Chapter 1099: Plundering the Storehouses (Part 2)

The junior pontiff spoke in a loud and piercing voice that instantly caused many people present to go silent. Quite a few people weren’t interested in having a completely unified alliance, as it would mean they would lose their authority. They knew that when you stand under low eaves, you have no choice but to bow your head, and although they had acknowledged allegiance to Yang Qi, they would rather remain generally disunited.

Of course, there were also people who supported the idea of some sort of unification. After all, with the current setup, smaller organizations were prone to being bullied. If everyone were to be united into one official group, there would be a lot of benefits for the smaller factions.

The words spoken by the junior pontiff made it obvious that he would oppose Yang Qi.

Before Yang Qi had a chance to say anything in response, Mu Yexi said, “League-Lord Yang Qi, a complete unification of the alliance is no small matter. We definitely need to talk this over with the other four chief elders. A jointly-created plan is the only option people will accept, not just an order from you. This is the Sage Monarch League, not the Sage Monarch Empire. And even in an empire, the emperor can’t just issue orders. He has to talk matters over with the ministers before making decisions.”

“That's right!” the junior pontiff squawked. “The power of leadership is split between multiple parties on purpose. Giving ultimate power to a single person wouldn't benefit the alliance.”

Both Mu Yexi and the junior pontiff were convinced that if they didn't say something right now, it might be too late.

After they were done talking, Yang Qi looked at them briefly, then just continued addressing the experts at large. “There's something else I need to announce,” he said. “Just now outside the sect, I was ambushed by Houselord God Bastard, Huangfu Genesis, Mu Renwang, and Su Xin. They joined forces to try to kill me, but I fought back and slaughtered them. Starting now, all members of their sects shall be relegated to slavery.”


Numerous expressions of shock could be heard, and truth be told, few people believed that Yang Qi could possibly be telling the truth.

“That’s impossible!” blurted Mu Yexi.

“It’s not true,” the junior pontiff said. “You evil villain, Yang Qi! How dare you spread false rumors like that? Do you really think anyone here would believe you?”


Three chief elders flew out from the crowd, visibly angry and obviously ready to fight. One of them took an additional step forward and said, “League-Lord Yang Qi, this is not the kind of thing you can joke about.”

He was one of the old-timers from the Genesis Sanctum, and his name was Huangfu Mist. Pointing his sword at Yang Qi, he continued, “You're supposed to act like a league-lord! How dare you try to make laughingstocks of us all!”

“Very impudent!” said Yang Qi. He waved his hand, and numerous streams of vital energy swept forth. Before Huangfu Mist knew what was happening, he was completely wrapped up and incapable of moving. “You think I'm making it up, Huangfu Mist? In that case, take a look at your Huangfu Genesis, who I puppetized after defeating.”


A figure stepped out from behind Yang Qi, and it was none other than Huangfu Genesis. Expression blank, he dropped to his knees in front of Yang Qi and said, “Puppet Huangfu Genesis kowtows in salute, Milord. I’ll kill anyone you order me to kill, Milord. I’ll do anything you say!”

“Very well, Huangfu Genesis,” Yang Qi said. “In that case, why don’t you tell everyone what just happened?”

“Yes sir!” Face completely expressionless, Huangfu Genesis slapped himself on the cheek and said, “Moments ago, Houselord God Bastard, Mu Renwang, Su Xin, and I, the damnable Huangfu Genesis, all joined forces to try to kill Yang Qi and three other experts. Unfortunately, we lost and were turned into puppets. However, I view that as a blessing, and will wholeheartedly serve my new lord from here on out! Whoever dares to show him disrespect will be insulting me as well.”

“Very good,” Yang Qi said. “Your son just disrespected me. What do you think should be done about that?”

“He should die!”


Huangfu Genesis blurred into motion, appearing right in front of the shocked junior pontiff.

“Father, what are you doing?!” he shrieked. “Snap out of it! How is Yang Qi controlling you!? We have to fight back. Kill him! Dispel the alliance!”

“How dare you speak disrespectfully about my lord! That’s a crime worthy of death, and though you might be my son, I have to execute you nonetheless. You’ll pay for your sins in blood, which is simply what happens to anyone who shows a bit of disrespect.”


Huangfu Genesis reached out and snapped his neck.

Everyone stared mutely at the scene. The fact that the puppetized Huangfu Genesis had slaughtered his own son without a bit of hesitation went to show that Yang Qi really did have absolute control. What he had just said about killing Houselord God Bastard and the others was obviously true.

“Sectlord Will Manifestation!” Yang Qi said.

“Here!” the sectlord replied. Obviously he was delighted at how things were playing out, and knew that the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect would only continue getting stronger and stronger. He stopped in front of Yang Qi, who waved his hand and caused an enormous mountain to appear.

Smiling faintly, Yang Qi said, “This is Cursed Bastard Mountain, which I’ve already taken control of. It’s a powerful god item that I'm now giving to you. What do you think?”

