Chapter 1290: The House of God Ordainment’s Treasure Storehouse

Yang Qi had his sights set on the House of God Ordainment’s treasure storehouse. He had never felt a sense of belonging in this sect. It had been nothing but a host, and he, a parasite, taking advantage of its destiny and resources. After he was done taking what needed, he would move on and find another host.

He had even already identified the next target: the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Slowly but surely, he would suck that sect dry too.


He could see everything that made up the god kingdom of the sect, including the Perfect Gods and the junior houselord among them. Only someone with true Unbounded will could possibly escape his gaze.

It didn’t take long for him to find the storehouse, which thrummed with the aura of treasure. There was no trace of its existence out in the open, as it was located in another dimension of the god kingdom.

Life-Death Void-Destruction.”

Drawing on the powers of his Life-Death Void-Destruction Lightning, he headed into the depths of the god kingdom, which contained far too many minor dimensions to count. Of course, they were all bare to his will. Before long, he found one that was under guard by Perfect Gods. The treasure storehouse.

It contained the countless treasures that had been built up over many years by the House of God Ordainment. After all, they were constantly wiping out smaller organizations, taking their treasures and resources, and enslaving their disciples.

Yang Qi wasn’t actually interested in anything other than medicinal pills concocted by experts with Unbounded will.

Although there were some impressive treasures, Yang Qi ignored them all. Sweeping the place with his psychic power, he saw a part where some pills had been hoarded. Some were piled up like mountains, while others looked like pagodas, stūpas or palaces.

Only the most powerful of medicinal pills would naturally take such forms.

At a glance, Yang Qi identified the three strongest pills among them.

One had created a daoist rite center around itself, complete with a daoist priest and a temple. The daoist sat there in the temple like a heavenly celestial, constantly lecturing other medicinal spirits about the dao.

Another pill looked like a monk from one of the buddhist schools, and was chanting sutras, surrounded by a holy land.

The third pill looked like a confucian scholar, sitting in a place of learning and instructing other medicinal spirits about the truths of life.

The medicinal pills had developed spirits and could practice cultivation, making them very similar to actual people. After all, the godhood created by people was similar to a god pill; the two shared many characteristics.

‘What an amazing set of pills. Together, they represent daoism, buddhism, and confucianism. Combined, they’ll be unparalleled under heaven.’ The cultivation bases of the pills seemed invincible, as if each was a Consummate God. And they were obviously beyond the compare of the pill he had found in the Chaos Forge God-Shrine. Inwardly, Yang Qi was marveling. ‘I have to get those pills. If I assimilate them, I should be able to break out of the Greater God level and climb much higher in my cultivation! They were definitely concocted by someone with Unbounded will convergence, possibly even a Paramount God.’

The three pills hadn’t been concocted by anyone in the House of God Ordainment, but had instead been plundered from a sect they had warred with that specialized in alchemy. And no one in the sect could have benefited from them, including the junior houselord and the houselord himself. Thus, they had been stored here.

Examining the surroundings, he saw that the pills were sealed in place by a huge talisman.

In other words, other than preaching, they couldn't do anything.

That would only make things easier for Yang Qi. If he had to suppress the pills on his own, it would have taken some work, and would have been impossible to do in secret.

Inside, he was laughing up a storm. On the outside, he quickly transformed into a primal-chaos elder-snake that opened its mouth and used the profound arts of King Heaven-Devourer to consume the pills.

In the blink of an eye, the pills became a massive stream of power flowing through him.

As they entered his monarch godhood, the Heaven and Earth Furnace flared to life, ready to extrude all impurities and extract all essences.

“Who’s there?” the three pills blurted, rising to their feet as they realized what was happening.

Sadly for them, their cultivation bases were already locked down by the House of God Ordainment.

For now, Yang Qi didn’t assimilate them. Keeping them suppressed, he used the God Legion Seal and created replicas to leave behind. Even if the junior houselord came and examined the pills, he would be fooled.

He would even experience a slight boost in power if he assimilated it, before ultimately realizing that it was a forgery. And by that point, no one would believe him, considering the pill was gone.

That was the benefit of having a superior psyche and will.

He could essentially bully all of the non-Unbounded experts in the entire House of God Ordainment. If the Mahātmā Jade wasn’t that amazing, how could it be considered equally as impressive as the God Legion Seal?

And no one knew what marvelous things would happen when those two treasures were combined.

‘Finished. Now I’ll just take all the rest of the pills, then find a good place to stabilize my cultivation base and advance my godhood.’

After the final work was done, he left the god kingdom and went out into the chaotic void, eventually finding a good place to set up a spell formation. Then, he summoned the Heaven and Earth Furnace.

In its depths were the pills he had just devoured, which he broke down into expressions of vital energy and sent into his godhood.

There had been millions upon millions of pills in the storehouse, most of them concocted by Paramount Gods. Only those three were Unbounded, but Paramount pills were still Paramount pills, and provided pure godpower that could be used to fill in Yang Qi’s godhood.


Yang Qi’s monarch godhood suddenly broke into the Greater God level. Breathing deeply, he summoned the primal-chaos elder-snake again.

With its eyes open, the snake almost looked like the real King Heaven-Devourer.

Roaring, it opened its mouth, causing the space-time tempests to roll into it, making its energy of primal chaos even stronger and more corporeal.

Yang Qi had finally become a Greater God.

He had stolen so many resources from the House of God Ordainment that he could sense its destiny decline by thirty percent.

However, Yang Qi was a Fateless One and commanded the Life-Death Void-Destruction Lightning; therefore, no one could ever place the blame on him. Only someone with full Unbounded will could have determined the truth.

‘And now, it's time to assimilate these three Unbounded god pills. Let’s see what they’ll do to my godhood. They shouldn’t just affect my godhood and cultivation base, though, but also my psychic power and thought fluctuations.’

Without hesitation, he summoned the three pills, which had assumed the form of a buddhist, daoist, and confucian.

“Who exactly are you?” said the one that looked like a buddhist. “And why have you taken us out of the House of God Ordainment? Release the sealing mark immediately! If you do, we can give you boundless blessings and unending power!” His words were very enticing.

However, Yang Qi simply looked at them like they were idiots. “Are you brain-addled? I've consumed you to boost my godhood and cultivation base! What power do you think you’re going to bless me with?”

“Who exactly are you? Are you from the House of God Ordainment, or some other group?” the confucian scholar said, sounding very stern and awe-inspiring.

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