Chapter 1097: The Book of Genesis

The Book of Genesis was an ancient text written by some ancient member of the legion of gods.

It was on the same level as the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, except it had actually been damaged by the chart during the wars of ancient times. The fact that it had been damaged was the only reason that Huangfu Genesis had been able to use it.

Now, Huangfu Genesis had thrown three hundred and sixty pieces of godhood into the book, causing it to erupt with boundless godlight.

Text formed from blood appeared on its cover, all of them worlds unto their own. In fact, the way the worlds were shooting out was similar to how the Great Necropolis would erupt with immortal worlds.

Bam. Bam. Bam.

When the Great Necropolis sent immortal worlds shooting out, who could possibly block their path? Even a god would be killed upon being hit by forces as powerful as that.

Not even Yang Qi could stand up to the attack being sent by the Book of Genesis.

That said, it wasn’t as if he would even attempt to do that. Looking coolly at the situation, he summoned a vortex above himself, which sucked in the emerging worlds.

Each character, and each world, vanished inside, making their immensely destructive power completely useless.

And if Huangfu Genesis wasn't careful, it was obvious that he would get sucked into that vortex as well.

“The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!?” Huangfu Genesis, who had been just about to flee, was visibly stunned.

“That’s right,” Yang Qi said, “the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart; the very same chart that clashed with your Book of Genesis years ago, damaging it. And now, the same thing is playing out again. The Book of Genesis simply isn't a match for the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Sorry, that's just how it is!” Yang Qi reached out with splayed fingers, sending out brilliant light that bashed through the defenses of the Book of Genesis and hit Huangfu Genesis.

Obviously, Huangfu Genesis couldn’t defend himself and ended up coughing up even more blood.

As Yang Qi flew forward, his fingers curled into hooks, and black light from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart wrapped around Huangfu Genesis and the Book of Genesis. The book was crafted from bronze, inscribed with all sorts of texts that were deathless in nature and described the magical laws of creation.

As Yang Qi closed in, the characters on the surface of the book twitched, then flew forward into his hand.

Soul Seizing!

In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi absorbed the book.

Now, Huangfu Genesis was left standing there alone. Although he was still contemplating trying to flee, his expression was vicious as he said, “I won’t let you puppetize me, Yang Qi. I’ll self-detonate before you do. You’ll never control me!”

“Do you even have the ability to self-detonate?” a voice said from behind Huangfu Genesis.

Before he could react, a hand reached out, stabbing into his skin and sending energy coursing into his meridians. It was a sealing magic, and cracking sounds instantly rang out as his will and nascent divinity were sealed tight in his sea of consciousness. And within his sea of energy, his true energy was completely locked up. It was now impossible for him to use any of his divine abilities.

With one move, the immortal-slaying clone had vanquished Huangfu Genesis.

Around this time, a scream rang out as Doom used the Mammoth King’s God Whip to entangle Su Xin, leaving her completely immobilized. Pulling her toward him, he ran his hand down her cheek and said, “Don’t struggle, my darling. You’re no match for me. If you acknowledge allegiance and become my woman, I won’t turn you into a puppet. I show pity and tender love for women, unlike Yang Qi, who kills without batting an eyelid.”

Yang Qi burst out laughing. “I captured Huangfu Genesis first, Doom!”

“It's true that you’re one step ahead,” Doom replied disdainfully, “but that’s because of your immortal-slaying clone.”

“But Huangfu Genesis was using the Book of Genesis.” Before anything else could happen, Yang Qi reached out and pulled Cursed Bastard Mountain into his bag.

There was no way he was going to let a god item like that go to waste. It was simply too powerful.

“Su Xin....” Mu Renwang cried plaintively. It didn’t matter how strong his willpower was, he just couldn’t bear the sight of his wife being taken into the embrace of another.

He was in the middle of fighting Proud World, but already, was gasping for breath.

Proud World had a very refined cultivation base and plenty of deadly moves, but was still a far cry from being like Doom and Yang Qi. As a result, although he had a slight advantage over Mu Renwang, the sight of Su Xin being captured enraged Mu Renwang so much that he suddenly began forcing Proud World back across the battlefield.

However, that was when Yang Qi and Doom both stepped in.

