Chapter 1100: Plundering the Storehouses (Part 3)


The immortal-slaying clone’s face was bright red as he manipulated the power of worlds. He was becoming more and more adept in this regard. The depths of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart were filled with the power of worlds, and its sky was filled with godhood stars. And those godhood stars seemed to be actually obscuring the sky above.

The truth was that there was another heaven and earth located high above the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. And that, of course, was the god world, the passage to which was only accessible to those who had reached godly ascension. The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was truly full of many secrets, but the clone was only privy to some of them, which made him very nervous.

Yang Qi had abandoned the God Legion Seal to make his own path. But the clone was different, and in fact, had an immense fight ahead of him in the future.

If Proud World took the ninth of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions, then forcibly combined all of the medallions, it was possible that the clone could be attacked by King Immortal-Slayer’s will. And the clone had no idea if he would survive such an attempt at forced possession. Therefore, he wanted to take care of the situation as soon as possible. He wanted to resurrect the will of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions, then subjugate it, ensuring that he was free to further his cultivation without worry.

Seeing the clone struggling with the power of worlds, Yang Qi said, “Don’t worry. I have a fully fleshed-out plan to deal with the will of King Immortal-Slayer. We’ll take care of him and get you full control of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. King Immortal-Slayer is strong, but the God Legion Seal and the will of the Great Necropolis will be able to deal with him. Right now, we need to find the essence of the Great Necropolis and figure out how to control it. Then, we’ll deal with Proud Heaven. At that point, if the will of King Immortal-Slayer causes problems, we can use the three combined pieces of the God Legion Seal to crush him.”

“Yes, that seems like a good plan,” the clone said. “Truth be told, I’m weary of all this fighting here in the mortal world. I want to get to the god world. Compared to the god world, the struggles here are meaningless. By the way, considering your recent gains, you’ve gained an immense portion of universal destiny, haven’t you?”

“That's right. I unified the hundreds of thousands of superpower sects and gained immense power over the dao of heaven. Next step, the treasure storehouse. Is the Godly Positioning System ready?”

“Yes.” The clone waved his hand, and the sky split open, revealing an immense image that resembled a mirror. Instantly, the mirror zoomed in, revealing the headquarters of the Executors of the Ancient Road.

Whir. Whirrrr....

A spectacular hall appeared in front of them, within which was the Gate to the Gods. Sitting in front of it were several old-timers, who seemed lost in thought. Obviously, they were top experts from the Executors of the Ancient Road.

They didn't sense the surveillance of the immortal-slaying clone, who was now a mid Terrifying expert just like the experts on guard. Unfortunately, the clone wasn't able to enter the storehouse by bypassing the defenses put up by the Gate to the Gods.


Yang Qi placed his hand on the clone’s back and sent true energy streaming into him. The clone's hair began floating up around him, and he felt like his meridians were being slashed by a sword.

Suddenly, the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart broke the fetters created by the Gate to the Gods. Now, it was possible to see mounds of treasure everywhere, and countless spell formations as well.

The spell formations were obviously set up to sound an alert if anything so much as a speck of dust entered the area.

The security here vastly surpassed anything from the old Joyflower Palace. Compared to this, the Joyflower Palace might as well have been a dollhouse.

“What do we do? The warding magics are just too powerful.” The clone exchanged a glance with Yang Qi, and both knew that if they tried to enter the storehouse, the alarms would be sounded and they would be in big trouble.

The Executors of the Ancient Road had more experts than the sky had clouds. Even with Yang Qi’s recent improvement to his energy arts, he wouldn’t dare to start a fight with all of them at once; it would surely lead to his death.

“What do we do?” the clone murmured, frowning as he examined the situation. “I can see inside, but we can't even send a stream of energy in there, let alone go in and take the treasure.”

“We can look at the treasure but can’t take it? We can’t even touch it?” A strange expression appeared on Yang Qi’s face.

“That’s about it,” the clone replied. Drawing on more power of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, he looked closely and said, “Actually, it’s taking a lot of godhood power just to peer inside. If those warding magics catch sight of us, we’ll be in big trouble.”

“Perhaps a bit of observation will give us some clues about what to do next,” Yang Qi said. “Worst case scenario, maybe we can identify something so valuable we could consider just barging in, grabbing it, and fleeing. For example, the executors definitely have big collections of godhood. If we could identify a group of a few thousand pieces, it would be worth taking the risk.”

“I don’t know about that. The Sage Monarch League is growing rapidly. Perhaps we should let a few tens of thousands of years go by until we're stronger. If we broke in there now, the executors would probably retaliate with mass slaughter. And that wouldn't do us any good. To cultivators from the dao of immortals, a few tens of thousands of years will go by like the snap of a finger.” The clone was increasingly turning into a person who liked to think things through and not take risks.

And considering how things were going, a few tens of thousands of years would bring dramatic advances. In fact, even just a few hundred years would be worth mentioning. The flows of destiny that Yang Qi had as the league-lord were much more useful than any kind of energy arts.

And the clone was right. If the executors retaliated in a way that led to slaughter, the losses would be far worse than some godhood could make up for.

In the end, it didn’t seem worth the risk. Right now, the only reason the Executors of the Ancient Road weren’t making a move on the Sage Monarch League was because of everyone else they had to worry about. There was also the future world, the Fiend-Devil League, and the Great Necropolis Alliance. All of them were eyeing each other like tigers eying prey. As a result, there was currently something of a standoff in which everyone could subside in relative peace and safety.

“Fine, let’s just see what happens,”

Yang Qi and the clone continued powering the energy art with their true energy.

Yang Qi’s cultivation base was now at an incredible height. That was especially true, considering that he now cultivated the Annulled Grand Magic, which was apparently the way to eventually gain enlightenment of Annulled will convergence. Considering everything he had working for him, although he wasn’t yet in the mid Terrifying level, it seemed a foregone conclusion that he would eventually achieve the breakthrough.

With his help, the ability the clone was using was even more capable of piercing into the depths of the storehouse.

As they looked around, they saw all sorts of spirit medicines, plus a huge variety of rare items. There were psychic heterofruits, which originally grew on the psychic trees in the god world that were tended to by a Greater God. Obviously, they could provide an immense boost to psychic power.

Furthermore, psychic heterofruits were one of the main ingredients in Terrifying Pills.

From the name alone, it was obvious what Terrifying Pills were for: they could be used to help with progress in the Terrifying level. In the god world, they were usually concocted by Consummate Gods, at the least.

Yang Qi had heard of such pills, but didn't know the formula to concoct them. However, as he was looking around the storehouse, he found that the area filled with the bottles of psychic heterofruit also had a book near it, within which was a list of medicinal ingredients.

The title of the book was Terrifying Medicine King’s Scripture.

That book obviously contained the pill formula for Terrifying Pills! Not even the superpower sects had access to treasures like this. Furthermore, anyone who had the formula for Terrifying Pills would obviously be able to produce experts that surpassed anything the psychic scaling systems were capable of.

After all, the psychic scaling systems produced crippling limitations.

“What a pity,” Yang Qi said. “That's the formula for Terrifying Pills. Just imagine how many Terrifying experts we could produce with that.”

“That formula is pretty much worthless,” the clone replied. “Maybe it would be helpful in the god world, but here in the mortal world, how would you possibly get all the ingredients? Look at the ingredients they have built up here. There aren’t that many. I doubt you could even make a few hundred pills with what they have.”

“That's true,” Yang Qi said. The Sage Monarch League was made up of hundreds of thousands of sects, all of which had at least one or two Terrifying experts. When you added them all together, it would be a staggering number. Adding a few hundred to that mix would be mostly useless.

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