Chapter 1281: Successful Transformation

The Unbounded will of the crown prince was mixed with the impressive power of the Nation-Fate God Pill. It rumbled forth with invincible, obliterating force, trying to force Yang Qi to become a loyal subject and servant. Of course, because of this, he was in a very dangerous situation.

The crown prince was trying to turn him into nothing more than a pawn.

The crown prince was a very formidable figure, and rumor had it that he was even more mysterious and unpredictable than the emperor himself. Not many people were worthy to receive his personal assistance.

But Yang Qi was one of them. Of course, the crown prince had no idea who Yang Qi really was. He just knew that he was connected to Jadefall and the purrling, and that their Sage Monarch Society was a rising force in the House of God Ordainment. Therefore, he wanted nothing more than to turn Yang Qi into an agent and pawn. And there was no way he would agree to let Yang Qi be an agent with free will, so he concocted the Nation-Fate God Pill and sent God-King Ruthless to administer it.

Of course, Yang Qi had his own backup moves to rely on.

Within the god kingdom of the God Legion Seal was the Crown Prince from the impure lands. Taking that expression of will, he sent it to meet the will of the crown prince from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, and it instantly lost some of its ruthlessness and power of control.

The Crown Prince from the impure lands had originated with the crown prince of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. The latter had used some unknown daoist technique and passageway to secretly send some of his will into the impure lands to search for lost god items. Whether it was the God Legion Seal or King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions, he had hoped to locate them and bring them back to the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Unfortunately, that expression of will had clashed with Yang Qi, and ended up being killed.

That said, the Crown Prince from the impure lands was ultimately an expression of the will of the real crown prince. When the will of the true crown prince encountered a version of itself, it was a given that it wouldn’t do something to harm itself. Therefore, it was easy for Yang Qi to ultimately subjugate it.


Yang Qi was taking advantage of this moment to finally achieve a big success. Thanks to the Unbounded will surging in his mind, and the godpower at work, he was able to finally push his own will convergence from early to mid Paramount level.

In Paramount will convergence, there were four sublevels of early, mid, late, and peak. And all of them were significant upgrades that came with different abilities.

By practicing cultivation the normal way, it would have taken Yang Qi hundreds of years to reach the mid level. But thanks to the will of the crown prince and the nation-fate of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, his will was receiving a major blessing that was pushing him to a much higher level.

Furthermore, the effort to take control of him was turning out to be a complete failure.

The Nation-Fate God Pill, the spell formation, the talismans, the power... all of it was pouring into Yang Qi to help his monarch godhood improve, and pushing his will convergence to a higher level.

He was now as strong as a Consummate God, at least in the term of his will convergence.

Early Paramount will convergence was generally for Greater Gods, whereas the mid level was for Consummate Gods.

As for Perfect Gods, they absolutely required late Paramount will convergence.

There were even outstanding figures among Perfect Gods who actually had peak Paramount will. After that came the breakthrough to Unbounded will convergence, which came along with the godhood of Paramount Gods.

The power Yang Qi felt within him was something that would normally take three thousand god world years of cultivation to achieve. With it, he might not be able to take on the crown prince, but he would at least be able to hold his own against God-King Ruthless.

“It finally worked?” God-King Ruthless asked, not having seen any of the true transformations in Yang Qi. The control Yang Qi had exerted with the God Legion Seal and the Life-Death Void-Destruction Lightning was enough to completely fool any Perfect God. Of course, Paramount Gods would be a different story.

When he looked at Yang Qi, he simply saw a version that pulsed with the fate of the nation, and the aura of the crown prince.

“Many thanks for your help, God-King Ruthless!” Yang Qi said, dropping to his knees and kowtowing. Of course, inwardly, he was laughing coldly. ‘Sadly for you, my God Legion Seal is more than capable of dealing with a Perfect God. In fact, maybe I should actually force you to submit to me. Dive into your mind, learn what you’re thinking, and make you do my bidding.’

“You work for the crown prince now, and are a loyal servant of the imperial dynasty. Got it?” Although God-King Ruthless was fairly certain that the Nation-Fate God Pill had successfully subjugated Yang Qi, he still wanted to test Yang Qi out to confirm.

