Chapter 1102: Immense Benefits

“I can’t believe the heavenly workings calculations systems are here!”

Yang Qi was just as surprised as the clone. Yang Qi had very profound energy arts, but funneling his power into his clone for so long had him quite exhausted. And he had reached the point where, considering they hadn’t made any progress at all, he had been about to simply give up.

But then, just when he had assumed he’d reached the end of the line, he found a gleam of hope in a desperate situation. Here were the heavenly workings calculations systems.

In addition to the Engine of the One God, he had the genetic systems, vivicreation systems, psychic scaling systems, power assessment systems, and of course, the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems. Although all of those systems were profound in their own way, they couldn't compare to the primary systems of the cruiser, such as the heavenly workings calculations systems and the godhood manufacturing systems.

After all, the heavenly workings calculations systems could make calculations regarding the workings of heaven, and the godhood manufacturing systems could be used to manufacture godhood.

Of course, all of the systems were ultimately overseen by the Engine of the One God. Thankfully, after getting that engine, all other aspects of the Cruiser of Civilization were subservient to him. And that meant that, with the heavenly workings calculations systems in the treasure storehouse, he had found the weakness he had been looking for.

Truth be told, there should have been no weaknesses. But with the Engine of the One God, things were different.

Delight filled Yang Qi’s heart and he smiled broadly. “The heavens will always leave a door open somewhere! Our time wasn’t wasted; we’re finally going to milk these executors dry. We’re going to clean out their storehouse and rob them so badly that, later on, if a mouse gets into their storehouse it’ll cry.”

The clone laughed. “Agreed. It seems to me the executors haven’t even been into their storehouse for years; they have so much treasure they don't need to. Some of these things have been in here for hundreds of millions of years, to the point where many of them have been forgotten. They’ll definitely do much more good in our hands than rotting away in here. However, that doesn't mean we can let our guard down. We still have to be very careful. The warding magics are powerful, plus, we need to do some tests to see how the Engine of the One God and the heavenly workings calculations systems interact.”

“Of course. We’ll start by using the imperial-heaven pre-beginning powers!”

Yang Qi rested a bit and cleared his mind, then unleashed his imperial-heaven pre-beginning powers.

Of course, the clone was no weakling. He unleashed his own true energy, and also sent godhood quintessence energy into the Engine of the One God. Slowly and carefully, he connected the engine to the heavenly workings calculations systems in a way that sent out no fluctuations whatsoever.

“There’s no strange reaction!” Yang Qi said. “It worked. Not only are we about to get a huge amount of loot, but also, the heavenly workings calculations systems are going to go a long way to repairing the Cruiser of Civilization.”


The immortal-slaying clone added even more power.

As a result, the heavenly workings calculations systems began shining brightly as the connection became stronger and more stable. Finally, a tremor passed through the immortal-slaying clone, who opened his eyes and said, “It's done, Yang Qi. You should be able to head right into the storehouse. I’ll wait here in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart for word from you on what to do next.”

“Understood,” Yang Qi said. With that, he blurred into motion and headed through the passageway. A moment later, he found himself in front of a spacecraft that was covered with complex spell formation charts. Inside of it were numerous magical treasures and god items, all of them products of the scientific and technological civilization. There were also numerous chaotic streams of will that were manifestations of the workings of heaven.

“This thing is incredible! The calculations it can perform surpass the abilities of anything I have. Now to subjugate it with my imperial-heaven pre-beginning powers!”

Yang Qi yet again called on the powers of the imperial-heaven pre-beginning, causing the spell formation charts on the heavenly workings calculations systems to condense as they were subjugated. The heavenly workings calculations systems had been set up as a hub for the spell formations in the storehouse, which meant that getting control of them would make moving around in the storehouse easy. Even if a fight broke out inside the storehouse, no one on the outside would know.

“Now, shrink down!”

With the help of the immortal-slaying clone, he shrank the spacecraft containing the heavenly workings calculations systems, simultaneously causing the glowing light to spread out. With that, he flew out into the storehouse.

With that light surrounding him, it was almost as if he didn't exist at all to the defensive spell formations.

In the wink of an eye, he reached the Terrifying Medicine King’s Scripture, where he waved the sleeve of his God Legion Battle Robe and grabbed both it and the psychic heterofruits. He also took the intact god corpse.