“Amazing!” Sectlord Will Manifestation said, following it up with a hearty laugh.

“You...” Mu Yexi said, clearly still in disbelief. “You killed my father and mother? I won’t let you get away with this!”

“What, you’re going to kill me?” Yang Qi’s gaze suddenly locked on to Mu Yexi, and she stepped back several paces, her heart pounding with fear.

Before she could do anything else, some of the chief elders from the Woodfern Couple Palace suddenly grabbed her by the arm.

“League-Lord,” one of the chief elders said, a fawning smile on his face, “I can’t believe this girl just threatened you. Recklessness like that can only be punished by the death penalty!”

Eyes blazing with fury, she said, “You! Mu Renlong, you’re one of my father’s trusted aids! How dare you betray me! You should be putting everything on the line to kill Yang Qi! You should fight him to the death! And you, Mu Xianxi. My father helped you clear your meridians and infused you with true energy. You both owe my parents a debt of gratitude. How dare you forget favors and violate justice!

Mu Renlong snorted coldly. “A wise man submits to the circumstances. This is for the good of our sect. The mighty league-lord is obviously invincible, and you defying him is going to get our entire sect wiped out to the ninth generation. Hurry up and get on your knees. Beg the league-lord for mercy. Offer to be his woman. If you do, you might survive. But whatever you do, don’t drag us down with you.”

“That’s enough,” Yang Qi said. “You can let her go. She can’t cause any trouble, and I'm not interested in making things difficult for her. Just keep an eye on her. Considering you’re interested in being loyal to me, I'm happy to let bygones be bygones.”

“Many thanks, League-Lord!” they chorused, dropping to their knees.

These were all experts with psychic scales over ninety, and all of them were offering allegiance to Yang Qi. Seeing this, the experts from the other sects all began following suit.


Destiny was now flowing to Yang Qi like a mighty river, making him feel like he could enter the god world right then and there.

All of the sect leaders were on their knees now. “May your reign last throughout all the ages, League-Lord! May you be eternally invincible! We definitely support the idea of unifying the alliance. We’ll create an immense power that will lead us into a new golden age!”

“Yeah, that’s right. Our Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence will definitely support League-Lord Yang Qi. Henceforth, we’ll follow his orders. Our flesh, blood, spirits, and souls all belong to him.” People were already trying to curry favor with Yang Qi. [1]

Yang Qi was actually surprised to see people from the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence. They were considered to have marvelous energy arts, so to have them trying to get in his good favor was a good thing.

“Excellent!” Yang Qi said, waving his hand. “The details of the unification will be handled by Sectlord Will Manifestation and the forces of the Dharma Sect. I'm sure you’ll agree, won’t you, Archmonk Dharma Treasury?”

The ancient Buddha is boundless and infinite...” Archmonk Dharma Treasury said. “League-Lord Yang Qi, you are kind and merciful. The truth is that the fiend-devil cabal of Houselord God Bastard, Mu Renwang, Su Xin, and Huangfu Genesis have performed many wicked deeds. You are an enlightened sage who is out to save the world, and it only makes sense for you to be the league-lord. Uniting everything under heaven will ensure that there is less fighting and killing in the world.”

Yang Qi nodded. “You understand matters such as these far more than the average person, Grandmaster. Very well, I'm going into seclusion to work on my cultivation. I’ll hand the daily affairs over to you.”

Almost immediately, a buzz of activity overtook the Sage Monarch League. There were quite a few hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the alliance, people who had high ambitions and had considered opposing Yang Qi. But now they knew that they couldn’t do anything like that.

Destiny was flowing without cease into Yang Qi.

The truth was that he wasn’t going into secluded cultivation. Instead, he went to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. He was going to take advantage of the three days of time he had bought to head to the treasure storehouse of the Executors of the Ancient Road, where he hoped to get his hands on even more valuable treasures!

Hopefully, that would make things easier when he went into the depths of the Great Necropolis.

That was the true reason he had stated a need for three days.

Right now, he didn't have any trust at all in Doom and the others. Besides, it wasn’t going to be an easy task to take down Proud Heaven.

In the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, the immortal-slaying clone was already working with the Book of Genesis. When Yang Qi appeared, he opened his eyes and said, “This is a treasure left behind by the Lord of Radiance and Light! Every word contains a world! It's similar to the Unspoiled Body, with its ‘one tribulation per word’. It's too bad for Huangfu Genesis that he was never able to unlock its true mysteries.”

“Gaining enlightenment of the words in the Book of Genesis will definitely bring a boost to my energy arts,” Yang Qi said. “The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart is made of countless worlds, so that should help. For now, we have a job to do: clear out a treasure storehouse!”

1. The Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence was originally introduced in chapter 930 (the name of the sect is actually the chapter title), and came up in quite a few chapters after that. It was last brought up in chapter 1004.

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