Chapter 1134: The Third Seal

“You’re too strong, Yang Qi!” Proud Heaven said, his eyes pulsing with venomous hatred. “I should’ve dealt with you earlier, before it was too late!” Even having taken the Great Necropolis, Proud Heaven couldn’t really use it. It was like having a god item in his hands, but sealed away so that it couldn’t be touched.

And even if he reached godly ascension, there was no saying whether or not he could actually use the necropolis. That meant that right now his best option was to flee to the god world and spend some time studying it and its godpower.

Unfortunately, Yang Qi was clearly determined to kill him, which meant that he couldn’t just turn and run. Yang Qi was too strong, and with his recent enlightenment of his Sage Monarch Grand Magic, he could definitely put an end to Proud Heaven.

Even Proud Heaven had to admit that the Sage Monarch Grand Magic was completely terrifying.

Unparalleled under heaven.

With it, Yang Qi controlled the transformations of yin and yang, the mysteries of ghosts and gods, and the nature of the sun and the moon.

Yang Qi burst out laughing. “Hand it over, Proud Heaven. Give me the God Legion Seal and the Great Necropolis. You have no chance of beating me here in the mortal world. You lost the moment that Doom joined me. Your life is forfeit, and there’s nothing you can do to get it back.”

Proud Heaven gave a cold harrumph. “You think you’ve won, Yang Qi? We still have a lot of time on our hands, and you haven't captured me yet. Eight Dharmas of Heaven and Earth. Shifting of Universes. Enter the God World!

A host of universes popped into being around him, wrapping him up and whisking him further down the Ancient Road to the Gods. He was obviously going all out to reach the god world, which was the only place he could escape Yang Qi. Even if he tried to reach the future of the mortal world, it wouldn’t do him any good, as the Ancient Road to the Gods didn’t exist there.

“Trying to run? You think I’ll let that happen?” The golden figure emerged from Yang Qi’s forehead again, and the trumpeting of a godmammoth echoed out. Screaming winds slammed into Proud Heaven, who was shaken so badly that his own God Legion Seal seemed just on the verge of flying out of him.

In fact, golden light actually slipped past the bounds of the Great Necropolis and headed toward Yang Qi.

The third piece of the God Legion Seal really wanted to combine with the others. The combined God Legion Seal was a major force; years ago, it had crushed countless rebels. After all, King Immortal-Slayer was only one of many who had revolted.

If someone with two pieces of the God Legion Seal could be so domineering, it could only be imagined what the complete version would be like.

Not even Proud Heaven putting the God Legion Seal into the Great Necropolis was really an option.

“Magisters! Do the nine of you really need to sit on the mountaintop and watch the tigers fight, then try to reap the spoils when they tire out? If I lose my God Legion Seal, things won’t exactly go well for you. You’ll definitely chafe under his vicious rule. We ten magisters have worked together for years on end, first to build the future world into what it is today, and then to subjugate the god Brahma. I know that you have Brahma under your control and have been planning on using him against me. So why not bring him out to fight this brat!”

In response to his call, nine figures appeared further down the Ancient Road to the Gods, and behind them was another, taller and mightier figure.

In fact, from the godpower he emanated, it was obvious that he was a living god!

It was the god Brahma.

Long ago, Yang Qi had met Brahma in the form of his head. But apparently, the magisters of the future world had combined his head, heart, and the rest of his body parts. Now they had been put back together, except that his godhood was under the control of the magisters, making him like the walking dead, a mere puppet.

Brahma had been unlucky enough to be held captive for so many years, only to end up like this. Yang Qi couldn’t help but feel bad for him.

However, now was not the time to try to communicate with Brahma. If he was under the control of an enemy, that made him an enemy as well.

Of the nine magisters, seven were men and two were women. Of the men, some were old, some were middle-aged, and some were young, but they all seemed very domineering. Both of the women were bewitchingly charming, but at the same time elegant and graceful. All of these people were the kind who commanded immense power.

The ten magisters, the invincible power of an entire age, were now together in one place.

Although Proud Heaven wasn't technically their leader, he was definitely the most powerful among them.

He currently held the Great Necropolis, out of which was seeping the golden light of the God Legion Seal. However, because the other magisters also cultivated the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, they quickly got it under control.

Standing toward the back of the group was a man in a bronze mask, the very same one that had fought Yang Qi with the Mammoth King’s God Whip. Looking over at one of the older members of the group, he said, “Father... this is the same Yang Qi who fought with me over the position of league-lord, and refused to back down. Who would’ve guessed that he would grow to this level of strength?” [1]

As for the old man, he was the head magister, and unexpectedly, the masked young man was his son.

