Chapter 1297: Stamens

“A reward?” Yang Qi said, his heart pounding a bit. “Eighteenth Prince, my brother Yang Immortal-Slayer, an apprentice of the Lord of the True Void, is currently at a bottleneck in his cultivation. Presumably you’ve heard about his amazing potential. Unfortunately, after forming his godhood, he’s found it incredibly difficult to achieve further breakthroughs. Recently, he came to realize that he lacks a certain medicinal ingredient that will help him push his godhood to the next level. Might it be possible to acquire that ingredient as my reward? I’ve been talking with my brother about joining the Crown Prince Society, and this could probably seal the deal. I might even be able to recruit the Lord of the True Void.”

“The Lord of the True Void?”

The eighteenth prince, Nie Yinyang, and God-King Ruthless exchanged glances. All of them knew that getting the Lord of the True Void into the Crown Prince Society would make the crown prince supremely powerful, and ensure that no amount of opposition could cause any problems.

Unfortunately, Paramount Gods were independent figures who would be hard to recruit. And using methods of force on them, such as warding spells, wouldn’t work.

The only methods that worked for people like that were courtesy and respect. After all, neither the eighteenth prince nor the crown prince were close to being a match for the Lord of the True Void in combat.

That said, Yang Immortal-Slayer was his new favored apprentice, so recruiting him would at least establish a connection. And they could possibly start by offering the Lord of the True Void a position as a guest elder.

“What medicinal ingredient? As long as we have it in stock, I’ll do my best to get it for you. Incidentally, if you can get the Lord of the True Void to join the Crown Prince Society, even as a guest elder, the crown prince will personally bless you with some energy arts. In fact, I can guarantee that he’ll take you as an adopted son and transform your blood into that of the Eternal Clan. He might even make you his successor.”

The eighteenth prince was making a very weighty promise.

The princes of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty were all surnamed Eternal. And the emperor himself was named Eternal Nightless, a name designed to impart the idea of never-ending brightness, and an eternal lack of night in the god world.

It was a truly impressive and domineering name.

“My brother, Yang Immortal-Slayer, needs a flower of time.” Yang Qi finally threw out the description of the item he wanted. A flower of time would be considered extremely precious, and he knew that asking for one would come across as arrogantly greedy to most people. To lessen the effect, he said he needed it for his brother Yang Immortal-Slayer, and wrapped it up in the promise of recruitment.

And he was even bringing the Lord of the True Void into the picture.

“A flower of time?” the eighteenth prince said, his jaw dropping. Then he looked closer at Yang Qi to see if there was something he was missing. However, Yang Qi’s expression remained the same, only displaying loyalty and selflessness.

“Eighteenth Prince,” said God-King Ruthless, “Yang Qi was subjugated by a Nation-Fate God Pill, which I personally administered. There’s no question about his loyalty. Unfortunately, we don’t have a full flower of time, only the stamen of one. What about offering that as the reward?”

“A flower of time really could be used to help one's godhood,” Nie Yinyang added. “I’ve heard rumors that this apprentice of Lord of the True Void is quite amazing. I'm not sure what kind of godhood he formed, but it must be thousands of times stronger than ordinary godhood. Supposedly, the Lord of the True Void recently attended a banquet with some other Paramount Gods, and that apprentice of his defeated all the other genius apprentices in combat. Unfortunately, God-King Ruthless is right. We don’t have a full flower in the treasure storehouse.”

The eighteenth prince thought for a moment, then said, “You’re always thinking about the Crown Prince Society, aren’t you Yang Qi? We recognize your loyalty, but unfortunately, a flower of time is nothing to take lightly. And we don’t even have a whole one, only the stamen of one. Worse, if you assimilate the stamen alone into your godhood, it will cause the godhood to lose control over the power of time, and ultimately explode.”

“Then what do you suggest?” Yang Qi said. “I hope you can provide some advice, Eighteenth Prince. My brother repeatedly made me promise to help him look for that flower. I guess not even the Lord of the True Void could find one, so I'm not sure how I’m supposed to do so.”

“How about I just give your brother the stamen? Perhaps the Lord of the True Void can think of a way to use it. It might not be a full flower of time, but it’s still an amazing reward. If something like that can’t earn the favor of the Lord of the True Void, nothing will. When your brother returns in three years, bring him here to join the Crown Prince Society. Got it?”

“I’ll make it happen,” Yang Qi replied. “There’s one other small matter I was hoping to mention, Eighteenth Prince.”

