Chapter 118: Crush Him in Person

“Alright, fine,” Song Haishan said, calming down a bit. “Elder Brother Jiang Fan, even if you're the one to crush Yang Qi and not me, it will still sate my anger.” He knew exactly what kind of person Jiang Fan was, an enigmatic Quaternary Lifeseizer, someone who was actually on the very verge of becoming a Quinary Lifeseizer.

If a person like that wanted to do something to Yang Qi, then even if Yang Qi were stronger than he already was, he would still end up getting crushed.

The mere thought that he was going to experience a humiliation caused Song Haishan’s heart to pound with glee.

“Considering my status,” Jiang Fan said. “I would normally never deign to do anything to Yang Qi personally. But since he's helped all his friends become Lifeseizers, then it's obvious he's harboring some spectacular secret. There’s no way that people could reach the Lifeseizing level so quickly under ordinary circumstances. If I can extract whatever secret he has, and then use it for the benefit of the Crown Prince Society, that would be ideal.

“Alright, everyone. Let’s continue our previous session of cultivation. We also need to discuss whatever cultivation problems and enlightenment you all have encountered recently. Tomorrow, we’ll call Yang Qi out and get some answers to our questions.”

“Yes sir, Elder Brother Jiang,” Gu Fenxian said. “We could all use some cultivation tips from you. Hopefully I can achieve a breakthrough and personally vent my anger on Yang Qi.”

Jiang Fan closed his eyes. “I said, get back to cultivation.”


Yang Qi sat cross-legged in his lake-side temple in the College of Elite Students, holding nothing back as he circulated his true energy.

Hovering above him in the air was his Hellfire Crucible, which was now the color of platinum, holy and glorious. Platinum sagefire burned inside of it, a flame capable of melting anything and everything.

Originally, the flames had been like intensely hot lava. But it had changed, transforming from devil energy into something pure and holy. This was not fire from hell, but rather sagefire, something magnificent and pure.

Furthermore, Yang Qi’s own blood had also transformed, becoming the color of platinum.

‘Hellfire Crucible, melt these demon cores!’

The demon core of the Quinary Lifeseizer Jiao Wufeng currently floated in the crucible, slowly being eaten away. Yang Qi had already refined the other cores, turning them into life force quintessence that he fed into the next particle within him.

At the moment, he already had the power of more than fifty ancient megamammoths at his disposal.

Awakening the fifty-first had pushed him to Tertiary Lifeseizing. He had been baptized by the vital energy of heaven and earth, causing even more particles to awaken. Then he had killed Jiao Wufeng, and taken both his true energy and his demon core.

As of this moment, when he closed his eyes, he could see fifty-five particles awake inside his sea of energy. His rise to Tertiary Lifeseizing had involved five entire particles waking up.

‘Fifty-five megamammoths. That’s not enough to dry up rivers and drain seas, but it’s enough to topple a low-lying mountain.’ He truly did feel like he was strong enough to rip up a mountain by the roots. ‘Megamammoths can rip up mountains! Refine this demon core!’

Waving his hands, he sent numerous streams of true energy into his Hellfire Crucible, causing it to vibrate so intensely that the air around him rippled and distorted.

Even some of the metal accoutrements on his clothing began to melt.

‘Flame restraint….’ He reined in his energy, focusing the heat in the depths of the crucible, causing the demon core to burn, but causing the rest of the air in the room to begin to cool.

Now that he had conquered his inner devils, gained enlightenment of the dao of the quick strike, and fused the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth with his soul, it was almost as if he could do anything he set out to accomplish. He could pierce all hardness, and infiltrate all softness. He really was at one with the vital energy of heaven and earth.


As the demon core burned, tiny text markings became visible on its surface, although Yang Qi couldn’t quite make them out clearly.

He knew that the text was the cultivation technique that Jiao Wufeng had practiced, which was branded onto his soul. However, it was now damaged, making it impossible for Yang Qi to unlock its secrets.

Of course, he didn’t really care about some random technique of the Demonfolk anyway.

‘I originally thought it would take about ten days to refine the core, maybe even half a month. But it turned out to go much more quickly. I guess defeating my inner devil and mastering that quick strike really did help a lot. In the end, cultivation is really about besting oneself.’

Thrusting out both of his hands, he shattered the demon core into a powder that glowed as brightly as the moon. Instantly, the powder began to burn in his platinum sagefire.

One after another, various particles within him trembled and began to awaken.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop! Pop!!

The power of a demon core from a Quinary Lifeseizer was so incredible that it caused five particles to wake up. He now had the power of sixty ancient megamammoths.

Putting away his Hellfire Crucible, he closed his eyes to see if he actually had enough power and enlightenment to dredge up more enlightenment regarding Tertiary Lifeseizing. Who knew, perhaps he might even be able to reach Quaternary Lifeseizing?

