Chapter 1298: Essence of Time

Sensing the changes within him, Yang Qi shook his head and thought, ‘It seems my earlier guess was correct. Monarch godhood is so incredible that every breakthrough needs more energy than seems possible. The fact that those seven god pills got me to the mid Consummate God level is impressive enough.’

Although his psychic power had received a bit of a boost, it wasn’t anything close to a breakthrough.

There was no way medicinal pills could be used to break through to Unbounded will convergence, otherwise, Unbounded experts would be a common thing.

One only needed to look at the princes of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty to prove that point. Despite all of the resources of the dynasty, only the crown prince was in that position, and truth be told, it wasn’t because of the resources. It was hard to say what good fortune he had come across, but it definitely wasn’t a mere seven god pills. In fact, not even seven hundred such pills would do anything for Yang Qi other than provide some random upgrades.

Next, Yang Qi took out the flower of time stamen to see what it was all about.

Pulling out a jade box, he opened it and a burst of vital energy surged out as he caught sight of the petals.

Flower of Time; Complete Reforming; Unleash your Splendor....

Buzzing sounds rang out and dazzling shafts of light shot in every direction, creating a wild stream consisting of the power of time. As the stamen connected with the petals, a strange flower took shape.

The godpower in Yang Qi’s godhood flowed like a river into the flower, which seemed like a bottomless pit. Thankfully, his will could control the godhood drainage, and he had the God Legion Seal to replenish himself.

He was drained eighty-one times in a row before the flower of time stabilized.

From that alone, it was obvious that even a Paramount God would have had a tough time forming a flower of time. Clearly, Yang Qi’s godhood was very close to the strength of a Paramount God.

The flower Yang Qi held had a long green stalk and was roughly one-third of a meter from top to bottom. It looked like a ruyi scepter, and while the petals all looked different, they connected perfectly. And the flower glowed with dazzling light that contained the pure power of time itself. Already, Yang Qi could sense that it contained profound mysteries.

‘Am I supposed to just fuse it with my godhood? Supposedly, it’ll make the godhood stronger and provide control over time if you do that. It’ll also give one’s will the capability to seek the meaning of the end of time. Perhaps this is what I need to achieve my next breakthrough and reach the Unbounded level.’

Proceeding deep into the void, he set up another spell formation, then exhaled some fire onto the flower of time. Summoning the Heaven and Earth Furnace, he placed the flower inside. According to the stories, in the ancient halls of heaven, the Sovereign Lord had grown flowers in a garden, and there were ten that were considered the best: first, the flowers of fate; second, the flowers of karma; third, the flowers of faith; fourth, the flowers of time. And so on. Of course, there was debate about the exact order, but one thing was certain: the flowers contained the profundities of heaven and earth, and were impossible for mortals to grow. In fact, not even Paramount Gods could successfully raise them.

Apparently, the Sovereign Lord had used special techniques to grow the flowers of time, using spell formations that the god world had never seen before or since. They were grown from seeds that only appeared once every few hundreds of thousands of years, and could cause wars when they did.

No one knew how the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty managed to get their hands on the stamen of one, nor how the petals had ended up in the Toxic Continent. But Yang Qi had collected them all, and now he could use the complete flower.


The Many Heavens God Seal appeared in Yang Qi’s palm, and when he unleashed it, thunder boomed and spatial tempests raged, surrounding the flower of time.

When the flower of time melted, it seemed to grow stronger, sending out such intense power of time that Yang Qi felt like he was going to be wiped out of existence.

As the process proceeded, Yang Qi’s divine will eventually connected with something mighty, which was none other than the boundless river of time.

Streams of energy flowed into his monarch godhood, causing it to shrink again, from the size of a chicken egg to the size of a thumb tip. However, that only caused its energy to grow even more intense.

According to the rumors, when one stepped from Unbounded will convergence to the Annulled level, one’s godhood would shrink down to the size of a tiny particle, then ultimately disappear. Once the godhood was gone, only thoughts would remain, and that was the highest level of cultivation base.