“Oh? What matter?”

“You three explain,” Yang Qi said, glancing at the three chief elders.

“It's like this,” said Ding Lian’gen. “Back when Yang Qi recruited us, there were four other chief elders present who said they’d think about the matter. Now that we're members, and have benefited so much, perhaps we can go convince the other four to join.”

The truth was that the three chief elders hadn’t been given a thing upon joining the Crown Prince Society, other than the warding spells. And their mention of “benefiting” was a reminder that they were currently empty-handed, giving them no incentive to recruit more people.

The eighteenth prince had already considered this, so he pulled three jade bottles out of his robe, each of which pulsed with mountain-crushing, sea-shattering energy flows.

They were Unbounded medicinal pills!

Yang Qi’s eyes went wide.

Although the pills couldn’t compare to the buddhist, daoist, and confucian medicinal pills he had acquired, they could still provide a big boost to him and help advance his godhood another step.

“These are three Eternal-Life Heaven-Defying God-Thought Pills, personally concocted by a Paramount God. Each one is worth as much as an entire city, and you’ll get one each as your reward. Remember, we must stop at nothing to recruit more top experts to join the Crown Prince Society. Our society is the most powerful of all, and will unify and control all other societies in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.”

The three chief elders took the pills from the eighteenth prince, but didn't consume them. After all, they were completely under Yang Qi’s control, thanks to the devil embryos lurking within them.

In other words, it would be sheer insanity for them to assume that they could just consume the pills.

“Go about your various tasks while I wait here,” the eighteenth prince said. “Nie Yinyang, you go pen an order in the crown prince’s name to open the treasure storehouse and retrieve the stamen of the flower of time.”

Nie Yinyang left to do as he was bid, while Yang Qi and the three chief elders headed back to the god kingdom of the House of God Ordainment, to track down the four chief elders they had just mentioned.

There were originally eight chief elders that plotted against Yang Qi, but he had struck one so hard that his godhood was destroyed, leaving him a cripple. As a result, there were only seven left from the original group of eight.

But for seven chief elders to join the Crown Prince Society was a monumental thing that would change everything. It essentially meant that the Crown Prince Society had infiltrated the highest levels of leadership of the House of God Ordainment.

The eighteenth prince was delighted, and acknowledged that Yang Qi had performed an extraordinary service. And all he had to do was give a reward that most people would consider useless. On top of it all, there was even the possibility of recruiting Yang Immortal-Slayer and the Lord of the True Void.

The fact was that the Crown Prince Society actually didn’t have a lot of Perfect Gods, so the addition of seven chief elders would drastically transform their overall strength. And that was important, considering there were still many unaffiliated princes that the Crown Prince Society wanted to bring into the fold.

It took a few days for everything to play out.

In the end, seven chief elders became members of the Crown Prince Society, and were given Eternal-Life Heaven-Defying God-Thought Pills.

The pills contained the energy of the void, and Unbounded will convergence, making them incredible beyond belief. They could remold the fleshly body and allow one to defy heaven for the purpose of gaining eternal life.

It was little surprise that the seven pills ended up with Yang Qi, along with the flower of time stamen.

After all was said and done, the eighteenth prince left with Nie Yinyang and God-King Ruthless. When they were gone, Dream Daylily said, “Congratulations, oh exalted Yang Qi. You now have as much power and authority as me. It’s just like I said, you've been advancing by leaps and bounds here in the Crown Prince Society. In the future, I hope you’ll keep me safe.”

“Of course I will, Dream Daylily,” he replied, smiling. “For now, I need to go find my brother Yang Immortal-Slayer and give him this stamen.”

As the words left his mouth, he vanished.

‘He’s progressing so quickly!’ she thought. ‘His cultivation base is already higher than mine. I wonder how I can get him fully on my side. Don’t tell me I have to seduce him.’

Meanwhile, out in the void, Yang Qi was laughing heartily. ‘I pulled it off. With devil embryos in those seven chief elders, there’s no way they’ll betray me. And with these seven god pills, I wonder if I can reach the Unbounded level. Doubtful.’

He produced the seven pills, which he popped into his mouth.

Immense medicinal power flowed through him, causing him to feel his half-Unbounded will convergence and Consummate God godhood advancing. But unfortunately, it didn’t push them to the point of a breakthrough in his will.

He still lacked that last bit he needed. However, at least he was now in the mid Consummate God level.

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