The head magister could be identified by his robe, which was brown, and emanated an aura of space-time from the future world. In comparison, Proud Heaven was actually inferior in terms of how impressive he was.

“So, you’re Yang Qi?” the head magister asked, taking a step forward.

“That's right,” Yang Qi said coolly. “And you people are the magisters of the future world? Good. This way I don’t have to go to the future world to find you. Considering the future world is a dead end, without access to the Ancient Road to the Gods, why don’t the lot of you surrender and pay allegiance to me?”

“Big words,” the old man replied with a sneer. Looking at Proud Heaven, he said, “Your plan worked, Proud Heaven. You have both King Immortal-Slayer and the Great Necropolis under your control. But the Great Necropolis is supposed to belong to the future world as a whole, not for you to simply take for your own. Do you understand? Remember, I'm the head magister, the leader among us ten.”

“We can talk later about who gets what, Head Magister,” Proud Heaven said. “Right now, we’re facing a joint enemy, namely, Yang Qi. He has two pieces of the God Legion Seal, which makes him the top figure outside of the god world. If we don't kill him, then even the future world is going to fall under his control.”

“This really is the most pressing matter at hand,” said one of the female magisters. “Little Brother Yang Qi, it's a real surprise that a tiny savage like you from the immortal worlds could reach this level. And you have two pieces of the God Legion Seal? Not bad. Not bad at all. Why not join our side? I can guarantee that you’ll be the eleventh magister of the future world.”

Yang Qi laughed disdainfully. “You bunch of chickens and dogs plan to help Proud Heaven? If I wanted to destroy the future world, I could do it with a mere thought. You people are far from being on the same level as he is. It doesn't even matter that you have Brahma under your control.” He looked over at Proud Heaven. “Come on, Proud Heaven. Do you really think these fools are going to stop me from killing you?”

Aiyo!” the other female magister said. “Quite a temper you have. You think the future world doesn’t count for anything? Perhaps we ought to teach you a little lesson to show you the truth.”

“Stop wasting your breath,” another magister said, a burly man. “Grab him and force his God Legion Seals out. Combine the three of them, then we ten magisters can follow through with the original plan. We work together to go to the god world and reach godly ascension. Why would we do anything else? Besides, this brat obviously has a death wish.”

“A death wish? I think you’re the one with a death wish!” Yang Qi threw his hands out in front of him. “All of you, prepare to die. As for you, Proud Heaven, do you truly believe that you can keep your God Legion Seal under control? Annulled Grand Magic! Break!

A wind kicked up, and Yang Qi’s energy suddenly seemed to double. Golden light shone out from within him, making him seem like an ancient god that myriads of other gods would worship as their lord.

In fact, Brahma suddenly snapped into consciousness. Eyes flashing, he involuntarily said, “My Lord... my Lord....”


Suddenly, Brahma erupted with energy. “I can’t believe you people bound me as a prisoner! You contemptible mortals! How dare you try to control a god. Do you realize what you've done?!”

“Not good!” Proud Heaven blurted. “You pieces of trash allowed Brahma to wake up! What if the two God Legion Seals can control Brahma?!”

Sadly for them, it was too late!

Brahma looked over and unleashed a palm attack backed with such godpower that the burly magister was immediately sent flying, blood spraying out of his mouth.

Then Brahma’s gaze shifted to Proud Heaven, and his eyes radiated hatred. He knew that Proud Heaven was the one who had hurt him the most deeply. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to unleash a fist strike that forced Proud Heaven to retreat in terror.

At the same time, the magisters all launched attacks at Yang Qi.

True-Devil Unspoiled-by-Myriad-Kalpas-and-Tribulations Body!” The power of tribulations and kalpas rolled off of Yang Qi, crumbling all of the attacks. At the same time, he made a grasping motion. “Come to me, God Legion Seal!”

The God Legion Seal erupted with power, smashing at the vital energy of the Great Necropolis, then breaking out into the open and radiating boundless light.

“Crap!” Proud Heaven shouted. “The God Legion Seal broke free! If Yang Qi gets it, we're all dead! I still haven’t unlocked the secrets of the Great Necropolis, so I can’t stand up to him!”

“Get Brahma under control!” the head magister said. “We haven’t completely lost him. Lord of the Future. Zodiac Divine Ability. Boundless Tribulations!

A river of stars flowed out of his head. “I'm the Lord of the Future, and I understand the true meaning of what the future is. I control the future, and gods are no exception!”

All of a sudden, Brahma’s eyes went slack.

1. Yang Qi fought the man in the mask in chapter 1078.

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