Chapter 1283: Heading into the Dynasty

One of the Consummate God elder kings present said, “Junior Houselord, it seems obvious that Jadefall of the Sage Monarch Society is going to the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty looking for support. They’re already growing fast as it is. What happens if she succeeds? Furthermore, that Yang Qi disappeared recently, and we couldn’t track him down. We couldn’t even get a meeting with him to try to recruit him.”

“It’ll be fine,” the junior houselord said, waving his hand dismissively. “We’ll figure out how to deal with them after they return from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.”

The junior houselord crushed a talisman in his hand, causing a popping sound as dazzling light filled the room. Then, a person appeared, who looked almost like an emperor, surrounded by glittering starlight. He even had wings made of stars that radiated brilliant light.

“Third Prince,” the junior houselord said, clasping hands respectfully.

“What did you call me for?” the man said, his voice cold and detached, but his entire person thrummed with boundless and shocking power.

He was the third prince of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, and his name was Eternal Starmaker.

He was a peak Perfect God, just on the verge of breaking through to the Unbounded level of will convergence. If he succeeded, he would be a full rival of the crown prince and have immense power in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

At the moment, he was still weak compared to the crown prince. That said, he had the support of many ministers and officials, and was also a big supporter of the junior houselord. Of course, he couldn’t directly interfere in the god kingdom of the House of God Ordainment. Not even the crown prince could do that.

“Third Prince, sir, you probably know that if I become the new houselord of the House of God Ordainment, it will be a big help to you. But right now, things are in flux. Jadefall just left for the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty to seek help from the supreme concubine. If she succeeds, it could be a big threat to me in the election three hundred years from now.”

“I’m aware of what's going on with Jadefall. However, her cultivation base is fundamentally so-so. So there’s no need to worry.”

“You don’t understand. The Lord of the True Void recently visited our sect and took in a member of the Sage Monarch Society named Yang Immortal-Slayer. He’s a really impressive genius who the Lord of the True Void plans to groom into a top expert. Worse, there are definitely members of the Crown Prince Society who’ve infiltrated our House of God Ordainment. The only problem is we don’t know who they are. If the crown prince makes a move, it could really muck things up. And if the Lord of the True Void interferes, we’ll be even worse off.”

After all, the Lord of the True Void was a Paramount God, and not an ordinary Paramount God at that.

Even if the third prince were more wildly arrogant than he was, and even more confident, and had even stronger backers, he still couldn’t match up to a Paramount God of that caliber. To such gods, he was scum that wasn’t worth paying attention to. They were people who could fundamentally change the entire world, or even create new worlds of their own.

“I’ll think of a way to help you,” the third prince said after a moment. “The House of God Ordainment is my territory, so I definitely won't allow others to interfere here.”

“Many thanks, Third Prince,” the junior houselord said, bowing slightly at the waist.

Starlight flared, filling the entire room. Then it faded away, and the third prince was nowhere to be seen.

Bah!” spat the junior houselord, and his expression became filled with savage disdain. “The Eternal-Life God-Dynasty is far too powerful, and they’ve been lording it over us for far too long. We’re just not in the position to fight back. But never before has anyone dared to say what the third prince just said. Our sect is his territory? That’s intolerable! I'm going to drain his blood one day, and turn him into a slave!”

“That’s right,” said one of the chief elders. “The people from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty are all far too arrogant. That said, they're going to swallow us up eventually. It's even worse because people like Jadefall and the leaders of the Brilliant Radiance Society and Honorable Glory Society don’t show you any respect. They should bow to the might of the House of God Ordainment instead. Damn them! Troublemakers like them need to be rooted out so that our sect can thrive!”

“You’re completely correct,” said another chief elder. “If we don't get rid of them, how can we be united? The House of God Ordainment is divided into far too many factions. We should enslave the troublemakers and either make them thralls or send them to the mines. If we don’t, our god kingdom is going to end up getting destroyed eventually.”

There are no unbroken eggs beneath an overturned nest, right?” the junior houselord said. “And without skin, what can the hair adhere to? Even someone as powerful as me will end up as a thrall if the House of God Ordainment is overthrown. Therefore, we can’t let this ship of ours sink. Anyone who opposes my advancement, any who refuse to join me, shall die. And Jadefall is no exception.”


