Chapter 1103: Dramatic Growth

The benefits were rolling in.

Although the river of swords wasn’t the true Unbounded Sword River from the god world, every sword that made it up was a god-weapon, and all of them were moving in a prescribed path that conformed to heaven itself. It begged the question of who had actually created it.

According to rumor, when a disciple of the Executors of the Ancient Road lacked a sword, they would come to this place and find one they were connected to by destiny.

Sadly for them, Yang Qi was about to take the whole thing.

Of course, even with Yang Qi’s cultivation base, taking this entire river of swords wouldn’t be easy. Thankfully, he had the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to help. A vortex sprang into being, which swept forward and began sucking in all of the countless swords.

They became like a whirlpool flowing into the vortex, and although it caused some amount of noise, it was limited to a small area, ensuring that no one outside could hear what was happening.

The treasure storehouse was made up of numerous smaller worlds and dimensions, so one of them being destroyed wouldn’t attract much attention.

Yang Qi thrust his hands out, using two energy arts, one positive, and one negative. It was his combination of the Unspoiled Body and the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, and it caused the river of swords to flow into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart even quicker.

Before long, the river was gone.

With that, Yang Qi moved on to his next target, as ruthless as a wolf or tiger.

Next up was a collection of palace halls that were part of the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace.

Thus, Yang Qi was like a vicious bandit, or a hungry ghost who had just climbed out of hell after millions upon millions of years, ready to devour everything in sight.

He couldn’t flick the sleeve of his God Legion Battle Robe with any greater speed, and his Heaven-Devouring arts were being used to their fullest extent.

A primal-chaos elder-snake suddenly appeared, a creature with the head of a snake and the body of a human, and it began devouring world after world, each of which was filled with treasures.

Back in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, the immortal-slaying clone was receiving all of it, a broad smile on his face. After all, each and every item from the seventy-two monarchs would improve his own energy arts, pushing his psychic scale to a higher level.

On the one hand, the clone was working on his cultivation, but at the same time, he was organizing all the new resources.

Everyone was also scouring through the new objects, looking for those that would help them reach a higher level. During the first thousand years that passed in the chart, many of Yang Qi’s people reached the Terrifying level.

During the second thousand years, Sectlord Will Manifestation reached the absolute peak of the mid Terrifying level, thanks to god pills made from psychic heterofruits. He also mastered the Terrifying Medicine King’s Scripture.

The second person to reach the mid Terrifying level was none other than Jadefall!

As for the purrling, to date, no one had been able to make any logical conclusions about how it grew. It seemed to be making constant advancement, even when it slept. It didn't seem to practice cultivation at all, as though it would eventually reach godly ascension without any effort at all.

When it was awake, it simply played around. And it never grew any larger. Perhaps it was that the time-altering effects of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart didn’t work on it, and the three thousand years that passed were really just like three days to it.

In the third of the three thousand-year periods, Peaklords Memory and Celestial both rose to the peak of the early Terrifying level, pushing their psychic scales to over ninety.

It was impossible to say how many cultivation resources they had all used. And if they had tried to do this back in the Sage Monarch League, they would have cleaned out all of the resources of all the sects combined, and still not achieved any progress.

After all, many of these resources were things that not even the superpower sects would have access to.

The Executors of the Ancient Road really did have things that were rare even in the god world.

Eventually, three thousand years passed within the chart, and both Jadefall and Sectlord Will Manifestation were in the mid Terrifying level. As for the sectlord, he was a mysterious person who never revealed the truth about his cultivation. However, he had supported and helped Yang Qi from the moment he saw him. Although he was obviously keeping some profound secrets, Yang Qi wasn’t inclined to pry about the details.

Going forward, helping more of his people to reach the mid Terrifying level was going to be difficult. Peaklords Celestial and Memory were both stuck in bottlenecks, and seemed completely incapable of achieving any breakthroughs.

There were quite a few people who had psychic scales over ninety, including Yang Zhan, his two brothers Yang Yunchong and Yang Hualong, Eldest Brother from the Invincible Society, and other people from the former Rich-Lush Continent, such as Chancellor Sun Moon.

It really was a case of dramatic growth.

The Sage Monarch League was just getting stronger and stronger, and it was no trifling advancement. In the three thousand years that passed in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, the Sage Monarch League transformed on the most fundamental level.

That in turn would improve the flows of destiny.

During the entire time, Yang Qi kept sending more and more resources inside.


By this point, Yang Qi had virtually cleaned out the treasure storehouse. At the moment, he was at a location deep inside, where a host of medicinal ingredients were housed. They were kept on enormous altars, each of which was made from an immortal world with a rank of two thousand. From the strong spirit energy wafting off of the medicinal ingredients, it was obvious how powerful they were.

Of course, Yang Qi took all of them.

Yet those worlds of medicinal ingredients counted as almost nothing as he proceeded and found even more amazing things. He found sealed godlings that were used as mounts in the god world. They were all in the Terrifying level, and included things like thirty-six-winged apsara phoenixes, dragon-subduing white tigers, and god-faced giant owls.

They were all extremely powerful, with incredible fighting prowess, creatures that had originally roamed the god world, but had been captured and sealed tight by the executors. Taming them would obviously require a huge amount of power.

There were thousands upon tens of thousands of them, and Yang Qi knew at a glance that giving them to his subordinates would provide a massive boost to their fighting prowess.

Yang Qi didn’t hesitate for a moment to take them all. His only regret was that none of them were in the mid Terrifying level.

Apparently, the only mount that strong was the one set aside for the emperor of the executors, which was a headless godbeast. When the emperor went into battle on that mount, it was almost like two top experts fighting as a team.

After the mounts, Yang Qi collected building materials for spell formations, as well as complete god formations. Compared to this, the one billion god formations he had taken from the Joyflower Palace were like nothing. There were even formations that were so powerful they could only have been built by Consummate or Paramount Gods.

If he could add them to the Sage Monarch League, it would be a huge improvement to the defenses.

‘It’s too bad I haven’t come across any Great Necropolis godpower seeds,’ he thought. Apparently, the Executors of the Ancient Road didn’t get a single godpower seed, which seemed to indicate that they didn’t qualify to become Inheritors. It was the same with the House of God Bastards.

The junior houselord from the House of God Bastards had boasted that they had some Inheritors, but after Yang Qi took full control, he found that it was nothing but a lie.

There were obviously standards of some sort regarding who could get the seeds.

God weapons, god items, medicinal pills, ingredients, spirit stones, godhood, armor, mechas, magical treasures, spell formations, god souls, god corpses, daoist texts, ancient records, primeval god vegetation, power from the god world....

Yang Qi took all sorts of things.

He didn't bother creating replicas to leave in their place. It didn't seem likely that the executors would discover what had happened any time soon. And by the time they did, it would be too late. The Sage Monarch League would have become so strong that the executors wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

The resources of world after world were building up in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

If it weren’t for the fact that the chart could inherently divide up the resources of a myriad of worlds, it would have taken hundreds of years just to inventory all of the new items.

As the process went along, Yang Qi decided that he would keep his stores of resources in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and not the Sage Monarch League. After all, if he could steal these things from someone, it was always possible that people could steal from him.

His clone was getting stronger and stronger, and assuming he could eventually subjugate the will of King Immortal-Slayer and take full control of the chart, then not even full gods would be able to break in.

The three days went by quickly, while three thousand years passed inside the chart.

The Sage Monarch League was rapidly growing stronger, and soon, god formations were being set up there, causing immense power and destiny to swirl in that part of the Great Necropolis.

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