Chapter 1178: Official Disciples

Hmm. Why isn’t father out yet?’ Yang Qi thought. In addition to the Shepherd and Doom, he also saw Eldest Brother and Elder Second Brother from the Invincible Society. All of them had slaughtered their way through ten thousand opponents and come out on top.

Truth be told, it wasn’t really anything spectacular. After all, weren’t these people the kind who had slaughtered their way through ten thousand times ten thousand experts in the mortal world?

But as people continued to teleport into the hall, and Yang Qi’s father Yang Zhan wasn’t among them, he started to worry. Yang Zhan was probably the weakest of the entire group, although Yang Qi had imparted immense battle experience into him, including information from the God Legion Seal.

‘If someone killed him, I’ll slaughter them in revenge,’ Yang Qi thought angrily. ‘Thankfully, I sealed some energy in father with the God Legion Seal. Later on, when my cultivation base is high enough and I can draw on the heavenly workings of the god world, I’ll be able to resurrect him if he’s dead.’

Yang Qi was always planning for the worst case scenario.

However, even as he formulated specific plans for how to get revenge, a nearby teleportation portal activated and Yang Zhan stepped out.

He wore a new uniform, but his face was pale, making it obvious that he had fought a very draining fight. In the end, though, he had come out on top of ten thousand other opponents.

Yang Qi breathed a sigh of relief.

“Father, come over,” he said. “Let me heal you. What exactly happened in there?”

“Something unexpected,” Yang Zhan replied with a wry grin. “Someone reached godly ascension and started slaughtering everyone. But in the end, I killed him. Don’t worry, I'm not exactly easy to kill. Besides, I’m dead set on finding Greensura, and I won’t rest until it happens. There’s no way a god is going to stop me.”

“You’re injured down to your essence. But you did kill a god, which is a very shocking accomplishment.” As Yang Qi spoke, he sent a gentle stream of energy into his father, causing him to shiver.

Yang Qi’s true energy flowed through Yang Zhan, soothing his muscles and bones, and causing popping sounds to ring out as his wounds were stitched. It was obvious that he had fought a very dangerous battle, leaving his meridians badly damaged and his sea of energy in a complete mess. In fact, if he hadn’t possessed some energy from the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, he would likely have died.

Most denizens of the god world would be dead if they had experienced the same thing. It was so bad that Yang Zhan’s heart was shattered into pieces. His nascent divinity was only in one piece because of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

Most likely, it was only because his opponent had underestimated him that Yang Zhan could come out on top.

After the healing process was over, Yang Zhan offered further details. “After reaching godly ascension, he started slaughtering everyone. So everyone teamed up against him. He hit me with a fist that shattered my heart, and assumed that the blow killed me. Little did he know that I had a bit of power left to unleash a move called No Heaven Beyond Heaven. That was how I killed him.”

“No Heaven Beyond Heaven?” Yang Qi asked quietly. “What’s that?”

“It’s a technique I created specifically to kill Proud Heaven,” Yang Zhan said proudly. “Even if he hides beyond heaven, I’ll make sure that he ceases to exist. He won’t be able to hide anywhere. The chiliocosm of worlds is immense, but it's not big enough to conceal him.”

“Is that so?” Yang Qi said. Although there were others in the group who had more fighting experience than Yang Zhan, he was apparently following Yang Qi’s footsteps and forming his own dao.

“None of us encountered anyone reaching godly ascension,” said Sectlord Will Manifestation, who was flanked by Peaklords Celestial and Memory. They all sat down. “In all fairness, the Bloodgore Trials are probably very difficult for the natives, but in the end, they’re simply too inexperienced. For people like us who have truly experienced dramatic fights in our lives, it wasn’t much to worry about.”

“Alright, we’re all here,” Yang Qi said. “We all got into the House of God Ordainment.” He was very pleased with how things had turned out. Now that they were all in the House of God Ordainment, they were definitely going to benefit greatly.

After they had sat there for almost a full twenty-four hours, one of the gods raised his voice. “Very well, ladies and gentlemen. You’re now members of the House of God Ordainment. The first thing you all need to do is accept our rules, which are very strictly enforced. We’re not a disunited organization; anyone who causes problems will be arrested by the law enforcement team. That said, you have the right to demand an audience before the parliament of elders to argue your case. But as long as you follow the rules, nothing like that will happen.”

Everyone in the hall joined voices and replied, “We understand!”

“What exactly do you understand!?” snapped another of the gods. “You haven’t even heard all the rules yet!”

“Cut them some slack,” another god said, waving his hand dismissively. “They just became members of the House of God Ordainment, so why not wait a bit before rebuking them?” Turning his attention to the crowd, he continued, “The House of God Ordainment was founded by a Paramount God named Patriarch God Ordainment. Even in the days when the Sovereign Lord controlled the god world, we were an independent entity. We didn’t participate in the struggles of the court, and although we paid fealty to the Sovereign Lord, we didn’t need to follow his every command. And we certainly weren’t members of the halls of heaven.

“Now, you are all official disciples of the House of God Ordainment. If the organization is strong, you’ll be strong. But if it weakens, you weaken. Understand? You can’t survive outside of this organization. Henceforth, your destinies, and your lives, are connected to the House of God Ordainment. Perhaps you don’t truly understand the gravity of my words now. But eventually, as your cultivation deepens, you will. In a word, those who join the House of God Ordainment must do everything for the sect. You live for it. You die for it. No one has ever betrayed the sect and escaped punishment. We hunt such people down... and kill them.”

His words were met with silence.

“What’s wrong with you people? Did you go mute or something?”

“Er, yes!”

“Yes sir!”

There wasn’t a unified response, but the disciples did voice their acknowledgment.

“And now, the almighty figures of the House of God Ordainment will select disciples they favor to serve as apprentices. Those who are selected will rise rapidly through the ranks. Those who aren’t selected need not feel resentment. You will be assigned important tasks on the outside, and as you further your cultivation, eventually reaching godly ascension, you will also rise through the ranks. First, would the disciples who reached godly ascension please step forward!”

As it turned out, the Bloodgore Trials were only the first part of the process.

There were roughly a dozen disciples who had become gods during the trials, and they were all holding their heads high. They knew they would almost certainly be looked on with favor. After all, only the disciples who could reach godly ascension would truly be accepted.

Bells tolled as immense energy flows filled the hall. At the same time, eight figures appeared, who were shocking even to Yang Qi. They were all Greater Gods!

The difference between Lesser Gods and Greater Gods was obviously greater than the difference between heaven and earth!

“Greetings, Elders,” one of the Greater Gods said. Seeing that he wasn’t seating himself, the disciples all scrambled to their feet out of respect.

“So these are the disciples who passed the trials here in the Primal-Chaos Continent,” said a female Greater God. “We held trials on thousands of continents, which begs the question of what this set of disciples is like.”

“Grand Elder,” one of the Lesser Gods said, “some of the disciples reached godly ascension during their trial. Might they be pleasing to your eye?” Glancing back, he said, “You disciples listen up. This is a Greater God and grand elder of the House of God Ordainment, Goddess Idlecloud. As the supervisor of the Idlecloud Pavilion, she's very important.”

“That’s enough,” said Goddess Idlecloud. “We’re here to select apprentices, not the other way around. And considering that all of the disciples who reached godly ascension are men, I’ll pass on selecting any. I’d rather see if there are any formidable women in the crowd.”

She waved her hand, sending out a stream of light that filled the hall and made everyone feel like this female god was looking into their souls.

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