Chapter 1131: Dramatic Upheavals in Heaven and Earth

By just combining the two God Legion Seals, Yang Qi had already instigated dramatic upheavals in heaven and earth. Although he had immediately moved to keep them under control, Proud Heaven hadn’t hesitated to take advantage of the situation.

The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart instantly went out of control and the will of King Immortal-Slayer appeared, wreaking destructive havoc as it invaded the Great Necropolis and began battling its will.

It seemed to indicate that the Immortal Dao Age was going to undergo a dramatic event, perhaps even an apocalyptic catastrophe. Or maybe it would be born again.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi and Proud Heaven were fighting, with Proud Heaven using Great Necropolis godpower to defend against the power of Yang Qi’s two God Legion Seals. However, Proud Heaven also seemed to be focusing inwardly, as though he were also in the middle of cultivating some strange divine ability. He clasped his palms together, then pulled them apart and unleashed a host of fist techniques from the Ten Universes. Apparently, the mere presence of King Immortal-Slayer’s will in the Great Necropolis had provided new enlightenment and understanding to Proud Heaven regarding his own abilities.

Yang Qi could sense that Proud Heaven’s deep connection to the Great Necropolis was causing his own control of it to wane.

And Proud Heaven was benefiting greatly because of it.

“Many thanks to you, Yang Qi!” Proud Heaven said. “Of course, all of this is going according to plan. The will of King Immortal-Slayer is fighting the Great Necropolis, and thus the essence of the Great Necropolis is growing weaker, which in turn is allowing me to absorb it and gain control! Furthermore, do you know where my God Legion Seal is? I’ll tell you. It’s right here!”

Proud Heaven suddenly launched another consummate Ten Universes technique, and the sealing mark beneath his feet exploded, allowing dazzling shafts of golden godlight to stab upward as a God Legion Seal flew out into the open. However, this God Legion Seal was surrounded by a projection of the Great Necropolis, which apparently protected it and ensured that Yang Qi’s two seals couldn’t touch it.

“If you think you can use your two seals to get the third, Yang Qi, you’re sadly mistaken. After getting control of the Great Necropolis, I used it to seal the third God Legion Seal, making it impossible for you to take. The Great Necropolis is mine. King Immortal-Slayer’s will is mine. Therefore, I'm going to have to ask you to leave!”

Yang Qi’s plan had been to use his two God Legion Seals to gain access to the third seal.

Unfortunately, Proud Heaven had prepared for that possibility and sealed it with the essence of the Great Necropolis. And right now, there was no way Yang Qi was able to do anything with the essence of the Great Necropolis.

“Monarch... monarch....” Proud Heaven said. As he did, a voice spoke within the depths of the necropolis, something that could rip mid Terrifying experts to shreds. It was an expression of will that repeated the word “monarch” over and over again with destructive force. It was none other than King Immortal-Slayer’s will, trying to destroy the Great Necropolis.

A deadly tempest sprang up, rushing through the pathways of the Great Necropolis and picking up treasures, treasure troves, immortal world, sects, ejecting them all and completely clearing out the Great Necropolis.

Yang Qi felt a mighty force pushing against him, almost as if he were a chunk of food that the Great Necropolis was trying to vomit up.

The power behind that force of ‘vomiting’ was too much for anyone to stand up to. Yang Qi couldn’t possibly worry about fighting Proud Heaven at that moment, so he curled up into a ball and used his Purrfect God Art to protect himself as he was hurled away.

As he tumbled through the Great Necropolis, he collided with immortal worlds, sects, treasures troves, and the like, until light filled his eyes and he was outside the Great Necropolis.

Already, he could tell that heaven and earth were very different from before.

It was a much more violent eruption than anything from before, such that the many heavens were all completely transforming.

Immortal worlds with ranks of two or three thousand were ejected, smashing into the primal-chaos. In fact, there were sections of primal-chaos that had existed for millions upon millions of years that were being destroyed by the energy flows. And there were plenty of treasures and collections of vital energy that were like ice hitting water, and immediately melted into nothing.

In the past, the eruptions of the Great Necropolis had provoked mysterious changes among the immortal worlds. But this time was different. After all, there were immortal worlds ranked three thousand that were flying out, which defied the imagination of most immortals.


Yang Qi saw the corpses of gods and immense superpower sects being ejected. In the past, they were like parasites in the Great Necropolis, but no longer. And the destructive force of the eruption was bringing about the death of countless experts.

The Sage Monarch League was also ejected.

Thankfully, there were plenty of extremely powerful experts there. And they had a spell formation that was backed by the power of the one origin, two polarities, three powers, four divisions, five phases, six directions, seven stars, eight trigrams, nine palaces, and ten preeminences. With that level of power it was able to summon a huge bubble that surrounded the immortal world protectively. Although the people inside were shocked by what was happening, they were soon able to restore their calm.

