Chapter 1101: Heavenly Workings Calculations Systems

Regardless, the Terrifying Medicine King’s Scripture and the psychic heterofruit were extremely rare items. With enough ingredients, they could be used to make Terrifying Pills that could in turn be used to create mid Terrifying experts.

The difference between early and mid Terrifying experts was immense. And whether it was on the Ancient Road to the Gods or in the Great Necropolis, it was mid Terrifying experts who determined victory or defeat in major conflicts. They were the leaders of the top organizations and alliances. And if it was ever possible to move the Great Necropolis so that the god world was once again reachable, they were the ones who would have at least a fifty percent chance of reaching godly ascension.

However, if Yang Qi wanted to acquire these treasures, he needed to think of a way of getting into the storehouse undetected.

“Hey, what's that?”

With the psychic power that Yang Qi was providing in assistance, the immortal-slaying clone shifted his view to a part of the storehouse a short distance away from the Terrifying Medicine King’s Scripture.

What he saw was an enormous corpse.

It was gold in color and sitting there cross-legged, almost as if in meditation. A serene expression covered its face, and just looking at it, it seemed eternally deathless. Apparently, this was the corpse of a god. And it was intact, complete with faint godliness flowing through it. Although its godhood was gone, it was still incredibly mighty.

“An intact god corpse!?” Yang Qi was visibly taken aback. Even a god corpse that lacked godhood was still something exceedingly rare. In the depths of the Great Necropolis, it was possible to find the bones of gods, or perhaps even an eyeball or other scattered part. But this was actually the first time Yang Qi had ever seen an intact corpse. He couldn’t help but wonder who exactly this god was.

If someone could convert it into an out-of-body incarnation, it would be incredibly powerful. Definitely beyond any other kind of puppet that one might run across. However, no one had attempted to fuse with the corpse, so it just sat there in the treasure storehouse, collecting dust.

“What an amazing item,” Yang Qi murmured. However, he was still forced to hold back from taking action. Again, the clone shifted the perspective of the mirror, searching through the storehouse for other valuable items. There were so many things inside that it seemed likely it would take a hundred days of searching to inspect the place thoroughly. Yang Qi almost felt like he was in the god world.

It was little wonder. The Ancient Road to the Gods was virtually endless, and the Executors of the Ancient Road were the top organization there. They were tasked with guarding the entrance to the god world, and had first access to whatever things would occasionally spill out from there.

After all of the countless years that had passed, it was hard to say how many treasures the executors had collected. There were so many medicinal pills, magical items, god items, and godliness that it seemed like more than any one person could ever use. It was no wonder the executors were so powerful.

“What incredible spell formations!” Yang Qi exclaimed. There were numerous enormous spell formations, all of which had godhood built into them, which would make it possible to power them almost ceaselessly.

“Look over there, Yang Qi,” the clone suddenly said. “It’s a storage unit for godhood. Should we try to take it?”

“A godhood storage unit?” Yang Qi looked over and saw what appeared to be an enormous kingdom of crystal, a huge sphere simply floating there within the large storehouse. Inside of it was a horde of what appeared to be tens of thousands of pieces of godhood.

“What do they have so much godhood there for?” Yang Qi murmured. “Were there too many gods in the god world? Well, I supposed it makes sense. Immortal worlds with a rank of three thousand are huge, but compared to the god world they're like specks of dust. I wonder how big the god world actually is. Supposedly, the god world is the origin of all of the myriads of immortal worlds, and the ultimate destination for all cultivators.”

If Yang Qi could get tens of thousands of pieces of godhood, then use his abilities to convert them into power, he would make spectacular advances. In fact, he was ninety percent certain that it would be enough to reach the mid Terrifying level.

His heart was already starting to pound from the thought of it.

However, after some thought, he still refrained from taking action, and instead continued inspecting the storehouse. He still hoped to find a way to slip past the defensive spell formations and steal some things undetected. Hopefully, he could make his new organization stronger and stronger, until they could attack and destroy the executors, unify the immortal worlds, and give him access to destiny millions upon millions of times more immense than he currently had.

