Chapter 1261: Dragon Floret

Months passed.

Yang Qi performed some calculations on his fingers and came to the realization that he had been in the god world for three years. It wasn’t a long time, but couldn’t be considered short either. Most people wouldn’t consider three god world years to be very impressive, but during that time he had created a very solid foundation in the House of God Ordainment.

He had three Greater Gods under his complete control, namely Crimson-Maiden Inferno, the White-Haired Boxer King, and Exalted Celestial Silver-Dagger. As such, he could call the wind and summon the rain in the sect. Furthermore, his friends and family were advancing rapidly in their cultivation, and as they built their own foundations of power, were starting to make names for themselves.

In fact, during the past year, the Shepherd, Eldest Brother, Doom, Brahma and the others had used their crystal skulls to accomplish all sorts of missions for the sect. With the power of Consummate Gods, they slaughtered wretch-devils, earned merit points, and had come to be very valuable to the sect. According to rumor, some of Yang Qi’s people had even been in audiences with Perfect Gods, which was a shocking thing.

Perfect Gods commanded peak Paramount will convergence, and were in the position to break through to Unbounded will. They existed at the top echelon of power in the sect, and their words were considered commands. Even Greater Gods would kneel to them.

Consummate Gods were somewhat powerful.

Perfect Gods were extremely powerful.

Of course, Paramount Gods existed above them all. They were patriarchs who could create sects and offer the protection of god kingdoms. And experts like that were exceedingly rare.

In fact, Yang Qi hadn’t heard anything to indicate that there was even a Paramount God in the House of God Ordainment at all. If there was, he likely had to reach a much higher level of cultivation before he would be privy to such information.

During the months that passed, the Crown Prince came to his senses and resigned himself to the truth that Yang Qi had recreated him. He remained inside the Purrfect God Art bubble, working hard on his cultivation and constantly contemplating ways to get revenge. In that respect, he was like a dangerous viper just waiting to lunge out with a deadly bite.

For the most part, Yang Qi ignored him. All he needed was for the Crown Prince to eventually become a god. Then he would force him into submission and make him a part of the God Legion Seal. And then he would finally be confident in his ability to take on the crown prince of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

The Crown Prince’s cultivation base continued to climb.

He went from Demi-Immortal to Demolishing to Godmyth, eventually ending up as a Grand Emperor on the ninth stair of the Deathless Heavenly Stairway.

Anyone from the impure lands who watched him rise through the ranks like that would have been completely flabbergasted, but truth be told, no one in the god world would be impressed.

In the god world, Grand Emperors were considered scum. In fact, they couldn’t even breathe in the god world. Unfortunately, after becoming a Grand Emperor, the Crown Prince found himself stuck at the peak of the Destabilizing level of will conversion. He was in a bottleneck, unable to reach the Terrifying level, but Yang Qi wasn’t worried. He had helped many of his people in the impure lands break through to the terrifying level, and the task would be even easier now that he was in the god world.

Of course, there was a downside to the Crown Prince’s astonishingly fast progress. The fact that he didn’t experience any tribulations was actually bad for his cultivation base, and led to an almost lackadaisical attitude on his part. It was like an ordinary person who was given an immense loan, and didn’t have to work to survive. It would be fun while it lasted, but once the money ran out, they would be in trouble.

Most people who ascended from the impure lands were invincible experts. However, despite the fact that the Crown Prince was technically an Ascendant, he had come to the god world in a very different fashion. Because of that, he was like many of the natives of the god world, lacking experience and a solid foundation. In fact, he could even be considered inferior to many god world natives.

That said, Yang Qi didn’t need him to have a strong foundation. He was raising the Crown Prince almost like livestock, and all he cared about was getting his cultivation base to the right point as quickly as possible.

When the Crown Prince finally reached his bottleneck, Yang Qi simply drew on his own will to stimulate his mind, and simultaneously fed him numerous medicinal agents that could stimulate the psyche.

Only a day later... Pop!

The Crown Prince entered the Terrifying level. The next major hurdle was the mid Terrifying level, after which he would finally be able to survive on his own in the god world.

Unfortunately, pushing the Crown Prince into the mid Terrifying level wouldn’t be easy for Yang Qi. Or at least, it would be time-consuming.

But he would make the attempt. However, just as he was preparing to begin, his communication medallion buzzed with a message from Jadefall. “Yang Qi, the leader of the Dragon Society, Dragon Floret, has come out of seclusion. He’s invited me to a meeting, and I’d like you to come with me.”


Yang Qi waved his hand and sealed the Crown Prince in the depths of the God Legion Seal, where Yang Qi had created a very small god kingdom. There, the Crown Prince would remain undetected by the House of God Ordainment’s god kingdom.

Yang Qi left the Law-Enforcement God-Palace and went further into the god kingdom, until he reached a location where a sprawling palace had been built atop an expanse of green clouds. This was Jadefall’s mansion grotto. During the past few months, her cultivation base had grown more refined, and she had advanced to the mid Common God level. Over the course of the next four or five years, as long as she continued advancing in her cultivation, she would eventually become a Greater God.