Creaking and crunching sounds could be heard as the teleportation portal activated, then Jadefall, Yang Qi, and the others sped through the tunnel toward their destination.


A full day passed before they stepped out onto the opposite portal to find themselves in a city so huge that it couldn’t possibly have existed in the real world. Yang Qi immediately sensed the invincible fate of a nation, filled with prosperity, riches, and power.

“A heavenly kingdom.” That was what anyone would think upon entering the capital city of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

Countless immense buildings rose up left and right, like ancient celestial mountains, and the broad pathways were like divine dragons snaking this way and that. Flying ships and crafts of all sorts made their way through the sky in orderly fashion. People were everywhere, and there wasn’t any sign of fighting, theft, or any other disorder.

The god world was an immense place that was almost impossible to control. Even the law enforcement in the god world of the House of God Ordainment was a far cry from being perfect. But as he looked around, Yang Qi even saw shops with Consummate God shopkeepers who were bargaining with Lesser Gods. And no one was fighting or even looking irritated. Soldiers patrolled the streets and skies, keeping a sharp lookout for any problems. There was also an immense spell formation covering the entire city, keeping the weather pleasant.

The Eternal-Life God-Dynasty wasn’t contained in a tiny god kingdom. Instead, it occupied an entire continent, and was so large it was reminiscent of the halls of heaven from ancient times. Quasi-Gods could live comfortable lives here, and there were even lower-level slaves, although they had less enjoyable existences.

“See how powerful the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty is, Yang Qi?” Brahma said. “Forget about the construction itself. Do you sense the nation-fate? It’s so powerful it seems like it could ignite at any moment and turn into a fiery stream of destiny.”

“He’s right,” said the Shepherd. “This destiny is incredible. This nation-fate is so powerful, the destiny of the House of God Ordainment is like nothing compared to it. One is like a candle and the other is like a volcano preparing to erupt.”

“You’re perceptive, my brothers,” Yang Qi said. “Your vision has become truly impressive.” However, the truth was that the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty only looked impressive on the surface. Though its nation-fate was real, from what Yang Qi could see, as time went on, it would grow more and more intense. In other words, it hadn’t even come close to reaching its full potential.

As soon as their group walked out of the teleportation portal, a host of ships appeared overhead, filling the square in front of the portal. On the ships were armored troops, all of them Common Gods, but led by a Greater God. Upon seeing Jadefall, they knelt.

“Greetings, exalted Princess. Your message to the supreme concubine was received, and we’re here to receive you. Please, follow us.”

“Many thanks to you all,” Jadefall said, giving a sidelong glance to Yang Qi.

Yang Qi produced a stack of godnotes which he handed to the soldiers. “Take this and have a night on the town.”

The soldier’s eyes flickered with delight. “Many thanks! Many thanks! Your kindness is heart-warming, Princess, please, step aboard our ship. There’s no reason for you to walk around like a commoner.”

Already, Yang Qi was getting an idea of how Jadefall was treated here. The ship took off, and they flew for several hours. Eventually, they reached a place where some divine mountains had been organized to create an immense palace structure. They were built according to the nine palaces and eight trigrams, reminding Yang Qi of his ten preeminences spell formation from the impure lands.

The truth was that the ten preeminences spell formation was a collection of the quintessence of all heaven and earth.

One origin, two polarities, three powers, four divisions, five phases, six directions, seven stars, eight trigrams, nine palaces, and ten preeminences. Those ten transformations could power all spell formations.

“Those mountains are rumored to be from the ancient halls of heaven,” Jadefall explained. “Later, the halls of heaven vanished and the experts of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty took the mountains and set them up here. After millions upon millions of years passed, they were used to create the imperial court, palace, and various other structures for the nobility. The mountains shine with intense radiance and light that defies all wretched incursions. And if you cultivate there, you’ll absorb some of the energy of the ancient halls of heaven, cleansing you and leading to incredible cultivation speeds. They’re called the Mountains of Radiance.”

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