Chapter 1158: Nighttime Attack

Everyone nodded in approval at Yang Qi’s idea of joining the House of God Ordainment.

They had all fought their way up from the mortal world and were fully aware of the benefits of joining a big sect.

When millions upon millions of people joined forces into one group, they became incredibly powerful, such that a single person here or there couldn’t possibly stand up to them. True advancement had to be made by means of an organization. And if one could secretly seize the flow of destiny, or even come to lead the entire organization, it was possible to have a truly strong foundation.

There was no way a bunch of random stragglers could form a powerful organization.

Even in the mortal world, where Yang Qi could rely on the God Legion Seal, he had still ended up joining organizations like the Demi-Immortal Institute and the Titan Emperor Collegium. After taking control of the destiny of those locations, he had moved on to the Brahman Immortal World, the Dao Defense League, and the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect.

One step at a time, he had slowly taken control of the destiny of those powerful organizations.

That was what had led him to his current position.

That was the true method to practice cultivation.

The destiny of such organizations would include power, resources, hope, and more. At the very least, the resources required for breakthroughs couldn’t be acquired by a group of random stragglers. And if they ran into the wrong powerful opponent, they could be destroyed.

In the end, it was obvious that joining an organization was vitally important.

As they discussed the matter, everyone emphasized how important it would be to stick with Lightning Dragonriser and get into the House of God Ordainment. In terms of the Bloodgore Trials, none of them were particularly worried. How hard could it be to slaughter ten thousand opponents? They were experts who had killed millions upon millions of enemies in their lives, so why would they possibly be worried about some weakling savages from the god world?

As for Yang Qi, there was no way he would underestimate these friends of his.

Once they were in the House of God Ordainment, they would be able to work hard to rise through the ranks, and would surely reach the point of being able to take over or even overthrow the sect.

As they discussed matters, they continued working on their cultivation and Yang Qi helped them stabilize their cultivation bases after their breakthroughs, drawing on the God Legion Seal to do so.

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

Blazing sword light shot out from Sword Seventeen’s fingers, easily leaving three-inch gashes in the ground. As for the Shepherd, Doom, Eldest Brother, and everyone else, they all experienced dramatic and profound advancements.

The sky went dark, and everyone was becoming much more familiar with their energy arts and higher levels.

“Ah, what a pity,” Brahma said. Chopping his hand out, he created a small, five-colored projection of a hand. It was made of true energy that conformed to the five phases, and it only lasted for a moment before vanishing. “If only we had the resources to produce large amounts of godnotes. I know all sorts of ways to use various spirit medicines to improve one’s godpower. With the right medicine, we could experience overnight what most people would take a hundred years to accomplish.”

“Just wait until we’re in the House of God Ordainment,” Yang Qi said. “When my cultivation base is a bit higher, I’ll be able to produce godnotes, and then we can buy whatever we want. Remember, Lightningbolt City, and even the Lightningbolt Continent in general, might as well be a little town compared to the god world in general. Even with a lot of godnotes here, we wouldn’t be able to get everything we need. We just need to wait until we’re part of the House of God Ordainment.”

“Are you sure you can trust Lightning Dragonriser, Yang Qi?” asked Yang Zhan. “What if he's plotting against you? We can't rest all of our hopes on him alone.”

“Of course he’s not trustworthy.” Expression flickering with killing intent, he continued, “But I can kill him any time I want. As long as I’m confident enough to use the God Legion Seal, then not even a Lesser God could cause problems for me.”

Suddenly, Yang Qi’s lightning amulet buzzed and a voice reached his ears. “Brother Yang Qi, the experts of the Lightning Clan are ready. We’re being joined by the Wang Clan to head out and launch a sneak attack on the wretch-god’s believers. They’re camping out on Egret Island, not far from the Lightning Continent.”

“We can head out shortly,” Yang Qi replied. “Where should we meet up?”

“On the beach thirty kilometers east of here. We’re waiting for you.”

“Come on, let’s go,” Yang Qi said to his companions. They all leaped into the air, pulsing with the auras of Quasi-Gods as they glided along. Of course, at the moment, they still weren’t capable of true flight.

Yang Qi could have flown if he really wanted to. His godpower was so abundant that he was in no way inferior to a Lesser God.