They unleashed two fist strikes, a combination of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth that no one could possibly measure up to. Rumbling forth like a mountain, the incoming attack was so powerful that Mu Renwang was instantly rendered immobile.

Who could possibly calculate how powerful these two were when acting together? And how could Mu Renwang possibly stand up to that level of force?


On another part of the field of battle, Houselord God Bastard and the Shepherd were exchanging blow after blow, with neither coming out as clearly superior. Houselord God Bastard was actually the best among his group of four allies, and was even more difficult to deal with than Huangfu Genesis. At the moment, he and the Shepherd were so evenly matched that they could probably fight each other for another ten thousand years without a clear victor being determined.

But then Yang Qi and Doom closed in, with Proud World right behind. They were like eagles descending on a baby chicken, and it only took a moment to vanquish the houselord and seal him tight.

A look of venomous, begrudging hatred covered Houselord God Bastard’s face. “I refuse to accept this, Yang Qi! There’s no way I can be defeated this easily!”

“Accept it or not,” Yang Qi said coolly, “you've been beaten, and in a moment you’ll be a puppet.”

“Do you know whose son I am?” the houselord shouted. “I'm the child of the Invincible Battle God and the Netherworld Medusa from the god world! They’re both Common Gods, which means that you can’t possibly fight them. Killing me would be committing sacrilege! You’ll end up in the god world one day, so consider the consequences. When that time comes, you’ll be nothing more than a Lesser God, and you have no idea how long it will take to become Common Gods!”

“Gods?” Doom said coldly. “After we kill Proud Heaven and take his God Legion Seal, even the gods will be at our mercy. You think we’re going to worry about some measly Common Gods? Shepherd, allow us to help you puppetize him. We can worry about other things afterward.”

“Alright!” the Shepherd said. “I'm not afraid of the gods either! I'm a fiend-devil, which means that I hate the gods and oppose them at every turn. Puppetizing the bastard son of two gods is going to be wonderful!”

“Cut the crap, you two,” Yang Qi said. “Let’s get to work.” Reaching out, he clamped his hand down on Houselord God Bastard’s head, taking control of his sea of consciousness.

“Don’t do it, Yang Qi!” the houselord screamed. “I refuse to become a puppet. Just kill me instead. Grant me this one wish! If I become a puppet, I’ll sink into eternal depravity. I’ll be like the walking dead!”

“Sorry, I can’t help you with that,” Yang Qi said. Then, thinking about how the junior houselord had tried so hard to kill him, he said, “If your junior houselord hadn’t pissed me off, I might have been willing to spare your life. But the price you pay for pissing me off... is death!”


Doom joined, and with three streams of energy arts entering Houselord God Bastard, the man began to tremble violently. After a moment, white froth erupted from his mouth, making it seem like he was going completely insane.

When the process was done, Houselord God Bastard had no control over himself. He stood there at the Shepherd’s side like a zombie, completely puppetized.

“Excellent,” Yang Qi said. “Now I’ll head back and assimilate the Book of Genesis, and puppetize Huangfu Genesis at the same time. We’ll meet back here in three days. The traitors have been dealt with, but now my league is empty of experts. I obviously have to set up some defenses and redistribute the wealth of the three rebel sects.”

“That's fine,” Doom replied. “Remember, there’s no time to lose. In the meantime, I’ll make sure this new bride of mine knows her place. Be good and stick by my side, Su Xin, otherwise you’ll end up like Houselord God Bastard. I’d hate for a beauty like you to end up like that.” He chuckled. “Although I have a lot of women already, you’ll be the first in the mid Terrifying level.”

Shivering, Su Xin said, “I’ll... I’ll submit. I’ll be your woman. Just don’t make me a puppet. I’ll serve you well!”

“Su Xin!” Mu Renwang shouted angrily. He was still scrambling to come up with a way to extricate himself, but in the end, he had offended Yang Qi too deeply, so no matter what plans he came up with, they wouldn't work.

“Let’s finish matters and puppetize Mu Renwang,” Proud World said. “It's hard to believe how much the four of us have benefited from working together. Next, we need to puppetize the emperor of the executors as well.”

“That’s a given,” Doom said. “And it shouldn’t be hard at all.” He snorted coldly. “With the four of us working together, who could possibly stand in our way? As long as we avoid infighting, nobody will be able to stop us!”

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