Chapter 1141: Leaving for the God World

The Executors of the Ancient Road had been wiped out and the Sage Monarch League truly ruled everything under heaven. Yang Qi’s brothers, Yang Yunchong and Yang Hualong, were strong enough that they could easily keep an eye on things. And as long as they continued to cultivate the Sage Monarch Grand Magic, their cultivation bases would continually improve. In other words, Yang Qi could leave things in their care without having to worry about a thing.

In addition, Yang Qi had Brahma convey some of his experiences of godly ascension into their seas of consciousness, ensuring that his brothers would progress faster than anyone else in the mortal world.

At this point, Yang Qi began to take roll, calling out all of the mid Terrifying experts that he was planning to take with him to the god world.

The current list was comprised of his immortal-slaying clone, Brahma, Jadefall, Doom, Proud World, the Shepherd, Sectlord Will Manifestation, Peaklords Memory and Celestial, Eldest Brother, Sword Seventeen, Elder Seventh Brother Meng Shafan, Yang Zhan, and Patriarch Annalist. They were the only ones. After all, no one else had been able to reach the mid Terrifying level.

He did have some mid Terrifying puppets, but didn't intend on taking them with him. Puppets were puppets, and they wouldn’t be of much help in the god world. In fact, they would probably be a burden.

One thing of particular interest was that Patriarch Annalist had truly advanced by leaps and bounds. In fact, his rise to the mid Terrifying level had come as something of a shock. That said, Yang Qi knew that his self-created All-Eternity Spring-Autumn Annalist God-Dao Scripture had a lot of potential, so it made a lot of sense that he was able to become a mid Terrifying expert.

Everyone in the group took care of important matters before preparing to leave. The Yang Clan was now firmly in control of the Sage Monarch League, with Yang Qi’s two brothers having ultimate power and plenty of resources to maintain the status quo. Yang Qi’s other sworn siblings, and the old forces that had been loyal to the Holy Mother of the Hanging Mountain, such as Yan Wubing and those like him, were there to help his brothers keep order.

They had access to cultivation resources as well, and were all working hard to ultimately reach the peak Terrifying level.

A massive flow of destiny had converged on Yang Qi, but he had already split it and sent it to his various relatives and sworn siblings.

The time had come to walk the Ancient Road to the Gods.

That road was incomparably large and had once been filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. But now it was virtually empty. Some of the experts had been killed, while others had acknowledged allegiance to the Sage Monarch League. In any case, all opposition had been removed.

The Sage Monarch League controlled access to all treasure troves, as well as the immense wealth that had been accumulated by the Executors of the Ancient Road. There was also everything that had been ejected by the Great Necropolis.

The necropolis had changed everything. After swallowing up the will of King Immortal-Slayer, the necropolis had spat out so many treasure troves that it was impossible to determine how many there were out in the primal-chaos. And the Sage Monarch League now had a chance to collect them all. Furthermore, there were numerous hells to conquer; when the job was done, the Sage Monarch League would be like a mortal version of the halls of heaven.

Yang Qi was very pleased to see everything going so smoothly. After all the years of bitter conflict and fighting, he had finally reached the point of being truly invincible in the mortal world. The Future and Primeval Ages were no more. Only the Immortal Dao Age existed. And the destiny and dao of heaven were both there to provide a strong foundation for growth.

“Take care on your journey, Third Brother....”

Yang Yunchong and Yang Hualong waved goodbye as Yang Qi led his group of over a dozen top experts into the depths of the Ancient Road to the Gods. Eventually, they caught sight of the passage that existed at its end. Keeping firm control of the God Legion Seal, Yang Qi waved his hand and summoned an enormous bubble around himself and his people.

“This is the end of the Ancient Road to the Gods,” Brahma said. “The way to the god world. Once we step in, everything will spin into motion as we careen through space and time. When we arrive, we’ll find ourselves in a random place in the god world. Normally speaking, we would be separated, but considering you have the God Legion Seal and the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, I don’t think we need to worry about that. Connect our souls and impart the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth to all of us. That will unite us and ensure that we don't get separated. The best outcome would be for us to be transported to some remote mountain range where we can set up camp and start working on getting stronger. The sooner one or two of us become gods, the better. Otherwise we’ll be in great danger. The fighting in the god world is far more intense and deadly than anything from the mortal world!”

Everyone understood exactly what Brahma was saying.

In the god world, there were plenty of low-level gods who were nothing more than servants or commoners. As for mid Terrifying experts, they were only qualified to be slaves.

Therefore, the most important thing for them to do once they arrived in the god world was to stick together and defend each other. After all, they could even be ripped to shreds by animals of the god world.

