Chapter 1289: Almost Unbounded

Yang Qi was on the very cusp of attaining Unbounded will convergence, which would make him a true potentate in the god world, a person who could call the wind and summon the rain, and do as he wished wherever he went. However, he also knew that succeeding in that would be extremely difficult, and was technically something that should be impossible for him. It was like a crown prince wanting to be the emperor. Success would involve passing through innumerable dangers and overcoming countless obstacles.

The only way it would be possible would be with the Mahātmā Jade.

He was lucky to have two pieces, but now he needed more. Thankfully, all he needed to do was once again elevate his godhood and step back into the Common God level, then use his current pieces of the jade to track down the others.

He was now an early Lesser God again, and was going to have to deal with the frustrating task of climbing back up again.

Thankfully, he had more powerful will than ever, and furthermore, he could devour godpower and send it into his godhood with ease. His cultivation speed was now thousands of times faster than before, but even still, relying only on normal cultivation methods meant it would take two or three god world years to return to his previous state.

He had to find some suitable medicinal pills.

There were many medicinal pills in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty’s treasure storehouse, but sadly, he had no way to get inside. And once the people there realized the Mahātmā Jade was missing, it would definitely cause a huge commotion and lead to vastly increased security. At least he hadn’t left any evidence that would implicate him.

Furthermore, despite his cultivation base regressing, his fighting prowess and substructure were stronger than ever, which meant it would be even easier to deal with any enemies.

‘It’s a pity I can’t get into that storehouse. I could get my cultivation base back to normal, and also get so many things I need. For example, the stamens of that flower of time and that piece of the Cruiser of Civilization. I guess I’ll have to wait until I have Unbounded will convergence. Then I can slip in there like I did back in the Joyflower Palace, or the Executors of the Ancient Road.’

By now, Yang Qi was an expert at robbing treasure storehouses.

‘Although...’ he thought, his eyes brightening, ‘the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty is off limits now, but what about the House of God Ordainment? Given the level of my will, I don’t think anyone in the entire sect is a match for me, not even the junior houselord, the houselord, or the chief elders.’

There were no Unbounded experts in the House of God Ordainment, otherwise they wouldn’t be in their current situation. After all, even among the princes of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty with its immense nation-fate, only the crown prince had reached the Unbounded level. That alone went to show how hard it was.

The junior houselord, the houselord, and some of the Consummate God chief elders all had peak Paramount will, but that was a far cry from the Unbounded level. In contrast, Yang Qi was already half a step into the Unbounded level.

Although he might not be able to seize the upper hand in a fight, it wouldn't be easy for them to kill him, either.

Yang Qi had replaced hunting rifles with cannons, so in terms of will convergence, he could definitely beat a Perfect God.

‘I ought to reassess my psychic scale. I wonder what it is now.’ Unfortunately, in order to use the psychic scaling systems, he would have to wait for Yang Immortal-Slayer to return with the Cruiser of Civilization.

‘Oh, right. I almost forgot that I got a partial Unbounded god pill in the Chaos Forge God-Shrine. If I assimilate that, will it restore my godhood to normal?’ Without any hesitation, he pulled out the pill in question.

Of course, this time, he was able to examine the pill in much more detail than before. It was obviously concocted with top secret methods; there were crystalline connections between the different aspects of power, and it was impossible to say how many types of vital energy had been used to make it.

An Unbounded expert had spent blood, sweat, and tears to create this pill, and although it wasn't complete, it was still incredible. Sending some of his psychic power into the incomplete god pill, he saw what looked like a veritable mountain of explosive vital energy.

‘So strong.’ His will stirred, and his psychic power became like a screen covering the entire enormous mountain. Then he slowly dragged it into his monarch godhood.

Before long, he had risen from the early Lesser God level to the mid, late, and peak level. Then he jumped into the Common God level: early, mid, late, peak.

That one incomplete Unbounded medicinal pill was all he needed to get him all the way back to where he was in the beginning.

‘I can’t believe it was that strong,’ he thought, letting loose a long breath. ‘Unbounded medicinal pills are incredible. I wonder if the House of God Ordainment has more pills like that in their storehouse. If I can get a few, I might be able to reach the Consummate God level. And as a child of primeval chaos, it wouldn't be hard to take over as the houselord.’

Back at full power, feeling high-spirited and full of mettle, Yang Qi vanished without a trace as he headed back to the House of God Ordainment.



In a palace hall in the House of God Ordainment, the junior houselord was so flustered and exasperated he had just slapped the table in front of him so hard it collapsed.

“It wasn’t even a year!” he said. “All the key members of the Sage Monarch Society became Greater Gods in less than a year?! They're all far more influential now. Furthermore, Jadefall is a Consummate God and a child of primeval chaos! Her faction is now officially in the position to oppose us!”

Before, Jadefall had always relied on the purrling. And the key figures of the Sage Monarch Society hadn't been particularly helpful. They had good fighting prowess, but in terms of their level, they just didn’t meet the standard.

But now, everything had changed.

Thanks to their newfound levels of power, it would be much more difficult to scheme against them.

“Junior Houselord,” one of the Consummate God chief elders said, “I'm as surprised as you that training from the supreme concubine would be this amazing. Getting that group of people to this level in less than a year is shocking. However, although they might have wings, they haven’t taken flight yet. In other words, they have the potential to make even more progress. And the tri-centennial election is coming soon. What happens if they all become Consummate Gods before then? That would be a very tricky situation to deal with.”

“You’re right,” the junior houselord said through gritted teeth. “Considering their progress in cultivation, and the fact that the supreme concubine is helping them, it’s entirely possible that the core group from the Sage Monarch Society could end up as Consummate Gods in time for the election. And Jadefall might even be a Perfect God by then. But you know who we have to worry about the most? Yang Immortal-Slayer. What level will he reach by then? I don’t think anyone can say for sure.  We should make a move immediately. I need to find out once and for all if I can make Jadefall my woman. If she refuses, I’ll have no choice but to clip those wings of hers and turn her into nothing!”

Frowning, one of the chief elders said, “Junior Houselord, what about that purrling of hers? Not even a Paramount God can do anything to it. So how exactly will you get rid of her?”

“I said clip her wings, not kill her. In any case, don't worry. I can lend someone a knife and have them do my dirty work for me. The third prince is plenty ambitious, isn’t he? If we take Yang Qi hostage, Jadefall will have to submit to us. What else can she do? She’ll definitely hesitate to shoot the rat for fear of breaking the vases.”

The junior houselord clenched his hand into a fist, shattering the void around him. At the same time, a devilish projection appeared behind him.

“No secrets can be kept from me in the god kingdom of the House of God Ordainment.”


With half Unbounded will, the god kingdom of the House of God Ordainment didn’t seem like it could keep any more secrets from Yang Qi. Even if he wasn't a disciple of the sect, he was about fifty percent sure he could still sneak inside.

Without a single sound, he entered the god kingdom and opened his Lord's Eye. Looking around, he realized that although the place was large, there were plenty of ways to secretly move around.

Casting his vision further in, he saw a large mountain where a group of Perfect Gods had gathered. Some were working on cultivation, some were concocting medicinal pills, some were working with magical treasures, some were discussing business, and some were seeking enlightenment of profound things.

As for Houselord God Ordainment, he was nowhere to be seen.

However, the junior houselord was indeed present.

He was in the middle of some sort of meeting, and had just used a boundless daoist technique to create a shadowy projection that seemed like a combination of a god, devil, ghost, and buddha.

Yang Qi wasn’t interested in the details.

‘Where exactly is the treasure storehouse?’ he thought, casting his vision this way and that.

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