The biggest problems Yang Qi’s people had were the lack of time and lack of resources.

If they had a few dozen more years in the House of God Ordainment, or perhaps a few hundred, they would definitely come to control the entire sect.

“Yang Qi! You're here!” Jadefall was clearly excited to see him. “I heard you’ve been in seclusion recently. What exactly were you doing?”

“Working on something big. And I'm getting close to a breakthrough. Unfortunately, it's going to take a lot of resources for me to reach the mid Lesser God level. My monarch godhood makes things very difficult. You wouldn’t believe how much energy it uses. So, what’s going on with this Dragon Floret?”

“Look at the invitation card,” she replied, handing it to him.

He took it, and the first thing that struck him was how heavy it was; it was clearly made of some sort of metal. The actual words were written in calligraphy as flamboyant as dancing dragons and swirling phoenixes.

“Come to me for a chat. Dragon Floret”.

They were written in such a bold and impressive style that anyone who read them would instantly realize that the person who wrote them was both ambitious and powerful.

“I thought he was in seclusion trying to break out of the Consummate God level and become a Perfect God,” Yang Qi said. “And isn’t he working on Unbounded will convergence? Given the current situation, I would assume he didn’t succeed in any breakthroughs. That said, we still can't afford to underestimate him.”

“That’s why I asked you to come along,” Jadefall replied. “And it’s not as if I can refuse to see him. That would be downright insulting.” She stroked the purrling, which rested in her arms. “That said, any banquet thrown by him is certain to be a deadly trap. He’s definitely not inviting me out of goodwill, so we have to be very careful.”

“As long as he isn’t a Perfect God, and doesn’t have Unbounded will convergence, he’ll be easy to deal with. I’ve gained a lot of enlightenment in the past few years; he definitely won’t be in the position to be a threat to me.”

“Well, we also have the purrling on our side,” Jadefall said, “which means that no one will dare to cause any problems for me.”

“Let’s go. I'm curious to see what this leader of the Dragon Society is all about.” Yang Qi and Jadefall left, and before long they were standing in front of a divine mountain that rested on a cloud bank in the middle of the god kingdom. It was fully twenty-seven thousand meters tall, and resembled a writhing dragon. At first glance, Yang Qi could tell that it was a god item of some sort, a magical treasure that could easily match up with any of the seventy-two monarchs’ items.

In fact, it was something akin to the Cruiser of Civilization.

‘Darnit,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘I spent so much time working on the Crown Prince that I forgot to ask the White-Haired Boxer King for more information about the Dragon Society. He definitely could’ve told me about Dragon Floret. Of course, compared to the crown prince, the Dragon Society isn’t very important at all.’

As they neared, Jadefall said, “This is the foundation of the Dragon Society. It's called Mount Dragon Head, and supposedly, it was built from the spine of a patriarch of the Dragonfolk. It’s considered a top treasure in the god world, and after it was discovered by Dragon Floret, it helped him advance his cultivation base with explosive speed. That’s how he reached the peak Consummate God level. It’s also how he mastered his signature ability, the Ancestral Dragon Burst.”

“Who goes there!?” a disciple said, flying out and staring at Yang Qi and Jadefall with cold eyes. He held a trident in his hand, and was flanked by a whole group of disciples. The lead disciple was a Common God, while the rest were Lesser Gods. The fact that so many disciples were guarding the residence of another disciple only went to show how powerful the Dragon Society was. After all, they were one of the top societies in the sect, just below the Mystery Society.

“Here’s my invitation card,” Jadefall said, handing it out. “Dragon Floret asked us here.”

“Well, if it isn’t Miss Jadefall,” the Common God disciple said, his expression turning slightly more respectful. And he couldn’t help but eye the purrling. Truth be told, the fact that Jadefall was only a Common God meant that she didn’t personally command a lot of respect. However, everyone knew that the purrling was hers, and that anyone who tried causing problems for her would meet a dismal fate because of it.

“Yes,” Jadefall said. “Now please escort us into Dragon Floret’s banquet.”

“I'm sorry, Miss Jadefall,” the disciple said. “Your friend here doesn’t have an invitation card, so I can't let him in.”

“What? We’re not even allowed to bring guests? In that case, I guess I won’t be attending.” She turned to leave.

“There’s no need to get angry, Miss Jadefall,” someone said. “It’s just a matter of invitation cards.” The voice belonged to a very attractive young woman with long legs, and a figure as graceful as an immortal crane.


An invitation card appeared in her hand which she tossed out, sending it flying toward Yang Qi.

He grabbed it and looked over at the young woman. “Might I dare ask how to address you?”

The beautiful woman was a Greater God, and was clearly no weaker than the White-Haired Boxer King.

“She’s a leader in the Dragon Society,” Jadefall said, “Goddess Jade Egret. Her leg techniques are incredible, enough to kill innumerable experts from the dao of devils.”

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