Chapter 1138: Harmonious God Legion Seals

Yang Qi was reaching out with an energy art from the Unspoiled Body, which of course was the bane of the God Legion Seal. Proud Heaven had the last of the three God Legion Seals and was currently incapable of keeping it under control. Contrary to expectation, it suddenly flew right out into the open!

The last of the seals also looked like a golden imp.

Yang Qi made a beckoning gesture, and the seal flew toward him with lightning-like speed. There was nothing Proud Heaven could do to stop it.

Proud Heaven’s face fell. Never could he have guessed that something like this would happen, or that all of his energy arts would be useless in that moment. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the true owner of the Great Necropolis, and thus couldn’t use it to prevent Yang Qi from reaching out to the God Legion Seal within.

However, once the God Legion Seal flew out of Proud Heaven’s control, he knew that there was nothing he could do about the situation.

“Fine, Yang Qi, I shouldn’t take advantage of you. Since I get the Great Necropolis and King Immortal-Slayer, I’ll let you have my God Legion Seal. But the Great Necropolis and King Immortal-Slayer are mine. Once I'm in the god world, it won’t matter. You won't be able to do anything to me there.”

Keeping an iron grip on the Great Necropolis, he turned and leaped into the passageway. Intense rumbling sounds echoed out, followed by a shock wave, then he and the Great Necropolis were gone.

Yang Qi was about to give chase when the third piece of the God Legion Seal linked together with his existing composite piece, surrounding him in an impenetrable, swirling field of energy.

The three pieces of the God Legion Seal were finally one.

The seal had been broken long, long ago, and at long last, it was whole again. Yang Qi could now accept the legacy of the triple seal and achieve a baptism that would lead to complete transformation. No one could possibly guess what would result, as throughout all time, even in the god world, only the Sovereign Lord and Yang Qi had ever possessed the complete God Legion Seal.

“Damnation!” Yang Qi growled. The truth was that he wasn’t happy at all to have the complete God Legion Seal, and was completely surprised that Proud Heaven had allowed it to happen. He had simply forsaken the God Legion Seal and made his escape. Yang Qi had originally tried to take the God Legion Seal away from Proud Heaven as a way to force him to fight. He had hoped to use the opportunity to then seal Proud Heaven and prevent him from getting to the god world.

Instead, Proud Heaven abandoned the fight, let the God Legion Seal fly over to him, and used that moment to flee.

Golden light pierced into Yang Qi as if to completely transform him. And the power of three God Legion Seals was something he couldn't fight against. Apparently, that light wanted to strip away his Unspoiled Body, but thankfully he was currently being bolstered by the Mahātmā Jade and the sheepskin scroll.

So he unleashed his Sage Monarch Grand Magic and redirected the power of the God Legion Seal into it, causing himself to slip into an even deeper state of enlightenment.

Golden light surged on the Ancient Road to the Gods, pushing everything away, including treasure troves and vital energy, until the entire area was completely empty.

Right now, there was no question about it: Yang Qi was the top expert in the mortal world. As long as he didn't go to the god world, no one would ever have any hope of beating him.

‘I get it. So that’s how it is. The God Legion Seal truly is powerful.’ When the three pieces of the God Legion Seal combined, they were still a golden imp. However, this golden imp was very lifelike and active. In fact, it began to breathe slowly, as if it had a will and dao of its own. Was it about to be resurrected?

Absorbing the power that was being released, Yang Qi simultaneously sent his nascent divinity into the God Legion Seal to explore it and hopefully find out exactly what it was. As he did, an ancient voice suddenly spoke.

“At long last… I’ve finally been brought back to life.... no, I haven’t. But I'm awake. The Lord and the legion of gods blessed me with power so that I could become the most powerful entity in the god world. But that power destroyed me. Pure power cannot be controlled.... Who was it? Who brought me back?”

The voice was all that remained of the will of the God Legion Seal, and Yang Qi could tell that that it was profoundly weak, but at the same time, extraordinarily strong.

He tried to speak to it. “It was me. I brought you back. I'm the bearer of the God Legion Seal. You were split into three parts, one of which I was given, and the other two I managed to recover. Who are you? Your will is scattered. Why were you ensconced in the God Legion Seal?”


