Chapter 1270: Shaking the Upper Echelons

“It’s a bit early to think of being a domineering force in the god world,” Yang Qi said as he looked calmly at the Crown Prince. “But you’re lucky. A lot of people from the impure lands struggle endlessly, and never reach godly ascension. Even many of my own friends and family. But you... you haven’t done anything at all, and you’re already in the mid Terrifying level. As for reaching the peak, that will be up to you and your own hard work.”

The Crown Prince was an ambitious and ruthless individual who was always wrapped up in wild thoughts of how to strike back at Yang Qi, and ultimately devour him. Sadly, he was just overestimating himself. He had been recreated by Yang Qi, and there was no way he could actually betray him.

“So this is the god world,” the Crown Prince murmured. It was taking time, but he was slowly getting used to the vital energy fluctuations of the world around him. He was now able to perform cultivation breathing exercises, although he was far from being able to fly. His next goal would be the late and peak Terrifying level, then godly ascension.

“Come on, let’s go. Being directly exposed to the god world just showed you how incredibly weak you are. I’ll give you some armor to protect yourself, and you’ll be fine.”

He waved his hand, and a suit of armor made from vital energy flew out to cover the Crown Prince. Yang Qi already had plans for how to make use of the Crown Prince. In fact, he would be instrumental in Yang Qi’s effort to get that piece of the Mahātmā Jade.

He had all sorts of plans brewing in his mind, and now that he was a mid Lesser God, he could finally start implementing them. After all, he was now in a position where he could actually kill mid Consummate Gods. That said, he would still have trouble dealing with Dragon Floret if he were at his peak state.

Right now, the best thing he could do was find some extremely high-quality medicinal pills to push his cultivation base higher and reach the late Lesser God level.

Sadly, while most people could achieve a breakthrough with a single pill, he would need collections in the tens or hundreds of thousands. In fact, for all he knew, he would need millions of pills.

And of course, he needed pills that were far better than the pills most experts would have access to. Only pills created with Unbounded will convergence would suffice.

‘I wonder when I’ll finally be able to go to the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. If I can get into their treasure storehouse, I might be able to get the medicinal pills I need.’ After some thought, he flicked his sleeve to grab the Crown Prince, then headed back the way he had come.

There were innumerable sea beasts that he could theoretically kill and harvest for ingredients. But he wasn’t really interested in doing that, any more than a millionaire would be interested in stockpiling some trash.

He was curious to see if killing Dragon Floret would cause any waves in the leadership of the House of God Ordainment. It was a given that they would be aware of it; children of primeval chaos were considered the quintessence of the sect, and the death of one would be instantly noted. And generally, it would lead to a huge commotion.

Meanwhile, in the god kingdom of the House of God Ordainment, there was a location in the depths of space-time called the Primeval Chaos Palace.

It was one of the most elite institutions in the sect, a place where Consummate Gods, and even the houselord himself, would practice cultivation.

The people here were the true leaders of the sect, and they rarely made public appearances. Generally speaking, the people who took care of daily affairs were the children of primeval chaos, the elder kings, and the prime elders.

Children of primeval chaos and elder kings were Consummate Gods, and were essentially administrative management. They were like the prime ministers of an imperial dynasty. As for the Perfect Gods, they would remain in the depths of the Primeval Chaos Palace, like the emperors of an empire.

Jadefall’s Master was a Consummate God, and was thus an elder king, which was one reason why Jadefall had the freedom to do as she wished.

Right now, both Jadefall and her Master were together in the Primeval Chaos Palace.

That palace was considered like primeval chaos itself, and those who represented it on the outside were like its children. Thus, they were called children of primeval chaos.

Also in the presence of Jadefall and the purrling were a handful of Perfect Gods. There were Arbiters Torment, Law, and Punishment, as well as some other individuals seated on prayer mats. It had taken some time for Jadefall to arrange a meeting with them, but now it was fully underway.

One of the Perfect Gods cleared his throat and said, “Jadefall, we understand everything you just said. But Dragon Floret did call the Primeval Chaos Assembly, and they did agree to take your godling. Perhaps they pushed things a bit too far, but they did everything by the book. It makes sense that you want Dragon Floret punished, but that wouldn’t be appropriate. There just isn’t any legal reason to do so.”

“You’re wrong about that,” Jadefall’s Master said. “Exalted Destruction, although it didn’t violate sect rules for Dragon Floret to call the Primeval Chaos Assembly, he did call on the power of an outsider, namely, Patriarch Deva. That complicates things. If he was colluding with outsiders to overthrow the sect, then... at the least it requires an investigation.”

