Chapter 1259: One Crown Prince Versus the Other?

Although his fight with the three devil patriarchs hadn’t lasted very long, Yang Qi actually benefited a lot from it. New information about the attacks, formations, and godpower of Consummate Gods was now firmly etched in his mind. The truth was that among truly high-level experts, it often wasn’t necessary to fight a battle to the death. Sometimes, a mere gaze was enough to allow for a psychic interchange. Then, the battle might be over just a moment after it started, with both parties knowing exactly who had won and who had lost.

Right now, Yang Qi couldn’t kill even an early Consummate God, and when it came to mid Consummate Gods, he could at best hold his own in a fight.

Therefore, he needed to get stronger. Unfortunately, improving his monarch godhood wasn't something that could be done quickly, and in fact, he couldn’t do it at all until he got some more of the Mahātmā Jade.

Returning to the god kingdom, he continued working on his cultivation. For the time being, life was uncomplicated. The only major change was that instead of being in the Scripture Pavilion, he now resided in the Law-Enforcement God-Palace, which was a much, much larger place.

His accommodations were excellent, with numerous spell formations that provided spirit energy and godpower, and could transform one’s constitution. They were on the sixth floor of one of the best pagodas in the palace. The interior was a spatial dimension of its own, fully dozens of kilometers wide.

It had once been occupied by Crimson-Maiden Inferno, except that she now worked for Yang Qi. She, along with the White-Haired Boxer King and Exalted Celestial Silver-Dagger, were all Greater Gods who had high positions in the Law-Enforcement God-Palace. And now Yang Qi had access to their resources and networks, which in turn made him very important.

Days passed by relatively uneventfully.

In the blink of an eye, it was three months later. Yang Qi had spent all of that time working on his cultivation, trying to improve his psyche and will. Unfortunately, his progress to the mid Paramount level of will convergence wasn’t going particularly quickly. Based on some quick calculations, if he continued in this manner, it would take several hundred god world years for him to achieve his next breakthrough.

On a few occasions, he used his jade medallion to try gaining further understanding of the Crown Prince Society. Because it was packed with the aura of the society’s leader, the crown prince himself, it also contained faint traces of his destiny.

It was a given that the crown prince would have immense destiny. It was impossible to say how many smaller organizations the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty controlled, or how many experts they had working for them. The flows of destiny they commanded surpassed anything ordinary people could comprehend. Furthermore, the crown prince was trying to cultivate Unbounded will convergence, so Yang Qi knew he had to be very, very careful in spying on him.

‘It has to work this time,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘For three months I've been trying to use the crown prince’s aura to get information about him, but every attempt has been a failure. At least I’ve mastered some new techniques in the process. If he’s really the true self of the Crown Prince I knew in the impure lands, then it’s highly possible I could benefit a lot by interacting with him.’

Once again, he pulled out the jade medallion and toyed with it for a bit as he tried to unlock the mysteries of its energy fluctuations.

The medallion was a marvelous thing, and some of the energy that fluctuated off of it was designed to be a warding spell. However, to Yang Qi, it wasn’t anything to worry about. Things like that couldn’t reveal any information about his secrets.

All he had to do was call on his Life-Death Void-Destruction God-Lightning, which could fool all sorts of warding spells, making it seem like all he was doing was simply working on his cultivation nonstop.

And hopefully, he could use it to turn the tables and spy on the crown prince.

‘Time to bring back the Crown Prince from the impure lands....’ Stroking the jade medallion, he closed his eyes and the aura of the Creator appeared above him. It was the unique power of the Sovereign Lord, who was also called the Creator. After all, he had created countless humans, living beings, and races.

Yang Qi understood the profundities of genetics, the fundamentals of vivicreation, and had imperial-heaven pre-beginning powers. Because of that, it was possible for him to reach into the boundless river of time and draw out the life force quintessence of the Crown Prince from the impure lands.

After all, he had killed the Crown Prince, enabling him to take some of his aura and quintessence.

Another thing he had been doing during the past three months was seeking enlightenment of various aspects of his fragments of the Cruiser of Civilization. The Lord of Civilization had been a faithful follower of the Sovereign Lord, and his energy arts reflected that. In fact, he had even received personal instruction from the Sovereign Lord.

Drawing on the boundless skills to catalyze genes and life force, Yang Qi drew on his vivicreation power. Slowly but surely, vital energy swirled in front of him, and as he added in various medicinal ingredients from the god world, a tiny fetus formed in front of him. And it was no illusion; it was real! This was the god world, where things could be true and real.

Slowly, the image of a human took shape.

As the process went on, Yang Qi realized at a certain point that he was about to be drained of his godpower. Quickly using the God Legion Seal, he reached into the void to fill the gap.

Even a Consummate God who tried to do what he was doing would have already been killed by the drainage.

