Chapter 1243: Taking the Law Enforcement Disciple Test

Looking very serious, Jadefall said, “That’s right. I heard that the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty has a piece of the Mahātmā Jade, too. Unfortunately, nobody can make any use of it, and no research into it has produced any results. That said, it's still viewed as a priceless treasure, and I'm fully aware that you need it. In fact, it’s exactly why I agreed to be adopted by that imperial concubine.

“But listen to me, Yang Qi. You absolutely, positively must not entertain any thoughts of trying to steal the jade from the dynasty. They have countless warding magics and experts guarding it. If you fall into their hands, you’ll never escape.”

“Don’t worry about that. I know I’m not strong enough to try stealing anything from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.” Although Yang Qi wasn’t particularly familiar with the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, he knew that if they could keep the House of God Ordainment in check, they were obviously formidable.

Right now, he couldn’t even break into the House of God Ordainment’s treasure storehouse; there was simply too much security.

In fact, that was also the reason why Yang Qi didn’t work on his daoist techniques in the sect's god kingdom, nor did he attempt breakthroughs there.

‘Now that I know for sure there’s a piece of the jade there,’ he thought, ‘I need to think of a way to get to it. Any other type of treasure, I can do without. But I absolutely must have that jade. By using the principles of mutual augmentation and suppression to combine it with the God Legion Seal, I can break through fate and defy heaven.’ After thinking for a moment, he said, “Considering you’re the adopted daughter of an imperial concubine, it shouldn’t be too hard for me to eventually get into the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. For now, we don’t need to worry about it too much.”

“Alright. By the way, are you really considering taking the test to become a law enforcement disciple? The Law-Enforcement God-Palace is a good place to make some extra profit, but considering you can make your own godnotes and godstones, I don’t see why that would be important to you.”

Yang Qi nodded. “You’re right, but think about it for a moment. There are other benefits that would come with working in the Law-Enforcement God-Palace. It's an independent entity among all of the various factions in the sect, and if I can get in there, recruit some disciples onto my side, and eventually gain power, it would be a lot easier to keep you and the rest of my people safe. And the more important I am in the House of God Ordainment, the more likely I’ll be received with favor by the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. In contrast, if we don’t get power like that in the House of God Ordainment, then it will be all the more easier for people to frame us for crimes.”

“How do you intend to seize power? I'm just worried that if you get in, the other disciples will cause problems for you. It’s not uncommon for disciples to pass the test, but cross the wrong people and end up imprisoned. The disciples of the Law-Enforcement God-Palace are all very crafty, and I'm worried that if you get involved in scheming against them, it could negatively affect your cultivation base.”

“Why would I get involved in schemes against them?” Yang Qi said. He chuckled. “I can even infect Greater Gods with my devil embryos, turning them into faithful followers. That’s the fastest way to do it.”

Yang Qi was very adept with the Heaven-God Hell-Exterminating Devil Embryo now, and could easily use it to manipulate a person’s faith. He could even use it to secretly make them loyal to him.

Yang Qi was already strong enough in terms of cultivation base and psyche, but when you added in the God Legion Seal, he was completely invincible.

He could even take control of Greater Gods!

Furthermore, the God Legion Seal needed the faith of gods.

It already contained such faith, which was its ultimate foundation. However, after the seal broke apart, a new legion of gods had risen up that had never even seen the seal, nor offered faith to the Sovereign Lord. And Yang Qi was thinking of making a new God Legion Seal.

The simplest way to go about that was to force gods into offering him faith, then sending that faith into the seal. Thankfully, there were a lot of gods in the House of God Ordainment. Even Lesser Gods were still gods, and were considered part of the legion of gods.

It was after becoming a god himself that Yang Qi had unraveled some of the profound mysteries of the God Legion Seal. It was only now starting to reveal its true potential.

He and Jadefall sat there talking for a bit longer before he left. After he was gone, Jadefall called in Yang Zhan, Brahma, the Shepherd, and the others to instruct them about the golden skull necklace. With it, they were far better equipped to deal with any challenges that might come their way.

With the power of a Consummate God to protect them, what did they have to be afraid of? In the god world, Greater Gods were important people, while Consummate Gods were nobility.

Afterward, everyone went their separate ways to work on whatever endeavors they were involved in. All of them were also working to improve their cultivation and gain footholds of power within the House of God Ordainment.

