Chapter 1129: Sage Monarch Grand Magic

The combination of two God Legion Seals was nothing short of heaven-shaking and earth-shattering. Truth be told, ever since the seal was broken into three parts, it had never been re-combined. Now that Yang Qi was combining two portions, what exact level of power would be released?

No one could say for sure.

Even when only a third of the seal appeared in the mortal world, it could be used to call the wind and summon the rain. In the god world, it could draw on the magical and natural laws there to demonstrate even further transformations, and attacks that featured unimaginable levels of power.

The combination of the two seals wasn’t just provoking transformations in Yang Qi himself, but also causing incalculable changes to the past, the present, and the future.

All worlds that were inferior to the god world were experiencing transformations.

And there was one person responsible: Yang Qi.

Yang Qi could grasp the sun and moon, trample heavenly bodies, and affect the rotation of the cosmos. He understood the fundamental nature of humans, and even more so, comprehended what it meant to be a god. He knew full well the difference between Lesser Gods, Common Gods, Greater Gods, Consummate Gods, Perfect Gods, Paramount Gods, and the Sovereign Lord.

The God Legion Seal was blasting through the substructure of the Great Necropolis.

Top experts could perceive all of these developments, but couldn't do anything about them. The most dramatic thing to happen was that the Executors of the Ancient Road quickly evacuated their headquarters and left the Great Necropolis. Looking back, they could see golden light streaking through the depths of the necropolis, causing intense booms to ring out as it slammed into what was apparently a greyspace.

Far in the unknown depths, chaotic banging sounds could be heard, almost as if the walls leading to the god world were being struck.


A group of people could be seen looking at the Great Necropolis off in the distance.

One of them looked like an emperor, and his face was ashen. “This is bad. That's the aura of the God Legion Seal. And not just one piece. Someone is combining two pieces. There’s nothing else in this world that could possibly release might like that.”

This man with an imperial crown was none other than the emperor of the executors.

He was flanked by a few individuals in robes of various colors such as black, white, and green. Despite the various colors of their robes, all of them had the same character embroidered on their chests, in god script: Executor.

In the mortal world, these people were in charge of enforcing the law. No one dared to defy them, because defying them led to death. Yet here they were, clearly afraid. Terrified even. The combination of two pieces of the God Legion Seal would lead to enough power to easily wipe them out.

“Hurry!” the emperor said. “Gather all the experts and return to the headquarters. We have to activate the Gate to the Gods to stop the God Legion Seals from combining. From what I can tell, this isn’t a combination of three, but rather two. That means we still have a chance to stop it!”

With that, he blurred into motion, vanishing.

Meanwhile, in the very depths of the necropolis, Yang Qi was forcing the two seals together, causing the golden light to slowly shrink down. The two of them were in a bubble, and inside, two golden imps could be seen, like yin and yang, swirling around each other until they became one. Combined, they were still an imp, but at the same time, resembled a burly, golden man, in the middle of performing a host of martial arts stances, all of them complementary, and each move of which could reveal the grace of heaven and earth and the profundities of space and time.


The golden imp immediately flew into Yang Qi’s forehead.

Yang Qi was reminded of his earliest days in the mortal world, outside Yanhaven, when the city magistrate’s bodyguard Luo Hun had crippled his energy arts. Afterward, he had been struck by lightning, which was what had given him the God Legion Seal and fueled his growth to power. [1]

Of course, he was a very different person now than he was back then. As a youth, he hadn’t understood anything. But now he knew of his own dao, the Sage Monarch Grand Magic. And his dao was not the dao of the God Legion Seal.

The hegemon and the hero were both at his back.

This was the ultimate expression of humans. Humans wrote books. Humans advanced and developed.

With his Sage Monarch Grand Magic, he was able to bring the God Legion Seal under his control, instead of having it control him.

Crick! Crack!

All of a sudden, he was back to his ordinary state.

His forehead went back to normal, and the dramatic transformations caused by the two God Legion Seals faded away, having been completely subjugated and crushed by him. From the look of things, he really did have the power to control the God Legion Seal, and was by no means flustered or frightened.

“I've combined the two parts of the God Legion Seal, Proud Heaven. That means it's time for you to die. Presumably you know that I can already sense the location of the third seal. So bring it out!” He began to walk threateningly toward Proud Heaven.

