Chapter 1287: Taking the Jade

At long last, the piece of Mahātmā Jade he had been looking for was right in front of him. Or more precisely, in front of his Sagelight Body.

Of course, it was covered by all sorts of sealing marks.

The slightest wrong movement would trigger those marks, and an alarm would be raised. So for now, he couldn't touch it.

But that didn’t mean he was out of options.

‘It's such a big piece. Definitely a lot bigger than the one I got in the impure lands.’ Of course, the things his Sagelight Body were seeing were transmitted right into the sea of consciousness of his true self. And he couldn’t help but wonder how much his psychic power would improve if he took this jade.

He had to get it, even if it meant blowing his cover. Based on how large it was, Yang Qi could sense that this piece would probably facilitate a breakthrough to late or peak Paramount will convergence, and possibly even the Unbounded level.

Even if Yang Qi's cultivation proceeded with blinding speed, it wouldn’t be possible to reach the Unbounded level even in a hundred million god world years using normal methods.

After all, every single breakthrough he made was infinitely more difficult than the same breakthrough would be for ordinary gods. However, everything would be different with the Mahātmā Jade. It was the product of countless sages and mahātmās from the dao of devils pooling their wisdom and psychic power into a crystallized form, creating something befitting of the True Devil. It contained the fundamental nature of the Annulled level, and had been used to defy the God Legion Seal. In fact, its clash with the God Legion Seal was what resulted in both of them shattering. But now, Yang Qi was taking the two and merging them into something new.

Even if the Sovereign Lord of yesteryear were resurrected, he could never guess that something like this would happen.

Unspoiled by Myriad Kalpas and Tribulations; Myriad Characters in Text; Implanted and Sealed; Permeate the Ancient Jade!

Activating the Unspoiled powers that he had inserted into the Sagelight Body, he sent them into the Mahātmā Jade, which immediately sucked them up. Afterward, nothing happened.

However, he now felt connected directly to the jade.

‘Things are going as expected. By putting a nascent divinity sealing mark into the Mahātmā Jade, it ensures that I’m the only person who can do anything with it. Thanks to my Unspoiled Body and God Legion Seal, I should be able to go back, put together a spell formation, and call out to the jade. By breaking through the limitations of space, I can summon it to me, then fuse it with my monarch godhood and become completely invincible. Maybe I really will have a chance to break through to the Unbounded level.’

Yang Qi was already making some very daring plans.

In the entire House of God Ordainment, there wasn’t a single person who had Unbounded will. If Yang Qi succeeded at it, he wouldn’t have any need to hide the truth about himself anymore. He could unfurl his proverbial banners and show how powerful he really was. At the same time, he could directly stand up to the Proud Clan. And if he could get his hands on Proud Heaven, maybe he could reach King Immortal-Slayer and finally get back the Great Necropolis and the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

He could hardly imagine how formidable he would be if he had the Great Necropolis, the God Legion Seal, and the Mahātmā Jade all under his control.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi’s true self was with Nie Yinyang, looking left and right in the storehouse like a country bumpkin in the city for the first time

After a long moment passed, Nie Yinyang said, “What type of weapon do you usually use?”

“I'm good with spears,” Yang Qi replied, thinking of the Infernal Deity Spear.


Yang Qi nodded and reached out to pull a divine spear toward him. Its structure was similar to the Infernal Deity Spear, such that as soon as it fell into his hand, it felt like it was part of him.

“Excellent,” Nie Yinyang continued. “I can see that your skill with the spear is astonishing. That’s a very powerful weapon that was once the animadestiny spear of a Perfect God. Whether used for stabbing, slashing, or any other kind of slaughter, it will serve you well. Of course, you won’t be able to use all of its powers immediately. But you’ll eventually get used to it.”

Nie Yinyang wasn’t bothering to be on guard around Yang Qi. He was convinced that he had been thoroughly brainwashed, and was now a completely loyal servant. As such, Nie Yinyang wouldn’t cause any problems for him as he selected his treasure.

In fact, he even went so far as to pick a few medicinal pills to give Yang Qi as well.

They emerged from the storehouse some time later, and Nie Yinyang said, “You’re strong, Yang Qi, but you still need to work hard on your cultivation. By the time the House of God Ordainment’s tri-centennial election arrives, you should be in the Consummate God level. At that point, we can enact our plan to take control of the House of God Ordainment, and you can further prove your loyalty to the crown prince.”

“Majordomo, does the crown prince really need to take control of the House of God Ordainment? The people there aren’t really very impressive. They don’t even have any Paramount Gods.”

