Chapter 1126: God Body

The immortal-slaying clone was forming a god body.

It was thanks to the heavenly workings calculations systems, the computations of which could extract the workings of heaven and pull them into the clone.

A three-dimensional projection of a perfect god body floated in front of him, complete with crystalline representations of every cell that made him up. It almost looked like the greyspace of a god kingdom or an immortal world.

The body had as many cells as the eternal sands of the universe, all of them like immortal worlds with a rank of three thousand or more.

In other words, this body might as well have been made up of millions upon millions of immortal worlds.

Creating a god body like that would require immense amounts of power, so much so that it was virtually incalculable.

To accommodate it, the clone was drawing deeply on the godhood stars. Doing so without abandon was leading to incredible results.

Tens of thousands of stars fell from the sky as the god body slowly neared a state of completion.

It glittered, sparkling and translucent, filled with immense secrets; having been put together by the heavenly workings calculations systems, there was no better god body that could have been formed for the immortal-slaying clone.

The clone opened his mouth and inhaled, and the glittering body entered him. Afterward, cracking and crunching sounds rang out as filth and impurities were extruded from inside of him.

His physical frame started transforming, becoming like liquid crystal as the systems of the Engine of the One God worked together to change him on a fundamental level.

“Excellent,” he said. “Now, power fusion using god legion angst!”

The God Legion Seal flew into his mouth as he inhaled once more. A moment later, his crystal body became one of pure gold.

Then he slowly forced the golden light out of him, causing him to become like crystal once again.  

He inhaled again deeply, starting the process over. As it continued, it was as if his body were being baptized by the legion of gods, causing it to grow stronger and tougher.

Purr, purr….

Jadefall and the purrling suddenly appeared behind the clone.

Stroking the purrling, Jadefall said to it, “The Exalted Immortal-Slayer is forming a god body. And you need to help him finish the work. No one else can do it other than you. With a god body, we’ll be in a much better position when we finally have to face Proud Heaven and the ninth of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions. When that time comes, we should finally be able to reach the god world….”

The pink purrling spat out a bubble, a somewhat disdainful look on its face as if it were saying, “You think I need your help to get to the god world? Are you kidding me?”

The bubble quickly spread out and covered the clone. Inside, the clone was already like boiling liquid crystal, making it seem like he wasn’t even human anymore.

The purrling went on to spit out even more bubbles, each of them like an immortal world which sped into the clone’s body.

As all of that happened, the clone finally broke through certain limitations and exclaimed, “I'm finally finishing a perfect god body!” 

He had reached a perfect state, making him superior to the tallest mountains and more grandiose than the largest oceans. A boundless aura spread out from him as he became vastly stronger than before.

Countless godhood stars poured their power down into the clone, making it seem like he himself was filled with innumerable heavenly bodies.

Already, he was pulsing with the aura of the god world.

Crick, crack! 

He clenched his hands into fists as he was filled with a spirit that could fight heaven, earth, and gods alike. He extended his hand, causing eight of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions to fly out, forming a whole that lacked only its central heart.

“The purrling is amazing!” the clone said. “It can actually pierce the sealing marks of the Engine of the One God and surround me with a bubble that surpasses even the heavenly workings calculations systems. Now Yang Qi doesn’t actually need to fear fighting Proud Heaven. The only fear we need to consider is the instability that could occur with the ninth legacy medallion. If it weren’t for that, we could go out right now and provide backup.”

“I'm aware of that,” Jadefall said. She didn't sound like the mortal royal she had been before, but rather a Terrifying expert from the Ancient Road to the Gods. “However, although Yang Qi seems to be an even match for Proud Heaven, it’s impossible to say what vicious schemes Proud Heaven has up his sleeve. It’s too bad Yang Qi hasn’t seized Doom and taken his god legion angst. With two aspects of god legion angst combined, Yang Qi would definitely be able to slaughter Proud Heaven.”

