Chapter 1132: Unifying the Dao of Immortals

In the Great Necropolis, there were innumerable organizations that were constantly fighting each other. Of course, all the Terrifying experts knew that, of the various top organizations, the Executors of the Ancient Road were the most powerful.

After them came the Sage Monarch League, which had risen to the top as quickly as the rising sun. After them came the Fiend-Devil League, the Great Necropolis Alliance, and the Royal Palace of Assassins.

All of them had mid Terrifying experts who could slaughter anything in their path. In fact, they were so powerful that any of them could have vied for superiority. Yet the leaders of the Fiend-Devil League and the Great Necropolis Alliance were now loyal to Yang Qi and the Sage Monarch League. That meant that the executors no longer occupied the top spot.

It was in that shocking moment that the Royal Palace of Assassins appeared.

They were ejected alongside several immortal worlds ranked two thousand. Their headquarters was a huge palace surrounded by a killing energy of immense proportions. Within it, a host of assassins operated a grand spell formation as they tried to navigate their way through the chaos in their way.

Assassins generally didn’t operate in the open, otherwise, how could they retain their reputation as assassins?

But right now, they were definitely out in the open. And considering that they had tried to assassinate Yang Qi in the past, how could he simply let them off the hook?

He quickly sent streams of golden light flying out of the Sage Monarch League, which pierced through the primal-chaos like boundless godpower. Then, everyone could see Yang Qi appear outside like an ancient heaven-god. The primal-chaos couldn’t do a thing to stop him, and in fact, the golden light that shone around him created a powerful domain.

Extending his hand, he shot toward the Royal Palace of Assassins.

“Looking to die?!” the assassins shouted, and several of them flew out to meet him, including the King of Assassins, who held a long sword in his hand.

Aeonic Assassination!

Complete Extermination!

The King of Assassins had personally attempted to kill Yang Qi, but failed, and he knew full well that Yang Qi wouldn’t let that go unanswered. But he was still enraged to see Yang Qi so flagrantly attacking the Royal Palace of Assassins as a whole, and simply couldn't allow that.

Sadly for him, he was now far weaker than Yang Qi was.

As the two closed in on each other, Yang Qi sent out a golden hand that flicked out with one finger.

The King of Assassin’s sword light shattered, and he was slashed and hacked into a bloody conglomeration of gore. Coughing up blood, he looked at Yang Qi in astonishment and said, “You... Yang Qi, how could you be so strong? Are you a god already? Aggghhhh!

Everyone watching had expected this to be a raging battle of top experts. None of them would have anticipated that the King of Assassins would be devastated so easily and quickly.

Yang Qi stepped into the Royal Palace of Assassins, reached out, and grabbed the King of Assassins, holding him up like a bedraggled chicken.

His bloodcurdling screams were all that people needed to hear.

“So strong. How could he be this invincible?”

“The King of Assassins once fought with the emperor of the executors and managed to survive. But Yang Qi just grabbed him like an animal. Exactly how strong is Yang Qi? Is he the top expert in all the immortal worlds?”

“I think so. He beat the King of Assassins with a single move. That means he's definitely the top figure in the immortal dao civilization. But how did he get so strong?”

“So that’s how it is. Now I get it.”

“What do you mean? What do you get?”

“People are saying that Yang Qi is the bearer of the God Legion Seal. And that follower of his, Doom, also used to bear a God Legion Seal, but handed it to Yang Qi. That means Yang Qi has two God Legion Seals. As long as he can get the final piece, he’ll be truly invincible.”

“If he already has two pieces, the third piece shouldn’t be that hard to take.”

The countless gathered experts were so impressed that none of them considered defying him; in fact, all of them wanted to join him and ask for protection.

As soon as Yang Qi grabbed the King of Assassins, countless experts poured out of the Royal Palace of Assassins in an attempt to save him. Drawing on the power of the palace itself, they sent a dragon of death shooting toward Yang Qi.

“If you people have a death wish, then I guess that means there won’t be a Royal Palace of Assassins going forward!”

Yang Qi waved his sleeve, unleashing a torrent of daoist techniques that exploded every person it touched, transforming them into streams of vital energy that were sucked into the palace itself.

Then Yang Qi waved his hand, and the Royal Palace of Assassins shrank down to a size so small it fit right on his palm. The famous organization of assassins that had dominated the Ancient Road to the Gods for billions of years, striking fear into countless hearts, had been exterminated just like that.