Proud Heaven just stood there laughing. “It doesn’t matter whether you got that second piece, or I did. Although you combined them, you’ve suppressed the godpower of the seal so that it won’t control you. Instead of being remolded, your cultivation base has been lowered. The light of the God Legion Seal was about to break out of the Great Necropolis, but you stopped it. And that definitely harmed your meridians and damaged your sea of energy. You might be able to hold on for a bit longer, but in the end, you’ll die. Don’t you understand that fact? You've profaned the legion of gods! Do you really think you can suppress their glory?!”

“You really know how to run your mouth!” Yang Qi said with a faint smile. “Do you really claim to understand the level I’ve reached? Get over here!”

It didn’t seem at all like he was suffering from the conditions Proud Heaven had just talked about. Instead, he waved his arm, causing golden light to shoot out from his sleeve that became an enormous palm attack. At the same time, two enormous figures appeared behind him, causing everything to shake violently.


Instead of meeting the attack, Proud Heaven slapped his hand out toward the nearby sealing mark.

“Do you know why I wanted to fight it out with you right here, Yang Qi? Because I already control part of the godpower of the Great Necropolis. You might be an Inheritor, but sadly for you, that doesn’t mean anything to me. You see, I'm already the true Inheritor! Little did you know that when the Great Necropolis ejected all those godpower seeds, there was one of them that could be considered the greatest of all. And I took it. Why else do you think I would give so many other seeds to that scum, Star Swordlife?”

His palm attack landed and the sealing mark shattered, causing countless streams of Great Necropolis godpower to shoot out, creating a huge stone tomb that shot forth to meet Yang Qi’s incoming palm.

The enormous face suddenly appeared out in the open again.

“So, Proud Heaven, you actually released me?” Along with the face came the rancorous energy of the legion of gods. However, Proud Heaven quickly grabbed it and threw it into the projection of the Great Necropolis before it could do anything else. Then he spun and launched the God Tombstone Palms at Yang Qi.

Ten Universes!

Proud Heaven used his Ten Universes ability combined with the Great Necropolis godpower to defend himself, then launched another strike at the sealing mark.

Suddenly, a heart-shaped medallion appeared in the depths of the sealed area, shining with boundless blood-colored light, as well as the aura of King Immortal-Slayer.

“The ninth legacy medallion?” Yang Qi said. At a glance, he could tell that this medallion was different from the others. Obviously, it wasn’t in the future world; it had been sealed here all along!

He wasn't sure how the sealing mark had come to be. And the dramatic turn of events in which Proud Heaven had subdued the enormous face happened too quickly to process. All Yang Qi knew was that Proud Heaven had set all of this up. He had even predicted that Yang Qi would combine the two pieces of the God Legion Seal. However, there was one thing he hadn’t predicted, and that was that Yang Qi would suppress the boundless power of the God Legion Seal and use it to gain enlightenment of his Sage Monarch Grand Magic.

Normally speaking, no one should have been able to control the power of the combined seal. But Yang Qi could control it with the Sage Monarch Grand Magic.

Now Proud Heaven had only one option: break the seal, release the face, devour it, and activate the ninth legacy medallion.

Nine Combine: Let King Immortal-Slayer Come!


The face was still struggling against Proud Heaven, but he simply inhaled, causing the face to shoot toward him and into the ninth legacy medallion.

The ninth medallion was a heart. And the face was an expression of the rancorous energy of countless fallen gods, which was now being sacrificed to that legacy medallion to unlock its power.

Arrggggh!” the face screamed. “So, Proud Heaven, this heart is what it's all about? I thought you were going to help me be born again! You villain! You were plotting against me this whole time!”

Along with its screaming, it unleashed its most powerful sound techniques, but they did no good.

“Go. Go find your essence. Nine combined, in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!”

Proud Heaven shoved his palm out again, and piercing screams could be heard as the heart vanished into nothing. Turning, Proud Heaven chuckled. “King Immortal-Slayer is going to be resurrected, Yang Qi. His will is awakening. Just wait until your backyard bursts into flames. I have to thank you. Without you, I could never have activated the last of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions. Isn’t that what you wanted? Well, I just gave it to you.”


Deep in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, dramatic things were already underway.

1. Need I remind everyone that the events regarding Luo Hun occurred in chapter 1? He appeared last in chapter 40, although his name was referenced later in chapter 126.

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