Chapter 1273: King Immortal-Slayer and the Purrling (Part 2)

“What’s your current situation, King Immortal-Slayer?” Yang Qi’s eyes had been opened in many regards after forming monarch godhood, which meant he understood many of King Immortal-Slayer’s secrets.

King Immortal-Slayer sighed. “You might have formed monarch godhood, Yang Qi, but you’re still far too weak. You definitely aren’t qualified to work out a deal with me. All I can tell you is that the god world is currently in the midst of a momentous time, where things are changing in an unimaginable way. In fact, the god world might even end up destroyed, in which case all heaven and earth will return to a state of emptiness. A grand undertaking has been implemented by certain people, which is why I’m trapped in the Great Necropolis. I suspect that you’ve been foreordained to save the god world from ultimate destruction.”

“Come on, you’ve got to be kidding me,” Yang Qi said. “The god world is massive. It’s the ultimate stage of existence! There have been endless numbers of invincible experts that have risen up throughout the years. Even in the Sovereign Lord’s Age, when you seventy-two monarchs waged the greatest war of all, it didn’t threaten the god world itself. Are you really trying to tell me that the god world might be destroyed? Is that supposed to be some sort of joke?”

King Immortal-Slayer sighed. “There are both internal and external reasons. Surely you know the saying a single ant-hole can cause the collapse of a thousand-kilometer dike. Well, imagine what an entire colony of ants can do. And that’s why time is reaching an end.”

“Time is reaching an end?” Yang Qi asked. “Time can end?”

“Everything ends, and time is no exception. And there are reasons why some people want time to end. At the end of time, it’s possible to acquire Annulled will convergence.”

“The things you're saying are going over my head,” Yang Qi replied. “I suppose I’ll understand later on. Let’s talk about more pressing concerns. How can we help Yang Immortal-Slayer form monarch godhood?”

“You might have formed monarch godhood, but that doesn’t mean you can directly help someone else to do the same. You were favored by heaven, having acquired the legacy of the True Devil and the God Legion Seal. You were also transformed by the Great Necropolis, and gained enlightenment from the purrling. Because of all those factors, you succeeded with monarch godhood. But nobody else could possibly match that luck of yours. I’ve been pondering the matter over the past few years, and I think I have an idea.”

“Didn’t you form monarch godhood?” Yang Qi asked.

“Yes, I did. But things were different back then, and times have changed. In those days, all of us were born in primal-chaos, and the god world itself hadn’t fully formed. Eventually, primal-chaos receded, and after millions upon millions of years passed, the god world emerged. Remember, the primal-chaos in the impure lands is just a pale reflection of the energies of the true version.”

Yang Qi nodded. He knew that the god world of the past was different from the god world he existed in. It had been trillions of god world years since the god world was first formed, and ages upon ages had passed in which mighty entities rose and fell.

The purrling’s godspore had existed back in that very early age in which true primal-chaos existed.

“King Immortal-Slayer, can I ask what the purrling actually is? It seems you’ve recovered some of your memories and abilities. You might be trapped in the Great Necropolis, but you’re actually benefiting from the process. After all, you figured out how to send your divine will out into the open. You’re obviously in a much better position than at first.”

“How about this,” King Immortal-Slayer said. “Bring the purrling here. If you do, I can join forces with it to help Yang Immortal-Slayer develop Paramount will convergence. I've accepted Yang Immortal-Slayer as my apprentice, and I intend for him to take my legacy. Before I reach the Annulled level and become completely invincible, I want to pass some things on to him. Besides, my hope of salvation rests in him, so I definitely want him to form monarch godhood.”

“You want to join forces with the purrling?” Yang Qi said in surprise. However, the idea was intriguing. After all, watching two invincible entities like them working together would be profoundly enlightening.

With that, he sent a message to Jadefall, who quickly headed over with the purrling in her arms. It obviously loved being held by Jadefall, and never left her embrace. It even slept in her arms.

From its moment of birth, it hadn’t ever eaten food, at least not that Yang Qi had ever seen. It didn’t even absorb vital energy from its surroundings. It was as if it had unending energy to work with.

When Jadefall arrived and saw King Immortal-Slayer’s will projection, she backed up in shock. Obviously, she could sense how immensely powerful he was.

At the same time, the purrling let loose two dissatisfied purrs as if to say, “With me here, girl, what are you afraid of? Don’t be such a fool!”