“And now the King of Assassins will become a puppet!” Yang Qi stood there in the middle of the primal-chaos, not making any attempt to hide as he clamped his other hand onto the King of Assassins’ head. Instantly, a halo blossomed out as he completely took control of the man's thoughts.

The King of Assassins fought back, but it didn’t do him any good. A moment later, he dropped to his knees.


Everyone could see that he was now a puppet.


Right then, something gargantuan emerged from the Great Necropolis. It was a huge gate that led to the end of the Ancient Road to the Gods, a doorway that could reach godly ascension. It was the Gate to the Gods. And there were countless top experts surrounding it, as well as a host of palaces.

The Executors of the Ancient Road had been ejected from the necropolis.

‘The Gate to the Gods? How immensely powerful.’ As Yang Qi finished taking the Royal Palace of Assassins, he looked over at the Gate to the Gods and marveled in his heart. However, he wasn't afraid. In fact, he was one hundred percent confident that he could take the gate and simultaneously wipe out the Executors of the Ancient Road.

He was without a doubt the top expert under heaven, and the most powerful fighter outside of the god world. Not even Proud Heaven was a match for him without the Great Necropolis and its secrets to draw on. And if the emperor of the executors and his followers weren’t a match for Proud Heaven, then how could they possibly cause problems for Yang Qi?

Just when Yang Qi was about to make his move on the executors and their Gate to the Gods, intense rumbling sounds could be heard from the Great Necropolis.


The necropolis shook violently as it began to move within the primal-chaos.

All of a sudden, the Ancient Road to the Gods was once again revealed.

Unexpectedly, the majestic aura of godly ascension could be sensed.

‘The Ancient Road to the Gods is out in the open again. Godly ascension is possible again!’ The road stretched far off into the distance, reaching the heaven above, where a perilous plane of existence existed, filled with boundless destiny and fate.

It was the god world!

Compared to the god world, the immortal worlds were like trash, or specks of dust. Even the three thousandth ranked worlds may as well have been pebbles. The god world was the ultimate goal. It was also the ultimate origin of all other worlds.

‘Godly ascension....’

Yang Qi knew that with his invincible cultivation base, he could definitely reach the god world in short order. He could even take his people with him.

Many other people suddenly felt hope. Back when the road had disappeared, their opportunity to reach godly ascension had gone with it. But now that the road was back, everyone brimmed with joy.

The battle between the wills of King Immortal-Slayer and the Great Necropolis had resulted in the necropolis moving. Afterward, another upheaval took place as an enormous chart appeared, like a painting that seemed about to suck in the Great Necropolis.

The painting featured beautiful scenery including mountains, rivers, palaces of jade, and other images from the god world. It was none other than the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. And it was vastly stronger than it had been when Yang Qi controlled it.

The chart enveloped the Great Necropolis, but the necropolis immediately began fighting back.


The necropolis shrank down, and the fighting climbed toward a fever pitch.

Meanwhile, someone stepped out of the Great Necropolis, and it was none other than Proud Heaven. Looking exultant, he said, “The will of King Immortal-Slayer, backed by the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, invaded the Great Necropolis, only to be sealed. However, the necropolis’ powers have been significantly reduced. They’re wearing each other down, to the point that the Ancient Road to the Gods has appeared again. Soon, I'm going to get the Great Necropolis, the will of King Immortal-Slayer, and the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!” He burst out laughing. “Even that extra God Legion Seal won’t do you any good, Yang Qi. Your combined seal can’t do anything to the Great Necropolis. You don’t even know where the necropolis is from, but I do. The Great Necropolis can dominate anything and everything! It will even bring an end to the god world!”

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

The Great Necropolis rapidly shrank down until it was small enough to drop onto Proud Heaven’s palm, where it twitched and struggled.

However, Proud Heaven simply closed his fingers around it, sealing his control of it. “I'm not going to fight you now, Yang Qi. I'm heading into the god world to assimilate the Great Necropolis, then use its power to deal with King Immortal-Slayer. When I'm finished, you’re dead! And your two God Legion Seals will be crushed like a chicken or a dog!”

Turning, he shot onto the Ancient Road to the Gods.

“I'm going to chase Proud Heaven!” Yang Qi quickly said. “You deal with the Executors of the Ancient Road!” The people of the Sage Monarch League were so strong that they could wage war on the executors without Yang Qi, and still have the upper hand.

Even the immortal-slaying clone alone could deal with their emperor. A fight like this would be good training for all of them.

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