Chapter 1142: Fighting for Survival

The trial was over.

Everyone suddenly felt much more relaxed, although their heads were still spinning and they had no idea where they were. Yang Qi was the only one who had maintained his faculties from beginning to end; he wasn’t even light-headed.


He watched as the tempest around them sent them into a glowing exit aperture, whereupon they began falling at a shocking speed. Below them was a vast ocean littered with scattered islands, all of them covered in dense vegetation.

The world seemed to stretch without end in all directions, making it impossible to assess the world in general. Yang Qi quickly circulated his true energy in the hopes of stabilizing himself and floating in midair, or at least gliding downward.

Sadly, he completely failed.

Circulating his true energy did almost nothing, making him feel almost the same as he did back in his days in Yanhaven in the Rich-Lush Continent, before he reached the fifth phase of Energy Eruption.


He hit the ground and was sent tumbling. Thankfully, he had landed on sand instead of rock, otherwise his head would have been bashed in. He could already sense that his true energy was almost completely out of control.

Meanwhile, other shrieks and screams of pain could be heard as his companions landed around him. The only exception was Jadefall, who had the purrling in her arms, allowing her to safely descend in a bubble.

Despite having slammed hard into the sand, a look of wild joy could be seen on Brahma’s face. After catching his breath, he circulated his true energy, looked around, and then burst out laughing. “This is the god world! We’re really here in the god world! I'm back!”

Suddenly, he was wracked by a fit of coughing, then continued, “Not bad at all. We got lucky. We actually landed on sand instead of rock. If we’d hit rock, we would already be dead.”

“It's this dangerous?” Yang Qi said, sitting there on the sand. “You would expect most people who came here from the mortal world to end up dead. How do people survive?” Struggling to his feet, he looked out at the waves on the ocean around them. He felt immense pressure, and could sense that the magical laws were already weighing heavily on his psychic power.

He made an experimental leap into the air, and found that he only made a few feet up before falling back down.


All of a sudden, the tide brought some waves crashing into the shore, which pulled Yang Qi out into the water.

Face falling, Brahma said, “Hurry and get back on land! If you get attacked by the godfish in the ocean, you’ll be killed and drained of blood!”

Yang Qi struggled a bit, but managed to crawl back up onto the sandy shore.

Even as he did, a fish leaped out of the water, only about a foot long, but with a mouth full of snapping, razor-sharp teeth. It moved with such speed that it seemed even faster than a martial arts expert.

Yang Qi scrambled to get out of the way, but was too slow, and the fish latched onto his arm. Ripping and tearing sounds could immediately be heard as it started chewing on him.

“How could one tiny fish be so strong?” He quickly drew on the powers of his Unspoiled Body, and thankfully it prevented the fish from biting deeply into him. Then he clenched his other hand into a fist and struck the fish as hard as he could. It let out an odd shriek, but unexpectedly, didn’t die.

This shocking level of power was nothing to look down upon.

In the past, Yang Qi could have destroyed an immortal world ranked three thousand with his fist. But here in the god world, he couldn’t even kill a little fish?

“That's a fangfish,” Brahma explained. “Here, let me help get it off you. They have such incredible biting power that they can even dismember a peak Terrifying expert. I almost can’t believe that your body is this strong. It’s incredible....”

“Fuck,” Yang Qi said, holding the fish firmly in his hand now that it had been pulled off of his arm. “The fish are this strong?”

“This is the god world,” Brahma said, laughing. “Unless you’re an actual god, you’re nobody. Even just breathing will burn a lot of vital energy. We’re going to be getting hungry soon, and this fish will provide some valuable nourishment.”


All of a sudden, another powerful wave hit the shore.

Yang Qi scrambled further up the beach, but lost his grip on the fish in the process, allowing it to leap back into the water, snapping its teeth the entire time as if it wished to shred Yang Qi to pieces.

All of a sudden, Yang Qi felt exhausted, weighed down, and drained of energy.

‘How could this be happening? I'm the number one figure in the mortal world. I slaughtered countless godlings there. But here in the god world, I can’t even beat a fish?’ He couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed.

Everyone else standing on the beach felt similarly weighed down, their faces pale as they wondered if they would even be able to stay alive.