King Immortal-Slayer looked long and hard at the purrling, then said, “Greetings, oh Powerful Entity... you can speak to me as an equal, and I understand how strong you are. Thus, I would like to ask for your help. Join forces with me to remake my apprentice’s constitution. Help him form monarch godhood. What do you say?”

Yang Qi looked at King Immortal-Slayer in shock.

He would never have guessed that the man would treat the purrling with such respect, speaking to it as an equal. King Immortal-Slayer had devastated the god world, killing countless gods in the ancient era. The fact that he was being so respectful to the purrling went to show how incredible it must be. Yang Qi had a feeling that the purrling actually did practice cultivation, except of a type he couldn’t perceive or understand. And he was certain that it had made immense progress since coming to the god world.

Purr, purr....” When the purrling responded to King Immortal-Slayer, it seemed to do so with its own respect, as if it realized that it was dealing with a boundless and invincible entity that had risen from the material world to the empty world.

The impure lands, the immortal worlds, primal-chaos, and the god world were all formed from matter, and were thus material. But the Annulled level was empty.

The purrling continued to purr, and Yang Qi quickly started translating its words. “I return your greetings, oh Powerful Entity. I see you’ve traveled quite far down the path to the Annulled level, and your life force has reached a truly mighty state. Yes, I can work with you to help this person form monarch godhood. Let’s start with you explaining your understanding of how the void is both material and immaterial....”

King Immortal-Slayer was obviously surprised that Yang Qi could translate for the purrling. However, he simply shook his head and said, “Monarch godhood actually is not godhood. It's an expression of embodied power that surpasses godhood. I've been studying it since my days in ancient times, and from it I gained significant enlightenment about the profundities of space....”

With that, King Immortal-Slayer went on to explain what sounded like a sutra or scripture. Jadefall’s jaw dropped as she listened, and she almost immediately felt herself sinking into a state of deep understanding.

Yang Qi listened as well, and his enlightenment grew.

At the same time, he translated for the purrling. Unfortunately, there were some words he didn’t know how to speak in the purrling’s language, as they were too profound. For those aspects, he had to impart the information by means of will projection.

As the purrling listened, it sat up straight in Jadefall’s arms, its fur rippling as if it were thinking deeply about something. Its thoughtful expression looked somewhat comical, yet both Yang Qi and Jadefall were deeply shaken by what King Immortal-Slayer was saying about monarch godhood.

As for Yang Qi, he actually gained new understanding of his own monarch godhood. Although he had formed monarch godhood, he hadn’t done any deep research into it. In fact, he had succeeded in forming it almost by mere chance. Therefore, the information King Immortal-Slayer was providing was extremely helpful.

It was similar to how most ordinary people didn’t really understand their own physiology. It was their body, but that didn’t mean they could understand it on a deep level.

King Immortal-Slayer was truly living up to his reputation as an almighty and knowledgeable figure from ancient times. To Yang Qi, it almost felt like attending a class. And it was much more useful than reading a book. King Immortal-Slayer was explaining deep truths about the material and immaterial, providing a thorough description of the fundamental structure of monarch godhood.

His monarch godhood rotated, and as it did, it seemed to grow stronger and more refined.

As the saying goes, listening to the words of a wise man can be superior to studying ten years of books.

Yang Qi sensed that even if he worked on his cultivation for a hundred years, he wouldn’t be able to gain understanding such as this. King Immortal-Slayer was King Immortal-Slayer. His ancient knowledge and might surpassed Yang Qi’s comprehension.

Meanwhile, the purrling nodded as if in understanding.

After King Immortal-Slayer was done, the purrling nodded and started purring again. Of course, Yang Qi translated. “You're truly a venerable and powerful ancient one. You have my admiration for your understanding of monarch godhood. However, there are a few points in which your insight is lacking. Allow me to explain my view....”

With that, they continued discussing the matter, with Yang Qi benefiting the entire time. The discussion went on for three days and three nights. Apparently, King Immortal-Slayer was also benefiting from the discussion.

After the exchange was over, King Immortal-Slayer said, “So, we’ll do just as we discussed. Oh, Powerful Entity, I can tell that, like me, you are someone who seeks the Annulled level. You wish to walk the path to the very end. We can both control time, but we have no way to break through the end of time. Before that end comes, we must figure out a way to step out of the river of time. We must make preparations.”

Purr, purr....” the purrling replied.

“Yes,” Yang Qi translated. “You’re absolutely right, oh venerable King Immortal-Slayer. The end of time approaches, and no one can evade it. We must make preparations....”


After Yang Qi finished translating, the purrling spat out a huge bubble that surrounded Yang Immortal-Slayer.

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