Yang Qi immediately expressed his undying loyalty to the dynasty. “Your humble servant is indeed fully loyal to the dynasty. I have no other thoughts in my mind. I am a tool of the dynasty and the crown prince.”

God-King Ruthless nodded. “Good. Your cultivation base isn’t bad, now all you need to do is take the time to assimilate the residual power of the medicinal pill that's still within you. Remember, if you aren’t loyal to the crown prince in every action, you’ll automatically detonate. That said, although you’re strong, I'm still going to teach you a very ferocious energy art unique to our Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. It’s called the Nation-Fate Godfist. Watch closely!”

He launched a punch, ripping open a rift into the void, out of which lunged a host of ghost-gods. He struck out again, and a shadowy figure appeared behind him, which crushed all the forces pouring from the rift.

“The Nation-Fate Godfist is a consummate art of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, which has been studied and augmented by countless generations of emperors. It contains the auras of Paramount Gods from ancient times, as well as the destiny and fate of our nation. All of these things are combined into three stances. First stance: Sovereign and State Die Together!


The moment the fist strike was launched, the cosmic power of a nation was unleashed, reversing the dao of heaven and sending out vital energy fluctuations pulsing with the tragedy of an entire country, including the fallen dead and the living heroes who championed its cause.

“What an incredible fist technique!” Yang Qi was actually shocked. He had long since mastered the Hand of the One God from the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, as well as the various abilities that came with the Unspoiled Body. All of them were domineering abilities that could completely look down on other martial disciplines.

But after seeing only the first move of this Nation-Fate Godfist, he could see why it was said to contain the wills of ancient Paramount Gods and the quintessence of the martial path.

“Second stance. Break the State, the Lands Remain!

The second stance furthered the grief and mourning, and Yang Qi could even see the children of countless heroes, bravely advancing forward and looking upon death as going home, disregarding safety and even life itself for the sake of their nation.

Heroes died willingly, creating a dao of both valor and heroism.

This fist caused an immense spatial tempest to appear, establishing a beautiful vision of a new age and era.

‘This fist technique is one for heroes,’ Yang Qi thought, sighing in admiration. ‘If a dynasty could be this strong, and be built on the blood sacrifice of countless heroes, it would be truly mighty. This technique borders on the level of the Sovereign Lord himself! And the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty benefits every time the Nation-Fate Godfist is unleashed. Amazing.’

“Third stance. Blood Stains Spring and Autumn!

God-King Ruthless went on to go through the stances, using countless variations. He conjured the image of the blood-soaked severed heads of numerous heroes, like an epic saga unparalleled under heaven, creating a dao of humanity that couldn’t be resisted. This was definitely something of the gods.

Yang Qi watched closely for three days and three nights.

As he did, the various daoist techniques built into his Sage Monarch Grand Magic advanced, becoming more complete.

“Are there more moves after that?” Yang Qi asked.

“It wouldn’t do you any good to see them, as you’d be unable to use them. Furthermore, it could harm you. That’s enough for now. Head back and further the interests of the crown prince and his plan. Remember, your life is his now. Hopefully you can perform well over the next few years, but if you don’t, the Nation-Fate God Pill will ensure that you end up dead. Got it?” With that, God-King Ruthless waved his hand, slicing open another passageway that Yang Qi disappeared into.

Soon, Yang Qi found himself out in the wilderness again. Smiling coldly, he thought, ‘You think it’s that simple? I've assimilated that Nation-Fate God Pill. And it also helped me compare the real crown prince with my version. Right, let's see how the Crown Prince is doing.’

He waved his sleeve, and the Crown Prince appeared. Surprisingly, he had already formed his godhood and broken through to the peak of the Terrifying level.

He already had the aura of a god!

He had finally reached godly ascension.

“I’m a god now, Yang Qi,” the Crown Prince said, opening his eyes. “You’ll eventually regret not killing me.”

Yang Qi snorted. “As long as you’re a god, that’s all that matters. Now you’re going to become part of my God Legion Seal.” The time had come to truly start working on his big plan.

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