It was completely heaven-defying, and was definitely subverting the magical laws of the god world. Yang Qi was recreating the Crown Prince from the impure lands! This was nirvanic rebirth! His plan? To use the old Crown Prince as a tool, a pawn to deal with the crown prince of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

Fetal Convergence; God Legion Power; Eternal Blessing; Heaven-Dao Transformation; I Shall Defy Heaven; Man Conquers Nature!” Yang Qi drew on his monarch godhood, extending his fingers to unleash countless transformations. Soon, buzzing sounds could be heard, like winds from the Nine Serenities underworld. They were sounds that could call out to the soul, and they were none other than a consummate technique from the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth that could reach out into the heavens and recall lost souls.

With each subsequent flick of his fingers, Yang Qi’s godpower surged, creating something like a mighty river. In fact, he completely drained himself over ten thousand times. In other words, this was like a Consummate God being totally drained of power over ten thousand times. It didn’t matter what type of medicinal pill someone used, that was a drainage that couldn’t be sustained. It was only with the God Legion Seal that he could defy heaven and subvert the magical laws of the god world to do so.

The fetus grew larger and larger until it looked like an infant version of the Crown Prince from the impure lands.

But Yang Qi didn’t stop there. He continued to work hard and expend energy. Forty-nine days passed in which he didn’t rest for a moment. By that time, his godpower had been completely drained fully a hundred thousand times over!

Finally, what had started out as a fetus now looked like a full-grown human, with features exactly like those of the old Crown Prince. In fact, he looked just as arrogant and crazy as before.

Boundless Psyche; Call Spiritual and Physical Souls; Bring them into Unison; No Death in Heaven and Earth; Magnanimous and Fluttering; the Will Shines Eternally....” Yang Qi interlocked his fingers to look like a blooming lotus flower. ‘Use the moment of life force transformation to catalyze the being. Illuminate the future path. Seek what is true and real of he that exists in the void. Reach out to the illusory impure lands, and bring him into the true and real god world....’


Yang Qi’s godhood had been pushed to an unprecedented limit. Even a Consummate God would have long since been dead by this point. Spitting out some blood, he created a bubble that surrounded the Crown Prince, drawing a boundless will from the void and sucking him inside.


Everything trembled violently.

The Crown Prince slowly opened his eyes, looking like a terrifying fiend-devil.

But his cultivation base was only at the Great Sage level! If it weren’t for the fact that Yang Qi had him inside a bubble created by the Purrfect God Art, he would have immediately been destroyed by the environment of the god world.

After the Great Sage level came Demi-Immortal, Demolisher and Godmyth. After that were the nine stairs of the Deathless Heavenly Stairway, whereupon one became a Grand Emperor. After that, one needed mid Terrifying will convergence, where it would be possible to pass through the Ancient Road to the Gods and reach the god world. But a Great Sage, even one in the early Terrifying level, would instantly die in the god world.

It wasn’t even worth talking about Great Sages in the god world. People like that were so pathetically weak that they weren’t even one-ten-thousandth as strong as an ant. In other words, the tiniest of bugs in the god world could easily devour millions upon millions of Great Sages.

Yang Qi had resurrected the Crown Prince at exactly the same level in which he had died, way back in Sage Monarch City on the Rich-Lush Continent, during their climactic final battle.

In other words, this Crown Prince was the same Crown Prince as back then. The only difference was that he now lacked one of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions.

Yang Qi had bent the magical laws of the god world, drawing on his monarch godhood and the might of the God Legion Seal to recreate his life force and genes, restoring his destiny, psyche, personality, and everything else about him.

They were all exactly the same!

The Crown Prince looked around. “Where am I? I’m not dead? How long have I been unconscious? This isn’t the Rich-Lush Continent! I led eighteen Great Sages to destroy Yang Qi, but he killed me. How could I have been resurrected?”

The Crown Prince even had his memories up to the moment of his death.

As such, it was only natural that his first thoughts upon being resurrected were questions about what exactly was going on.

After looking around, he realized that he was in some sort of bubble that obscured his view of the world beyond. Circulating his true energy, he found that it flowed mightily, to the point where he might actually be on the verge of a breakthrough. Suddenly, rumbling sounds filled his ears as he achieved multiple breakthroughs in the Great Sage level. The Born Again Step. The Nirvanic Resurrection Step. The Eternal Sands Step. The True Real Step. The Light King Step. The Heavenly Workings Step. The Planet God Step. The Without Limit Step. And finally the ninth Epic Saga Step. With that, he broke out of the Great Sage level and entered the Demi-Immortal level.

“What’s going on here? Not only am I not dead, but I’ve ended up in some strange bubble where I'm experiencing multiple breakthroughs. I’ve already left the Great Sage level and broken into the Demi-Immortal level.” The Crown Prince looked at his hands, scarcely able to believe what was happening. Then he burst out laughing. “The Demi-Immortal level?! There are hardly any Demi-Immortals in the Rich-Lush Continent and the Quake-Dawn Continent! Yang Qi, you’re only in the sixth Legendary transformation! Even if you do have the God Legion Seal, how could you possibly do anything to me? Can a Personal-Domain Legendary do anything to a Demi-Immortal!?”

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