Chapter 1160: Experts from the Hell-Breaking Church

The young elites from the Proud Clan were completely stunned. How could these people possibly be consuming so many Blood-Coagulation God-Recalling Pills? Even Quasi-Gods would have to be careful when dealing with the explosive medicinal strength of such pills, lest their meridians be damaged and their bodies improperly transformed.

Medicine was not the kind of thing that should be casually consumed.

It wasn’t as though people in the god world didn't commonly consume pills. Clans often had large stocks of god pills, some designed to increase longevity and others for improving the cultivation base.

Randomly consuming pills usually ended with one of two possible outcomes: either having one’s mind wiped out, or simply dying.

But Yang Qi and his people were devouring an entire chest full of Blood-Coagulation God-Recalling Pills, yet nothing was happening other than improvements to their energy arts. The Proud Clan disciples exchanged awkward glances, and were clearly at a loss for words.

“Y-y-you... you people....” They began backing up, looks of fear overtaking their faces.

“You think we're just ordinary wanderers?” Brahma said, clearly displeased. “Let me tell you, we’re far stronger than you could ever imagine!”

The truth was that even he was surprised. Normally speaking, he knew that they shouldn’t have been able to accept such explosive medicinal power. But thanks to having been refined by the God Legion Seal into pure godpower, it could bolster them immediately.

‘No wonder Proud Heaven wanted the God Legion Seal so badly,’ Brahma thought. ‘It gives the full Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth and can be used to control god vitality, create godstones, and even forge godnotes. And now it’s obvious that it can neutralize the dangerous aspects of all kinds of medicinal power. It’s like cheating!’

In fact, given this development, it was obvious that with enough medicinal pills to bolster his vital energy, Brahma would unquestionably be able to reach the Lesser God level.

It would lead to incredible benefits and help all of them to advance by leaps and bounds in a way that they could never have done in the impure lands.

The god world was the ultimate destination, and the best place to make real progress. There were challenges, but those challenges were also opportunities.

“Screw the hell off!” Sword Seventeen said, waving his hand and sending out streams of sword energy that wrapped around the young ones from the Proud Clan like strands of silk. “You deserve death for trying to steal from us, but instead I’ll just tie you up and throw you out.”

His energy arts were so advanced that he didn’t even fear Quasi-God experts now.


Yang Qi’s group flew out into the open, looking for the next ship to attack.

The wretch-god disciples were dropping like flies, and in the shortest of moments the attackers were deep into enemy territory.

“What?!” Wang Yi had led the Wang Clan forces onto one of the biggest battleships, and was in the middle of bitter fighting with the enemy’s Quasi-Gods. When he saw Yang Qi’s group pouncing like wolves and tigers, and destroying everything in their path, he couldn’t have been more shocked. And that was especially the case when he saw the Shepherd casually dispatching the enemy and transforming them into desiccated corpses.

Not even Quasi-Gods could cause them to pause for a moment.

The Shepherd’s skill in fighting was second only to Yang Qi’s, and his godpower was already vastly beyond what it was before.

Wang Yi and his people felt chills at the thought of what would happen if the Shepherd laid hands on them. They would obviously become withered corpses in the blink of an eye.

“What incredible devil church energy arts!” Wang Juan thought. “How did these people get so strong so fast? They’re advancing as if they just finished dozens of years of secluded cultivation.”

A gust of wind blasted out as the Proud Clan experts landed on the deck of the ship and reported in to Proud Radiance. Proud Radiance’s face instantly turned ashen. “Those heinous bastards....”

“What’s wrong?!” Wang Yi asked.

“Those assholes stole a bunch of medicinal pills and consumed them all at once. Their energy arts just increased dramatically.” His eyes glittered with a wretched light. “There are barely more than ten of them, and they consumed several hundred Blood-Coagulation God-Recalling Pills.”

“You’ve got to be kidding, Proud Radiance,” Lightning Dragonriser said, flying over. Looking over at Yang Qi’s group slashing through the enemy forces, he said, “Those pills take a month to properly assimilate. And during that month, you can’t engage in any fighting or use any of your godpower. If the medicine isn’t properly controlled, it’ll explode and destroy your meridians. How could they have possibly consumed so many pills?”

“Believe it or not, I don’t care,” Proud Radiance said. “There’s something fishy about these people. Look at all the things they're capable of! I wonder if they’re rebels that escaped from some powerful organization. Maybe they were all injured, and their energy arts crippled, but they’ve finally recovered. I bet if we took them captive, we could benefit a lot.”

“Stow that talk, Proud Radiance!” Lightning Dragonriser said. “They’re friends of mine, now, so you’d better not lay a finger on them!”

