Chapter 1265: A Higher State of Invincibility (Part 2)

A sound that was like the monarch of all sounds crushed Patriarch Deva’s paper talisman and destroyed the Heaven-Deteriorating Earth-Waning Finger.

The purrling was angry.

Yang Qi had never seen it like this before.

It was so furious it had unleashed a consummate technique that hearkened to the creation of the god world itself, an invincible, enraged sound that could shake all heaven and earth.

It wasn’t just the warding magics of Mount Dragon Head that collapsed. The entire god kingdom of the House of God Ordainment shook violently, ripping open holes in its defenses and frightening countless experts out of their minds. However, at least some of them flew up and started repairing the damage to the god kingdom; if they didn’t, it wouldn't be long before the entire place collapsed.


In addition to the sound of its purr, the purrling summoned a bubble that quickly surrounded all of Mount Dragon Head. Meanwhile, Patriarch Deva’s talisman still seemed to be working hard to suppress the purrling. Unfortunately, the explosive power being released by the purrling had gone far beyond anything it could handle.

Creak. Crack. Snap!

Cracks started spreading out on Dragon Floret’s skin.


With everything under the purrling's control, Yang Qi was recovering.

Because of the pressure, Patriarch Deva’s talisman shrank down until it was only three inches wide and seven inches long. Although it was the color of jade, it was actually impossible to tell what material it was made from.

The purrling spat out another bubble, which surrounded the talisman, then shrank down, causing the thing to burst into flames before collapsing into dust.

Dragon Floret shrieked, tumbling to the ground with blood oozing out of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Looking in shock at the purrling, he said, “This is impossible! Impossible! How could it destroy Patriarch Deva’s talisman?”

The leader of the Brilliant Radiance Society, as well as all the other faction leaders, were also writhing on the ground, blood oozing out of their orifices. Some of them even experienced damage to their godhood, causing significant cultivation base regression.

After destroying Patriarch Deva’s talisman, the purrling finally reverted to its usual lazy demeanor. Glancing at the writhing faction leaders as if they were trash, it made a few more sounds that Yang Qi interpreted.

Purr, purr....”

“I'm not interested in scum like this. You punish them for me.”

“What?” blurted one of the faction leaders, sounding terrified.

“Punish us?! We're all children of primeval chaos! We’re all in line to become the next houselord. How dare you, Jadefall! How dare the two of you!”

“It’s not our fault you sought your own downfall,” Jadefall said, having regained her composure. As it turned out, the purrling hadn’t disappointed her at all, and she couldn't have felt more pleased. “I almost can’t believe you people actually sought to harm my purrling. And you think you deserve to champion the future of the sect? I say that you’re all trash. What do you think, Wang Xiantian?”

Seeing Jadefall walking up to him, Wang Xiantian stammered, “W-what... what are you doing?!”

“What am I doing? I'm getting ready to kill you!” Smiling, Jadefall suddenly produced a long, sharp sword and waved it back and forth right in front of Wang Xiantian’s face.

Sadly for him, his godpower had been completely drained, making it impossible to lift even a finger in defense.

His godhood had been shattered, which meant it would take years of cultivation for him to recover, even using medicinal pills and spending all of his time in seclusion.

“Don’t you know you’ll be punished by the sect if you kill me?!” Wang Xiantian said. “We just had a little disagreement a moment ago, that’s all. Let’s just call it a day! We’ll all get in trouble for causing a scene, but if you kill me, it’ll be an entirely different situation!”

“You think I'm scared?” Jadefall said. “Considering how strong my purrling is, there’s nothing the sect can do to me. The purrling just completely destroyed Patriarch Deva’s talisman, so what exactly do you think the sect will use to punish me? Do you think I'm kidding around here?”

“You!” Wang Xiantian said, his face falling.

Patriarch Deva had a reputation for being very close to truly invincible. He was on almost the same level as the emperor of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, and his talismans were unequaled in existence. Yet the purrling had just easily destroyed one. That meant there wasn’t anyone in the House of God Ordainment that could contain it. If there was something that could wipe out one’s entire sect, how could you expect to get revenge against it?

In other words, it was important to respect the rules, but in the end, strength was the biggest rule. Everyone knew that the strongest person had to be respected. It was a universal truth.

A look of despair overtook Dragon Floret’s face. He had meticulously planned how to get the purrling’s blood, use it to grow stronger, and ultimately give the purrling to Patriarch Deva. Under the tutelage of Patriarch Deva, he would be without equal, eventually seizing control of the House of God Ordainment and reaching new heights of glory.

Sadly for him, he had just pissed off the purrling, and in the end, his grand plan had been destroyed. His dreams were crushed in a way he never could have imagined. His beautiful bubble had burst.