Purr, purr....

The purrling rested in Jadefall’s arms, purring loudly, almost as if in disdain. At the same time, there seemed to be a gleam of anticipation in its eyes, as though it believed it belonged in the god world.

God Legion Seal: Soul Integration!

Yang Qi waved his fingers, sending a sealing mark into the foreheads of everyone present. In the past, some of these people had started out as friends, some had been enemies. But in the end, all of them ended up as Yang Qi’s core group of trusted and loyal allies. All of them knew that the god world was truly the ultimate destination, and each one was extremely excited to see what it was like.

They were like a group of floodwyrms just itching to swim into the ocean.

“Let’s go!” Yang Qi said, taking a last look at the mortal world and everything in it. He was now invincible in the mortal world, which meant that the god world was the only place where he could continue to grow.


Turning his back on the mortal world, he plunged into the passage leading to the god world.


He pushed the Purrfect God Art to the limit to protect everyone and keep them together. However, as they shot through the passageway, they were shaken deeply, to the point where they felt their souls being tugged at. In fact, their true energy was being destabilized, and rushing away from them uncontrollably.

“Crap!” the Shepherd blurted. “My true energy is being drained away! If this keeps up I'm going to die!”

“Stabilize your nascent divinity!” Brahma said. “Conceal your spirit and energy. Make sure you don’t let out any soul fluctuations. You’re experiencing the first baptism of the passage to the god world. The power of the god world is flowing through you, and if you can’t sustain it, you’ll be melted by the magical laws.”

The Shepherd complied, doing everything he could to stabilize himself and keep calm. Then he looked at the surrounding power fluctuations in the tunnel, and marveled. If it weren’t for Yang Qi’s presence, and his protection, the Shepherd knew that he would already have been killed and transformed into nothing but vital energy.

He was a top expert from the Immortal Dao Age, and the leader of all the fiend-devils, but in the god world, he might as well be an ant.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi sensed the frenzied weight of the magical laws around him and knew that they surpassed anything he had encountered in the past, whether that was the Cave Temple of the Vajra Māyādevī or the headquarters of the Executors of the Ancient Road.

Only now was he truly experiencing the boundless force of the god world.

Strange psychic powers assaulted him from all sides, bombarding him with the destructive forces of rebirth, and endless tribulations.

His God Legion Seal glowed faintly, illuminating the area; compared to the wild powers around him, he was like a tiny fish struggling in an enormous tsunami, incapable of making any significant movement.

In the mortal world, a mere thought on his part could transform the world around him, but not here. In fact, just staying safe was an accomplishment of its own.

All of a sudden, the ferocity of the power flows increased, making it seem like they were in a hurricane of god wind. In fact, the wind pierced through their defenses, tugging at their souls as if it was determined to separate them.

“Watch out!” Brahma called. “It’s trying to separate our souls. The magical laws of the god world want to keep us apart and send us to different locations in the god world. Give control of your souls to Yang Qi! Let him take charge!”

Everyone knew that it was a very dangerous situation. After all, if they ended up separated in the god world, it would be very difficult for them to survive on their own, and even more difficult to meet up.

Yang Qi drew on the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, the Unspoiled Body, the Purrfect God Art, the energy arts of the thirty-six masks, and ultimately a technique from his Sage Monarch Grand Magic called the Banner of Monarchs.

In the blink of an eye, he summoned a huge banner that wrapped around the souls of everyone present, putting them under his control.

Instantly, the powers tugging at them lessened.

The forces at play were so intense that everyone felt light-headed. Brahma had it a bit better than the others, but even he was gasping for breath. “I think we might be the first people ever to enter the god world without passing out! There are often mid Terrifying experts who enter the god world unconscious and end up getting captured and enslaved before they wake up. Some unlucky ones end up out in the wild, where the animals eat them before they can regain consciousness.”

Some of the others wanted to ask further questions, but they could hardly breathe at the moment, let alone talk.


A bolt of god lightning fell, the kind that could destroy anything it touched if it fell on an immortal world.


Blood sprayed out of the mouths of everyone present as they began to slip into unconsciousness.

Howling, Yang Qi drew further on the God Legion Seal, sending golden light into everyone present, healing them. “You absolutely, positively must not pass out! Once we get to the god world, we’ll focus immediately on getting stronger! We can’t let ourselves be taken captive!”

Everyone focused on maintaining lucidity, fully aware that their fates rested in the hands of Yang Qi.

Eventually, the winds grew so intense that they were sure they were about to be ejected.

But they had no idea where they would end up.

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