As he sat there, the sun set, and the moon rose.

He absorbed the vital energy of the energy formation of the dao of monarchs without cease, using it to expunge the impurities from within him.

A day went by, and he was still completely absorbed in the intoxication of seeking enlightenment of his cultivation level. He was learning about his own life, the vital energy of heaven and earth, and the mysteries of the void and the universe. He was so engrossed that he lost all track of the world around him.

It was a state of cultivation that could only be happened across, not sought out.

Some of it was because of the mysteries of his godly-class energy art, and some of it was because of the fact that he had defeated his inner devil and strengthened his spirit.

As of this moment, his spirit was connected to the vital energy of heaven and earth, making him at one with the world. Now, he felt like he could control the clouds and wind, perhaps even cause it to rain, all without any true energy at all. According to the rumors, authentic holy ones could control magic with a single word. As sovereigns of heaven and earth, their mere thoughts surpassed energy arts, and could command all sorts of natural forces.

Of course, he was still light years away from such a level.

All of a sudden, Yang Qi sensed powerful vital energy fluctuations outside of his castle.

Pulling in his energy and focusing his thoughts, he rose to his feet. Heading outside, he saw a group of people floating in the air outside of his temple. There were six of them, and among their number were Gu Fenxian and Song Haishan.

However, the leader was a young man with a profound cultivation base, wearing white clothing. He kept his hands clasped behind his back, and didn’t seem to be carrying a weapon at all. However, the way he looked down his nose made him seem like a general who existed above everyone else on the earth.

“I'm Jiang Fan from the Crown Prince Society,” he said by way of introduction. “You’re Yang Qi, right? Come with me. I have something to discuss with you.”

“Why should I go with you?” Yang Qi replied. “Whatever you have to say, why not just say it here?”

“Come on, Yang Qi, behave yourself,” Gu Fenxian said grimly. “Give us some face and just come along. If you insist on being stubborn, then you can’t blame me for exterminating those four brothers of yours.”

Song Haishan didn’t say anything, as if he were waiting for something to happen.

“What exactly do you people want?” Yang Qi said. It was obvious they were up to no good, but he was confident in himself, and wanted to see what shenanigans they would try to pull off.

“Oh nothing,” Jiang Fan replied. “We just want to chat. But if you refuse, then fine, we’ll leave. I just hope you aren’t digging your own grave. Why lead your friends and your clan into ruin? I’d prefer to follow the rules of the institute and not do that to you.”

“Fine,” Yang Qi said with a nod. “If you agree not to cause any problem for my friends or my clan, then I’ll come with you for a chat.”

Jiang Fan turned and flew off, and Yang Qi followed close behind. 

Before long, they were out of the institute, and in a sprawling plain a few thousand kilometers away. It was already midsummer, and the flowers were in full bloom. Combined with the endless green grass, it was a beautiful sight. There were even flowing rivers with occasional leaping fish in them.

Jiang Fan touched down onto the ground, and Yang Qi followed suit.

Meanwhile, the other members of the Crown Prince Society all landed, keeping Yang Qi surrounded.

“Well, what do you people want?” Yang Qi asked. “Didn’t you want to chat? Don't tell me this is some sort of ambush?”

“Chat? Ha!” Song Haishan spat on the ground. “The only reason we came out of the Demi-Immortal Institute is so that the elders wouldn't get in the way. Making a move there would be difficult, but that’s not the case out here. Now shut up and listen. You think you qualify to ‘chat’ with us, you country yokel!?”

“Enough,” Jiang Fan said, waving his hand to stop Song Haishan from saying anything further. Looking at Yang Qi, he said, “Tell me what special technique or treasure you have. You got all four of your friends into the Lifeseizing level with almost no effort. They said it was with the help of their clans, and they might be able to trick everyone else into believing them, but not me. It’s pretty impressive that you could push four people into breakthroughs like that. Hand over the treasure, or explain whatever method it is that you used. Then, you can join the Crown Prince Society. If you agree to work for us, we’ll let you off the hook, and even ignore your friends. What do you say?”

“Elder Brother Jiang,” Song Haishan said grimly, “my cousin wants this guy crippled at the very least.”

“I'm the one in charge here,” Jiang Fan said, clasping his hands behind his back. Eyes flashing at Yang Qi, he continued, “You’re out of options here, so do as I say. If you don't, then I’ll take you into custody and get the information out of you the hard way. And when that happens, trust me, you’ll regret your decision. I'm giving you an out here. Why don’t you take it?”

“Aren’t you worried about breaking the rules of the institute?” Yang Qi said.

“Rules?” Jiang Fan chuckled. “Rules are made by people. And people are what make laws meaningful. In the Demi-Immortal Institute, the Crown Prince Society makes the rules. We are the law.”

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