How tragic!

“Should I kill him, Yang Qi?” Jadefall asked, eyeing Wang Xiantian.

“Kill him,” Yang Qi replied. “Leaving him alive will only make us seem weak. With him gone, the Preheaven Society will collapse, and we can step in to take their place. Killing him will ensure that no one will defy us, and we won’t have to worry about giving anyone face.”

“Alright, I’ll kill him,” she replied, and prepared to stab him through.

“Spare him the sword!” a voice interrupted, booming out to fill all of Mount Dragon Head. Sadly, although the speaker was an almighty being, no matter how he unleashed the power of his cultivation base, it wasn’t enough to gain entrance to Mount Dragon Head.

After all, the purrling had encapsulated it in a bubble.

“The big shots from the House of God Ordainment have finally shown up,” Yang Qi said. He could tell that these newcomers were Perfect Gods. The difference between Consummate Gods and Perfect Gods was immense. Their godpower was different on a substructural level, and when they unleashed it, it was far beyond anything beneath it.

Perfect Gods could create stable god kingdoms, but Consummate Gods couldn’t. Yet not even these three Perfect Gods could get into the purrling’s bubble.

Purr, purr, purr....” Yang Qi said to the purrling.

He was asking the purrling to let the three figures inside. After all, he didn’t want the situation to get completely out of control.

The purrling gave Yang Qi a long look, then the bubble vanished.

The three figures descended, pulsing with immense power. Although they were Perfect Gods with surging energy, the fact that they had been blocked by the purrling's bubble took a lot of the wind out of their sails.

“What?!” Wang Xiantian blurted. “Arbiter Torment, Arbiter Law, and Arbiter Punishment from the Law-Enforcement God-Palace!? Sirs, you have to punish Jadefall immediately! She’s only a Common God, but she refused to give her devilling to the Primeval Chaos Assembly! And the thing hurt all of us!”

“Shut your mouth!” Arbiter Law snapped brusquely. Looking at Jadefall, he said, “What’s going on here?”

“Allow me to explain, Arbiters,” she replied. “These people conspired to take my purrling, and were subsequently foiled. It happened like this....” She went on to describe what had played out.


The three arbiters were visibly stunned, and couldn't help but look back and forth between Dragon Floret and the purrling.

Arbiter Punishment looked like he was about to lose his temper, which was something he apparently did a lot. However, after a moment, he swallowed hard and suppressed his anger. Obviously, he was terrified of the purrling. “Did that purrling really destroy a talisman created by Patriarch Deva?”

“Yes,” she said, stroking the purrling. “What’s so impressive about Patriarch Deva, anyway?”

The purrling looked disdainfully at the three Perfect Gods, as if to say, “You three pieces of trash better not do anything to piss me off.”

“Patriarch Deva...?” The three Perfect Gods exchanged another look, and then seemed to have a short conversation via divine will.

“Jadefall,” said Arbiter Law, “let’s just call it a day. Turn weapons of war into gifts of jade and silk. You head home, and we’ll stay behind to talk things through with Dragon Floret. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to get the sect back in order.”

“Yang Qi...?” Jadefall said.

He nodded.

“That's fine,” Jadefall said. “Hopefully you three will be able to get to the bottom of this and provide a good explanation.” With that, she and Yang Qi flew away. Normally speaking, a person with a cultivation base like hers would do nothing but instantly kowtow to three Perfect Gods.

Instead, she treated them with almost no courtesy. Yet the three Perfect God didn’t dare to berate her for being rude.

After Yang Qi and Jadefall left, the three Perfect Gods produced medicinal pills which they sent flying out like rain into the mouths of the various faction leaders. After about an hour passed, the faction leaders managed to circulate their godpower again and struggle to their feet. However, all of them had sustained such extensive damage to their godhood that it would take much bitter cultivation to fix.

“What were you thinking, Dragon Floret?” said Arbiter Torment. “You really caused a disaster here! You took it upon yourself to call a Primeval Chaos Assembly without any approval? Well, just look at what happened!”

“We were doing it for the good of the sect!” Dragon Floret replied. “If we could get the blood of that purrling, we’d become Perfect Gods! Think about it! With that many Perfect Gods in our sect, who would ever dare to do anything to us? In fact, what happened just now proved how important that purrling is. The sect has to get it!”

“Like hell!” Arbiter Punishment barked. “You used a talisman from Patriarch Deva, but not even that could do anything to the purrling. Who in the sect could surpass Patriarch Deva?! We don’t have anyone like him in the sect. Are you trying to bring disaster down on all of us?!”

Lowering his voice, Dragon Floret said, “What if we activated the secret reserve power of the House of God Ordainment....”

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