But if he did something that heaven-defying, it would definitely arouse the attention of the gods here on the Lightningbolt Continent.

They moved with normal speed for a time until they were on a beach of soft, white sand. It felt incredibly comfortable to walk on, and the breeze that swept off of the water was lovely. However, there was no moon or stars, ensuring that everything was as dark as could be.

It seemed like the perfect atmosphere for killing.

Thankfully, there were luminescent pearls on the beach that cast soft light about, revealing a host of experts from Lightningbolt City.

As for Yang Qi, he had a golden flame on his palm that illuminated the area around him.

The first people that caught his attention were the Wang Clan experts, of whom there were several dozen, all Quasi-Gods. Wang Juan was there, but she could only count as average in the group.

Wang Yi was also there.

“You really don’t know the difference between life and death, do you?” Wang Yi said upon seeing Yang Qi. “We're going to kill some elite believers in a wretch-god. We need to conserve as much godpower as possible, whereas you waste it without a care in the world to make that fire of yours. What kind of extravagance is this! Well, when your godpower runs out, don’t expect us to help you.”

“Oh really?” Yang Qi said with a dark smile, extinguishing his flame.

Obviously, he knew exactly what he was doing. He just wanted to make himself seem like someone without much experience, in the hopes of preventing anyone from speculating that he had ascended from the mortal world. It was a given that people from the mortal world would know how to conserve power.

Smiling coldly, he said, “I have a lot of godpower, so I'm not worried about wasting a bit.” It could help a lot to have himself come across as wildly arrogant. After all, everyone knew that he had come out on top of conflicts with both Lightning Dragonriser and Proud Radiance. It only made sense that he would be arrogant because of that, and hopefully it would cast the experts’ thoughts away from matters relating to the mortal world.

“Come on, Brother Yang, now's not the time for squabbling,” said Lightning Dragonriser. “We all want to work together to strike a blow against the enemy. Egret Island is about three hundred kilometers from here, and we aren’t planning to take ships there. Ships would be spotted too easily.”

“So what are we supposed to do?” Yang Qi replied immediately. “Don’t tell me you expect me to fly. Flying would drain just about everyone here of all their energy. There’s no way we could make a three hundred kilometer journey in that way.”

“Don’t worry, we came prepared. We have a windsail for everyone.” He pulled one out of his backpack and handed it to Yang Qi. It seemed to be crafted from special feathers that rippled as it moved. When he threw it over his shoulders, it spread out according to some internal framework, settling over him like a cloak.

“Windsails are made from the feathers of a godbird we call a helpwind. Send godpower into it, and you can use it to ride the winds and fly. The amount of godpower you’ll spend powering the windsail will be far less than actually gliding on your own. And once you get used to it, it can be used to fly without hardly any effort at all. Windsails are very expensive, Brother Yang, but I don’t mind giving some to you and your people. Please just return them when we’re finished with the operation.”

Other members of the Lightning Clan produced more windsails, which they handed over to the others.

Yang Qi found that the feathers of the windsail contained the power of a wind god, making the item a true treasure. That said, there was no spell formation built into it. If there was a spell formation, it would have been even more amazing.

“Let me explain how to use the windsails,” Lightning Dragonriser said, and went on to demonstrate how to control them. Yang Qi and his people were all extremely intelligent and quickly mastered all the methods.

Seeing that they could use them, the other experts present nodded. Not wanting to waste any more time, they opened their windsails like wings and flew out over the ocean. Although there wasn’t any light at all, everyone knew which direction to travel, and could communicate with paper talismans if necessary.

Yang Qi opened his Lord's Eye, and upon powering it with some true energy, was able to make out a few of the details that were obscured by the darkness. Thanks to the functions of the God Legion Seal, no one had any idea what he was doing. As he looked ahead of them, he could sense a wretch energy pulsing off in the distance like a tongue of flame.

They flew for about an hour until an island appeared ahead, surrounded by battleships of every size imaginable. Most were festooned with bones and skulls, and even patches of human skin dripping with blood. The rancorous energy they pulsed with was overwhelming.

Countless wretch-god believers manned the ships, most of them armed with sabers. And they had erected altars upon which they were sacrificing men and women alike, cutting their heads open while murmuring enchantments.

It was a particularly brutal and grisly sight.

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