Chapter 114: Killing a Quinary Lifeseizer

Jiao Wufeng burst out laughing. “A puny Secondary Lifeseizer? What are you going to do? Well, you two are students from the Demi-Immortal and Sea God Institutes, with access to the best techniques possible. You know what? I want those techniques.”

At this point, one of the black floodwyrms said, “Don't waste your breath on these two little punks, Boss Wufeng. Let’s just attack with our Nine Dragons Fatal Strike Array. There’s no way they can escape that.”

“You’re right. Set up the formation.”


Jiao Wufeng looked down as the other eight black floodwyrms opened their mouths and spat out blasts of true energy, which converged into the shape of numerous flags, all of them embroidered with images of dancing devils.

The true energy flags slammed down into the sand, locking down a roughly five-square-kilometer area. All areas of escape were thus completely sealed off.

“Watch out, Brother!” Jun Tianchou said. “The Nine Dragons Fatal Strike Array is virtually impenetrable.”

However, even as the words left his mouth, Yang Qi took action.


Energy began to swirl around him, distorting the air, until he simply vanished.

Shocked, Jun Tianchou murmured, “What’s going on?”

A moment later, he caught sight of a spear that seemed to belong to a ghost-god from the netherworld, stabbing directly into Jiao Wufeng.

Jiao Wufeng had been surrounded by a defensive energy field that was seemingly as impregnable as iron. But this attack of Yang Qi was like the epitome of death, and crushed through his defenses as easily as a hammer crushing an ice cube.


The energy field collapsed, and at the same time, the image of an entity with an elephantine head and a human body appeared, its trunk capable of absorbing even the stars in the sky.

With a single inhalation, that entity absorbed all of the energy which had just been shattered.

Yang Qi had just killed five black floodwyrms in the Lifeseizing level, all with a single shot.

And from the way he attacked now, it was clear that he was very familiar with that method. It didn’t matter that Jiao Wufeng was a Quinary Lifeseizer. That spear strike was something he could never have dreamed existed. And how could he ever have guessed that a mere Secondary Lifeseizer could attack with such force that his defensive energy field would be destroyed instantly?

It was the type of strike that could cause ghost-gods from hell to weep, and could cast judgement on disgraced gods from heaven.

The moment the defensive energy field was destroyed, the Infernal Deity Spear stabbed into the black floodwyrm at Jiao Wufeng’s feet, causing it to explode into a cloud of blood and gore.

Then the spear angled up, heading directly toward the nascent divinity that was Jiao Wufeng himself.

That nascent divinity was the embryonic form of Jiao Wufeng’s future humanoid form, and it also contained his demon core. Accompanied by an agonized shriek, that huge, moon-like demon core burst out into the open, where it then began to speed off in the hopes of making an escape.

Silvery light spread out in all directions, making it seem very much like an actual moon, and turning the entire world around them pure silver.

This demon core was far, far larger than any of the others Yang Qi had collected so far.

In comparison, those other demon cores were like clumps of dirt, and this one was like an enormous jewel.

This was a Quinary Lifeseizing level demon core!

The fact that Yang Qi could slaughter a Quinary Lifeseizer in a single shot would leave many powerful experts in the world completely stunned.

“Dammit! I can’t believe you’re so strong, you bastard! You tricked me!” It was the voice of Jiao Wufeng. Unexpectedly, he actually wasn’t dead.

Yang Qi’s attack had been so devastatingly powerful that it was impossible to defend against. It was the type that could instantly eradicate any black floodwyrms who were Primary or Secondary Lifeseizers.

But Jiao Wufeng was too powerful to be killed by a single blow. It could only seriously injure him. He was the type of expert who could survive even after being chopped to pieces. His true energy could always form back into a humanoid shape and flee. He could even abandon his fleshly body if he wanted to, and go possess another.


Shockingly, the force released by the destruction of the nascent divinity sent out such powerful reverberations that the Infernal Deity Spear was shaken.

Then, the nascent divinity and the demon core fused into the shattered remnants of the black floodwyrm body, which began to restore itself.

Jiao Wufeng's true form was that enormous black floodwyrm; he just liked to maintain human form whenever it was convenient. This was actually a weakness among many high-level Demonfolk. Demonfolk experts believed that maintaining human form would earn them respect.

And in fact, the individuals who were most respected among the Demonfolk were humans.

Unfortunately, Jiao Wufeng’s nascent divinity had been damaged, and his black floodwyrm body almost completely destroyed. Right now, he had no other choice than to practice cultivation to heal himself before he could think about fighting back.

“Brother Jun, let’s go!” Yang Qi said, “If we wipe out Jiao Wufeng, then the other hellions will be easy to take down!” Armor rippled out to cover his body, and his Fiend-Devil Wings sprouted behind him. The Infernal Deity Spear formed again in his hand, only this time, bigger and longer.

Now, it seemed mighty enough to pierce moons.