“You’re looking at it all wrong,” Nie Yinyang replied. “The House of God Ordainment has a secret reserve power that no one knows about. Although it's true they don’t have any Paramount Gods, they definitely have what it takes to fight on that level. That’s the main reason the House of God Ordainment has stuck around for such a long time. They don’t have a Paramount God, but everyone is hesitating to shoot the rat for fear of breaking the vases. Taking down a sect like that would definitely involve heavy losses on the part of the conqueror.”

“Secret reserve power?” Yang Qi said. He had heard the term thrown around a lot, and knew that the ultimate secrets of the House of God Ordainment could only be unleashed by the houselord. However, it also required the backing of the chief elders. He was very curious about what exactly it was.

“What secrets are they keeping?”

“Don’t worry about it now. You’ll eventually become privy to the biggest secrets in the House of God Ordainment. Under no circumstances should you attempt to get the information by doing some sort of investigation. You’ll only end up dying a painful death if you do. Now, you have some more time left to work on your cultivation. You can do so in my personal palace. I’ll give you some advice in terms of your energy arts and godhood.”

“Many thanks, Majordomo.”

The truth was that Yang Qi was inwardly cursing. He was very anxious to find a place to set up that altar and reach out to the Mahātmā Jade. If Nie Yinyang was watching over him the whole time, that wouldn’t be possible.

That said, personal instruction from Nie Yinyang would generally be considered a precious blessing, so he couldn’t just refuse.

And so, the third month passed. Yang Qi’s friends and family spent it in the Sage Hall, where they all reached the Greater God level. Yang Qi was the only one who didn’t experience a breakthrough, but remained as a Common God.

That said, he did a lot of training with Nie Yinyang, and simultaneously absorbed the surrounding quintessence of radiance and light, significantly improving his cultivation base. Of course, he didn’t reveal any of the truth of himself to Nie Yinyang, who was stymied by Yang Qi’s cultivation.

If it weren’t for the fact that the old eunuch was so incredibly powerful, Yang Qi would have loved to infect him with a devil embryo.

After the three months had passed, Yang Qi and the others had to wait for Jadefall to emerge from her training with the supreme concubine. Eventually, after the better part of a year, she did. Unexpectedly, her cultivation base was at the level of a Consummate God.

It was a cultivation speed that could shake heaven and earth to the point where even ghosts and gods would weep.

Surprised, Yang Qi said, “Jadefall, you really benefited a lot from training with the supreme concubine. You’re actually at the Consummate God level? Just be careful not to develop an unstable foundation. Let me assess you.”

He sent some godpower into Jadefall and found that her godhood was very stable, unlike what he would expect of someone who had made such immense progress in less than a year.

“The supreme concubine took me into a boundless god item,” Jadefall explained. “It's a precious treasure that can reverse the flow of time and invert life force. I actually spent about five hundred years inside cultivating. She also gave me all sorts of medicinal pills to help solidify my godhood and cleanse my will. As a Consummate God, I qualify to become a child of primeval chaos, and can even join in the election process to become the next houselord. The Sage Monarch Society is definitely going to experience some incredible growth.”

After finishing with the main explanation, Jadefall lowered her voice and said, “The supreme concubine is mysterious and unpredictable. She’s definitely someone we have to avoid offending.”

Yang Qi nodded. “Understood. I suppose it’s expected that other Ascendants would be domineering figures as well.”

Everyone had benefited immensely from their time in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Of course, both the supreme concubine and Nie Yinyang were thinking about the conflicts between their respective factions. And now the Sage Monarch Society was stuck between them.

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

As they flew away, Nie Yinyang watched them go, and smiled coldly. ‘The supreme concubine is very impressive. How did she manage to get Jadefall into the Consummate God level in such a short time? Consummate Gods are very important people in the House of God Ordainment. It seems there will be some fierce struggles there soon. Hopefully that boy Yang Qi can deal with it all. Thankfully, he's keeping us completely updated on Jadefall’s situation. As long as we can get control of the House of God Ordainment and their secret reserve power, we’ll have a big bargaining chip to use against the people plotting against us.’

Once outside, Yang Qi gave his next set of orders. “You all head back to the sect and resume your responsibilities. I'm going on a bit of a journey into the void to set up a spell formation. If I succeed, I’ll be truly invincible. Neither the junior houselord nor any Perfect Gods will be able to stand up to me.”

“Don’t tell me you actually found that piece of the Mahātmā Jade, son!” Yang Zhan exclaimed. “We’re only getting more and more powerful nowadays!”

“I’ll wait until I succeed before going into any more detail. If I fail, it will be hard to avoid beating the grass and startling the snake, and then a second attempt to get the jade will be that much harder.” Yang Qi reached out, tore open a rift, then stepped inside and vanished.

Considering the level of his cultivation base, it was an easy thing for him to pierce through the void. Even the space-time tempests of the god world were now easy to deal with, as long as he expended some effort.

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