Chapter 1130: A Mighty Will

The last legacy medallion, the heart, had been stirred to action by the enormous face, thus sensing the spatial coordinates of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and entering it before it could be stopped.

Normally speaking, even if Yang Qi had somehow acquired the ninth medallion, it shouldn’t have been possible to fuse all of the medallions so quickly. Unfortunately, Proud Heaven had used some secret magic to pull off a miracle. As fast as lightning, the ninth medallion was inside the chart.

In other words, the fight had suddenly spilled onto a second front!

Yang Qi had combined two parts of the God Legion Seal, giving him the power to keep Proud Heaven in check, who was fighting back with his piece of the God Legion Seal. At the same time, Proud Heaven was forcing all nine of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions to combine, which would summon the will of King Immortal-Slayer to slaughter the immortal-slaying clone and unleash havoc in the world.

Yang Qi had to keep that will suppressed.

If he didn’t, it would lead to explosive consequences.

Of course, from the moment he had acquired the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, he knew that this moment would come. And he had known all along that Proud Heaven might try something along these lines.


As soon as the final legacy medallion appeared in the chart, the other eight medallions slipped away from the clone’s control and flew out into the open.


The pieces combined, and the united medallion finally appeared. Instantly, destructive power appeared in the depths of the chart, causing the godhood stars to dim and begin falling, as though they were being devoured by some immense force.

“Get out of here!” the clone shouted, blurring into motion as he threw all caution to the wind to get all of their people and resources out of the chart. Of course, Yang Qi had made plans for this situation, so things went smoothly. As everyone emerged into the Sage Monarch League, the clone, with his newly formed god body, shot toward Proud Heaven.

Within the chart, a mighty will rose up, along with terrifying power that filled it completely. Looking into the primal-chaos, both Yang Qi and Proud Heaven could see an immense image, so large it was impossible to gauge its full dimensions. It filled the world, both past and future, indicating that the chart now surpassed time and could be entered from any era.

In fact, all of the top experts could see this development.

But none dared to step forward to examine or try to take it. The boundless emperor of the executors, a mid Terrifying expert, could sense power within it that could destroy the god world. When King Immortal-Slayer appeared, it meant a reign of terror and gore was about to be unleashed. And that counted in the god world, much less the immortal worlds. And to the immortal worlds, the mortal world might as well have been filled with nothing but pigs, dogs, cows, and sheep.

The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was already so different that Yang Qi could hardly recognize it.

The will of King Immortal-Slayer now controlled it, and as a result, it thrummed with hatred of the god world, as though it were prepared to devour any god it encountered.

Yang Qi could sense immense killing intent, first spreading out to fill the Great Necropolis, then converging in its depths on the immortal-slaying clone.

“Karma! Such intense karma intertwined with my will. Trying to plot against me, I see, my successor. How very unfilial. Since you’ve accepted my legacy, your fate is sealed. Your destiny is about to be taken by me!”

All of the experts in the Great Necropolis could sense a mighty will that surpassed that of ordinary gods, something that could actually move the Great Necropolis.

The Great Necropolis could sense the danger it was in, and rumbling soon filled it as numerous sealing marks were broken, unleashing godpower to fight the will of King Immortal-Slayer.

Crack! Snap!

When the two mighty wills collided, immense destructive power was released in the depths of the necropolis, directly destroying numerous worlds in the area.

The will of King Immortal-Slayer had one immediate goal: to kill the immortal-slaying clone and take over his body. However, they were all in the Great Necropolis, which was a mighty and mysterious thing that originated in the god world and actually surpassed the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. It might not care if some tiny ants came inside to explore it, but if a dragon charged in, it wouldn’t just stand idly by.

Humans wouldn’t care if some tiny parasites existed inside them. Perhaps they could even tolerate some flies on their skin. But if a huge snake suddenly tried to wrap them up, they definitely wouldn’t tolerate it.

The will of King Immortal-Slayer was simply too surly and unreasoning.

Thus, it was a foregone conclusion that he would end up clashing with the will of the Great Necropolis.

Although King Immortal-Slayer’s will was under attack, it still moved with incredible speed. It quickly swept over the area containing the sealing mark, and despite its weakened state, was still strong enough to overwhelm gods! In the blink of an eye, the area became filled with a rain of blood, with the weeping of ghosts and wailing of gods, and power so destructive it could destroy the heavens and crush the earth. And all of it was focused on the clone.