A few days later, Yang Qi showed up at the main square in front of the Law-Enforcement God-Palace.

The place was packed with innumerable disciples, all here to take the test.

Every year, the Law-Enforcement God-Palace administered an examination to choose new disciples. Whoever fought their way to the top would have new work as a law enforcement disciple.

The job of the law enforcement disciples was simple: enforce the law! And they were given free rein to fight and kill however was necessary to make sure that the laws were upheld.

Of course, it was a given that the elders of the Law-Enforcement God-Palace would take advantage of the situation to turn a bit of a profit.

Plenty of people would rely on relationships, bribes, or clever schemes to get into the Law-Enforcement God-Palace. But Yang Qi didn’t plan to rely on any such tactics; instead, he planned to rely only on his skill. After all, if one used underhanded means to get in, and people had evidence of that, it was an easy way to get thrown in jail. And right now, he knew that a lot of people had their eye on him.

‘There are so many disciples in the House of God Ordainment!’ he thought. They had converged on the main square like locusts, covering the ground and giving rise to a hubbub of conversation.

Everyone was very tense considering the rules governing the test. In the past, there had been disciples who performed so poorly that they were beaten within an inch of their lives and imprisoned, or even turned into thralls.

“Everybody line up!” shouted a disciple from the Law-Enforcement God-Palace. “Get into groups of ten thousand, just like in the Bloodgore Trials!”

“Provide your name and pay the ten godnote registration fee!”

Godnotes were flowing into the coffers of the Law-Enforcement God-Palace, and the elders were grinning from ear to ear because of how much they were profiting.

Yang Qi paid his godnotes and got into his assigned group, then listened carefully to the instructions being provided by the grand elder.

“Anyone can participate in the test to join the Law-Enforcement God-Palace,” the grand elder said. “Just be aware that there will be casualties. Of course, there won’t be as many deaths as in the Bloodgore Trials. After all, you disciples are the foundation of the House of God Ordainment. If you feel that you can’t go on any longer, you can always forfeit now. For the first part of the test, you’ll head into a unique dimension which we call the Heaven-Devil Zone. There are countless heaven-devil kings inside, and you have six hours to kill them all. Each of you is required to collect three souls from heaven-devil kings. Remember, this dimension isn't a part of the House of God Ordainment. The heaven-devils inside are all devil-gods that originally come from the ancient Hell of Heaven-Devils. It just so happens that our House of God Ordainment figured out a way to enter this place, and decided to use it as a training ground. Six hours after you enter, you’ll automatically be teleported out. If you die before then, your corpse will be teleported out, unless you're devoured by a heaven-devil. If there is no corpse to teleport out, you’ll never leave. You’re free to leave of your own accord now, but once you’re in the Heaven-Devil Zone, you’ll be stuck there until the teleportations begin.”

After the introduction was over, not a single disciple chose to leave.

Truth be told, Yang Qi didn’t need this explanation, as the details were recorded in the Great Classic of God Ordainment. He knew that the Heaven-Devil Zone had originally been created by armies of heaven-devils in ancient times, although it had changed over the years.

It was filled with heaven-devils and heaven-devil kings. The ordinary heaven-devils were equivalent to Quasi-Gods, while the heaven-devil kings were like full gods. Although one of the prerequisites to taking part in the examination was to be a god, the truth was that even people like that who ended up mobbed by a group of Quasi-God heaven-devils would likely perish. In the impure lands, the psychic power of the heaven-devils from the Unrestrained Heaven was legendary, and they were known to easily kill immortal cultivators. So there was little need to mention what heaven-devils in the god world would be like.

When the elder saw that no one was backing down, he shrugged his shoulders and activated the spell formation. A furious wind sprang up as the portal activated, and before an incense stick’s worth of time could pass, they arrived at their destination.

It was so large that it was impossible to gauge exactly how big it was. Off in the distance were the heaven-devils, most of whom looked like enormous birds with human bodies. They pulsed with devil energy, and were so numerous they were impossible to count. And they seemed to be waiting for something. Yang Qi and the other disciples immediately realized that they were like food that had been thrown out in front of these hungry heaven-devils.

There were some who didn’t look like birds. Some were three-headed, six-armed creatures with armor and weapons. Others looked human. Regardless, as soon as they saw the disciples arrive, they howled and began to get in formation.

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