Chapter 1155: Proud Radiance

“So, you’re finally here, Proud Radiance! Please, just come in and enjoy yourself!” Wang Juan immediately tried to resolve the tensions that had sprung up in the room. She knew that Proud Radiance grew particularly irritated when people talked about the fact that he wasn’t a god yet. Obviously, he had overheard Yang Qi’s conversation with her, and the last thing she wanted was for a fight to break out.

This was a banquet thrown by the Wang Clan, and she needed it to be a happy occasion.

“I'm fine, thank you very much,” Proud Radiance said coolly. “And this must be Yang Qi, right? Wang Juan’s supposed rescuer? Well, Wang Juan, I should remind you that you’re engaged to my eldest brother Proud Triumphant of the Proud Clan. Sooner or later, you’ll be a part of our clan. And over the years, we’ve spent a lot of effort on helping with your training and education. It wasn’t very long ago that Eldest Brother Proud Triumphant reached godly ascension in the primary temple in the Proud Clan. When he returns, he’ll take you as his wife. I sincerely hope that your relationship with these shady characters doesn’t harm the prestige and honor of the Proud Clan.”

Yang Qi had decided to use his actual name and surname in the god world. It was an enormously large place, and it was highly unlikely that anyone had ever heard of him. And if they had, perhaps he could use his name to draw the snakes out of their holes. After all, he needed to find Proud Heaven and take the Great Necropolis and King Immortal-Slayer’s will back from him.

“What did you just say?” Wang Juan said, her expression flickering. “There’s no need for you to butt into matters relating to me and Proud Triumphant. These benefactors saved my life, so it’s only natural that I entertain them at a banquet.”

“Benefactors?” Proud Radiance said. “Saved your life? Considering you’re my future sister-in-law, I’ll show respect to you. But I couldn’t care less about these so-called benefactors. When Pirate King Deku used that god item to capture you, I was the one who led the charge to catch him. The only reason your Wang Clan managed to exercise control was because of me. Did you know that?”

“Of course I did,” Wang Juan said.

“Good. Then I’ll pay off these so-called benefactors of yours and everything will be even.” Waving his hand, he sent a godnote flying over toward Yang Qi. However, it spun so rapidly that it was as sharp as a blade. “Take this godnote and get out of here. All debts are paid, and I don’t ever want to see you around Lightningbolt City again. Understand? You’re wanderers, so get back to your wandering!”

“Oh really?” Yang Qi looked at the godnote speeding in his direction, and could tell that it contained impressive godpower. However, it wasn’t as if he was worried about that. Reaching out, he grabbed the godnote between his index and middle fingers, whereupon it burst into flames. Obviously, it had been backed by some sort of fire-type godly-class energy art.

However, Yang Qi’s hand then erupted with a green light, which completely suppressed the flames.

Hmm?” Proud Radiance’s expression flickered. He had thrown out that godnote using a secret attack art of his known as the Flamestreak Meteor, which was something few people could stand up to.

Shockingly, Yang Qi had simply caught it. And on top of that, he just stood there casually and suppressed the dangerous godpower on display. Godnotes were inherently dangerous when used in attacks, and Proud Radiance had imbued it with even more godpower than usual, which meant that even if someone did manage to defend against the attack, the note should have been destroyed in the process.

After all, even actual gods could be injured by weaponized godnotes.

Obviously, Proud Radiance’s plan had been for Yang Qi to be wiped out of existence.

He was clearly a vicious person who would kill people like scything flax. So why would he possibly be concerned with the life or death of a few random wanderers?

“I'm going to keep this godnote,” Yang Qi said. As everyone looked on in shock, he put the godnote away. “Many thanks for this gift, Brother Proud Radiance. It’s only proper that I should offer something in return, so please take this godstone.”

A walnut-sized godstone appeared in his hand, which he flicked toward Proud Radiance.

Proud Radiance’s face fell as he thrust his hand out and sent a flow of energy toward the godstone. However, the godstone merely shuddered and pierced right through the energy flow.

Howling, Proud Radiance drew on all of his godpower to summon a host of vortexes to slow down the stone. Then he reached out to grab it. However, when it hit his hand, the force shoved him backward by three paces, each step leaving a footprint in the incredibly tough floor.

“What? That kid is that strong?!”

“Proud Radiance is the most outstanding figure among the younger generation in the Lightningbolt Continent, but he was bested with only a single move?”

“Not necessarily. Perhaps Proud Radiance was just being careless or inattentive. After all, this wanderer... what was his name? Yang Qi. It should be easy for Proud Radiance to handle a character like him.”

All of the attendees were top experts, and it was easy for them to see that Yang Qi had just seized the upper hand.


Face nearly green with rage, Proud Radiance crushed the godstone in his hand. Then, he snarled viciously and said, “Impressive godpower. And your energy arts aren’t bad. You've been hiding your true strength, haven’t you? But I think I need to teach you a lesson about what the martial path is really about!”