“Naturally, Yang Qi already has plans in that regard,” the clone replied coolly. “Proud Heaven and Yang Qi are so much more powerful than Doom that he hardly counts for anything. Let’s wait and see what instructions Yang Qi gives us. This could very well be our biggest opportunity ever. It’s entirely possible that, thanks to Proud Heaven, we’ll uncover the secrets of the Great Necropolis and actually head to the god world. We would never be able to find out the truth about the necropolis on our own power, but can only do it with the will of King Immortal-Slayer. And I have the feeling that Yang Qi is holding back his trump cards in the hopes of getting that final legacy medallion off of Proud Heaven.

“It’s all going to come down to Yang Qi. He’s definitely much better at schemes than us.”


Meanwhile, Proud Heaven and Yang Qi were still fighting.

Both of them were measured in their attacks, hoping to find an opening to unleash something truly deadly.

Both of them found the other to be unpredictable and hard to read. On the one hand, Yang Qi felt like he understood Proud Heaven a lot, but on the other hand, felt like he was a complete mystery. The part that he understood related to Proud Heaven’s fundamental personality and bearing. The part that he didn’t understand related to what trump cards Proud Heaven had, and how he would use them.

As for Proud Heaven, he completely understood how important Yang Qi was to him, but on the other hand, had no idea of exactly what he was capable of.

Every time he thought Yang Qi had finally reached rock bottom, he would always start fighting back with renewed vigor, and turn ill fortune into good luck.

That was one of the things that made Yang Qi most terrifying.

It seemed almost as if there were some sort of mysterious destiny or fate wrapped around Yang Qi, making it impossible to assess his future. To Proud Heaven, he seemed like some unbeatable freak who was still waiting to start fighting with full force.

In order to beat him, Proud Heaven needed to assess his destiny and then take him out with one clean blow.

“You’re really not going to use the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart against me, Yang Qi?” he asked. “Aren’t you interested in seeing what the ninth legacy medallion is like?”

“I hate you!” Proud World shouted angrily. “If I’d known things would end up like this, Proud Heaven, I would have given that ninth medallion to Yang Qi a long time ago! With that medallion, he would have immense power under his control!”

“Dirty little swine!” Proud Heaven said. “You think I came here unprepared? You might have thought you were laying a trap for me, but I was manipulating things from behind the scenes the entire time. You see, I actually wanted you to steal that medallion and give it to Yang Qi. Sadly, considering how your cultivation base has grown, son, you’ve outgrown your usefulness to me. Ah, what a pity. I wanted you to be a magister, but instead you had to be stubborn and rebel against me. From here on out, you’re no son of mine. Besides, if one of my sons dies, it doesn’t really matter. I have plenty more.”

Gnashing his teeth, Proud World said, “You’re no match for Yang Qi, Proud Heaven.” Looking over, he said, “Doom, I would gladly sacrifice my own life to take out Proud Heaven. You have to give your god legion angst to Yang Qi. I'm sure he’ll give it back to you afterward.”

“Er….” Doom knew that the only way to actually defeat Proud Heaven was for him to give his god legion angst to Yang Qi to provide him a major energy arts boost.

But once Yang Qi combined the two types of god legion angst, it would cause difficulties in the future. How would they separate them later? How would Yang Qi return the god legion angst to him?

Doom was feeling very uncertain about what to do. It was a life or death decision, and if he made the wrong choice, there would be no going back. Despite the fact that he trusted Yang Qi, he still wasn’t sure which choice was the best.

“That god legion angst is your ultimate foundation, Doom,” Proud Heaven said. “Although the two of us have irreconcilable enmity, I have to remind you that god legion angst is a responsibility given by universal fortune. If you forsake the God Legion Seal, the destiny of the legion of gods will leave you. And that will mean your life has come to an end. Leave them, and they will strip you of all glory and honor, leaving you dead.”

As for Yang Qi, he didn't say anything. He just stood there with his hands clasped behind his back, watching and waiting.

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