammoths, which was enough to drain lakes and reverse the flow of rivers.

‘Quaternary Lifeseizing!’

Rising to his feet, he looked around, and found that all of the wretch energy had retreated, and there was no aura of any sort of devil-ghost. He had cleansed the vital energy of the Blackcorpse Mountains; now, there was no sign of any sort of horde of zombies. Yanhaven was safe.

‘Unfortunately, not even being a Quaternary Lifeseizer will be enough to deal with the Crown Prince. I need to progress more. Become stronger. Maybe when I’m at Septenary Lifeseizing I could defeat a Legendary. I guess the time has come to enter the Heavencorpse Dimension and look for life force springwater. Or maybe I can find some more devil-ghosts.’

Now that he realized how beneficial devil-ghosts were, he actually found them to be somewhat charming, and was hoping he could find some even more powerful versions to lure into a trap.

‘I can sense the twisting and distortion of another dimension up ahead.’

Already, the area was starting to fill up with more wretch energy, and he could sense its source.

Obviously, it was the passageway to the Heavencorpse Dimension.

Now that he was even stronger than before, finding the object of his search was even easier.

A moment later, the wretch energy and distortions suddenly grew much more intense.

WHIZZZ! Dimensional fluctuations suddenly erupted out with biting ferocity. His platinum-colored Infernal Deity Plate Armor sprang up in response; after all, this deadly flow of energy could definitely cut down even powerful Lifeseizers.

Within the depths of the wretch energy flow, Yang Qi could see something like an enormous eye, flickering in and out of existence. It was this eye that was the source of all of the wretch energy in the Blackcorpse Mountains.

‘Deathly Devil-Eye!’ Yang Qi murmured in shock.

Even he was aware that, if someone cultivated devil arts to a certain level, they could create Deathly Devil-Eyes. They were the ultimate expression of the dao of death, and any being they gazed upon would most certainly die. Only fabled monsters in the Great Sage level could possibly create them.

And now, there was a Deathly Devil-Eye right in front of him, belching devil energy, placing him right on the verge of meeting a tragic end.

He didn't dare to do anything rash, so he simply observed it for a bit. That was when he realized that it wasn’t a true devil-eye, but rather, a passageway that resembled an eye.

It had obviously been created to look like a Deathly Devil-Eye, but was really a passageway to an alternate dimension, that being, the Heavencorpse Dimension.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure it was safe to actually enter it. After all, he didn’t fully understand alternate dimensions and their entryways and exits. If he went in, it was entirely possible he would never be able to get out. He wasn’t a Legendary yet, and therefore, lacked the requisite understanding of the magical laws of space-time.

After a moment of thought, the platinum sagefire around him rippled and transformed into a humanoid shape that strode forward and entered the passageway.

It was Humanoid True Energy, branded with Thousand Kilometer Soul Locking. If that Humanoid True Energy could enter the dimension and then return safely, then it would indicate that he could do the same.

Besides, he could also assess what was on the other side at the same time.

His Humanoid True Energy vanished into the passageway, then reappeared in a world of endless gloom, filled with devil energy and devilish wills.


He directed his Humanoid True Energy to return, which it did instantly. At that point, a serious expression appeared on his face.

The view of that dark and gloomy world was a sharp contrast to the bright and sunny Minorcosm World.

Not only could he not see into the true depths of the place, but he could sense a powerful devilish will standing guard where the passageway opened up.

Clearly, there was some sort of fiend-devil waiting there.

This place seemed even more dangerous than Black Floodwyrm Grotto.

“Alright, fine. I just need to go in with a plan. Let’s see exactly what sort of hidden dragons and crouching tigers are in this place. There’s no way that a mere passageway to another dimension is going to be guarded by a Legendary, right? Even the guards at the Minorcosm World were just giants in the Lifeseizing level.” He sat down for a few minutes to think and plan. It took some time, but he eventually came up with a plan that he was confident in.

With that, he stepped forward and vanished into the so-called Deathly Devil-Eye. He felt a tremor pass through him, and then he felt solid ground beneath his feet.

He was in another world, a place filled with sinister auras and intense wretch energy. He saw vast plains stretching out in all directions, a wasteland filled with boulders, dirt, and swamps. However, instead of dark soil, everything was the color of blood. The water of the swamps was blood itself, and there were bones visible within them.

Occasionally, a bubble would rise to the surface of the blood, which would then pop, letting loose green flames that were none other than ghostfire.

Occasionally, the ghostfire would take the shape of a humanoid face, which would then turn into a full devil-ghost. Shockingly, monsters were being born here left and right.

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