“What a pity we can’t get that godhood right now,” the clone said. “Considering how many layers of spell formations they have, we would only be able to get a few hundred pieces before we were detected. If we beat the grass and startled the snake, getting into the storehouse a second time would be out of the question.”

The clone could also tell that it would be a waste to give in to temptation right now.

Continuing to search the storehouse, they eventually saw a collection of enormous battleships that were obviously products of the ancient scientific and technological civilization. All of them were powerful enough to be equivalent to someone with a Terrifying cultivation base.

There were also mechas built from the skin and bones of gods, as well as other spectacular building materials from the god world. There were so many mechas that Yang Qi couldn’t even count them.

However, there were nine that were particularly large, making them seem like gods among the other mechas.

“Those nine mechas are the legendary precious treasures known as the Berserk Exomechas!” the immortal-slaying clone said. “With enough power to fuel them, they can unleash the strength of the mid Terrifying level. However, you would need a huge source of power, such as godhood. I doubt anyone would be willing to waste godhood to power them up, so they just sit there, unused.”

“It's a real pity,” Yang Qi said. “These battleships and mechas are basically useless. Even if I had the godhood to power them, I would rather use that godhood for my own cultivation instead.”

Considering that he had the pinnacle item of creation from the scientific and technological civilization, the Cruiser of Civilization with the Engine of the One God, why would he care about random bits of science and technology like this?

Yet again, they continued their search.

They found a set of millions upon millions of swords, organized into something like a flowing river. Yang Qi had never seen anything like it before.

“That looks just like the Unbounded Sword River,” the clone said, “which was created by the Lord of the Sword Dao, who was a Paramount God. There was a description of it in the Book of Genesis.”

Although the swords numbered as many as the eternal sands, Yang Qi spotted a set of particularly large ones that were apparently in control of the river as a whole.

That set of swords pulsed with a particularly powerful killing intent. Unexpectedly, they were King Life-Killer’s swords!

Of the ancient seventy-two monarchs, the biggest killer of them all was King Life-Killer. And here were more of his swords. It was little wonder that they ended up with the Executors of the Ancient Road. There had been a few in the Joyflower Palace’s storehouses, and the executors’ storehouses were far more impressive. So it only went to reason that there would be items that had once belonged to the seventy-two monarchs.

Right now, Yang Qi had collected about thirty or forty percent of those items, with his only nearly-complete collection of any of them being King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans. With those talismans, he and his clone could devour just about anything when they worked together. And once he reached the god world, the talismans would be more impressive, likely being on the same level as the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart itself.

“I really wish I could get those swords,” Yang Qi said, shaking his head. “They’re incredible! But beating the grass and startling the snake won’t do any good. We have to stay focused on the big picture.”

As they continued looking around, Yang Qi and the clone saw more items belonging to the seventy-two monarchs. If they took all of them, Yang Qi’s overall collection would be fifty to sixty percent complete.

Unfortunately, even after a long period of observation, they couldn't find any weaknesses in the defenses. Both the clone and Yang Qi were feeling very down. It was really a torment to see so many treasures right in front of them, but be unable to take them.

Eventually, they sped up their observation to the point where they were merely glancing over the sundry items that were on display.


In that moment of seeming hopelessness, the immortal-slaying clone’s Engine of the One God suddenly thrummed to life. His heart began pounding as he realized that they had apparently come across another fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization.

“What is it?” Yang Qi asked. Up ahead was a large spell formation with a disc-like object in it, surrounded by a glowing halo. That was no ordinary halo, but rather, seemed to be something that was analyzing and calculating matters pertaining to the dao of heaven.

“That’s...” the clone said. He suddenly burst out laughing. “That's one of the most mysterious aspects of the Cruiser of Civilization! The heavenly workings calculations systems! They’re as spectacular as the godhood manufacturing systems and are no less useful than the Engine of the One God. In fact, you can even operate them without the engine. They seem to be in control of one of the main hubs of the storehouse. If we can get in there, we could use those systems to spectacular effect!”

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