Chapter 1258: Reincarnation God Item

In yesteryear, hell had waged war against the halls of heaven and the Sovereign Lord. And the most powerful magical device the infernal deities had used was the Reincarnation Disc. It contained the boundless essence of the netherworld, fused with the ancient will of the infernal deities, making it capable of unleashing the most intense power of reincarnation. It could destroy the heavens and crush the earth, and had been one of the most incomparable weapons used in defiance of the Sovereign Lord.

The spell formations connected to the Reincarnation Disc had long since been lost in the river of time, but now it was back, and being used with devastatingly destructive force.

The three Consummate Gods, Lone King Heavenbane, Devil-Lord Jubilation, and Exalted Celestial Exultation were invincible figures, and for them to pool their devil powers to unleash this devil formation showed that they were going all out to crush Yang Qi.

“This is the ancient infernal grand formation of reincarnation,” Lone King Heavenbane said in a cold voice. “The Reincarnation Disc. The gods of hell in ancient times used their own bones to make a precious treasure, a turtle shell suit of armor that would never die even if millions upon millions of years passed. We acquired one such suit of armor, so even if you can control the transformations of space itself, you can’t escape us. And now you’ll meet your ultimate fate: death!”

Thump. Swish. Rustle.

He flew up into the air and reached out with fingers splayed. Shockingly, his fingers then transformed; distorted human faces appeared on their tips, their features devilish and fierce.

Five Emotions, Five Faces. Happiness, Anger, Sorrow, Joy, Grief! Five Emotions Grand Palm!


The five faces quivered with emotion that would affect any who looked at them, making it almost impossible to deal with the force on display.

However, that was when Yang Qi made his move, his arm as fluid as a whip as he unleashed the Mammoth King’s God Whip. A sound echoed out like the howl of millions upon millions of godlings. At the same time, the sky went dark as a streak of blackness appeared, opening like a mouth to consume everything in its path, including the devilishness and devil energy.

“Not good!” Lone King Heavenbane barked as the spatial rift closed in on them. He could tell that this wasn’t any ordinary rift; the spatial power on display was vibrating too quickly to track, and contained such profundities that it could be considered all-destructive.

Yang Qi was using a move from the Mammoth King’s God Whip called Ghost-God Laceration.

In the impure lands, he had been unable to grasp enlightenment of the deepest aspects of the Mammoth King’s God Whip. But now that he was in the god world, with his cultivation having reached immense heights and having formed monarch godhood, all of his martial arts were better.

And right now, he had no reason to hold back.

Lone King Heavenbane immediately retreated, not daring to allow the blow to land on him.


Yang Qi spun, howling in a thunderous voice, growing so large that he towered over all three of the devil patriarchs. Then he clenched his hands into fists and struck out at Devil-Lord Jubilation.

It was a strike of ultimate perfection, as though the quintessence of the legion of gods were contained within it, a porcelain streak that pierced through the air and caused grating sounds to ring out as space itself burst into flame.

Devil-Lord Jubilation was shocked. Before he could even see the fist-wind, he sensed the strike closing in on him and knew that he couldn’t block it. If he did, he could tell that even though he was a Consummate God, he would explode, his godhood irreparably damaged.

Spinning to avoid the attack, he drew on a movement technique from the dao of devils called the Dance of Jubilant Heaven. It was a beautiful and artistic move that was designed to negate any type of hard and unyielding attack.

Yet as he danced about, Yang Qi suddenly spun round and round, his fist becoming like a flood of water unleashed from the highest mountains. Unexpectedly, he was changing directions!

Winds screamed and swirling clouds appeared around him as his attack suddenly targeted Exalted Celestial Exultation.

His two fists were merged into a single invincible attack, rushing forth like the tide.

Exalted Celestial Exultation didn't hesitate to fall back, moving as quickly as lightning, looking like a frightened animal as he tried to hide in the protection of the spell formation.

In the end, Yang Qi’s attack hit the turtle-shell-like spell formation, causing the entire thing to shake violently. Holes and cracks even opened up on it.

Yang Qi laughed loudly as a pair of wings sprouted out of his back. At the same time, he ripped open a rift in space, and as the immense spatial tempest poured out, he disappeared into the rift, leaving behind only a few words. “Very sloppy work, Devil Patriarchs. Your grand formation of reincarnation can't do anything to me. Thanks for giving me a taste of your cultivation bases. Sooner or later, we’ll meet again, but for now, let’s call it a day. I have to say, I'm disappointed you didn’t dare to meet my attack just now.”