“I'm just worried that you’re inviting the wolf into your house,” Proud Radiance said. “Are you really going to bring them to your sect? I know what you’re thinking. If you get them on your side, you’ll enter the House of God Ordainment with your own faction already established. But what if they’re only interested in their own power?”

“I have my own plans, thank you very much,” Lightning Dragonriser said. “You really do underestimate me, don’t you? Well, don’t worry. I know what to do and what not to do.”

“I guess we’ll see if you can keep them in check,” Proud Radiance said. “As for me, I'm not going to just take all of this lying down.”

“Take what lying down?” a voice said, and a moment later Yang Qi and his group flew over, all of them carrying chests of medicinal pills.

Blood-Coagulation God-Recalling Pills.

The wretch-god’s forces had brought all of these pills with them for their assault on Lightningbolt Continent in the hopes of using them to carry out a very ingenious plan. They hoped to set up wretch-god altars and then burn the pills to create sagefire, which would empower their wretch-god and simultaneously allow them to use spell formations to level Lightningbolt City, killing everyone in it.

Now that Yang Qi had looted their stash, such plans were meaningless.

As he and his people landed on the deck, he was surrounded by such a baleful energy and bloody-soaked aura that as soon as he looked over at Proud Radiance, the young man backed up instinctively, his face draining of blood.

It was obvious that Yang Qi’s energy arts had advanced yet again.

“Be broken,” Yang Qi said, and the wave of his hand opened one of the chests, causing medicinal pills to spill out. Before they could even hit the ground, they melted into what looked like blood-colored dragons that shot directly into all of Yang Qi’s people.

“What do you think, Brother Lightning? Like this technique of mine? To be honest, I have a few tricks that I can use to neutralize the negative effects of medicinal pills. I can reduce the medicinal strength to make them easy to assimilate.” Throwing out some more bait, he continued, “It could really strengthen your Lightning Clan, and maybe even make you stronger as the rulers of Lightningbolt City.”

“Is that really possible?” Lightning Dragonriser said, clearly astonished. However, seeing what was happening right in front of his eyes, how could he disbelieve? The Shepherd, Jadefall, Sword Seventeen, and even Yang Zhan were all stronger than he was. Their godpower was nothing short of miraculous.

“Facts can vindicate big talk,” Yang Qi said coolly.

“If you’re really capable of such things, Brother Yang Qi, it would definitely be of immense help to the Lightning Clan. If you could immediately boost our experts, then we’d definitely make sure to keep you absolutely safe. We won’t let anyone lay a finger on you.” Lightning Dragonriser obviously recognized how valuable someone like Yang Qi could be.

“To be honest, I don’t care much about the Lightning Clan,” Yang Qi said. “I want to get into the House of God Ordainment. That’s where the real resources are. Being there would be a lot better than being stuck in a backwater place like Lightningbolt City that no one has ever heard of. Once we’re official students of the House of God Ordainment... just imagine how much we could help you. You would get very strong, very fast.”

With the Blood-Coagulation God-Recalling Pills to help his people get stronger, Yang Qi cared less than ever about the current situation. It was as if they had just gone through a session of a hundred years of cultivation. Being at the peak of the Quasi-God level, they were beginning to turn their virtual godhood into the real thing.

With enough medicinal pills, they would be able to reach the true heights of strength.

When Lightning Dragonriser saw all of Yang Qi’s people absorbing the medicine, his face lit up with delight, and then he laughed. “That settles it. I originally thought the Bloodgore Trials were going to be difficult. But if you can help improve my godpower, Brother Yang Qi, then I won’t have any issues at all.”

“That’ll be easy,” Yang Qi replied. “I can do it right now.” He quickly summoned what looked like a blood-colored dragon that shot forth and entered Lightning Dragonriser’s chest. Lightning Dragonriser immediately sensed warmth flowing through him as the medicinal power became a spell formation inside of him, provoking constant transformations as it headed toward his dantian region.

Lightning Dragonriser looked more delighted than ever, in part because he realized that he couldn’t have avoided Yang Qi if it had been an attack, in which case he would be dead.

‘This guy is almost as strong as a god already,’ he thought. Drawing on his sea of energy, he felt the medicinal power filling him, causing him to grow stronger with each moment.

Bursting out in hearty laughter, he said, “My godpower is already twice as incredible as before! I don’t think any other Quasi-God could be a match for me!”

Meanwhile, Proud Radiance looked on, livid, but at a loss for words.

It was at that point that cackling laughter rang out from Egret Island and numerous sparks of ghostfire appeared, which resolved into the shape of people.

“Watch out! Hell-Breaking Church disciples!”

Everyone began shivering in fear.

As for Wang Juan, she said, “Crap, those really are disciples from the Hell-Breaking Church. We need to get out of here! We can't fight them! We might have hope against one or two, but not that many!”

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