Chapter 1152: Godhood Rating

In the god world, the psychic scale and power index measurements were superfluous. Godhood rating was the standard to measure the power of gods.

People who had just become Lesser Gods generally had a godhood rating of one.

As one’s cultivation base grew stronger, their godhood rating would climb. From one to two, two to five, five to ten, and so on.

Obviously, gods with a higher godhood rating could dominate those with lower ratings.

When Wang Juan said that her clan’s patriarch had a rating of two, while the Lightning Clan patriarch had a rating of five, it went to show how superior the latter was. And that was why the Lightning Clan ruled the Lightningbolt Continent.

Yang Qi was currently forming his own godhood and heading toward the point of being a real god. At the same time, he wanted to understand what other gods were like. For instance, he was very curious to see what Lesser Gods were capable of.

In the mortal world, he had come across plenty of godhood. Unfortunately, all such godhood was tainted and couldn’t compare to actual godhood from gods in the god world.

The godhood that existed in gods was alive, whereas the godhood in the mortal world was deathly and broken. Obviously, the two were impossible to compare to each other.

“I see,” Yang Qi said. “Are there any other major organizations on the Lightningbolt Continent?”

“Of course,” Wang Juan replied. “For instance, the Proud Clan. If the Lightning Clan acts as the feudal hegemon of the Lightningbolt Continent, then the Proud Clan are the administrators from afar. The leader of the Proud Clan contingency here is also a Lesser God with a godhood rating of five. Very formidable. That said, the Proud Clan’s main headquarters isn’t here. People say they’re based in a location much deeper in the god world. Despite that, they have a hand in affairs throughout the god world.”

“Proud Clan?” Yang Qi said, feeling a bit shaken. “And who’s their clan lord? I don’t remember hearing about them on the Five Phases Continent.”

“Oh really?” Wang Juan said, sounding a bit doubtful. “Don’t tell me the Proud Clan hasn’t established an outpost on the Five Phases Continent? That's simply impossible! They’re the top clan in the god world, so domineering that it almost defies imagination.”

All of Yang Qi’s other companions were equally surprised to hear about the Proud Clan, and although none of them showed that on their faces, they were all having secret discussions via divine will. “The Proud Clan? Could it be connected to Proud Heaven? It would make sense. And that would explain how Proud Heaven was able to leave the god world.”

Of course, it was all speculation at this point.

However, Yang Qi was already coming up with a plan.

Proud World was Proud Heaven’s son, and had his blood. If Proud Heaven really was from the Proud Clan, then by virtue of logic, he would have Proud Clan blood. Therefore, all they had to do was find a member of the Proud Clan here on the Lightningbolt Continent, get a blood sample from them, and compare it to Proud World’s blood. If they were similar, it would prove that Proud Heaven was from the immensely powerful Proud Clan.

Yang Qi was already making progress in his attempt to deal with Proud Heaven. After all, he absolutely had to get the Great Necropolis and the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart away from him. Furthermore, he needed to track down his mother, Aunt Susu, and Master.

The Great Necropolis and the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart were both foundational treasures that could shake the god world, so there was no way he could leave them in Proud Heaven’s hands.

Heaven helps those who help themselves! I just barely arrived in the god world, and I’ve already got some major clues. Unfortunately, if the Proud Clan really has a major presence on so many of the continents in the god world, then I obviously can't take them lightly.’

As the ship sailed on, they continued chatting. Yang Qi and his friends were doing everything they could to act like god world natives. It didn’t take long to settle into those roles, and soon enough, they were talking and acting very differently than they had upon first arriving. At this point, it would be very difficult for anyone to guess that they had ascended from the lower worlds.

A few hours passed, and soon it was night time. Because of the lack of moon and stars, it was pitch black, almost like the Hell of Gloom and Darkness. However, the Wang Clan was one of the top clans in the area, so they obviously had ways of dealing with that. The ship had a geomantic compass that they could use for navigation. It also created a bright flame that lit up everything around them. Soon, a harbor became visible, which was obviously the very same harbor Wang Juan had mentioned earlier.

All sorts of fancy and expensive-looking ships were sailing here and there. It was very different from the immortal worlds, where so many people could fly, even many commoners.

In fact, in some ways, Yang Qi actually felt like he was back among mortals.

It was a marvelous feeling. However, there was no doubt that this was the ultimate world among all the many heavens and myriad worlds. Of course, he had yet to see any actual gods.

The commoners he could see in the harbor were all mid Terrifying experts, and they were buzzing about as busily as bees.

‘The magical laws here are so strong!’ he thought, sighing inwardly. ‘Physical matter is so tightly bound to other physical matter that it can’t be separated. And every strand of vital energy is so incredibly dense that it's millions upon millions of times stronger than steel from the mortal world.’