“That wasn’t an ordinary fish,” Brahma explained, “but rather a fierce fangfish. You people have just arrived, and aren’t used to the god world yet. You see, the godlings in the immortal worlds are actually just animals with a bit of the blood of true godlings from the god world. Listen. Can you hear your stomachs rumbling? You’re all hungry, aren’t you?”

As soon as he mentioned this, everyone realized that they did feel slight pangs of hunger.

“So that’s what that is,” Doom said. He almost couldn’t believe it, considering how strong he was. “Why exactly are we feeling hungry, though?”

Brahma gave a wry smile. “Because your metabolism works countless times faster here than it did in the immortal worlds. Every time you breathe in the vital energy here, your body is forced to break it down, leading to what is essentially a life or death battle inside you. The magical laws in the vital energy are very strong, which means that every breath you take causes you to lose some of your own essence vitality.”

“What if we just stop breathing?” Proud World said. He had just cast his sense inward and confirmed that the vital energy he breathed in was causing him to lose his essence vitality.

Brahma laughed coldly. “Not breathe? Then you would suffocate. Go ahead and try if you don’t believe me.”

Proud World held his breath, but after only a few moments, he started feeling dizzy and light-headed. Then, before he could do anything else, he collapsed onto the ground.

Yang Qi hurried over, propped him up, and tried to send some essence vitality into him. Unfortunately, he couldn't send his true energy out of his body and was forced to actually touch Proud World and make the transfer by contact.

“Incredible...” Brahma said. “You can actually impart your essence vitality to another person, Yang Qi? That’s really amazing. In any case, we have to breathe. If we don’t, the magical laws around us will destroy our bodies. Allow me to summarize our situation: now that we’re in the god world, we’re ordinary people with very weak bodies. In fact, we're probably even weaker than ordinary people. We’re essentially sickly. The only exception is Yang Qi, who has the God Legion Seal, making him so tough that not even that fangfish could bite through his skin. You know, even the locals would actually bleed if they were bitten by a fangfish.”

“So what do we do now?” Yang Zhan said coolly. “How do we survive if we're so weak?”

“By fighting tooth and nail. Thankfully, we ended up on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. And it seems like there aren’t any animals here either. If we had ended up in a populated area, we would have been taken captive immediately. One reason we're so weak is that we're just not used to the magical laws of the god world. Once we get used to them and practice a bit of cultivation, we’ll be fine. It should only take a few days. By the way, if we don’t reach godly ascension, our lifespan will be very limited. I'm not sure about Yang Qi, but for the rest of you, I'd say you’ll only last about a hundred years before you shrivel up and die.”

“We understand...” Proud World said. He and the others all felt the same. After all, what was the point of living for even billions of years in the mortal world, compared to living in the god world? The god world was the ultimate destination, and a hundred years was plenty of time to cultivate one’s way to strength.

Expression flickering with fear, Jadefall said, “Now I finally realize why you can’t go to the god world unless you’re in the mid Terrifying level. Someone in the early Terrifying level would probably just drop dead instantly.”

Brahma nodded. “Exactly. Early Terrifying cultivators couldn’t even breathe here. I'm an actual god, and was very strong in the past, but now even I'm having difficulty. That said, I now have a chance to recover. And I’ll make sure to explain everything to all of you along the way. Come on, we need to go find some food.”

“I brought some god pills with me,” Yang Qi said, “do you think they’ll be effective?” He reached into his robe to pull them out, then looked in shock at his hand when all he held was a bit of powder.

“They won’t,” Brahma replied. “Things like that get destroyed on the way here. Your God Legion Seal should be fine, but any other magical treasures or god items will have been too tainted by the aura of the mortal world. Special items like the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and the Cruiser of Civilization should be fine. But I think you’ll find that you can’t actually get into the Cruiser of Civilization right now. You’ll have to wait until you’re a god before you can do that.”

The immortal-slaying clone pulled out a saucer-sized fragment of the cruiser, but couldn’t do anything with it.

It had obviously been transformed during their journey, and was temporarily impossible to use. There was obviously no way they could use the Godly Positioning Systems, let alone use the cruiser to fly.

On the upside, Yang Qi was certain that the immense pressure of the magical laws would make their cultivation even more rewarding. Plus, he had a much better starting point considering he had the God Legion Seal.

Right now, the first task at hand was to get used to the magical laws around him.

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