As for Yang Qi, as he absorbed the essence of time, his godhood rapidly shrank.


It was soon the size of a bean, and couldn’t be constricted any further. Yang Qi shook his head as he realized that his psychic power wasn’t at a level that would allow him to fully assimilate the flower of time.

He was able to take some of its essence, but he couldn’t do anything to its basic foundation. He just wasn’t strong enough yet. He inhaled, sucking the flower inside and placing it into his monarch godhood, which now glittered like a dazzling gem.

‘My monarch godhood is now in the mid Consummate God level, which is a big improvement. If I could get a few hundred more Unbounded medicinal pills, I might be able to reach the late or peak level. With a thousand or ten thousand, I would probably be able to break through to the Perfect God level, although it’s hard to do, so I can’t say for sure.’

For now, he wouldn’t worry about assimilating his godhood.

He was now more than capable of dealing with multiple Perfect God opponents. Whether it was God-King Ruthless or Grand Eunuch Nie Yinyang, both would fall before him in a fight.

‘I’ve done well recently. Whether it was the Mahātmā Jade, the three religious pills, the seven god pills, and the flower of time. They were all very helpful. At this point, the House of God Ordainment doesn’t hold anything valuable for me except their secret reserve power. When the time is right, I’ll take all the destiny the sect has available.’

With that, he returned to the god kingdom, whereupon Zhang Jufang rushed over and knelt in front of him. “Milord, the Sage Monarch Consortium has run into a situation in which we could experience major growth. However, there’s danger involved, so I was hoping you could make the final decision.”

“Oh, what’s the situation?” Yang Qi said, tapping his finger on the table. “Please, explain.”

“It’s like this, Milord. We successfully completed negotiations to establish an outpost on the Heaven-Wretch Continent. But the continent is in chaos, and wretch-devils are everywhere. That said, the wretch-devil cultivators have plenty of goods to fence, so there’s opportunity along with all the danger.” Zhang Jufang was now a peak Common God, and close to breaking through to the Greater God level. Not seeing any reason to hold back, Yang Qi waved his finger, sending a soft stream of power into Zhang Jufang that caused his godhood to glitter brightly as it extruded impurities from within him.


Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, Zhang Jufang smoothly rose to the Greater God level.

“Many thanks, Milord. Many thanks!” he said, kowtowing.

Yang Qi nodded. “Now, explain the situation in more detail.”

“It’s like this. The Heaven-Wretch Continent is in a good position, geographically. It acts like a buffer between the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, the Nacrelight Sageland, the League of Wretch-Gods, and the League of the Devil-Dao. None of the parties is strong enough to invade it, and as a result, it’s a veritable hodgepodge of all the various powers. There are many business opportunities there, but you have to have the power to keep yourself safe. We made some deals with local warlords to set up a base there, but every time we get close to completion, we get attacked by wretch-god forces and cleared out. In fact, none of our people have survived any of those attacks, and we’ve even lost some people from the Crown Prince Society. Later, I realized we were being lured into those situations on purpose, and I’m fairly sure the true culprits are spies from the Mystery Society. They’re just relying on the wretch-gods to do their dirty work for them. In any case, we don’t want to lose out on potential profit from the Heaven-Wretch Continent.”

Zhang Jufang had developed a good sense for business, and knew a good opportunity when he saw it.

“Let’s check the map,” Yang Qi said.

He waved his hand, causing a large map to unfurl, showing a host of continents and land masses, probably ten thousand in total.

In the middle of the various dynasties, alliances, and holy lands was the evil Heaven-Wretch Continent.

“Oh? So the Heaven-Wretch Continent was a former battleground where the Wretch God fell in combat. And it’s very close to the Nacrelight Sageland.” After studying the map a bit longer, he said, “I think I’ll take a trip over there and see what’s going on. Maybe I can find out who’s targeting us.”

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