In fact, the air in general here was so much heavier that, if you took a bit of energy from the god world and took it to the mortal world, it could easily transform into a sizable mountain.

That was why people beneath the mid Terrifying level couldn’t even breathe in the god world.

In fact, natives of the god world were born with mid Terrifying cultivation bases.

“We’ve arrived!” Wang Juan announced. “It’s night, but in Lightningbolt City, you can enjoy yourself from dusk all the way to dawn! Let’s go. Men, prepare quarters for my guests, and let them settle down to rest. Tomorrow, I’ll throw a big banquet.” After docking, Wang Juan led Yang Qi and his people into the city. The city was mostly crafted from ancient stone, mottled with age, but indescribably tough.

There were numerous towering buildings in the city, as well as castles, some of which glowed with soft but brilliant light while others radiated darkness and gloom.

One difference in this city compared to the lower worlds was that there were no spatial dimensions or minor worlds. The sprawling city in front of their eyes was all that there was. Lesser Gods wouldn’t waste their godly powers to create such god kingdoms.

As they walked down the street, they were struck by how everything seemed similar to the mortal world. There were shops, restaurants and hotels. The only difference was that the goods for sale were all god items.

“What are you looking to buy?” Wang Juan asked. As they walked down the street, people made way for them, and from the reverent looks in the eyes of many of them, it was obvious how important the Wang Clan was in the city.

“This city is huge,” Yang Qi said. In fact, he couldn’t even see the end of the street. And there were so many castles lining it that he couldn’t count them.

“We need to buy Godsieve Pills in bulk,” Brahma said. “After all, those are the best pills to crystallize godpower and break through magical laws. All of us are on the verge of being Quasi-Gods, so with enough Godsieve Pills, we should be able to break through. Where is the main business district of the city?”

Back on the beach where they had first landed, they had lived in a log cabin and devoured raw animal meat to survive. They had been living like wandering beggars. Now that they were in the city, if they could get the proper medicinal pills they could advance their cultivation by leaps and bounds.

“Godsieve Pills?” Wang Juan’s eyes glittered. “Those are rare. But with twenty godnotes you should be able to get some. Look, our Wang Clan’s main business is trading in medicinal ingredients. Why don’t you work out a deal with us? I’ll give you a good deal.”

“That works,” Yang Qi said, nodding. “Miss, would it be too much to ask for you to help us find a place to work on our cultivation?”

“Alright!” She led them to a rather large inn, and as soon as they walked inside, the innkeeper hurried over to greet them.

“My respects, Miss. How can I help you?”

“I want your best rooms for my guests here,” she said in a crisp tone. “A private villa with a courtyard, understand? And prepare a banquet with your best dishes.”

“Yes, yes of course!” Bowing and scraping, the innkeeper led Yang Qi and the others to their rooms. After all the details were taken care of, Wang Juan said, “I need to report back to my clan. I’ll have the Godsieve Pills delivered first thing in the morning. For now, get some rest.”

“Many thanks, many thanks!” they said, clasping hands formally as they escorted her out.

At long last they had some peace and quiet. Their quarters consisted of a room deep in the inn, with a peaceful garden in the middle and a host of private chambers. It was elegant and tasteful, but at the same time simple. Clearly, the place had been planned out by a master designer.

There was also a table in the dining chamber, which was currently covered with all sorts of delicious foods. There were crisp vegetables, savory meats, and aromatic rice. There was no way their diet of raw meat out in the wilds could possibly compare to this.

However, instead of eating, everyone was waiting for Yang Qi’s instructions.

“Our first order of business is to get stronger,” he said with a faint smile. At the same time, he emanated a faint golden light. As a Quasi-God in the peak Terrifying level, he was now strong enough that he could ensure privacy from prying eyes and ears.

After setting all the precautions in place, he continued, “We’re different from the people around here, and should be able to achieve breakthroughs more quickly. Plus, I have the God Legion Seal. Over the next few days, I’ll help all of you to purify yourselves in body and soul. I’ll also spend some time in seclusion, meditating on further profundities. Once all of you are in the peak Terrifying level, things should be a lot easier. From what I've seen so far, Quasi-Gods generally occupy high positions.”

“Well that’s a given,” Brahma said. “In the god world, gods are the leaders, with even the Lesser Gods ruling over countless commoners.”

“Alright. Right now, I'm going to help strengthen your godpower with my new enlightenment of the Sage Monarch Grand Magic and God Legion Seal!”

Sitting in the middle of the group, he began performing incantation gestures one after another. At the same time, over a dozen golden hands appeared above him, then settled onto the heads of his subordinates.

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