Because of the protection, the Sage Monarch League wasn’t damaged at all.

As soon as Yang Qi saw it, he flew over, worried about what could happen if Proud Heaven pursued him.

However, after the Great Necropolis spat out all of the ‘parasites’, Proud Heaven vanished from sight. At this point, Yang Qi realized that Proud Heaven had outmaneuvered him, and that he also understood the Great Necropolis far more deeply. In fact, Yang Qi speculated that Proud Heaven’s trip to the god world had probably involved some sort of contact with the Great Necropolis, which made it that much easier for him to work with it in this situation.

It begged the question of how many other unfathomable assets Proud Heaven had at his disposal.

Jadefall, flanked by others among his subordinates, appeared to meet him.

“What happened? Proud Heaven isn’t dead?” she said.

“He’s not,” Yang Qi replied. “The will of King Immortal-Slayer entered the Great Necropolis, and now I don’t know what's happening. I bet Proud Heaven is still there in the necropolis, trying to take advantage of the situation. Of course, that’s easier said than done. The wills of the Great Necropolis and King Immortal-Slayer aren’t exactly things that can be easily dealt with. For now, let’s stay safe, wait patiently, and see how the situation develops. The Sage Monarch League is strong enough that we aren’t under any threat. Even with the power of the Great Necropolis, Proud Heaven isn’t a match for me; I can take his God Legion Seal away from him if he comes too close.”

Although the surrounding vital energy was in chaos, the numerous powerful spell formations that had been constructed in the Sage Monarch League ensured that the vital energy inside was stable and growing stronger by the moment.

Snap. Crack.

As everyone looked at the crumbling chaos that surrounded them, an immense gravitational force sprang up around Yang Qi.

Annulled Grand Magic!” Yang Qi said. “All treasures, come to me! All immortal worlds, come under my control. All immortal worlds with a rank of three thousand, shrink down and enter the Sage Monarch League!”

In response to his words, the three thousandth ranked immortal world that had been ejected did just that. Being wrapped up by Yang Qi’s godpower, they shrank down and entered the Sage Monarch League, which was now filling up with more and more worlds.

“Come to me, treasure troves!” Yang Qi said, sending out his divine will into the many heavens, causing countless hoards of treasures to fly toward him, including collections of godhood.

When the people in the Sage Monarch League saw this, they cried out in loud voices, “The league-lord is completely invincible in all of heaven and earth!”

Although godhood was falling down like rain, no one rushed to try to grab it. They were so in awe of Yang Qi that they didn’t dare to violate the various laws that had been set forth in the league. The old way of fighting to the death over valuable items wasn't permitted, and any who violated that law would end up suffering fates in which they suffered torment that made them wish they could die.

Meanwhile, Doom, the Shepherd, and Proud World all stood atop the Preeminent God Pillar. One by one, they spoke out in voices that rumbled like thunder.

“I, Doom, league-lord of the Great Necropolis Alliance, sectlord of the Doom Sect, former wielder of the God Legion Seal, hereby surrender and pay allegiance to League-Lord Yang Qi, and become a member of the Sage Monarch League.”

“I, the Shepherd, leader of the Hell of Sages and Mahātmās, league-lord of the Fiend-Devil League, hereby surrender and pay allegiance to Yang Qi.”

“I, Proud World, son of Proud Heaven, hereby surrender and pay allegiance to Yang Qi.”

The fact that powerful and famous people like these were becoming Yang Qi’s followers was shocking. That was especially true of Doom, who had lost the God Legion Seal, but also began cultivating the Unspoiled Body and Sage Monarch Grand Magic. Because of that, it was entirely possible that he would be able to survive in the god world.

The various members of the sects present were all astonished.

From the moment the Great Necropolis had begun ejecting immortal worlds, and the people from the Ancient Road to the Gods had begun to explore the Immortal Dao Age, everything had been a chaotic hodgepodge of good and bad people.

And all of the other immortal worlds who were still interested in fighting each other were now looking over at the Sage Monarch League.

“Who would’ve guessed that the alliance of savages and the Fiend-Devil League would actually join the Sage Monarch League to follow League-Lord Yang Qi. He’s starting to unify everything....”

“Let’s see if Yang Qi really will unify all of the immortal worlds. With all these treasures out in the open, will we really be cut off from all of them? Will the Sage Monarch League really take all of the treasures and resources?”

“Not necessarily. Yang Qi might be strong, but he still has to deal with the Executors of the Ancient Road. And I heard that the Royal Palace of Assassins still has a major grudge with the Sage Monarch League.”

“Let’s see if the Royal Palace of Assassins gets ejected too!”

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