Chapter 1115: Assimilating the Face

Twisting and distorting, the face struggled to escape, but Yang Qi’s cultivation base was too high. It screamed and shrieked within the Purrfect God Art bubble, but the sound waves it sent into the seas of consciousness of everyone present were easily negated.

Boundless Tribulations and Kalpas!” Yang Qi said.

The face bashed against the bubble this way and that, producing such a display of power that everyone was struck with astonishment.

But Yang Qi didn’t care about that.

Stirring his true energy, he exhaled deeply, and a host of purring bubbles shot out and entered the face’s vital energy.


The face immediately expanded because of the bubbles, until it looked almost like a full head.

Shock covered the face as Yang Qi went on to shout, “Detonate!

All of a sudden, the face exploded into four pieces.

Four Polarities Shall Not Reconverge!” Yang Qi shoved his palm out, sending four bubbles to surround the four aspects of the face, making it impossible for them to come back together. At the same time, he sent a powerful stream of true energy into Doom.

Doom’s psyche instantly soared as Yang Qi returned the energy arts that he had just been lent. At the same time, Doom’s energy arts began dramatically transforming as the energy of Yang Qi’s Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth rapidly empowered him.

Yang Qi was using his own advancements from moments ago to help Doom. It was as if Doom had lent him a boat to cross a river, and he returned the boat to him after he reached the other side.

“You helped me, so I'm helping you!” Yang Qi said.

Doom burst out laughing as he felt a misty barrier within him crumble into nothing. “You help yourself, and I help myself. If we each focus on the self, karma won’t result!”

“Excellent,” Yang Qi said. Their entire conversation played out mentally, so neither the Shepherd nor Proud World had any idea what they were saying. However, they were both convinced that it was for the good of everyone.

“Now let’s deal with this face,” Yang Qi said, once again drawing on all of the energy he could. “Unbounded God Reverberation!

The other three followed suit.

Meanwhile, the four separate aspects of the face were screaming shrilly, causing Yang Qi to suddenly feel very cold, as though something mysterious and unknown was heading in his direction. At the same time, the millions upon millions of coffins began rattling, as if the faces inside them were about to emerge.

It was a terrifying prospect; if all of the coffins opened at the same time, there was no way anyone could stand up to all of them. Not even Yang Qi could hope to do so. He needed to finish his process of assimilation as quickly as possible!


He spat out some blood, drawing on a divine ability that would rapidly drain his vital energy and Blood of the One God. Sending some blood to the four faces, he baptized them, causing countless streams of vital energy within them to transform into ash.

All of a sudden, Yang Qi began to speak in a very deep voice. “The Blood of the One God can baptize and purify all evil. From the world of men to the god world, all wickedness can be cleansed. The Blood of the One God shall wash them all clean....

It almost seemed as if the One God, the Sovereign Lord himself, had possessed Yang Qi in order to use his blood to cleanse the world.

In that moment, Yang Qi suddenly gained new enlightenment regarding the profundities of the Blood of the One God.

The blood-splattered faces screamed with more intensity as they were transformed into four manifestations of holy light, like bright white rainbows untainted by even a speck of dust. It was hard to say exactly what they were, but they were obviously profoundly holy.

“Incredible! This thing can definitely improve my cultivation base!” Doom scooped up a white rainbow and sucked it into himself. Instantly, his eyes opened, and they were like bright white lightning flashing on a pitch-black night.

Yang Qi knew that by cleansing the rancorous energy with the Blood of the One God, they would revert to their original essence. And although he couldn’t tell what they had originally been, they were obviously something profoundly holy from the god world. Yang Qi absorbed one of them, and as soon as it entered him, everything he had lost because of spending his Blood of the One God was restored, and his psychic scale advanced by ten.

Of course, although it was only ten, that represented what should normally have been incredibly difficult.

Generally speaking, people at this peak level should only be able to advance after reaching the god world. And that seemed to indicate that this cave could be considered something that was part of the god world.

Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam.

A host of explosions occurred as countless coffins opened.

Ghostly screams could be heard as more faces appeared, then rushed toward them. Everyone gasped as they realized that Yang Qi’s Purrfect God Art couldn’t possibly be strong enough to deal with this.