Furthermore, a tiny black hole sprang into being on the spearhead, which sucked in all light in the area.

Yet again, another massive attack surged forth, backed by the spectacular power of a megamammoth.

One spear strike. Only one, single spear strike.

Jiao Wufeng struck out with his floodwyrm claw, unleashing a variety of martial disciplines unique to demonlings. However, no amount of complex variations could evade Yang Qi’s spear.

Another agonized shriek rang out as the spear stabbed through his claw. Then Jiao Wufeng said, “Time to go for broke! Devilish Floodwyrm Breaks Gods! Slaughter Immortals and Kill Devils! Nine Cleavings of the Dragon King!”

Massive amounts of energy erupted from this terrifying, devilish floodwyrm, a Quinary Lifeseizer. He even burned his own life force to unleash a technique created by whatever black dragon was his immortal ancestor: The Nine Cleavings of the Dragon King.

“First Cleaving: Sever Rivers! Second Cleaving: Part Seas! Third Cleaving: Carve Mountains! Fourth Cleaving: Shatter Stars! Fifth Cleaving: Collapse Voids! Sixth Cleaving: Eradicate Immortals! Seventh Cleaving: Pulverize Heaven and Earth! Eighth Cleaving: Fracture the Universe! Ninth Cleaving: Create a Great Dao!”

In the shortest of moments, Jiao Wufeng suddenly transformed into nine projections, which then swirled together to create a massive axe of true energy. The axe then reared back and slashed toward the incoming Yang Qi, seemingly carrying with it the force to destroy anything and everything.

“Die!” Yang Qi bellowed, fully aware of the power of the axe, and yet not the slightest bit afraid.

‘Tertiary Lifeseizing! Upgrade to invincibility!’ He knew that this was Jiao Wufeng’s final move. Therefore, he went all out, and held absolutely nothing back. Instantly, the vital energy of heaven and earth in the area erupted into motion. Countless tiny vortexes sprang up, which quickly took recognizable forms. There were devil-ghosts, wild beasts, flames, lightning bolts, giant-spirits, and more. It was as if the gates of hell had been opened allowing all types of demons, devils, ghosts, and monsters out, as well as other tribulations such as fire and flame.

Instantly, the entire area was filled with all-destructive power.

By going all out, Yang Qi had pushed himself to the level of Tertiary Lifeseizing.

And of course, heaven and earth would fight back. Thus, countless tribulations of vital energy formed to fight him.

Of course, such tribulations also affected Jiao Wufeng.

Because of the eruption of all the vital energy, the enormous axe formed by his Nine Cleavings of the Dragon King was shattered into bits.

As for his enormous floodwyrm body, it began to collapse.

It all happened in the shortest of moments.

‘How could this be happening? What a devastating attack! How could a Secondary Lifeseizer do something like this? Is he even human?’ Jun Tianchou had been so bowled over by what was happening that he only now began to recover his composure.

Just when he was about to remind Yang Qi to be careful of the Nine Cleavings of the Dragon King, he saw Tertiary Lifeseizing Tribulation suddenly spring up around him.

‘I need to get rid of those other eight floodwyrms!’ Jun Tianchou was a conclave student of the Sea God Institute, which meant that he ranked higher than an elite student. His cultivation base was one of profound mystery, and when he took to action, it caused waves of energy to roll out that formed into the image of a sea king.

It was hard to say exactly what type of entity it was, but as soon as it appeared, Jun Tianchou burst into action.

A Primary Lifeseizer black floodwyrm exploded instantly. After all, Jun Tianchou was a Quinary Lifeseizer, so opponents like this were far, far beneath him.

At that point, Jun Tianchou slashed out with his harpoon, killing another of the black floodwyrms.

They had no chance to form their Nine Dragons Fatal Strike Array. As soon as their leader was injured by Yang Qi, they were as united as a plate of shifting sand.


Despite the countless vital energy tribulations, Yang Qi wasn’t weakening at all. Instead, he was growing fiercer. Platinum light surrounded him, filled with holiness, making him seem like a host of gods from numerous heavens, come to offer blessings of all sorts.

Wherever that platinum light shone, the vital energy tribulations vanished.

As for his Infernal Deity Spear, it grew larger and more powerful, until it was a holy object. Then, with a single strike, he stabbed Jiao Wufeng through.


Blood sprayed out everywhere as Jiao Wufeng turned to flee. He knew that this was an enemy he couldn't defeat, and that if he didn’t escape, he would end up being buried here.

But now, Yang Qi was a Tertiary Lifeseizer, faster and even more powerful than he had been moments before. Jiao Wufeng entered the sea of clouds, vanishing from sight as surely as if he had traveled to an alternate dimension.

And yet, only a moment later, Yang Qi appeared in front of him, a three-hundred-meter-long spear held in his hand. With a single thrust, he speared Jiao Wufeng, sending him downward to be impaled in the ground.

“This….” Jun Tianchou was completely and utterly flabbergasted.

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