“Hold on!” Wang Juan said. “This is a banquet being held by the Wang Clan, and as we all know, harmony is the most prized possession. Proud Radiance, could it be that you think this friend of mine doesn't qualify to attend the banquet? If so, why not test him out? Afterward, you can turn weapons of war into gifts of jade and silk. What do you say?” Inside, she was shocked, and was thinking, ‘I can’t believe Yang Qi is that strong! How come I couldn’t detect that before? If nothing else, it’s a plain fact that Proud Radiance is incredibly powerful. Everyone in the continent knows that. But he was obviously put at a disadvantage just now. And Yang Qi looks completely calm, to the point where I have to wonder if he used his full strength. I sure hope they don't actually start fighting. It would be bad if either of them got hurt, let alone both.’

“I’ll prescribe by the adage a guest should act according to the host's wishes,” Yang Qi said. “This is the Wang Clan’s banquet, and I’m not here to fight. In fact, I admit defeat. I am a mere wanderer. And everyone knows that even a mighty dragon cannot overpower a snake in its lair. The Proud Clan is powerful and mighty, of that I'm well aware. You have my sincere admiration. Let’s just forget about all this, okay?”

“Absolutely not!” Proud Radiance said coldly. “I want to see what you’re capable of. And in front of all of these witnesses, I hereby say that, regardless of who wins or loses, the Proud Clan won’t cause further problems for you. The Proud Clan never goes back on its word!”

“I don’t think it would be appropriate for us to—” However, before Yang Qi could even finish speaking, Proud Radiance launched an attack. Before he was even close to Yang Qi, his explosive godpower had created the projection of a huge fist sailing through the air. Unexpectedly, he was taking the initiative.

Yang Qi merely dodged to the side, only to find that the fist of godpower turned to follow him, as if it were locked onto him. Clearly, it was a very dangerous situation.

“Nice fist technique,” he said, and he wasn’t exaggerating. In fact, it was just what he expected the top master on the Lightningbolt Continent to be capable of.

It was a profound and enigmatic attack that seemed impossible to avoid. However, all Yang Qi had to do was tap it with his finger, and cracking sounds rang out as the fist of godpower collapsed.

“Well done!” Proud Radiance said. “You actually managed to deal with my Spirit Turtle Godfist. But let’s see if you can dodge the Seven Killings of the Black Turtle Heaven!”

He lunged forward, drawing on his godpower to summon seven ‘kill’ characters in front of him. They were all written in the script of the gods, and looked almost like they had been slashed into being with swords. They pulsed with killing energy as they shot toward Yang Qi with mysterious variations.

Seven Killings of the Black Turtle Heaven!

“Ghost God Killing!

“True Dragon Killing!

“Heavenly Void Killing!

“Blood Spirit Killing!

“Great Dao Killing!

“Pierced Void Killing!

“Self Destructive Killing!

Seven shadowy, humanoid figures appeared, pulsing with roiling killing intent and creating a deadly pillar of godpower fully thirty meters tall that screamed toward Yang Qi. It was obviously a very impressive attack.

“Seven Killings of the Black Turtle Heaven?” Yang Qi murmured. The attack actually had aspects that reminded him of the Ten Universes technique. Obviously, the Seven Killings of the Black Turtle Heaven was a very high-level energy art that had been altered in some way, and that Proud Radiance hadn’t truly mastered.

And obviously, the Ten Universes had a part of the Seven Killings of the Black Turtle Heaven in it.

He realized things all with just one glance.

That alone was enough for him to be convinced that Proud Heaven was indeed connected to the Proud Clan somehow. And the quintessence of his Ten Universes was clearly far more advanced than Proud Radiance’s Seven Killings of the Black Turtle Heaven, which went to show that Proud Heaven must have a much higher standing in the clan than Proud Radiance.

Yang Qi already knew that the Proud Clan on the Lightningbolt Continent was only an auxiliary branch of the main Proud Clan. In fact, it was likely that they didn't follow the most orthodox teachings of the Proud Clan. After all, the Proud Clan was an immense organization in the god world, with branches on so many continents that they were impossible to count. Because of that, even legitimate members of the clan might not necessarily know where their main headquarters was located.

Yang Qi examined the incoming Seven Killings of the Black Turtle Heaven, and in the time it takes a spark to fly off a piece of flint, he dodged out of the way. Then a purring sound could be heard as a bubble flew out and entrapped Proud Radiance.

It was the Purrfect God Art, a one-of-a-kind remarkable ability in heaven and earth. Because no one could possibly recognize what it was, he wasn’t worried about using it in the open.

When the Purrfect God Art came into play, other godly-class energy arts could only sit on the sidelines. Not even the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth could surpass it, let alone some Seven Killings of the Black Turtle Heaven.

Everyone looked on as Proud Radiance unleashed a torrent of energy arts to try breaking free, except nothing worked.

“What magical treasure is this?” he howled.

“It’s not a magical treasure. It’s an energy art I cultivate.” Waving his hand casually, Yang Qi dissipated the bubble and sucked the godpower back inside of himself. He had gained a lot from this little encounter, primarily establishing the connection between the Ten Universes and the Seven Killings of the Black Turtle Heaven. There was no doubt: Proud Heaven was from the Proud Clan.

Meanwhile, Proud Radiance dropped back down to the ground, various expressions flashing across his face as he finally realized that he wasn’t a match for Yang Qi.

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