Chapter 1264: A Higher State of Invincibility

Purr, purr....

The purrling emitted a few more sounds that Yang Qi translated.

“You think a talisman from this so-called Patriarch Deva can deal with me? Do you bitches want to die or something? I could wipe out the entire House of God Ordainment if I felt like it. Paramount God? Hah! More like Paramount Ant!”

Only Yang Qi was capable of understanding what the purrling was saying, and even he was taken aback by the tone the purrling was using. As far as he was concerned, they were in a very dangerous situation. He could have controlled the situation if they were dealing with a single Consummate God. But there were too many Consummate Gods here. And he also knew that he couldn’t handle Patriarch Deva’s talisman.

Yet the purrling itself didn’t seem to be even slightly worried.

More than ever, Yang Qi realized that the purrling was completely mysterious and unpredictable.

“What did you just say?” someone said. The faction leaders had all risen to their feet with looks of complete shock on their face, as if they couldn't believe what they had just heard. And they were all staring at Yang Qi.

Although he had merely been translating, the words had still come out of his mouth. And they had been very biting. He had essentially said that they were all complete weaklings who could be defeated with a single blow.

They were Consummate Gods, and he was only a Lesser God! To them, he might as well have been a slave, yet he had dared to say the things he had.

The atmosphere was tense, and it seemed like fighting could break out at any moment. However, Dragon Floret said, “Hold on, everyone.”

Walking out from behind his table, he approached Jadefall. “Jadefall, is that really what your pet just said? Or did it come from you? Is that little punk standing next to you intentionally provoking us? You need to be very clear about your stance here. Are you really going to defy a decision made by the Primeval Chaos Assembly? If so, we can just expel you from the sect and brand you as a traitor and enemy! Then everyone will have the right to punish you, and not even your purrling will be able to keep you safe. In other words, you’ll end up dead. So let me be clear: you absolutely, positively mustn't piss us off!”

“I think the purrling made itself very clear,” Jadefall replied, not looking even a little frightened. “This isn’t a banquet, Dragon Floret, it’s an ambush. A deadly ambush. Incidentally, you’ll find that expelling me from the sect won’t be a very easy task, so your threats aren’t going to work.”

“Oh, I know that,” Dragon Floret replied. “Trust me I did my research. If you refuse to do things the easy way, we’ll do them the hard way. And in the end, you’ll get what's coming to you. Punks like you always do.”

As the words left his mouth, he reached out with fingers splayed.

It was a move that seemed to extend and retract at the same time. It blurred with countless transformations, making it seem like an invincible ghost-god that, before anyone could react, had already reached the top of Yang Qi’s head. In fact, it moved so quickly that no one present could possibly have reacted to it.

This was a unique move Dragon Floret used when he wanted to capture someone. It was a consummate skill from the martial path, something called the God-Dragon’s Empty-Void Claw, which could mysteriously pass through the void like the claw of a god dragon to capture any target.

It actually wasn't a killing technique, no matter how many times Dragon Floret had tried to make it one. However, it was still deadly. In the past, he had once captured an expert from the dao of devils with this move. The result was that the man, upon being struck, shrank down to only a few inches tall. And the effect was permanent. It was really a miserable fate.

Remembering that event, everyone present was now sure that Yang Qi would shortly be dead.


As the hand descended, Yang Qi vanished, ensuring that Dragon Floret didn’t even touch him. Instead, a bubble remained in the spot he had just occupied.

It was only the size of a chicken egg, but as soon as Dragon Floret grabbed it, it started expanding, simultaneously causing thunderous rumbling to echo out.

“What’s this?” Dragon Floret blurted as he realized that he had actually grabbed a bubble of surging energy. Then that bubble began expanding with explosive speed, forcing Dragon Floret to shoot backward.

“Be suppressed!” he growled as the bubble exploded outward, surrounded by crackling lightning. Dragon Floret’s energy swirled into the shape of a god dragon as he continued, “Grand Dragon Consumes Pearls!

The enormous dragon opened its mouth and consumed both the bubble and the lightning.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi was standing off to the side.

“That was an impressive move, Dragon Floret,” he said, clicking his tongue in admiration. “Unfortunately, it's not enough to cause problems for me. You’re a late Consummate God, right? What a surprise you can’t deal with me, a mere Lesser God.”

“A purrling bubble?” Dragon Floret said, various expressions flashing across his face. “Was your purrling causing mischief just now, Jadefall?”

“If that’s what you want to believe, sure,” Jadefall said. Of course, she knew full well that it was Yang Qi, not the purrling. She just wasn’t inclined to say it.

“Fine. That beast has been causing problems ever since it arrived in the House of God Ordainment. It's definitely an inauspicious creature. I'm taking it captive right now to ensure it can’t cause any disasters for the sect!”