In his heart, he was laughing madly. ‘I’ve struck it rich! The Will Manifestation Heaven Sect has done well, but our riches are like nothing compared to the Executors of the Ancient Road. It's like the difference between a beggar and the emperor. With these treasures, my trusted subordinates will definitely become a thousand times stronger. Perhaps even ten thousand times stronger. I'm taking everything the executors have saved up!'

Yang Qi made full use of the cosmic space within his robe, sucking in resources and sending them into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

At a certain point, he had the clone bring some of his most trusted followers into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and when they saw what he was up to their jaws dropped. To see so many priceless items on display initially struck them speechless.

“Oh. My. God!” Sectlord Will Manifestation said. “Every single one of these treasures is more valuable than all of the reserves of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect.”

“That’s right,” the immortal-slaying clone said as he simultaneously managed the power of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. “This is the treasure storehouse of the Executors of the Ancient Road. We only have three days to work with before Yang Qi has an appointment to explore the depths of the Great Necropolis. Of course, although we only have three days on the outside, that could be thousands of years inside the chart. We’re going to take advantage of all of these resources to help you all achieve incredible advances in cultivation.”

Looking around, Peaklord Memory said, “With resources like this, and three thousand years to work with, I should definitely be able to reach the mid Terrifying level. These things are incredible! I can’t believe the Executors of the Ancient Road have stuff like this hidden away; what a waste of resources!”

“The executors really have too much treasure in storage,” Peaklord Celestial said. “I guess they just have more resources than they can use. Well, it’s going to lead to their own destruction. I can definitely make an attempt at reaching the mid Terrifying level in the next three thousand years. If we had four mid Terrifying experts, that would be more than enough to make up for the loss of Houselord God Bastard and the others.”

Everyone Yang Qi had brought into the storehouse could be considered a trusted follower, and most of them had been following him since his days in the mortal world.

Patriarch Annalist was there. His cultivation base was very close to the Terrifying level, so with the right resources, he could definitely advance by leaps and bounds. With his All-Eternity Spring-Autumn Annalist God-Dao Scripture, it was no wonder that he was so strong. Back in the days when he was at odds with Grand Emperor Myriadmagic Heavenspan, the only reason he hadn’t advanced further was his lack of resources. Obviously, that had changed with the arrival of the Great Necropolis.

“Godhood! There’s godhood here!”

“Those are Body-Shedding Bone-Exchanging God Pills!”

“So many incredible medicinal items!”

As everyone looked around in shock, Yang Qi continued his work. In fact, he had just reached the crystal ball containing all of the godhood. Taking the godhood from it, he found that there were fully thirteen thousand four hundred and fifty-three pieces. Of that number, he kept ten thousand for his own use.

Some of the pieces of godhood were unique, and actually didn’t have the aura of the legion of gods. It was as though they had been created as they were.

The truth was that godhood didn't necessarily have to come from a god who had died.

In the god world, there were certain primeval, almighty entities who would directly create godhood, then distribute it to their subordinates for use in godly ascension. As for the godhood available in the mortal and immortal worlds, it could only be burned to gain power, not used for godly ascension. There just wasn’t enough of it.

As for this collection of godhood, most of it had been directly created. In other words, it didn’t signify that thousands of gods had died to create the collection.

After putting the ten thousand pieces of godhood in his sea of energy, Yang Qi began breaking them down, whereupon he felt immense deathless godliness flowing through him.

That collection would serve as a trump card that he could use in a critical moment. He could use it to break through to the mid Terrifying level unexpectedly, and thus gain an invincible cultivation base. For now, he would simply keep it ready to use. It would be the perfect way to lull enemies into a sense of complacency. And considering that he would soon be exploring the depths of the Great Necropolis and possibly encounter Proud Heaven, he needed to create every advantage possible.

He definitely didn’t want Proud Heaven knowing the truth about his cultivation base.

Furthermore, he wasn’t fully confident that he would succeed with the breakthrough at the moment. He wanted to be one hundred percent sure before he made the attempt. That was how Yang Qi preferred to do things: be absolutely and completely prepared, with no weaknesses and no chances of making mistakes.

Having taken the godhood, his next target was King Life-Killer’s swords in the river of swords.

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