One of the other Perfect Gods snorted coldly. ““Colluding with outsiders? Stop lobbing around wild accusations. Dragon Floret simply asked for help from Patriarch Deva, with the goal of bringing honor and glory to our sect. Investigation? The only investigation we should be doing is into your own apprentice. Isn’t it more than a bit suspicious that she’s now the adopted daughter of an imperial concubine from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty? Everyone knows that the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty ultimately wants to take over our House of God Ordainment. So why don’t we start this supposed investigation with your apprentice!?”

“I have to take issue with your wording, Exalted Heroism,” Jadefall said.

There were a total of nine Perfect Gods present, and they all had names that were one word, as had been the custom in primeval times. In addition to Torment, Law, and Punishment, there were Destruction, Heroism, Truth, Dancing, Celebration, and Sealing.

These nine experts were a primary component of the true power of the House of God Ordainment. They could make many decisions, including whether or not to execute members of the sect.

As for Heroism, he was Dragon Floret’s Master, and he supported the Dragon Society. It was a given that when Jadefall brought up punishing Dragon Floret, this man would speak out in his defense.

Of course, none of them had any idea that it was all a sham, and that Jadefall was just buying time for Yang Qi to kill Dragon Floret.

“You take issue with my wording, Jadefall?” Heroism said coldly. “Then how should I have worded it? Are you saying I should bow and scrape to you and beg for forgiveness for Dragon Floret? Do you know how vastly separated you are from me? The truth is that, were it not for your godling, I wouldn’t even grace you with my presence. In fact, I wouldn’t even deign to accept an audience with your Master. The fact that you two are here today is a violation of numerous sect rules. You should be groveling at my feet!”

“That's right, Jadefall,” said the Perfect God Sealing. “You have no grounds to request we punish Dragon Floret. It's completely inappropriate. You’re already asking enough of us as it is, so don’t push your luck. Can’t you think of the sect as a whole? I say we just forget everything that happened. You've earned your respect, Jadefall. Nobody will dare to cause problems for you going forward. Isn’t that enough for you?”

“Jadefall, where exactly did that godling of yours come from?” asked Truth. “Remember, when you join the House of God Ordainment, it's for life. It seems to me that the only reason you were taken as an adopted daughter by that person in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty is that they’re after your godling. You should really be careful.”

“The truth is that the godling belongs to the sect!” said Heroism. “In fact, I advise you to leave it here in the Primeval Chaos Palace to be cared for and studied by us. According to Patriarch Deva, the blood of that godling can be used to break through to Unbounded will convergence. That would be a huge asset to the sect!”

“What?!” Jadefall said, and then she laughed. “Patriarch Deva failed and you’re still trying the same thing, oh exalted Heroism? You’re actually asking that I give you my purrling? If you want it, why don’t you just come and take it? The downside is that my purrling has a very bad temper, and doesn't let anyone other than me get close to it. And if anyone tries, it gets very, very angry.”

“You mean...” Heroism said, and he looked at the purrling with his brow furrowed so hard it looked like the character 川. But then the purrling suddenly yawned and shivered, and Heroism didn’t even dare to approach it. However, he still chuckled coldly and said, “Leave the purrling here in the Primeval Chaos Palace, and you can be on your way.”

“Don’t push things too far, exalted Heroism,” Jadefall’s Master said. “We’re here to discuss punishment for Dragon Floret, not matters related to the purrling. You’re straying from the subject at hand.”

Heroism slapped his hand down onto the table, causing the entire hall to tremble. “Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that! Have you no sense of respect for your seniors! Get out of here!”

Jadefall’s Master’s face turned bright red. She was a Consummate God, but had only just reached that level. And although she was an elder king, putting her on the same level as the children of primeval chaos, she was still only an early Consummate God. Perfect Gods were many levels above her, so it was only natural she would wilt under Heroism’s tirade.

“How dare you talk to my Master like that, exalted Heroism!” Jadefall barked.

“What, you think you’re going to make a move on me or something?” Heroism crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back, as if waiting for them to take action.


However, it was in that moment that the entire god kingdom shook violently.

“What just happened?” The nine Perfect Gods shot to their feet, and one of them waved his hand to summon a projected image of the god kingdom as a whole.

The first thing they saw was a god item that hovered in the depths of the god kingdom. It was Mount Dragon Head, and it had just fallen out of the sky, slamming into the ground below, causing a huge earthquake and wreaking much destruction.

Mount Dragon Head, the home of the Dragon Society, had fallen.

And that could only mean one thing: Dragon Floret was dead.

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