All of a sudden, a fluttering talisman popped into being behind him.

Instantly, the people present sensed that the talisman contained an aura that none of them could resist. It was as if the talisman were filled with unbounded worlds, unbounded mountains, unbounded voids, and unbounded will.

An old man stepped out from the talisman. He had an amiable smile on his face, and wore voluminous robes. With his high forehead and dangling earlobes, he looked exactly like a sage, monarch, emperor, or sovereign.

His mere presence on the scene made everyone feel the urge to drop to their knees and offer obeisance.

Instantly, the various faction leaders on the scene scurried backward, fully aware that the power of this talisman was far beyond anything they could deal with. It had been created by a Paramount God, and not just an ordinary one at that, but rather, Patriarch Deva.


Yang Qi’s godpower shattered, and under the force of the pressure, his monarch godhood stopped rotating! Normally speaking, his monarch godhood could easily rotate a billion times a second, but right now he was feeling so much pressure he couldn’t even move a finger.

“Dear lord, that really is a talisman from Patriarch Deva!” shouted the leader of the Brilliant Radiance Society. “Dragon Floret, you weren’t lying!”

Chuckling, Dragon Floret said, “Don’t worry, the talisman isn’t intended for killing. Patriarch Deva created it specifically to deal with the purrling! Although the rest of you feel the pressure caused by Unbounded will, it isn’t targeting you. If it were, you’d all be dead already. No, it’s only targeting the purrling!”

“Dragon Floret! Tell us the truth. How did you get a talisman created by Patriarch Deva? Even a Paramount God would have a hard time getting an audience with him. How could you possibly have gotten him to make a talisman for you?”

“That’s confidential,” Dragon Floret replied. He currently radiated a sense of invincible dignity, and because of the power of the talisman weighing down on Mount Dragon Head, it was impossible for anyone to leave the area. “Truth be told, I already have the backing of Patriarch Deva. I'm planning to be the next houselord of the House of God Ordainment, which means that my Dragon Society is the sect! Because of that, you all have to support me. And once we suppress the purrling and take its blood, we’ll all become vastly stronger!”

Dragon Floret clearly had some major ambitions.

Thanks to Patriarch Deva’s talisman, Mount Dragon Head had become like a god kingdom unto itself. A kingdom within a kingdom. Patriarch Deva sat cross-legged above them all, a slight smile on his face as he exerted immense pressure on the psyches, godpower, and godhood of everyone present. None of them could even cause their souls to stir.

Then he extended his hand and made a tapping gesture toward the purrling.

The gesture seemed as if it could cause heaven to deteriorate and earth to wane, all in the blink of an eye.

The leader of the Brilliant Radiance Society recognized the move, and wanted to shout, “It’s the Heaven-Deteriorating Earth-Waning Finger!”

However, because of the pressure, his mind could hardly function, and he couldn’t make the words leave his mouth. That said, he knew that the legendary Heaven-Deteriorating Earth-Waning Finger was something from primeval times, which had killed countless Consummate Gods... and even Paramount Gods!

It was the ultimate technique used by Patriarch Deva.

With the wave of one finger, heaven deteriorated, and earth waned.

Not even a Consummate God would be able to resist the power of this move, much less counterattack. Yang Qi instantly drew on the God Legion Seal, but even the seal had stopped functioning. Yang Qi’s cultivation level was just too low; even though he had monarch godhood, he was still only a Lesser God. Perhaps if he were a Common or Greater God he might have been able to put up a fight.

‘This Patriarch Deva is incredible,’ he thought. ‘I wonder if the purrling can deal with this.’

As of this moment, all of Yang Qi’s hopes rested on the purrling. He was convinced that the purrling was invincible, and had power that could extinguish the heavens and crush the earth.

The Heaven-Deteriorating Earth-Waning Finger neared the purrling, then touched it.

The entire time, the purrling just lay there lazily, watching things happen. Then it let out a purr. It was a purr that was far more than just a casual noise. Instead, it was as sonorous as trillions of bells ringing at the same time.


Everything that had been locked down moments before was freed.

All of Mount Dragon Head, and in fact, the entire god kingdom of the House of God Ordainment, violently trembled as the sky opened up and a spatial tempest erupted.

Yang Qi could have sworn an oath that he had never heard anything this loud. It was a sound to surpass all other sounds, something that seemed to originate from the void of the god world itself.

In fact, he suddenly realized that it hearkened back to when the god world had first been created. He could see a boundless, endless void, filled with nothing, whereupon the purrling uttered a sound, and the god world was created.

It was the sound of the creation of the god world!

Crack. Crunch....

As the sound echoed out, Patriarch Deva’s attack, the Heaven-Deteriorating Earth-Waning Finger, collapsed into nothing.

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