As soon as Yang Qi’s will touched it, it shouted so loudly that it seemed it might destroy his nascent divinity. It was like the trumpeting of a godmammoth, filled with pure wildness. However, no one but Yang Qi could actually hear it.

“Who am I? Who am I...? How come I can’t remember who I am...?”

Yang Qi was very nearly killed by the mere reverberations of the voice. Thankfully, he had been prepared for something like this, and used the Purrfect God Art to protect himself.

“Who exactly are you? Even you don’t know who you are? If you don't, how could I possibly know?” In response to Yang Qi’s rapid-fire response of questions, the broken remnant of will emitted cracking sounds, as though it might collapse. Then it sank into silence.

“What almighty entity are you the remnant of? Don’t tell me you used to be the King of Godmammoths.” Yang Qi remained within the golden light, the God Legion Seal sitting there twitching on his palm, fusing with his energy until it seemed to be a part of him.

The seal was turning into an actual golden imp, sitting there with eyes closed, robe flapping as if in the wind. It seemed extraordinary, but at the same time, completely calm and collected. A dense stream of text flowed over its body, all of which were names. They seemed as numerous as the stars in the sky, to the point where they couldn’t be numbered. All of them were members of the legion of gods who had blessed the Sovereign Lord, yet Yang Qi didn’t recognize any of their names.

Looking over at the passageway to the god world, Yang Qi could see that it was as turbulent as ever, and he couldn’t see anything on the other side. It seemed likely that on the other side, there were violent flows of energy which would lead to a random destination in the god world. And likely, return was impossible.

If he went in, would he ever be able to come out? He didn’t know.

Unfortunately, although he had the complete God Legion Seal, he had lost King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions and the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to Proud Heaven.

That could definitely be considered a huge loss.

The upside was that King Immortal-Slayer’s will had been awakened, and there was no way Proud Heaven would be able to control him. At best, they might be able to reach an agreement of some sort.

For now, Yang Qi didn’t worry about the God Legion Seal; he would study it slowly in the days to come. Based on his best guess, he wouldn’t be able to unleash its most powerful aspects until he was in the god world.

For now, he wanted to determine what other advances he had made. ‘Have my energy arts improved much?’

As it turned out, there were plenty of differences from before.

His psychic scale was now at five hundred, placing him just on the verge of the peak Terrifying level. His power index was at more than nine thousand nine hundred, just shy of ten thousand. He was definitely on the same level as the gods now. Furthermore, there was something brewing inside of him.

It was none other than a growing piece of godhood. For a variety of reasons involving magical laws, it hadn't grown to completion. Godhood could only truly take shape in the god world. It simply couldn’t happen in the mortal world.

At the moment, Yang Qi was high-spirited and full of mettle. The first thing he needed to do was completely unify the Immortal Dao Age and establish an iron-clad order that would never be undone. He would completely wipe out the Executors of the Ancient Road, then pick some of his most trusted people to go with him to the god world. He wanted his father and brothers to go there, but right now they wouldn’t be able to survive there. Perhaps the best course of action would be to talk to Brahma about the situation.

Blurring into motion, he left the Ancient Road to the Gods. He felt a powerful force trying to prevent him from doing so, but just shrugged it off. It was said that once you walked the Ancient Road to the Gods, you could never turn back. But that wasn’t true for someone like Yang Qi, who was already as strong as a Lesser God.

‘I wonder if the Ancient Road to the Gods will eventually disappear. It isn’t showing any signs of disappearing right now, but I have the feeling it will happen sooner or later. I need to get into the god world before that happens, otherwise I might never get in. Even with the God Legion Seal, I might not be able to break through the barriers and would be stuck in the mortal world. And that would be a big tragedy.’

He needed to take care of the executors as quickly as possible, unite his empire, and pick the people who were to go to the god world, before it became inaccessible.


Soon he was deep in primal-chaos, where he saw the enormous spell formation formed by the Gate to the Gods, as well as the formation created by the Sage Monarch League. Unfortunately, the executors had managed to even out the fight.

The Sage Monarch League’s formation was a relatively new construction, whereas the Gate to the Gods had been around for millions upon millions of years. As a result, holes were being blasted into the Sage Monarch League’s foundation, and Brahma was nowhere to be seen.

‘What’s going on here?’ Yang Qi thought, looking around. ‘How did the executors suddenly get more experts on their side?’

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