King Immortal-Slayer didn’t have a body now, only a will. In that sense, he was much like an intelligent tsunami that could destroy everything in its path.

Despite that, the clone and Yang Qi were both attacking Proud Heaven, and were simply accepting the attack of King Immortal-Slayer’s will.

Obviously, they were willing to fight things out to the bitter end with Proud Heaven.

It came as a complete surprise to Proud Heaven that, even after unleashing King Immortal-Slayer’s full set of legacy medallions and unlocking his will, the immortal-slaying clone would do this! Obviously, Proud Heaven had to defend himself lest he be killed along with the clone.

How could he ever resign himself to being killed?

“Let the sealing marks be unraveled! Use the power not even I can wield, to activate the Great Necropolis. Unleash the power to bury gods, bury King Immortal-Slayer, and bury the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.... I am the Great Necropolis, and the Great Necropolis is me! I am the ultimate Inheritor! And I will seal the will of King Immortal-Slayer!”


The Great Necropolis was being fully activated.

The area with the sealing mark was like a huge black hole that began tugging at everyone present, including the will of King Immortal-Slayer, the immortal-slaying clone, and Yang Qi.

And the biggest focus was King Immortal-Slayer’s will.

Laughing heartily, Proud Heaven said, “This place is one of the Great Necropolis’ wind eyes! Do you know what a wind eye is? In the language of the god world, it implies an enormous eye created by a nameless god wind. And once it appears, even gods will be sucked in by it! I originally didn’t want to use it on you, but now that King Immortal-Slayer’s will has appeared, it seems you’re in for a disaster. In the end, I guess it serves my ultimate purpose. After all, I want to control the will of King Immortal-Slayer. With him, I can exercise full control over the Great Necropolis!”

Proud Heaven continued to laugh as the black ‘wind eye’ sucked everything toward it, causing the Great Necropolis to tremble violently as though it might start moving soon. In fact, it was at this point that a seed of truth appeared above his head. It wasn’t the color of ordinary rock, but rather pure white, like jade, or the fat of a sheep.

It was clearly a king among all other types of stone.

Proud Heaven really had taken the ultimate godpower seed from the Great Necropolis, the king of all the others.

No one could possibly imagine what level of control this gave him over the godpower of the necropolis.

Fingers splayed, Yang Qi thrust his hand out toward Proud Heaven.

Proud Heaven responded with his Great Necropolis God Art, using palm techniques that caused numerous enormous tombstones to appear and block Yang Qi’s attacks. The two of them fought back and forth briefly, and neither seemed to have the upper hand.

The Great Necropolis continued to shake violently as its will fought the will of King Immortal-Slayer, although no one could perceive exactly how the fight was playing out.

Proud Heaven’s control over the Great Necropolis godpower was middling at best, and the will of King Immortal-Slayer was the bane of that power.

King Immortal-Slayer’s roars of rage echoed through the necropolis as the two forces fought back and forth. They were like two elephants clashing, while in comparison, the fight between Yang Qi and Proud Heaven was like a competition between ants. The difference was almost too big to describe with words.

However, Yang Qi knew that if he didn't kill Proud Heaven, the man would most likely take advantage of the battle of wills in a sandpiper, clam, and fisherman situation.

Right now was his best chance to kill Proud Heaven.

Therefore, he drew fully on the Sage Monarch Grand Magic and joined his clone in the attack.

Meanwhile, Proud Heaven was drawing on the Great Necropolis godpower to unleash one of its most enigmatic abilities, the God-Ordaining Incantation. One finger to ordain gods, one fist to bury them!


He threw out his fist, causing numerous projections of the Great Necropolis to fall like a rain of tombstones, each of which had enough destructive power to overwhelm a three thousandth ranked immortal world.

But with two God Legion Seals, what did Yang Qi have to be afraid of? He shot forward, spinning as he vanquished the God-Ordaining Incantation and destroyed all of the projections. Finally, he pushed his palms together in front of his chest, then pulled them apart to reveal a spinning vortex.

“I'm not sure how you got your hands on that king of seeds from the Great Necropolis. But now, your gains are going to turn into losses. I'm taking that God Legion Seal of yours!”

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