There were millions upon millions of coffins here! With millions upon millions of these faces working together, what level of strength was at play? Even if Yang Qi were much stronger than he was now, how could he possibly deal with such a situation? His three companions looked on with ashen faces.

Yang Qi was also shocked, but he quickly tightened up the Purrfect God Art bubble, simultaneously reaching out to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. As long as he could connect to the chart, he could escape, and possibly even lead these vicious entities in with him and have the will of King Immortal-Slayer to handle them.

Unfortunately, he couldn't sense the chart. Apparently, they were so far into the depths of the necropolis that the spatial powers of the chart were restricted. Heart pounding, Yang Qi next considered breaking through to the mid Terrifying level, and even got ready to draw on the power of the nascent souls in this sea of energy to do so.

However, just when he was about to make his move, a sound emerged from the central crimson coffin, deep and sonorous, almost like the sound of breathing.

In the blink of an eye, the countless faces were sucked into the crimson coffin, causing the entire cave to go completely and utterly still.

Although everyone felt relieved, they couldn’t help but wonder what exactly was in that crimson coffin, and what it was doing. If those faces obeyed whatever entity was in that coffin, then how strong must it be?

It seemed unimaginable.

Yang Qi's expression never changed, though. He remained calm, and simply sat there waiting to see what would happen next.


Another sound rose up from the crimson coffin, almost like the bubbling of boiling water. Everyone looked on anxiously, not daring to approach the coffin for fear that whatever was inside would be far beyond their ability to deal with. Of course, at the same time, they were certain that there must be a great treasure in the coffin.

“What exactly is in there?” Proud World said, swallowing hard.

“Who knows,” Yang Qi said. “Why don’t we go take a look? Oh, by the way, we need to check the empty coffins to see if they have any treasure in them.” With that, he sent out a host of bubbles into the emptied coffins.

Treasures immediately began flying out of the coffins.

Not every coffin contained something, but many did, and every single one of them was a mask.

They were all copper, and all had vicious expressions twisting their faces. The way they were painted made them seem like opera masks from the mortal world, except powerful enough to suck people into illusions. [1]

In the end, Yang Qi collected thirty-four new masks, each one with a different, terrifying design. Obviously, the designs weren’t human, and they almost seemed alive. Furthermore, he didn’t dare to think of them as magical treasures, as he had no way of actually controlling them. Adding them to the original one he had taken, that made thirty-five masks.

‘Thirty-five masks,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Don’t tell me that there’s an even bigger mask in the crimson coffin. And that together they make thirty-six.... Thirty-six. Seventy-two. Could these masks have belonged to a group of people similar to the seventy-two monarchs, including King Immortal-Slayer? It seems hard to believe that could be the case.’

Even as the thought flitted through his head, the crimson coffin suddenly opened, sending out immense energy that instantly popped Yang Qi’s Purrfect God Art bubble.

The four compatriots flew backward, slamming into the wall of the stone cave, leaving them deeply shaken and their true energy running very low. Thankfully, they weren’t hurt.

However, the fact that they had been sent flying went to show the extraordinary power of whatever was in the coffin.

Even as they bunched together for safety, a red energy floated out of the crimson coffin, which took the form of a masked face. There was no head, just a face and a mask.

And there were open eyes that seemed to pierce deep into Yang Qi and his fellows, causing their throats to turn dry and their bodies to become numb.

“The God Legion Seal?” the masked face said, its voice making Yang Qi feel suffocated. “A bearer of the God Legion Seal, here? And not just one, but two? And why isn’t the third one here? Why have you barged into my tomb, and even assimilated one of my subordinates?”

“What are you?” Proud World asked. “And—”

Reaching out to stop him from talking, Yang Qi said, “Senior, what is an entity like you doing here in the Great Necropolis? I used the Blood of the One God to cleanse your subordinate, which means that you must be one of the holiest spirits from the god world. You're definitely not an ordinary fallen entity, so why cause problems for me?”

1. The opera masks in question are Chinese opera masks. Click here to see what they’re like. Although the Beijing style of Chinese opera is probably the most well-known and popular, there are many other types. Here’s an article if you’re interested in more info.

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