Yang Qi had unleashed three moves in quick succession, then departed. He could tell that these three patriarchs of the dao of devils were a bit too tough for him to eliminate quickly. At most, he might be able to seriously injure one or two of them before getting tangled up in a complicated fight. So he used one move from the Mammoth King’s God Whip and two fist strikes of immense power, forcing the three experts back into their own formation, then fled. Truth be told, although he had backed down from the fight, the method he used was so shocking that if news got back to the House of God Ordainment, it would cause a huge stir.

That said, there was no way word would spread.

As the dust settled, the three devil patriarchs regrouped and exchanged extremely awkward glances. Obviously, not a single one of them was inclined to chase after Yang Qi. His blows had been unthinkably unusual, and they couldn’t help but envision what horrible things might happen if they actually caught up with him.

After a moment, all three said, “Infernal!

The spell formation vanished, causing three chunks of bone to appear that resembled pieces of turtle shells, which fell into the hands of the three patriarchs.

Expression grim, Lone King Heavenbane said, “He’s strong. That formation of ours was used by the ancient dao of devils to fight the god items of the legion of gods. And although it’s not complete, it should be more than enough to weaken any opponent. But it didn’t seem like it weakened him at all. His fighting prowess is astonishing.”

“It’s hard to say, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some sort of formidable magical treasure,” Devil-Lord Jubilation said.

“No, I don’t think so,” Exalted Celestial Exultation said. “I didn’t sense the power of a magical treasure in that whip attack, or the two fist strikes. They were backed by pure godhood. At the very least, his godhood rotations can reach the level of one billion per second.”

“What?!” Lone King Heavenbane said. 

“How could that be possible?” Devil-Lord Jubilation asked. “When outputting godpower, your godpower rotates the most rapidly of all. The more power, the fiercer the result. It doesn't work any other way. Lesser Gods should only be capable of somewhere between a thousand to ten thousand rotations per second. Only Common Gods can reach the level of tens of thousands of rotations per second, or possibly a hundred thousand. Greater Gods can reach levels of hundreds of thousands to millions, and early Consummate Gods will climb to tens of millions or possibly a hundred million. If his godhood was rotating at a billion times per second, doesn’t that mean he’s as strong as a mid or late Consummate God? Or possibly even peak? But he's definitely at the Lesser God level. And if a Lesser God rotates their godhood too quickly, it’ll collapse. How could his godhood possibly be that strong?”

“Maybe he has some sort of special godhood,” Exalted Celestial Exultation speculated. “But that seems unlikely. Even the strongest types of special godhood shouldn’t be capable of this. It’s absurd! For godhood to rotate that rapidly and not collapse is a miracle of miracles. In fact, based on my understanding, it’s literally impossible for any type of godhood, even the most special and unique type, to do that. Unless....”

“He has the legendary monarch godhood!” said Lone King Heavenbane and Devil-Lord Jubilation simultaneously.

“No,” Exalted Celestial Exultation replied, “there exist certain consummate magical treasures that can help you to rotate and strengthen your godhood. This is the god world, after all. Nothing is impossible. Although we’re old-timers, and understand some of the most profound secrets of the god world, we don’t know everything. There’s even Paramount Gods who don’t know everything about the god world. From ancient times until now, there’s never been a single person who successfully formed monarch godhood. Not even the top potentates and geniuses from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty have done it. So how could someone from the House of God Ordainment have succeeded? I bet he’s actually a Consummate God who’s disguised himself as someone weaker. We just can’t see through the illusion, that’s all. For now, we can’t afford to have him as an enemy. Let’s run an investigation and find out his background. And we have to report to our superiors that a formidable entity has risen up in the House of God Ordainment.”

With that, the three devil experts departed. Not only were they not interested in chasing after Yang Qi at the moment, but they had also put aside the idea of getting revenge. The last thing they wanted was to be assassinated. They knew that if he really had it out for them, it would be difficult to stay safe.

After they left, Yang Qi appeared again. Accompanying him were Brahma, the Shepherd, Doom, and others among his most trusted subordinates. And all of them held beads in the form of a skull.

“Ah, it’s too bad. They fled.” Yang Qi shook his head. “With our dozens of skull beads, we could have surrounded them, destroyed their formation, and either sealed or killed them.”

“Three Consummate Gods?” Brahma said. “It wouldn’t be easy to take out people like that. They could’ve unleashed deadly devil arts and completely leveled this place. But it would definitely have attracted a lot of attention in the House of God Ordainment. Going forward, you need to be very careful.”

“Hmph! How dare people from the dao of devils cause problems for me!” Yang Qi chuckled coldly. “Alright, let’s go.”

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